Thomas Jefferson for president and Aaron Burr his running mate

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The Election of 1800 KEY

  1. Which political party supported President Adams in the election of 1800? Federalists

  1. The Republicans nominated Thomas Jefferson for president and Aaron Burr his running mate

3. Describe how the campaign of 1800 is different from campaigns we see today?

Neither candidate traveled around the country; instead hundreds of letters sent to leading citizens and newspapers to make the candidates’ view public

  1. How did the Federalists describe Jefferson? godless

  1. What did the Republicans fear about the Federalists? Would bring back monarchy

  1. Name the candidates who tied? Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr

  1. According to the Constitution, who is decide who is president if there is a tie?

House of Representatives

  1. Describe the 12th Amendment and when was it passed. 1803 separate vote for president and another for vice president

  1. Describe the goals outlined in Jefferson’s Inaugural Address.

  • A wise and frugal government

  • Limit the size and power of the federal government

  1. What did Jefferson accomplish during his Presidency?

  • Cut down on military expenses

  • Got rid of more federal taxes

  1. Under Jefferson’s presidency, how would the government obtain its income?

  • Custom duties (taxes on imported goods)

  • Sale of western lands

12. What act set up a system of courts? Judiciary Act of 1801

13. What did John Adams do in his last few days as president? Made hundreds of appointments to judge positions created by the Judiciary Act of 1801
14. What political party would control the courts? Federalists
15. Who was William Marbury and what did he ask of the Supreme Court?
Person who Adams commissioned to be a judge but his appointment was never delivered. He asked the court to force its delivery
16. What was the Court’s response to Marbury’s request?
Cannot force Jefferson to give him his appointment.
17. Describe the 3 principles of judicial review.

  • Constitution is the supreme law of the land

  • Judicial branch can declare laws unconstitutional

18. In McCulloch v Maryland the Court held that Congress does not have

implied powers and that states cannot tax the federal government.
19. According to Worcester v Georgia, the power to regulate Native Americans

belonged to the federal government.

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