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Note: Members of the family who moved back to the Booneville, AR area kept the

name of BLYTHE. * Other members who stayed in the Wedington, AR area or

moved to California kept the Holland name.

Ancestral Line: 1. Jacob BLYTHE (1770,SC - 1850,TN) /2 Lemuel (Born 1797)

/ 3 Jacob Lemuel (1834, TN) / 4 Lemuel Moses (1860, AR)

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Desc. of (4) Thomas "Tom" Perkins (1880, MO-1952,AR) & Mary Flossie (Phillips) BLYTHE (aka Holland)

1. Lopha Mae BLYTHE DOB:10/16/1903, Barber, AR


Mar.: Henry Nathaniel Yancy

Ch.:1. Valta Lee Yancy DOB:7/7/1925

Mar.:David Ray Ghirardelli

2. Tommie Fay Yancy DOB:3/19/1929

Mar.:Darryl Pendleton

Ch.:1. Pamela Rae Pendleton

2. Patricia Ann Pendleton

3. Erin Dewayne Pendleton
3. Joe Henry Yancy DOB:8/9/1932

Mar.:Carolyn Johnson

Ch.:1. Timothy Joe Yancy

2. Lori Jo Yancy

3. Lisa Jo Yancy
2. Della Cansadie BLYTHE DOB:3/23/1907, AR

Died:9/ /1952

Mar.:Lowel Kimes

Ch.:1. Billie Gene/Jean Kimes POB:AR

Died:11/12/1996, Shady Grove, OR

Funeral services at Stevenson & Bean Funeral Home, Fresno, CA

Bur.:Fresno, CA Obit.:probably Ft. Smith (Southwest Times?)

Survived by three daughters--Cheryl McCann of Big Fork, MT;

Judy Snitcher of Aurora, CO; Pamela St. Martin of Willits,

CA; one son, Terry Woods of Rancho Cordova, CA; one step-dau.,

Jody Sweeney of Hanford, CA; eleven grandchildren, three great

grand sons; one nephew and one niece; one sister, Joan

Mehringer of Tahoe, CA; and her step-mother, Edith Kimes of

Ft. Smith, AR.

1st Mar.:Jimmy Smith

2nd Mar.:Robert "Bob" Woods

2. Joan Kimes

Living at Tahoe, CA in 1996 per obit. of sister, Billie Jean.

Mar.:Dusty Merringer/Mehringer
3. Omer Lee BLYTHE DOB:1910, AR DOM:5/10/1930

Died:1978 Bur.:Pine Log Cemetary

Mar.:Ruby L. Reding DOB: 1909

Died:5/10/1930 Bur.:Pine Log Cem.

Ch.:1. Grethel BLYTHE

2. Margaret BLYTHE

3. Charles Hendrix BLYTHE

DOB:2/28/1938 Died:11/24/1986

Bur.: Pine Log Cem.

4. Nina BLYTHE (twin)

5. Ina BLYTHE (twin)


7. Ferrel Gene BLYTHE

8. Linda BLYTHE

4. Melvin Odel BLYTHE DOB:ca 1912 (or 13), AR
Mar.:Ethel Winters

Ch.:1. Sammie BLYTHE

5. Burnice Cecil BLYTHE DOB:7/7/1916, AR
Died:5/20/1952 Bur.:Pine Log Cem.

Mar.:Ethel Lancaster

Ch.: 1. Betty Jo BLYTHE

2. Arthur David Date 1935 on grave marker in Pine Log Cem.

3. Jerry Don BLYTHE
Ancestral Line: 1. Jacob BLYTHE (1770,SC-1850,TN) /2 Lemuel (1797)

/3 Jacob Lemuel (1834, TN) /4 Lemuel Moses (1860, AR)

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Desc. of (5) Mountez "Tezz" Holland (BLYTHE) (1881, KS) & William Edward England

1. Fred Denton England DOB:5/8/1904, Norwood, AR

Died:6/20/1982, Summers, AR

Bur.:Wedington Missionary Bap.Ch.Cem.(Wash. Co.,) AR

Mar.: Ruth Pannell (or Pennel)

Ch.:1. James Denton England DOB:9/15/1941 DOM:1/31/1969

1st Mar.:Ruby Jones Lived at Westville, OK in 1982.

Ch.:1. Ricky Denton England DOB:3/22/1973

2. Leon Martin (stepson) DOM:3/1/1966

Mar.:Kayla Harlin

2nd Mar.:Judy (Owen) Newberry

2. George Darrel England Lived in Mt. Berg, AR in 1982

Mar.: Shelia

Ch.:1. Larry England DOB:1/29/1965 Lived in NJ in 1982.


Ch.: 1 Tracy England

2. Stacy England

3. Eddie Dean England DOB:

Mar.: Joan (or Joanne)

4. Mary Lou England Lived at Poteau,OK in 1982

Mar.: Randy Bobbitt Ch.: 1. Clayton Bobbitt
2. Andrew (or Henry) Jacob "Jake" England ___For descendants, see page 000.__

DOB:4/18/1906, Washington Co., AR

Died: 5/5/1986 Bur.: Wedington Cem. (Wash. Co.), AR

Mar.:Ethel Chappell DOB:10/30/1911_______________________________________

Par.:Bill Chappell

Died:1990 Bur.:Wedington Cem.

3. Lemuel Greenberry"Green"England_____________For descendants, see page 138._

DOB:4/24/1908 Died:12/7/1985 Bur.:Wedington Cem.

Mar.:Leota Baer Par.:Ed Isaac and Ocie Nell (Wiseley) Baer______________
4. Lydle Clint "Johnny" England DOB:7/12/1911____For descendants, see p.138._

Lived at Cincinnati, AR. Lived at Wedington, AR in 1982.

Died:2/19/1984, Fayetteville (Washington Co.), AR Bur.: Wedington Cem.

Mar.: Ruby Lorene Baer DOB:9/22/1914 (sister of Leota see # 3 above)_____

5. Jewel Elizabeth England DOB:4/26/1914 (or 6/26/1914)

DOM:12/13/1941, Washington Co., AR

Died:7/20/1995, AR

Mar.:Charles F. Slaughter DOB:1/11/16, Washington Co., AR

Ch.:1. Thomas William Slaughter DOB:1/11/1943, Washington Co., AR


1st Mar.: Carrie Garner

Ch.:1. Charles Slaughter DOB:7/21/?

2. Douglas Slaughter DOB:11/2/?

3. Mike Slaughter

2nd Mar.: Patricia Barnes DOB:11/2/?
2. Violet Ruth Slaughter DOB:11/12/1945

Mar.:Arthur Garner Divorced

Ch.:1. Brice Garner DOB:6/24/1965, Denver, CO

2. Sean Garner DOB:10/6/1968, CO

3. Chris Garner DOB:2/14/1970, CO
3. Charles Elbert Slaughter DOB:7/10/1947

Mar.: Bonnie

Ch.:1. Carolyn Slaughter DOB:11/22/1966, Wash. Co., AR

2. Sandy Slaughter DOB:10/15/1967, Wash. Co., AR

3. Leroy Slaughter DOB:1/14/1971, Wash. Co., AR

4. Lisa Mae Slaughter DOB:12/2/1974, Wash. Co. AR

4. Douglas Slaughter DOB:

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Desc. of (5) Mountez "Tezz" Holland (BLYTHE) (1881, KS) & William Edward England

6. James Pittman "Pitt" England DOB:4/2/1919 (or 4/1/1919)

Lived at Summers (AR?) in 1982. Died:1/1/1996, AR per Farris Blythe

Mar.: Beulah Thompson DOM:1/17/1943

Parents: Robert Bishop and Elizabeth (Smith) Thompson(Combs,MO)

Ch.:1. James Clinton England DOB:1/1/1944, Prairie Grove, AR

1st Mar.:Darlene Johnson

Ch.:1. James C."Jimmy"England DOB:8/3/1961,Broken Arrow, OK


2. Bonnie"Ladonna"England DOB:4/21/1964, Broken Arrow, OK

Mar.: Anthony Eugene Moss

Ch.:1. Lavonna Rochelle Moss DOB:5/28/1981

2. Anthony Eugene Moss DOB:8/17/1985

2nd Mar.: Barbara Joan Corsey Divorced

Ch.:1. & 2. Twins DOB:11/5/1977, Tulsa, OK Bur.:Collinsville
2. Jerry Lee England DOB:8/20/1948

1st Mar.: Mabeline Duke

2nd Mar.: Pam Neighbors Divorced

Ch.:1. Ronnie Kay England DOB:7/24/1970

3. Carl Dee England DOB:9/6/1951

1st Mar.:Debbie Whitson

Ch.:1. Don Dee England DOB:8/21/1972

2. Ronnie Dee England DOB:3/1/1976

2nd Mar.: Regina Carter (or Henderson)

4. Charles L. England DOB:3/27/1945 DOM:7/30/1965

Mar.:Shirley Hodges

Ch.: 1. Charles Wayne England DOB:7/8/1967

5. Roy Gene England DOB:2/1/1947

Mar.:Debbie Swafford

Ch.: 1 Christopher England DOB:7/4/1982

6. David Lyn England (twin) DOB:12/7/1955

Mar.:Tammy Lou Lynn

Ch.: 1. Danny Linn England DOB:4/30/1973

7. Danny Glen England (twin) DOB:12/7/1955
8. Infant
7. Minnie Thelma England DOB:10/15/1920 Living at Cincinnati, AR in 1993.

Died:1/17/1996, Siloam Springs Hosp., Siloam Springs, AR

Mar.:Vernon Ghier (or Gier) DOB:2/22/1918, Ft Scott, KS

DOM:11/8/1938, Fatetteville, AR

Ch.:1. Thelma Ethelyne Gier DOB:1/23/1941, Cincinnati, AR

Died:5/ /1996 per Farris Blythe

Mar.: Floyd Eagle DOB:7/25/19?? DOM:ca 1963

Ch.:1. Ronnie Eagle DOB:3/6/1964 DOM:1991

2. Kenneth Ray Gier DOB:2/6/1948, AR

Mar.: Sharon Kincheloe (Divorced)

Ch.:1. Michael Gier DOB:8/19/1972
8. Ruby England DOB:2/23/1922 (2/23/1923 per Farris Blythe notes)

Lived in Lincoln, AR in 1982. Died:8/1/1995, AR

Mar.: Charles Reed

Ch.:1. Clyde Edward Reed DOB:4/26/1943

Mar.: Carolyn Stewart

Ch.:1. Lora Janette Reed DOB:9/3/1968

2. Holly Michele Reed DOB:12/28/1969

3. Clyde Edward II (Bud) Reed DOB:10/10/1972

2. Charley Reed

3. Margaret Ellen Reed DOB:1/26/1948

Mar.:Leon Pense (or Pennington)

4. Virginia Ann Reed

5. Gary Don Reed DOB:1/23/1955

6. Travis Reed DOB:8/29/1958

Ancestral Line: 1. Jacob BLYTHE (1770,SC-1850,TN) /2 Lemuel (1797)

/3 Jacob Lemuel (1834, TN) /4 Lemuel Moses (1860, AR)

/ 5 Mountez (Blythe/Holland) England (1881, KS)
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Desc. of (6) Andrew Jacob (1906, AR-1986,AR) & Ethel (Chappel) England

1. Carl Wilton England DOB:3/ /1928

Living in Tulsa, OK in 1993.
1st Mar.:Elsie Trammel Brown

Died:1991 Bur.:Wedington Cem.

Ch.:1. Michael England
2. Debbie England
2nd Mar.:Esther Sutton
2. Delbert Wayne England DOB:10/9/1930, Wedington, AR 1993:Rt. 3, Box 252A, Silaom Springs, AR 72761

1st Mar.: Anna Haid DOB:1933 Died:1983
Ch.:1. Tammy England DOB:6/4/1960

Living at Westville,OK in 1993.

1st Mar.: Joe Marler

Ch.:1. Joe DOB:5/2/1978

2. Jeffery DOB:10/10/1979
2nd Mar.:Clyde Coal
2. Terri Sue England DOB:10/1/1961

Living at Cave Springs, AR in 1993.

Mar.:David Hankins

Ch.:1. Misty Hankins DOB:8/27/1982

2. William D. Hankins DOB:3/14/1984

3. Kimberly Hankins DOB:8/26/1985

3. Paul England DOB:11/8/1962


Living at Sialom Springs, AR in 1993.
4. Joyce England DOB:12/10/1966
1st Mar.:Stacy Arnold Divorced

Ch.:1. Shannon Arnold DOB:5/25/1986

2. Jacob Arnold DOB:5/30/1987

3. Zack Arnold DOB:1989

2nd Mar.: Doris Good DOB:1/3/1933

Ancestral Line: 1. Jacob BLYTHE (1770,SC-1850, TN) /2 Lemuel (ca 1797)

/3 Jacob Lemuel (1834, TN) / 4 Lemuel Moses (1860, AR)

/5 Mountez "Tess" (BLYTHE) England (1881)
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Descendants of (6) Lemuel Greenberry (1908, AR) and Leota (Baer) England

1. Herman B. England DOB: 1/6/1935, Summers (Washington Co.), AR

DOM:11/10/1959, Wedington Baptist Church (Wash. Co.), AR

Mar.:Melba Sharron Marshall DOB:3/31/1941

Parents:Ivan Guy and Edithe (MCGARRA) Marshall

Ch.: 1. Cynthia England DOB:12/9/1960, Fayetteville (Wash. Co.), AR

Mar. John Perrille

2. Bryan Sherman England DOB:5/11/1962, Fayetteville (Wash.Co.),AR

Mar.: Cindy Sharrer DOM:2/14/1986

3. Scott England (Adopted) DOB:12/9/1968

2. Jenny (or Jenna) Lee England DOB:2/10/1936,Norwood Prairie (Benton Co.),AR

1st Mar.: L. D. Brower (or Brewer)

Ch.: 1. George Dewayne "Butch" Brower (or Brewer) DOB:8/18/1956

Mar.: Diane

Ch.:1.Jake Dwayne DOB:10/2/1979

2.Soyna Lea DOB:9/ /1987

2. Debra Ann Brower (or Brewer) DOB:5/2/1958

Mar.:John Hosea Lawrence

3. Larry Dean (or Wayne) Brower (or Brewer) DOB:2/18/1960

Mar.:Barbara Ch.:Jeremy Dean

2nd Mar.: Don Boydston

3. Joe Edward England DOB:12/15/1938 DOM:6/13/1950

1st Mar.:Judy Burnett (or Brunetti?)

Ch.:1.Ronald Joe England DOB:8/31/1961

1st Mar.: Rene

Ch.: 1. Jessica Lavonne England

2nd Mar.:Janet

2.Karen Lee England DOB:9/ /1964

3.Donald Joe England 5/15/1966

2nd Mar.: Sally Prell

Ch.: 1. Diane England DOB:3/26/1980

4. Donnie Rex England DOB:9/26/1940

Mar.:Barbara Hodges DOB:5/13/194?__

Ch.:1. Donnie England DOB:1/3/1966

2. Mark England DOB:11/16/1969, AR

5. Jackie Ray England DOB:3/29/1947, Cocisie Grove (Wash.Co.), AR

1st Mar.: Diane Bowling

Ch.: Kelli Ann England DOB:4/18/1969, Siloam Springs (Wash. Co.),AR

2nd Mar.: Patricia Hair

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Descendants of (6) Lydle Clint "Johnny" (1911, AR) & Ruby Lorene (Baer) England

1. Patty Lou England DOB: 7/22/1931, Cincinnati (Wash. Co.), AR

1st Mar.:Eugene Newton Shaw Born:TX Parents:Artie & Gertie (Holmes) Shaw

Ch.: 1. Gary Gene Shaw DOB:8/11/1951, Pampa, TX

1st Mar.:Gail Hall

2nd Mar.: Shawna Ch.:Gary Gene Shaw DOB:2/21/1981

2. Vicki Lyn Shaw DOB:1/4/1954, Pampa, TX

Mar.:Rodney Dale Whaley

Ch.: 1. Karen Kalyn Whaley DOB:11/19/1975

2. Rodney Dale Whaley, Jr. DOB:2/8/1977

2nd Mar.: John Francis Scott

2. Wanda Jean England DOB:12/2//1941, Cincinnati (Wash. Co.), AR

Mar.: Walter Jerry Thompson DOB:10/28/1938, Siloam Spring, AR

DOM:12/1/1960, (brides Home) Wedington (Benton Co.), AR

Ch.: 1. David Thompson DOB:5/26/1962, Siloam Sps., AR

1st Mar.: Patty Bittle

Ch.:1. Wendy Lee DOB:4/11/1983, Honolulu, HI

2nd Mar.:Sue Burnley Divorced

Ch.:1. Samantha Nicole DOB:4/21/1986, Fayetteville, AR

2. Danny Gerald Thompson DOB:5/6/1962, Prairie Grove, AR

3. Sheryl Thompson DOB:8/15/1964, Fayetteville, AR

3. Terry Michael England DOB:10/22/1955,Siloam Springs (Benton Co.),AR

Mar.: Marla J. Feemster DOB:8/30/1956? DOM:3/17/1973

Par.:Daniel & Warra (Steepron) Feemster

Ch.:1. Daniel "Jason" England DOB:11/15/1973 Benton Co., AR

2. Jonathan Michael England DOB:11/3/1978, Benton Co., AR

Marriage License for Lemuel M. BLYTHE and Mary E. Crook

Sebastian Co. (Lower District), AR, Marriage Book B,

Note: This record was difficult to locate. Resources state it is on page

000. The author searched pages until she found the record. She would

recommend using the 372-1 code on left margin of license.

The original books were fire damaged, causing burned edges on paper.

Fire-damaged records which could be salvaged were placed in new binders.

Ancestral Line: 1. Jacob BLYTHE (1770, SC-1850, TN) /2 Lemuel (1797, SC)

/3 Jacob Lemuel (1834, TN) /4 Lemuel Moses (1860, AR))

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Descendants of (5) Andrew Jackson "Jake" (1884, MO) & Ona Arcada (Wade) BLYTHE

1. Lemuel Amos BLYTHE DOB:7/1/1904, Barber, AR _For descendants,see page 144._

Occup.: Retired from Sinclair Oil Co., East Chicago, IN in 1966.

Died:9/19/1981 Bur.: Oak Grove Cemetery, Palestine, IL

1st Mar.:Mildred Peppiatt_________________________________________________

2nd Mar.:Mona Dale (Jenkins) Osborn DOM:5/1/1943, Valpraiso, IN

Died:6/29/1978 Bur.:Oak Grove Cem., Palestine, IL

Dale's Children by previous Marriage:1.Bob Osborn 2.Joyce Osborn.

2. Jessie Elizabeth BLYTHE_______________For descendants, see pages 142-143.__

DOB:12/17/1905, Barber,AR Rel.:Mem.Marimont Baptist Church, Pontiac, MI

Died:5/13/1967, Pontiac, MI Bur.:White Chapel Memorial Cem. Troy, MI

Mar.:Rufus Blaine Hicks DOB:4/26/1902, Booneville,AR DOM:9/19/1923_______

Occup.:Ret.from Pontiac Motors (Gen.Motors) Rel.:Mem.Marimont Bap.

Organ:32nd Degree Mason Died: 3/9/1981, Bloomfield Hills, MI.

Bur.: 3/11/1981, White Chapel Memorial Cem., Troy, MI

2nd Mar.:Martha (Miller) Simanson

DOB:9/8/1904, Tuchan/Tuchen, Russia (later Germany)

Imigrated to the U.S. (Ellis Island, NY) about 1912.

DOM:8/3/1968, 1st Christian Ch.of Hessville, Hammond, IN

Died:12/9/1977, FL Bur.:Elmwood Cemetery Hammond, IN

3. William Deward BLYTHE ______________________For descendants, see page 144._

DOB:5/25/1907, Barber,AR (DOB on stone 7/25/1907)

Died:4/8/1975 Bur.:Glendale Cem. Booneville, AR

1st Mar.: Mildred No children by this marriage.

2nd Mar.:Adele Noonan DOB:4/27/1914, IL ________________________________

Died:2/ /1985, Booneville, AR

4. Rayville Clayton BLYTHE DOB:4/4/1909,Barber,AR__For descendants,see p.144._

Died:3/21/1968, Scherrillville, IN Bur.:"Memory Lane" Scherrillville, IN

Mar.:Laura Corley DOB:4/21/1911 Died:2/22/1984 Bur.:Glendale Cem.______

Laura's 2nd Mar.:____________ Darnell

5. Infant Bur.: Pine Log Cemetery near Booneville, AR

6. Effie Mae BLYTHE DOB:1/12/1911, Barber, AR

Died:11/30/1951 Bur.:Glendale Cem.,Booneville, AR

1st Mar.: Alan Bowman

2nd Mar.:Ollie Benge (no children)

Ch.;1. Wayne Monroe Bowman DOB:11/28/1932, Booneville, AR

Mil.: Served in Korea (was badly burned) Recuperated at a Burn

Center in TX. Lived, died and buried in Paris, AR

DOM:12/4/1952 Died:10/20/1974 Bur.:near Paris, AR

Mar.:Betty Brown

Ch.:1. Lois Mae Bowman DOB:5/19/1955

1st Mar.:____Banard Ch.:1. Lindsey Banard DOB:1/22/1977

2nd Mar.:____Phillips Ch.:1. Ballie Phillips DOB:1/24/1991

2. Deborah Bowman DOB:7/2/1957

2. Betty Jane Bowman Died in early 1960 Bur.: Santa Barbara, CA

Mar.: Jimmy Yarres

Ch.:1. Jimmy Yarres

3rd Mar.:Harvey"Shorty"Wood DOB:1884 Died:1/2/1966 Bur.:Glendale Cemetery_

Ch.:1. Wilma Janice Wood Mar.: Delbert Wilson

Ch.: 1. Clifford Lee Wilson

2. Bobby Joe Wilson

7. Bonnie Catherine BLYTHE ____________________For descendants, see page 145._

DOB:10/25(or27)/1912, Booneville,AR

Died:4/7/1991,CanogaPk.,CA Bur.:4/10/1991,Glen Haven Mem.Pk.SanFernando,CA

1st Mar.:Guy Harvell

2nd Mar.: John Castleberry DOB:8/25/1921, Booneville, AR_________________

Parents: Marvin and Cathey (Byrd) Castleberry (of Booneville)

Mil.:US Army, Co.A 85th Eng.Bat.Enlisted 7/17/1942. In battles

of Normandy, France and Rhineland. Metals:Good Conduct,

European Campaign, WW II Victory and distinguished unit badge

Honorably Discharged:10/4/1945, Camp Swift,TX

Occup.: Retired from Lockheed Aircraft, Burbank, CA

Died:7/23/1984 Bur.:Glen Haven Memorial Pk., San Fernando, CA
Children of Andrew Jackson "Jake" & Ona BLYTHE continued on next page.

Family continued from previous page.

Descendants of (5) Andrew Jackson "Jake" (1884, MO) & Ona Arcada (Wade) BLYTHE
8. Dorothy Unice BLYTHE DOB:2/9/1914, Barber,AR DOM:10/26/1935

Died:12/28/1978 Bur.: Oak Hill Cem., Booneville Cem., AR

Mar.:Bob Olen Parker DOB:9/22/1913 Died:8/8/1974 Bur.:Oak Hill Cem.

Ch.:1. Peggy Marie Parker DOB:8/26/1936, Chismville, AR

Mar.: Billy Bob Cauthron DOM:5/21/1955, Booneville, AR

Ch.:1. Michael Wayne Cauthron DOB:2/28/1956 DOM:9/1/1979

Mar.: Mindy Hensley

Ch.:1. Micah Michelle Cauthron DOB:7/11/1981

2. Heather Elaine Cauthron DOB:4/8/1983
2. Bobby Wayne Parker DOB:3/24/1942, Booneville, AR

Mar.: June Ann Townsend DOB:6/13/1946 DOM:7/10/1964

Ch.:1. Gregory Dane Parker DOB:12/22/1967
2. Dudley Wayne Parker DOB:12/9/1972
9. Agnes Marie BLYTHE DOB:9/5/1916, Barber, AR

Occup.:Work at Lockheed Aircraft during WW II.

Died:12/26/1990, Auburn,CA

Bur.:12/31/1990, Calvary Cem., Santa Barbara, CA

Mar.:Almond Godfrey

Occup.:Worked at Lockheed Aircraft during WW II and later at

Santa Barbara Lumber Company (at time of death).

Died:1981 Santa Barbara,CA Bur.:Calvary Cem.,S.B,CA

Ch.:1. Jackie Don Godfrey DOB:7/28/1937 Died:11/22/1976

Mar.:Jo Ann Carroll

Ch.:1. Kevin Godfrey

Mar.: Aleta BLYTHE Divorced

Par.:Alton & Carroll BLYTHE See page 141.

2. Michael Godfrey

3. David Godfrey

4. Stephen Godfrey

10.Willie Beatrice BLYTHE______________________For descendants, see page 145._

DOB:4/11/1918, Barber, AR Died:12/4/1987 Bur.:Forest Lawn Cem., Covina,CA

1st Mar.:Dee Davis DOB:6/29/1914, San Antonio, TX DOM:4/12/1935_______

Par.:James & Sally Maude (Kennedy) Davis GPar.:Ben &Sarah Davis

Died:6/20/1974,Monterey Park,CA Bur.:Forest Lawn Cem.,Covina,CA

2nd Mar.: Art Stanart

11.Eugene (Gene) Morgan BLYTHE ________________For descendants, see page 145._

DOB:10/23/1919, Booneville, AR

Mil.:Enlisted US Army 3/23/1942, Co.A, 359 Inf., 90th Div. 3rd Army

In battles of: 1. Normandy (GO 33 WD45), 2. No.France (GO 46-45),

3. Rhineland (GO 40 WD45). Metals:American Theatre Ribbon, WW II

Victory Ribbon, Good Conduct, Expert Rifleman and EAME Theatre

Ribbon with 3 bronze service stars. Honorably discharged 11/13/1945,

Camp Chaffee, AR

Died:5/21/1986, Mission Hill, CA Bur.:Glen Haven Me. Park, San Fernando,Ca

1st Mar.:Pauline Anderson

2nd Mar.:Margie Tidwell___________________________________________________
12.Wilma BLYTHE DOB:7/31/1921,Booneville, AR

Died:12/16/1981 Bur.: Forest Lawn Cemetery, Hollywood Hills, CA

Mar.: Daniel Butler Castleberry DOB:11/15/1919, Booneville, AR

Parents: Marvin and Cathey (Byrd) Castleberry

Died:11/23/1991, Mission Hills, CA

Bur.:Forest Lawn Hollywood Hill, Los Angeles, CA

Mil.: US Air Force Enlisted 3/26/1943. In battles of Air Offensive

Europe, Normandy, Rhineland and Ardennes. Metals:Good Conduct,

European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign, and WW II Victory.

Honorably Discharged:11/7/1945, Camp Beale, CA.

Occup.: Retired from construction in California in 1972.

Ch.:1. Danny Jake Castleberry DOB:10/9/ 1947

Mar.: Jacqueline Keller DOM:6/16/1973, Mission Hills, CA

Ch.:1. Julie Ann Castleberry DOB:10/2/1976

2. John Casey Castleberry
Children of Andrew Jackson "Jake" & Ona BLYTHE continued on next page.

Family continued from previous page.

Descendants of (5) Andrew Jackson "Jake" (1884, MO) & Ona Arcada (Wade) BLYTHE
13.Wilton (Dude) BLYTHE DOB:8/9/1923, Booneville,AR

Mil.: Served in Europe in WW II

Died:2/ /1986, IN

1st Mar.:Irene Tedder

2nd Mar.: Martha June Smith

3rd Mar.:Jean Imo Farrel

Ch..:1. Wilma Jean BLYTHE DOB:7/6/1950

Mar.:Bill Tryka

Ch.:1. Mark Tryka

Died:8/19/2000 in a motorcycle accident

2. Lanona BLYTHE DOB:6/20/1957

1st Mar.: Derry Livingston

2nd Mar.: Thomas Fusner

Ch.: 1. Jennie Frances Fusner DOB:

3. Andrew Jackson BLYTHE DOB:9/30/1962
14.Alton Wade BLYTHE DOB:5/7/1926, Booneville,AR

Address in 1992: 14639 Lakeside, Sylmar, CA 91342.

Occup.: Lockheed and Bermite and Carpenter Local 1913

Mil.: US Army, received a bronze star for the battle Luzon and served

in the South Pacific for 18 months, WW II.


Died:1/14/1996 of a heart attack, Sylmar, CA

Funeral services 1/17/1996 at J. T. Oswald Mortuary, San Fernando, CA.

Cremated 1/17/1996

Mar.:Carol Zabel

Ch.:1. Wade William BLYTHE DOB:3/1/1952

Mar.:Susan Jane Paget DOM:9/1/1973

2. Aleta Ann Amelia BLYTHE DOB:12/29/1955

1st Mar.: David Wood (Divorced 9/2/1981)

Ch.:1. Shelia Marie Wood DOB:7/3/1978

2. Marilyn Ann Wood DOB:11/15/1979

2nd Mar.:Kevin Godfrey (second cousin) Divorced

Par.:Jackie Don & Jo Ann (Carroll) Godfrey

See # 9 on page 00.
15.Billy Ray BLYTHE DOB:9/11/1927, Booneville, AR

Address in 1992: 679 Fairview, Booneville, AR

Mil.:U.S. Army 11/22/1948-4/2/1972, 60th Inf. Div., 85 Evac. Hospital

Vietnam Service (1965-66) w/three Bronze Stars and w/60 device.

DOM: 3/13/1953

Mar.: Christine (Smith) Jackson DOB:9/17/1929

Ch.:1.Patricia Ann Jackson (dau. of Christine, step daughter of Billy Ray)


1st Mar.:James Rathbun

Ch.:1. James Russton Rathbun DOB:10/8/1965

2. Alisha Christine Rathbun DOB:10/16/1970

2nd Mar.:Kenneth Weaver

16.Infant Bur.: Glendale Cem. near Booneville, AR
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