Thomas Jefferson Vs. Alexander Hamilton

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Thomas Jefferson Vs. Alexander Hamilton

Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton had very different views about how the new United States government should operate in relation to state and local governments. Hamilton supported a strong federal government and believed that government could assume certain powers even if those powers were not expressly (written word for word) stated in the Constitution. Jefferson, on the other hand, believed that if the Constitution did not specifically grant a power to the federal government and did not specifically deny it to the states, that power should be granted to the states or to the people.

Directions - You will be creating a double-bubble thinking map comparing and contrasting Jefferson and Hamilton. Use the links below to gather your information. The bubbles in the center between the two names are the similarities. The bubbles on the outside are the differences. Do one bubble at a time. You do not need to make the bubble map look exactly like the one below.

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