Title: Black Like Me

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Marilyn Fichman

Title: Black Like Me

Author: John Howard Griffin

Pages: 194

Genre: Nonfiction

In the book "Black Like Me" the setting took place in 1959 through 1960 and the main character was a man named John Howard Griffin. He is a white person and wants to see how it would be like to live a life like a black person. What he does is get a procedure that makes his skin darker and after getting the procedure done he moves away. He leaves his family behind and travels around the south where they treated the black people horribly . He goes to Mississippi and notices that black people are a little nicer to him but white people aren’t. He goes through a lot as a “black” person and starts noticing how people treat each other differently because of their skin color. “I am annoyed by those who love mankind but are cruel and discourteous to people” (161). When I read this quote I agreed with the author. I thought to myself how are white people going to say that they love mankind but they are being racist to black people. I don’t get how people can love mankind but still be cruel to other people that are the same as them. I would recommend this book to other students because it teaches you about history and shows you what black people had to go through. What I got from this book is that being racist can really hurt people and that’s what white people did to the blacks. As I read this book I was interested in what happened to the author and kept you wanting to read more. This is why I would recommend this book to another student.

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