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Descendants of Moses Baker

Generation No. 1
1. MOSES1 BAKER was born Abt. 1656 in VA, and died Bef. 1693 in Isle Of Wright, VA. He married ELIZABETH. She was born Abt. 1660 in VA.
Notes for MOSES BAKER:

Information from:





YAKIMA, WA 98901
Children of MOSES BAKER and ELIZABETH are:

2. i. MOSES2 BAKER, JR., b. 1682, Elizabeth City, VA; d. 1724, Chowan Co. NC.

ii. HANNAH BAKER, b. 1684, Elizabeth City, VA; m. SAMUEL ROLLYSON.

Generation No. 2
2. MOSES2 BAKER, JR. (MOSES1) was born 1682 in Elizabeth City, VA, and died 1724 in Chowan Co. NC. He married ELIZABETH BROWNE 12 January 1693/94 in Elizabeth City, VA; Security William Creeke. She was born 1686 in Elizabeth City, VA, and died Bet. February 1724/25 - 1734.
Notes for MOSES BAKER, JR.:

A Moses Baker died in Isle of Wight County, Virginia prior to 1693. His

widow Elizabeth married Edward Riddle. Moses Baker had at least one son,

Moses Baker Jr. In 1693, Moses Baker Jr. sued his stepfather, Edward Riddle,

for the estate that his father Moses Baker Sr. had devised to him in his

last Will and Testament. A few months later Edward and Elizabeth Riddle died

and letters of administration were granted to Samuel Rollyson who had

married Hannah Baker, one of Elizabeth's daughters. An attachment was

awarded to Moses Baker Jr. against Samuel Rollyson for many valuable

articles, which had belonged to Moses Baker Sr. In one of his declarations,

Moses Baker Jr. stated that he was the godson of Colonel John Powell and he

also sued to recover the property devised to him by the last Will and

Testament of Colonel Powell. (Boddie IW p245 and VHG p 98).
The next reference to Moses Baker was his marriage to Elizabeth Brown on

January 12, 1694 in Elizabeth City, Virginia. Thirty years later he died.

His Will is recorded in Chowan County, North Carolina. He left a wife, three

sons and three daughters. The following is an excerpt from his Will.

"….Being very sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory…..I

bequeath unto my well beloved wife all my estate during her natural life or

widowhood only….to my three daughters, the cattal which are called theirs at

the day of marrige….to my son Moses, my niegar fallows….to my son Benett my

gun and belt….to my son William one cow and cow calf at the age of 15, also

a bed….the rest of my estate to be divided after my debts are paid….my

friend Richard Minshen and my wife my whole and sole executors….." Wit:

Aaron Blanchard, Jurat, William Hill and William (x) Wesson, Jurat. Chowan

January Court 1724. (NCA WB 1 p 85).
Please keep in mind the names of the witnesses to Moses Baker's Will. Notice

that Moses Baker named his second son Benett. As stated on the beginning

page of this introduction, Mary Bennett married Henry Baker and Mary's

sister Sylvester Bennett married Major Nicholas Hill. A Moses Hill died very

early in Chowan County, North Carolina and left a Will, but it was said to

be illegible. (Grimes p 105).

On page four of this book please note that Margaret (14), daughter of

Michael (2) Baker, married a man named Evan Jones. This Evan Jones was no

doubt a grandson or grandnephew of the Evan Jones mentioned in the Will of

Richard Hill.

In 1735, Moses Baker was the executor of the Will of Richard Chappell. It is

assumed that this Moses Baker was the son mentioned in the Will of the Moses

Baker who died in Chowan County, North Carolina in 1724. An Excerpt from the

Will of Richard Chappell follows.

Chowan County, N.C. March 1734. Pro. Oct. 1735. Richad Chappel's Will

suggests a close family relationship. He may have been the brother of Eliza

Chappell. We know that Moses Baker married Elizabeth Brown in 1694 in

Elizabeth City, Virginia and that he died in 1724 in Chowan County,

mentioning three unnamed daughters in his Will. Eliza may have been one of

those. Richard Chappell named his eldest son, Moses, probably after Moses

Baker. Since Richard Chappell didn't appoint his son Moses as his executor,

it may be that he wasn't of legal age.

Below are abstracts of two deeds involving Moses and Bennett Baker.
DB C p 193. Bertie Co., N.C. Jan. 31, 1748. Moses Baker, Yeoman, sold to

Benjamin Holleman 150 acres for 30 pounds, land on the east side of

Chinkapin Creek, adjoining John Smith at Flatt Swamp and Kellum. Wits: John

Wynns, John Smith, W. Evens. May Ct. 1749.

BD C p 399. Bertie Co., N.C. May 22, 1751. John Smith, yeoman, sold to

Bennett Baker, miller, 200 acres for 30 pounds on the East side of Chinkapin

Swamp adjoining "land of James Holley bequeathed to Jane, his wife, by the

last Will and Testament of our father John Smith, Deceased". Adjoining James

Williams. Wits" John Wynns, John Freeman, Thomas Parker. (Bell pp200 and

These two deeds prove that Moses and Bennett Baker, sons of Moses Baker of

Chowan County, North Carolina, owned land adjacent to each other on

Chinkapin Creek in Bertie County which later was in Hertford County when

that County was organised. They lived in the same County as Henry and

Lawrence Baker and were neighbors to James Williams.

Moses Baker sold his land and moved to Edgecombe County, North Carolina. In

1759 he witnessed the Will of George Williams.

Moses Baker who died in Edgecombe County, North Carolina in 1786 and who was

the progenitor of our family, named his eldest son, Michael, perhaps after

Michael Brinkley who witnessed the Will of Richard Chappell. He named his

second son, Aaron, after Aaron Blanchard who witnessed the Will of Moses

Baker who died in 1724 in Chowan County. His fourth son, Thomas, married

Penelope Williams who was the daughter of Thomas and Margaret Williams.

Thomas and Margaret Williams also had a daughter named Priscilla. She may

have been named after the wife of George Williams. (Watson, N.C. Estate

Records, 1730-1820).


3. i. MOSES3 BAKER, b. 1708, Edgecombe, Chowan Co. NC; d. 1786, Edgecombe, Chowan Co. NC.

4. ii. WILLIAM BAKER, b. 1709.

iii. BENNETT BAKER, b. 1710.

iv. DAUGHTER BAKER, b. 1712.

v. DAUGHTER BAKER, b. 1714.

vi. DAUGHTER BAKER, b. 1716.

Generation No. 3
3. MOSES3 BAKER (MOSES2, MOSES1) was born 1708 in Edgecombe, Chowan Co. NC, and died 1786 in Edgecombe, Chowan Co. NC. He married SARAH CHAPPEL 1731 in Edgecombe, Chowan Co. NC, daughter of RICHARD CHAPPEL and ELIZABETH. She was born 1708 in Edgecombe, Chowan Co. NC, and died October 1786.
Notes for MOSES BAKER:

Information from Dale W. Mason

Moses lived in Bertie Co North Carolina on Chinquapin Creek (sometimes

spelled Chinkapin). His brother Bennett Baker, lived next door. Chinquapin

Creek was a branch of the Chowan River, which was the dividing line betwen

Bertie and Chowan counties.

Moses sold his land in Bertie County in1748 and moved to Edgecombe Co, North


Sometime betwen 1750 and 1757, Moses Baker and his son Moses served in the

Militia in the Company commanded by Captain Solomon Alston. Captain Alston's

Company guarded the southern part of Edgecombe County that later was cut off

to form the northeast part of Wilson County in 1855.

In 1756, the Toisnot Primitive Baptist Church was organized under the

leadership of Elder John Thomas, who had just been ordained by Elders George

Graham and John Moore. Moses Baker and his wife were among the fourteen

charter members.

Moses Baker Will Written: 1781 Proved: 1786
......"being weak in body but in perfect mind and my oldest son

Michael Baker's oldest son, Moses Baker, instead of his father, five my son Moses Baker, five my son Aaron's

daughter, Elizabeth Baker, five shillings instead of her my son

Thomas Baker five my son Joshua Baker, five

my daughter Ann, wife of Ralph Vickers, five my daughter

Mary, widow of Micajah Stenson, five shillings...the reason I leave no more

to these my children, is because I have already given them their full

portion of my my son Jesse Baker whom also I do make and

ordain to be my true soul and lawful him my said son I do

give all of the land I am now possessed of... and all my personal estate of

what kind so ever except it be my whipsaw and lithe which I hav given one

half of the use of them to Joshua Baker and ye other to him the said Jesse

In 1777, Moses Baker was a member and trustee of the Protestant Ana-Baptist

Church on Town Creek.


On Octobr 24, 1786, Sarah testified in court that she had received her share

of her deceased husbands estate from Jesse Baker (her son), the executor.

Children of MOSES BAKER and SARAH CHAPPEL are:

5. i. MICHAEL4 BAKER, b. 1732, Bertie Co. NC; d. 1776, Surry Co. NC.

6. ii. AARON BAKER, b. 1737, Bertie Co. NC; d. Bef. 1781.

iii. THOMAS BAKER, b. 1741, Bertie Co. NC; d. 12 January 1762, 96 District, C; m. PENELOPE WILLIAMS, 12 January 1763, Edgefield Co. NC; b. Abt. 1744, Bertie Co. NC.


Lived in South Carolina. (Feb 1, 1785)

iv. JOSHUA BAKER, b. 1743, Bertie Co. NC.

v. ANN BAKER, b. 1746, Bertie Co. NC; m. RALPH VICKERS, JR.; b. Abt. 1740, Edgecombe, Chowan Co. NC.

vi. ELIZABETH OR MARY BAKER, b. 1748, Bertie Co. NC; d. Bef. 1786; m. MICAJAH STENISON, 1773, Bertie Co. NC; b. Abt. 1744, Bertie Co. NC; d. Bef. 1781.

7. vii. JESSE BAKER, b. 1752, Bertie, NC; d. 1788, Edgecombe Co. NC.

8. viii. MOSES BAKER, b. 1734, Bertie Co. NC; d. Abt. 1816, Gallatin Co. KY.

4. WILLIAM3 BAKER (MOSES2, MOSES1) was born 1709.

Children of WILLIAM BAKER are:



Generation No. 4
5. MICHAEL4 BAKER (MOSES3, MOSES2, MOSES1) was born 1732 in Bertie Co. NC, and died 1776 in Surry Co. NC. He married ANNA Bet. 1750 - 1753. She was born 1730 in Bertie Co. NC, and died Bet. 1790 - 1800 in Fayette Co. KY.

Lived in Edgecombe Co NC on land adjacent to his fathers until 1762, when he

sold out and moved to Rowan Co, NC. The land purchased in Rowan Co was on

the south side of the Yadkin River.

Michael died in 1776. Although not proven, some have sugested that he died

as a result of injuries received participating in the War for Independence.

Sometime prior to 1787 Michael's widow Anna and all of her children except

Moses relocated to Fayette Co Ky.

Michael's estate was not settled until 1795, at which time his son Moses

moved to Kentucky to join the other members of the family.

Will filed 21 Sep 1776 and recorded August 1777 lists the executors as: my brother Moses Baker, my son Moses Baker, and my son James Baker. After his death and sometime before 1787 his widow Ann Baker and her children moved to Fayette Co., Kentucky.


Occupation: Shoemaker and Planter

Children of MICHAEL BAKER and ANNA are:

9. i. JAMES5 BAKER, b. 1754, Edgecombe, Chowan Co. NC; d. 1838, Gallatin Co. KY.

10. ii. MOSES BAKER, b. 1752, Edgecombe, Chowan, North Carolina; d. 1844, Montgomery Co. KY.

11. iii. MARGARET BAKER, b. 1757, Edgecombe, Chowan Co. NC; d. Bet. 1831 - 1834, Edgecombe, Chowan Co. NC.

12. iv. DAVID BAKER, b. 1758, Edgecombe, Chowan Co. NC; d. 14 July 1842, Fayette Co. KY.

v. ELIZABETH BAKER, b. 1759, Rowan Co. NC; m. SAMUEL JONES; b. Abt. 1755, Edgecombe, Chowan Co. NC.

13. vi. JOHN BAKER, b. 1763, Edgecombe, Chowan Co. NC; d. 18 November 1842, Shelby Co. IN.

14. vii. PELEG BAKER, b. 23 June 1767, Rowan Co. NC; d. 10 September 1822, Jennings Co. IN.

viii. JOSEPH BAKER, b. 1768, Surry Co. NC.

15. ix. JONATHAN BAKER, b. 1770, Surry Co. NC; d. 1842, Warren Co. KY.

x. JOSHUA BAKER, b. 1772, Surry Co. NC.

6. AARON4 BAKER (MOSES3, MOSES2, MOSES1) was born 1737 in Bertie Co. NC, and died Bef. 1781. He married MARTHA JAMESON Bef. 1768 in Edgecombe, NC. She was born Abt. 1741 in NC.



7. JESSE4 BAKER (MOSES3, MOSES2, MOSES1) was born 1752 in Bertie, NC, and died 1788 in Edgecombe Co. NC. He married MARTHA. She was born Abt. 1756 in Bertie Co. NC.
Notes for JESSE BAKER:

Jesse lived only a short time after the death of his father. He died in the

fall of 1787. He was the executor of his father's estate, and inherited the

home place on the north bank of Town Creek.

January 1788, the inventory was taken of Jesse's estate; Thomas Mercer and

Richard Strothers were executors.

Feb 5, 1788; Jesse's estate sale ocurred. Martha Baker was the principal


Children of JESSE BAKER and MARTHA are:

i. JONATHON5 BAKER, b. 1777, Edgecomb, NC; d. Abt. 1842, Warren Co. KY.


February 1793, Jonathon Baker, orphan of Jesse Baker, deceased, chose John

Stringer as his guardian. On this same date, the court appointed John

Springer to be the guardian of Jesse Baker's sons: Moses, Aaron and David.

May 1793, Jonathon Baker 16 years old next February, orphan of Jesse Baker,

deceased, bound to John Arrington.

16. ii. MOSES BAKER, b. 1779.

iii. AARON BAKER, b. Bet. 1781 - 1782, Edgecomb, NC; d. Bef. 1800, Edgecomb, NC.

iv. DAVID BAKER, b. Bet. 1782 - 1783, Edgecomb, NC.

8. MOSES4 BAKER (MOSES3, MOSES2, MOSES1) was born 1734 in Bertie Co. NC, and died Abt. 1816 in Gallatin Co. KY. He married MARY VICKERS, daughter of RALPH VICKERS and SARAH. She was born 1736.
Notes for MOSES BAKER:

Served in the Militia, in the Company of Captain Solomon Alston.

(Edgecombe Co NC)
In 1765 was living in Rowan Co NC on the south side of the Yadkin River.
In 1748 he was living with his parents in Bertied Co NC.
In 1770, Moses purchased 50 acres of land in Rowan Co NC from Robert Forbis.

The land was on the fork of Joseph's Creek near the Yadkin River.

Moses sold the 50 acres in Rowan Co to Henry Speir in 1786, and relocated to

Fayette Co Kentucky.

Moses and his relatives were devout Baptists. On June 15, 1787, the Marble

Creek Church was organized with Moses as a charter member.

In 1801 Moses purchased 749 acres in Gallitin Co Kentucky.

Children of MOSES BAKER and MARY VICKERS are:

i. NATHAN5 BAKER, b. 12 April 1754, NC; d. 23 December 1817, Jessamine Co. KY; m. NANCY; d. 1851, Randolph Co. MO.


Volume #3:

This volume contains the "Baker Hoax" information, some not on our website. It has families involved in the hoax, F.G.S. & lineage of many Pa. and Ohio Bakers. Also, Pa. listings for Baker.

Nathan Baker born 1754 in North Carolina & Nancy ____, resided Fayette, Ky., Jessamine, Ky., Randolph, Mo. F.G.S.
Nathan Baker born 1754 in N.C., & Nancy ____, resided: Fayette, Ky., Jessamine, Ky., Randolph Co., Mo. F.G.S.

17. ii. CHARITY BAKER, b. Abt. 1760, NC.

iii. JOHN BAKER, b. 1763, NC; d. 22 March 1850, Owen Co. IN; m. CATHERINE WINSCOTT, 13 December 1783, Surry Co. NC; b. 1766, Rowan Co. NC; d. Aft. 1850, Owen Co. IN.
Notes for JOHN BAKER:

John and Catherine moved to Fayette Co Kentucky. On September 7, 1788, John

joined the Marble Creek Church of Fayette Co Kentucky. He was designated as

being the son of Moses Baker. Joining at the same time, were Moses Baker Jr,

Joshua Baker, Joseph Baker, John Baker and his wife Haley. John Baker, who

married Haley, and Joseph Baker, were sons of Michael Baker, who died in

Surry Co North Carolina in 1776. Other sons of Michael who joined the church

were; David, James, and Peleg. Catherine Baker, wife of John who was the son

of Moses Baker Sr., joined the church on November 2, 1788.
John and Catherine moved to Henry Co Kentucky. In 1801, John and Catherine

were among the original members of the Drennon Ridge Baptist Church, located

at Franklinton, Henry Co, Kentucky. The first meeting of the church was held

in John Baker's barn.

John and Catherine were living in Henry Co Kentucky when the 1810 census was

taken. Living with them were: 3 males under 10; 4 males 10-16; 1 male 16-26;

and one female 10-16. John and Catherine were over 45. Living near-by were:

Andrew Baker and his wife with four children under 16 years of age, Hugh

Baker and his wife with one child under 10, William Baker and his wife with

one child under 10.

Fact: Abraham Winscott signed the marriage bond.
Marriage: December 13, 1783, Surry Co North Carolina

iv. JOSHUA BAKER, b. Abt. 1765, Edgecombe Co. N C; m. MARY CALLAWAY NORTH, 1790; b. 3 February 1765, Bedford Co. VA.


In 1810 living in Gallitin Co Kentucky.


After the death of her first husband William North, "Poly" moved to Kentucky

to be near her brother Flanders Callaway.


18. vi. MOSES BAKER, b. Abt. 1767.

vii. MARY "POLLY" BAKER, b. Abt. 1772; m. CHARLES STICE.

viii. JESSE BAKER, b. 28 December 1774; m. ELIZABETH QUICKSALL, 21 February 1799, Shelby Co. KY.

ix. REBECCA BAKER, b. Abt. 1778, KY; m. DAVID WINSCOTT, 12 December 1800, Gallatin Co. KY; b. 1788, Callaway Co. MO.

Generation No. 5
9. JAMES5 BAKER (MICHAEL4, MOSES3, MOSES2, MOSES1) was born 1754 in Edgecombe, Chowan Co. NC, and died 1838 in Gallatin Co. KY. He married PHAREBY MURPHY Abt. 1782 in NC, daughter of REV. MURPHY and VALENTINE HALEY. She was born Abt. 1765 in Edgecombe, Chowan Co. NC.
Notes for JAMES BAKER:

James Baker was born in 1755 in North Carolina, probably Edgecombe County. He was living in Surry County, North Carolina when his father died in 1776. He married Phareby Murphy, daughter of Joseph Murphy, and Phareby was the sister of Sarah Murphy who married Moses Baker. They were mentioned in Joseph Murphy's will, "Wills Surry, Co., N.C. 1816." James moved to Fayette County, Kentucky before 1788. He and his wife Phareby joined the Marble Creek Church of Fayette County the same time that his brothers and sisters joined.

In 1779, James signed a receipt for his share of the personal estate of his father, Michael Baker. In July 1795, he signed the following receipt for his share of the real estate his father died possessed of:

July 7, 1795, I hereby certify that I have reseved full satisfaction of Joseph Baker for my part of the track of land on which Michael Baker deseast exclusive of his widow thirds given under my hand this day and date above menshoned, I say reseved by me. Signed: James Baker. Witnessed: Moses Baker (origional spelling). In 1810 James was living in Jessamine County, Kentucky. Living with him were: two males under 10, two males 10-16, two males 16-26 and one female under 10. He and his wife were over 45.

James Baker died in 1838 in Gallatin County, Kentucky. In 1841 there was a suit filed in Owen County, Kentucky Circuit Court,

1841. John B. Orr against James Baker's heirs. To the honorable Judge of the Owen Circuit Court in Chancery sitting, orator John B. Orr would respectfully state that Harris Hicks had a patent for 1,000 acres of land in Owen County, Kentucky that he sold and conveyed out of the same 468 3/4 acres to James Baker as will appear from an extract of the deed here filed marked (A) and prayed to be made part of this bill and which sets forth the boundary that said tract of land adjoins Bell's place, that James Baker assigned and sold the said tract to Greenwood Shelton and Shelton assigned and sold the same to Ray Sidebottom, who sold the same to your orator as will fully appear from the various assignees must on this paper here filed marked (B) and prayed to be made a part of this bill. Your orator would state that he now has the possession of said land and the object of this bill is to obtain the title from the heirs of James Baker, dec'd, that the said James Baker who purchased from Harris Hicks the aforesaid tract of land, died intestate in Gallatin County, Kentucky about three years since and that the following children, viz: Nathan Baker, Isaac Baker, Jonathan Baker, John Baker, Samuel Baker, Joseph Baker, Jesse Baker, Wilson Baker, Moses Baker and Patsey his wife, Susan Ford [this is proof that the Susannah who married William New was Susan Baker] who with Ray sidebottom and Greenwood Shelton are prayed to be made defendents to this bill......etc.

In another court order, the names of the heirs of James Baker were listed without the name of Susan Ford. Census records indicate that James Baker had only one daughter.

Moses Baker, who was named as an heir was the son of Moses Baker and he was the husband of Patsey Baker who was the daughter of James Baker. Moses and Patsey Baker's marriage is recorded in Gallatin County, Kentucky, and James Baker wrote the letter of concent for his daughter Patsey to marry Moses Baker, Jr. They were married September 30, 1817.

Resided: 1776 Surry Co., North Carolina

Resided: 1810 Jessamine Co., Kentucky

Migration: Before. 1788 To Fayette Co., Kentucky


19. i. SUSAN 'SUSANNAH' DORIS6 BAKER, b. 1787, North Carolina.

20. ii. NATHAN BAKER, b. 1783, Surry Co. NC; d. 1839, Washington Co. MO.

iii. JONATHAN BAKER, b. Abt. 1785, NC; m. NANCY STAFFORD, 27 December 1804, Gallatin Co. KY; b. Abt. 1784.

Gallatin County Kentucky, marriage records #509036

iv. JOHN H. BAKER, b. Abt. 1787, KY; m. LYDIA BAKER, 23 March 1813, Gallatin Co. KY.

21. v. ISAAC BAKER, b. 1793, KY; d. 7 September 1870, Ballard Co. KY.

22. vi. SAMUEL J. BAKER, b. 1797, Fayette Co. KY.

23. vii. JOSEPH M. BAKER, b. 1 October 1797, Gallatin Co. KY; d. Bef. 1850.

viii. WILSON H. BAKER, b. Abt. 1799, KY; m. MILDRED MURPHY, 2 August 1824, Owen Co. KY.

Letter of consent to marry from James Baker, Owen Co. KY

ix. PATSEY BAKER, b. Abt. 1800; m. MOSES BAKER, JR., 30 September 1817, Gallatin Co. KY.

24. x. JESSE BAKER, b. 1803, Gallatin Co. KY.

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