Timeline of Agrippina’s Life: Mother of Nero

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Timeline of Agrippina’s Life:


c.15 CE Agrippina the Younger was born. Parents: Agrippina the Elder and Germanicus.

19 CE death of her father Germanicus. Goes to live with Tiberius. In his potestas.

28 CE Agrippina the Younger married to Gnaes Domitius Ahenobarbus.

29 CE Agrippina the Elder and Nero (the Elder) are exiled.

37 CE Tiberius dies. Caligula (Gaius) become Princeps. Exactly 9 months later Agrippina the Younger gives birth to Lucius Domitius Ahebnobarbus (Nero).

39 CE Conspiracy against Gaius, Agrippina the Younger is exiled.

41 CE Gaius dies and Claudius becomes princeps and recalls Agrippina the Younger from exile. Married Crispus Passienus.

49 CE Married to Claudius

50 CE Given the title “Augusta”, Claudius adopts Nero

54 CE Claudius dies and Nero is proclaimed Emperor with Agrippina as regent.

55CE Agrippina looses the support of Burrus and Seneca and looses influence over Nero.

59 CE Agrippina assassinated.

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