This was the date in which North Korea invaded South Korea. This caused the start of the Korean War

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Korean War Study Guide

For each term, write a complete sentence on a separate piece of lined paper what it is and the significance of it to the Korean War and/or to the Cold War.

  • June 25, 1950- This was the date in which North Korea invaded South Korea. This caused the start of the Korean War.

  • United Nations reaction to North Korean’s invasion- The United Nations held a meeting about the invasion, and warned North Korea to leave South Korea. If they did not listen, then the U.N. would get involved. This was important to the Korean War since a lot of other countries got involved in this conflict in order that South Korea would not be forced to accept a communist government.

  • Pusan- This city was important to control for several reasons such as it has a port and an airfield, and was an important to carry war with North Korea as a base. This was important because it had many things needed for the U.N. side to land troops to conduct the war. This was also important in the Korean War because North Koreans attacked the U.N. troops and they barely won.

  • American troops- ready for war? - Americans were not ready for war. They just got out of World War II. Troops left Japan and headed for Korea. In addition, at first, troops were not trained, were inexperienced and did not have the modern weapons needed for warfare that the North Koreans had from the Soviet Union. This was important to the Korean War and the Cold War since it showed that Americans were not ready for this battle, however, were involved. It was important because it showed American soldier morale at the beginning of the war.

  • General Douglas MacArthur- General Douglas MacArthur was a clever strategist and led the forces in Japan for the U.S. in World War II. He led the troops in the Korean War for the U.N. and his plans worked. However, when he wanted to invade China, the U.N. said no, and so did President Truman. Once MacArthur in publicly criticized President Truman, he replaced him with someone else. The importance of this during the Korean War is that even though in a war and one in which the U.S. never declared war, the President of the U.S. still has the authority to remove a commander since he is commander in chief of the armed forces.

  • Inchon- This was the city that U.N. troops saw as an important place to control it was controlled by the North Koreans. It was 20 miles away from Seoul the capital of South Korea. In this battle, American and U.N. troops won. This was important to the Korean War since so the U.N. troops could use this location to get control of South Korea and get the North Koreans to go over the 38th Parallel.

  • Chosin Reservoir- This was when Chinese troops attacked American and U.N. troops from 2 different places. Many Americans had to fight the Chinese off before they evacuated by U.N. ships. Americans were hanging on by a thread to fight off the Chinese. This was important to the Korean War because it showed how both sides struggled to fight battles.

  • 38th Parallel- This was the line made between North and South Korea after Japan lost in World War II. This was made to help set up the government in the countries to eventually unite it as one. It was important in both wars since it was a line that was crossed and started the Korean War. It also was important since the countries in the Cold War were either indirectly or directly involved.

  • Dismissal of MacArthur- MacArthur was dismissed after he publicly criticized President Truman and his lack of listening to him about invading China. This was important to the both the Korean War and Cold War since the President of the U.S. used his commander in chief power to dismiss him.

  • Chinese’s role in this war- The Chinese were afraid that Americans would take over North Korea and invade China to change their government from communism to democracy. They warned the United States that if they tried to invade North Korea and crossed over the 38th parallel, they would enter the war. American officials ignored this warning. This was important to the Korean War since it brought the Chinese into the war which made it difficult to fight.

  • Soviet’s role in this war- The Soviet’s had a more behind the scene role in that they equipped North Korea with weapons, and trained them in new military techniques. This was important to both the Korean War and the Cold War because it showed how the Soviets were determined to keep communism spreading.

  • American’s role in this war- Americans fought along with U.N. forces to help South Korea not turn communist. The majority of the troops were American. This was important both the Korean War and Cold War because to contain communism and to make sure South Korea free.

  • “Talking War”- This was term given to the end of the Korean War, that even when peace talks were in progress, some fighting still took place. This was important to the Korean War since it show the will of both sides not giving up. They were both willing to fight till the end for their causes even if it meant soldiers dying.

  • Armistice- This is when both sides of the war signed this as the war was over. This was important to the Korean War since it was officially the end of the war. -

  • Results of War overall- It separated Korea into two nations, one Communist and one non-Communist. The new dividing line gave a little more territory to South Korea. This war made China into a world power. It caused the United States to rearm and become the major military power of the Western world, bringing about great changes in the American way of life. It increased a fear and loathing of communism among most Americans and many Europeans, leading to decades of dangerous confrontation and hostility between the United States and the Soviet Union.

It was also the first time in history where a number of nations banded together to prevent one nation from forcibly taking over another and changing its way of life. This was important to the Cold War because it made the U.S. into a world military power and it continued.

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