Throughout history, art has been used as

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Throughout history, art has been used as propaganda to shape public opinion. Propaganda takes many forms, such as architecture, paintings, and print media, and is used to promote religious, political, and/or social ideologies. Select and fully identify three works (one of the works must be Lebrun’s Marie Antoinette and her Children) in any medium that were used to shape public opinion. Write an essay that cites specific elements in each work that shapes the propaganda & analyze how each work conveyed its propagandistic message to its intended audience.

Essay Outline


  1. Define Propaganda in Art

  2. Introduce the Three Works

Supporting Paragraphs ( 5 sentences min.)

  1. Idea shaped by the Work

2-4) Specific elements that builds the Propaganda

5) Idea-Audience and Message


How and Why can art be used as propaganda?

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