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Permission is granted to use the information herein for research purposes with a reference to:
ā€œBlythe Volume Iā€

By Albert H. & Pat (Hicks) Brigance

(Copyright 1994)
as well as a reference to any other source listed or researcher acknowledged.

All information contained herein has been compiled by Pat Hicks Brigance.

All questions or suggested corrections or revisions

should be directed to Pat at: of

Susan Rebecca (CROOK) BLYTHE/aka HOLLAND
(12/9/1860, AR - 2/16/1952, OK)

(5/20/1863, AR - 7/30/1922, AR)

Daughters of

C. B. & Elvira/Alvira CROOK

Excerpted by Albert H. and Pat (Hicks) Brigance

March, 2001
Volume 1
Copyright 1994
Pat Hicks Brigance,

278 Royal Oaks Drive, Maryville, TN 37801

Phone: (865) 982-0223.

Ancestral Line: 1. Jacob BLYTHE (1770, SC-1850, TN) /2 Lemuel (Born 1797,SC)
Continued from page 000.

Desc. of (3) Jacob Lemuel (1834, TN) & (1st wife) Delia Jane (Holland) BLYTHE
1. P. C. BLYTHE (Female) DOB:1854, MS per Hunt Twnshp, Olio P.O., Scott Co. AR 1860 Census taken by John A.Fry, 6/21/1860. Not listed with the family in the 1870 Census.

2. Mary J. BLYTHE __________________________For descendants, see page 000._

DOB:ca 1856, MO per 1860 AR Cen.; 1854, MO per 1870 Census.

Not listed in the household of Jacob in the 1870 Census -- listed with

George W. Gardenhire, husband. DOM:3/ /1870 per census record

Died between 1880 & 1884

Mar.:George W. Gardenhire _______________________________________________

DOB:ca 1850 per 1870 & 1880, Scott Co., AR Census (Tumbleston Twp.)

born in TN per 1870 Census and IL per 1880 Census.

See page 000 for information on second marriage and family of

George W. Gardenhire.
3. William Franklin BLYTHE (aka Frank Holland)___For desc., see page 000-000._

DOB:2/19/1858, AR per 1860 Cen. DOM:11/23/1876, Scott Co., AR

Died:8/18/1922, Washington Co., AR For inf. of name change, see pg. 000.

Bur.:Wedington Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery, Washington Co., AR

Mar.:Susan Rebecca Crook DOB:12/9/1860, Benton Co.,AR ________________

Parents & Siblings: See "Note # 5" below.

Died:2/16/1951 at home of daughter Caldonia "Calvin", Picher, OK

Bur.:Wedington Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery (AR)

Note: Susan Rebecca filed a Civil War widow pension application 2/29/1932

(AR App. # 29633). She stated in the application she found among

his (Frank's) old effects the following notation "fought from

3/6-8/1862, Battle of Pea Ridge under Gen. Price and Todd". The

application was approved and she received the benefits. However, the

validity of this appl. is most questionable as William would have been

only 4 years of age at the time of the "battle" in 1862. The author

concludes the C.W. note was from the rec. of husb.'s uncle--Wm.M.Blythe.

4. Lemuel Moses BLYTHE (aka Lemuel Holland) __For descend., see page 000-000._

DOB:1/11/1860 per stone (1860, AR per 1870 Cen.)

DOM:4/23/1879, Seb. Co., AR For copy of marriage license, see page 000.

Died:7/27/1926 per stone; 7/22/1926, chronic Valvular heart disease and

dropsy per Death Certificate signed by Joe H. Robinson, M.D. For

inf. on name change, see page 000.

Bur.:Wedington Missionary Baptist Ch. Cem., Washington Co., AR

Mar.:Mary Ellen Crook DOB:5/20/1863, (AR per 1870, 1900 & 1920 Cen. rec.)_

Par.:C. B. ( 1820, TN) & Elvira (b. ca 1833, TN) Crook. See

"Note # 5" below.

Died:7/30/1922, AR of chronic dysentery per Death Cert.

Bur.:Wedington Missionary Bap. Church Cemetery (AR)


1. See pages 00 and 000 for descendants of Jacob by 2nd and 3rd marriage half siblings to the above.

2. Nov. 15, 1890, a petition not to issue liquor license within 3 miles of a church in Tomblinson Twnshp., Scott (AR) was signed by Charlotte T. Duncan and Permela BLYTHE. The author is uncertain of the identity of Permela. She could have been the wife of the John BLYTHE listed on page 100, or the P.C. (daughter of Jacob) listed above.

3. The 1860 Hunt Twnshp. P. O. Olio, Scott Co., AR Census listed residence #202 as J. L. BLYTHE, 26, TN; Jane, 26, TN; P. C., 6 (Female), MS; Mary J., 4, MO, and W.F. 1, (Male), AR.; J. J. Lucas, 21, AR (relationship, if any, unknown by author)

# 203 as W. M. BLYTHE, 23, Farmer, TN (living alone)

# 204 as Hosea Farmer, 27, Farmer, KY; Charlotte, 27, TN; W. T., 6, MS (Male); Andrew, 17, KY, and Abner, 14, KY.

4. Although some family stories relate that Jacob was in the Civil War, the author found no documention of this claim. It appears from the biography written by W. T. Holland that Jacob was not in AR during the time Jacob's sister, Charlotte, and their mother, Ellender, fled from the ravages of war to IL. There is a possibility Jacob may have gone to IL, MO or KS during this time.

5. Records related to the parentage of Susan Rebecca and Mary Ellen (Crook) Blythe/aka Holland are as listed below.

- 1850 Lawrence Co., TN Census lists one C. B. Crook, 30, TN (living with Lacken L. Higdon, 37, TN)

- 1870 Benton Co., AR Census lists Berry Crook, 50, TN; Elvira, 37, TN; Martha, 21, TN; Joshua, 15, MO; Thomas, 14, MO; Susan, 9, AR; Mary, 7, AR.

- 1880 Seb. Co, AR Census lists Cornelus B. Crook, 64, TN; Alvira, 47, TN; Joshua, 25, MO; Frances A. (Fem.), 8, AR (Frances A. married Mark Anderson.) (Cornelus B. and family were listed as living with his daughter and son-in-law

-- William N. and Martha J. (age 30) Kuykendall.).

- Elvira's maiden name was listed as ETHRIDGE on Mary Ellen's AR death certificate inf. provided by W. H. Riley and listed as BESHEARS on Thomas Jefferson Crooks's CA Death Cert.

- Some CROOK researchers suspect this C. B. Crook to be the same as Cinncinattus Berry Crook, b. 10/28/1814, TN, son of David and Rebecca (Adkins) CROOK, and grandson of Joseph CROOK, II and wife Elizabeth (Berry) CROOK.

- C. B. and Elivra are reportedly buried in Wedington Missionary Bap. Ch. Cem.

Ancestral Line: 1. Jacob BLYTHE (1770, SC-1850, TN) /2 Lemuel (Born 1797,SC)

/ 3 Jacob Lemuel (1834, TN)

Continued from page 125.

Descendants of (4) Mary J. BLYTHE (ca 1856) & George W. Gardenhire

1. John Wesley Gardenhire DOB:ca 1872 per 1880 Cen.; 5/30/1871 per fam.records.

DOM:9/28/1890, Scott Co., AR Mar. Bk. B, p. 7. Died:3/14/1922

Occup.:School teacher (between Hartford and Mansfield, AR)

Mar.:Rosa Victoria Henley DOB:9/12/1871 Died:6/7/1961

Ch.:1. Hattie Gardenhire DOB:9/12/1891, Lucas, AR


Mar.:Cole Friga No children

2. Odus Gardenhire DOB:1/31/1893, Lucas, AR DOM:1/11/1921


Mar.:Rose No children

3. Elles Gardenhire DOB:1/7/1896 Died:6/5/1914

4. Effie Gardenhire DOB:4/13/1898 Died:9/1/1977

Mar.:Frank Hickerson DOB: DOM:5/12/1916 Died:10/20/1973

Ch.:1. Frida Hickerson DOB:7/6/1917

Mar.:Drummond Fitzpatrick

2. W. Hickerson DOB:2/1/1921

5. Elmer Gardenhire DOB: 3/20/1901 Died:6/11/1912

6. Alton Gardenhire DOB:10/3/1903,Lucas,AR

DOM:5/17/1929 Died:3/7/1990

Mar.:Gertrude DOB: Died:1/26/1978 No children

7. Edith Gardenhire DOB:6/12/1906, Lucas, AR Died:6/1/1990

Mar.:Joyce Virgil Caudle DOB:5/10/1908 Died:4/19/1958

Ch.:1. Joyce Ann Caudle DOB:9/10/1929, Seminole, OK


Mar.:Billy Hugh Stanfill

Ch.:1. Larry Stanfill DOB:1/12/1950

Mar.:Mary Gail Cox

Ch.:1. Nathan Eric Stanfill DOB:12/27/1973

2. Joseph Ashley Stanfill DOB:1/4/1977

3. Crystal Dawn Stanfill DOB:7/20/1981

2. Terry Stanfill DOB:10/12/1953

3. Gregory Don Stanfill DOB:1/30/1959

Mar.:Betsy Gaines

Ch.:1. Harrison Gaines Stanfill DOB:12/11/1989

2. J. Virgil Caudle DOB:6/27/1932, Oklahoma City, OK

DOM:11/3/1975 Died:5/30/1990

Mar.:Ernestine DOB:1/28/1933 No children

3. Shirley Sue Caudle DOB:12/20/1935, Tulsa, OK

1st Mar.: Bunting

Ch.:1. Steven Bunting DOB:4/21/1963, Zaragoza, Spain


Mar.:Laurie Neal DOB:5/28/1967

2nd Mar.:Gary Floyd BLYTHE DOB:8/26/1940 See page 162.

DOM:5/10/1974 No children

4. Rose Mary Caudle DOB:6/14/1944, Mansfield, AR DOM:6/14/1963

Mar.:Donald Spradling DOB:9/24/1940 No children

8. Wayne Gardenhire DOB:2/1/1912 DOM:3/29/1931


Ch.:1. Peggy Gardenhire DOB:1/30/1934

Mar.:Sam Godwin

Ch.: Reportedly 4 children

2. Ronnie Gardenhire DOB:10/20/1937 Ch.:3 children?

2. Infant daughter Reported buried on Jacob BLYTHE homestead,

later Harvell place.

3. Mollie Gardenhire DOB:ca 1879 per 1880 Census

Probably the second infant buried on the Jacob BLYTHE homestead.
See Notes on next page.

Continued from previous page.

Notes Related to the George W. Gardenhire Families:
1. Velta Farmer reports Mary (BLYTHE) Gardenhire and two Gardenhire daughters are buried on the old Jacob BLYTHE homestead, now the Harvell place.

2. Information on George W. Gardenhire's second marriage and family is as listed below.

George W. Gardenhire DOB:11/29/1849 Bur.:Pine Log Cem., Logan Co., AR

2nd Mar.:Martha J. Traylor DOB:1/7/1859, Barber, AR

DOM:1/10/1884 by F. M. Holland, M.G. per Scott Co. Mar. Bk. A, p. 116.

Died:12/13/1932 Bur.:Pine Log Cem., Logan Co., AR

Ch.:1. Jefferson Davis Gardenhire

DOB:ca 1888 per 1900 Census; 10/14/1887, Barber, AR per fam. rec.

Lived at Heavner, OK

Mar.:Eva Lee Wade DOB:7/31/1888, Barber, AR per fam. Rec.

(sis.of Ona Wade who married Andrew Jackson BLYTHE)

Ch.:1. Jefferson Dee Gardenhire DOB:2/18/1912

Mar.:Eva Deadman

2. Roy Bryson "R.B." Gardenhire DOB:12/17/1914

3. Archie Ray Gardenhire DOB:2/17/1917

Mar.:Hester Cowan

4. Hugh Lawrence Gardenhire DOB:7/14/1921, Echo, AR 1993:Route 1, Box 2520, Howe, OK 74940

Mar.:Ruth Virginia Miller

Ch.:1. Hugh Lawrence "Larry" Gardenhire

DOB:2/9/1943 DOM:6/15/1963, Anaheim, CA

Mar.:Lonnie Rae Hardman

2. Glenda Gail Gardenhire DOB:7/4/1946

Mar.:Ronald Mason Divorced

3. Phillip Duane Gardenhire DOB:9/29/1952

Occup.:Rodeo Announcer

Mar.:Gwenda Kay Deere DOM:7/16/1971

5. Eva Lee Gardenhire DOB:7/13/1925, Echo, AR

Mar.:Zene Hemphill

2. Arthur Gardenhire DOB:ca 1890 per 1900 Scott Co., AR Census

Bur.:Pine Log Cem., Logan Co., AR

3. Hildra H. Gardenhire (son) DOB:ca 1893 per 1900 Census

4. Corda Gardenhire DOB:ca 1896 per 1900 Census

5. Elizabeth Gardenhire DOB:ca 1898 per 1900 Census

6. Nola Gardenhire Mar.: Largent Bur.:Pine Log Cem.

Ch.:1. Eulce Largent (male) Bur.:Pine Log Cem.


Selma (BLYTHE), Albert & David Warrick

See page 132.

Marriage License for Jacob BLYTHE and Delia Holland

September 19, 1853, Mississippi

Lemuel and Mary (Crook) BLYTHE/Holland on farm in Wedington, AR
BLYTHE to Holland Name Change:
Note: The following excerpts from letters loaded with buckshot. His wife was in the

written in 1978 by Lemuel Amos BLYTHE to doorway also. He shot Lem in the chest

Barbara Holland Nicholson provided an ex- with 16 buckshot. Frank and Josh run for

planation of why 2 of Jacob BLYTHE's sons, the woods,leaving Lem to fight the battle.

Lemuel and Frank, changed their name from Lem had a cap-and-ball pistol. He pulled

BLYTHE to Holland. Care has been taken by the trigger 3 times and it snapped. The

the author to preserve the style and man- fourth time it fired and McCushon's wife

ner of the letters. screamed. Lem thought he had shot her, but

he only hit the doorknob. Lem went in the

Robinson, IL, 1978 woods where Frank and Josh were. Frank had

Dear Barbara: a gun and Lem wanted to finish the job.

I know you are saying to yourself what Frank said "No".

about those two names BLYTHE and Holland. Lem, Frank and Josh hid out in an old

It is a long story. When I was seventeen house in a place called Old Barber. There

years old I went to our granddad's whose was a flood. Water got up in the old

name was Lemuel or Lem and picked apples house. They laid in water side deep. Lem's

one fall. Our grandma had passed away the chest mortified. They got a doctor to pick

year before. Her first name, Mary, (maiden the buckshot out of his chest. They went

name Crook). Grandpa told me quite a lot west approximately six miles to a place

about his past life. Our granddad and his called the Rock House. A friend of theirs,

brother Frank married sisters -- Becky and John Williams, told them that the law knew

Mary. Becky and Mary had a brother, Josh where they were. He rode horseback to the

Crook. Now Lem, Frank and Josh was the one rock house to give them the news. So they

who changed BLYTHE to Holland. They got in got away.

trouble in the mountains near Lucas, AR. When I was a kid we lived on John's farm

Lem bought some land that was wooded. He for three years. My dad farmed one year

cleared the land. I don't know if he built with a team of oxen. My dad was a poor

a house or not. Anyway it was school pro- sharecropper. Only owned one farm in his

perty so there might have been a school life. That was near the old rock house.

house on it. Anyway a man by the name of The three left the rock house, joined

McCushon sit tight until Lem cleared the their family and went on the move.

land. He knew Lem didn't have a clear ti- Lem, Frank and Josh went into hiding from

tle. So McCushon went to the courthouse the law. They traveled in wagons for seven

and bought the land. Lem didn't know that years in AR, OK, KS and MO. That is when

McCushon had done that. Lem couldn't read they changed their name from BLYTHE to

or write. Of course when he got the news, Holland (Holland was the maiden name of

he was angry. So Lem, his brother Frank Frank and Lemuel's mother). My dad could

and brother-in-law Josh went to McCushon's remember traveling in the wagon.

house as far as the front yard gate. Mc- Lem told me the three of them were clear-

Cushon came to the front door, shot-gun -- Continued on page 130.

Continued from page 129.

ing land for a man in the state of MO who Newspaper Articles Regarding The Shooting

was connected with the law in some way.

The three of them had talked it over and Arkansas Gazette, City Edition, 11/04/1884

decided not to run anymore,but to fight it page 8, column 2.

out if caught. Gov. Berry has offered a reward of $100

As they were clearing the land,Lem's shot each for "Lew" BLYTHE, Frank BLYTHE and

gun was leaning up against the stump. He "John" Crook, indicted in Scott Co. sev-

heard someone say, "Stickem-up you S.B.s." eral weeks ago for attempting to kill J.C.

Lem grabbed the shot gun. There were four McCutchen. They rode up to his house one

men facing him. He took a glance to see evening and fired 18 shots at him and his

where Frank and Josh were. They were run- wife as they sat upon their porch, but

ning away. He said they could have gotten strange to tell failed to hit either of

away, but they stopped. He said the fellow them.

they were working for had a pistol punch-

ing him in the back telling him not to Arkansas Gazette 11/29/1884, page 1,

shoot. column 5.

They took them to a small town in the "State Specials" A Capture and Escape.

southern part of MO to return them to AR. Frank and Lem BLYTHE and "Joseph" Crook

They were in the railroad depot waiting for whom there is a reward of $100.00 each

for the train. Frank told Lem and Josh in Scott Co. were captured at Springfield,

that when they searched him they did not MO, Tuesday, by F. N. Kine. On the way

find one of his guns. down yesterday, just this side of Fayette-

Lem asked them if they were going to ville, Lem jumped through the car window

stick together or what. They told him if when the train was running at the rate of

he could get away to do so. The law put 20 miles per hour, and made good his

them on the train in handcuffs and ball- escape. Kine arrived here alright with the

and-chains on their legs. This was the other two, and started to Waldron with

Frisco Railroad that run from Monett, MO them today. They are charged with assault

into AR. with intent to kill one McCutchen, on the

In route in the Boston Mountains between 15th of July last by firing promiscuously

Fayetteville and Fort Smith, the law re- into his house.

leased Lem's handcuffs so he (Lem) could

go to the bathroom.

Lem managed to jump from the train. Author's Note: Frank and Lemuel BLYTHE/

The jump from the train knocked him out. Holland lived very respectable lives with

When he came to, his mouth was full of their families, were well thought of in

mud, having landed in a mud hole. He took the community and are buried in the Wed-

rocks and beat the chains off his legs, ington Missionary Bap. Church Cemetery.

using the railroad rails to put the chains Faye Riley, granddaughter of Lem & Mary,

on so he could beat them off. "can remember while being at her grand-

He said he ran until he couldn't run any- parents home on Sundays as well as with

more and walked and walked. He wore several of their children and a host of us

blisters on his feet. He would come to a grandchildren. Grandmother Mary would play

stream of water, pull his shoes off, stick gospel songs on the organ, sing, pray and

his feet in the water to cool them off. He shout with joy."

said his feet were in a mess traveling Mary was thought to have been half Cher-

through the mountains. okee. Two of her children, Cora and

By the way I forgot to tell you. That Cleveland, were dark complexioned like

Frisco line also goes through a tunnel. It her. She nick named Cora "Cherokee". On

was a good thing Lem didn't leap out while Mary's death bed she said, "Cherokee, come

going through the tunnel. here and see the angels coming after me."

Lem said when he was traveling through The descendants of Frank & Lem who moved

the mountains, if he came upon a church, back to the Booneville/Waldron area resum-

he always went in for services. ed the name of BLYTHE. Those who stayed

Frank and Josh were taken to trial. It in the Wedington/Cincinnati area, and

cost Jake (Jacob, father of Frank and Lem) those who moved to Tulsa, OK and Cali-

everything he had to set Frank free and fornia, kept the name Holland.

Josh went to the pen. The author could never understand the

I can remember he died in prison. I would severity of the charges and the harsh sen-

guess around 1916. tence of Josh since no one was killed as

Lem and Frank later settled on top of a the records state. Because of courthouse

mountain just east of Cincinnati, AR. Lem fires, in both Scott & Logan Counties, she

had 80 to 100 acres of land. He raised was unable to document any of the above

wheat and corn and had a large vegetable story by courthouse records.

garden. He had cattle for milk and hogs

for meat and an orchard of apple and pear

trees which was open for his neighbors.

You could sit on Lem's front porch at

night and see the reflection of the lights

in Joplin, MO.

Your Cousin,

(Signed) Amos

Ancestral Line: 1. Jacob BLYTHE (1770, SC-1850, TN) / 2 Lemuel (Born 1797)

/3 Jacob Lemuel (1834, TN)

Continued from page 125.

Desc.of (4) Wm. Franklin (1858, AR) & Susan Rebecca (Crook) BLYTHE (aka Holland)

1. David Marcellus BLYTHE (aka Holland)________For descendants, see page 132._

DOB:ca 1877, AR per 1880 AR Census Lived in Barber, AR when he married.

DOM:1/14/1899 by F. M. Holland, M.G. per Scott Co. Marriage Bk. B

Occup.:Railroad worker, later owned a sawmill and cotton gin and farmed.


1st Mar.:Rutha "Dovie" Phillips __________________________________________

DOB:ca 1878 per mar. record, 12/7/1878 per grave marker

Died:2/10/1918 Bur.: Pine Log Cemetery Par.:Jim & Susan (Burrows) Phillips

Sister:Mary Flossie Phillips, wife of Tom Perkins BLYTHE

-son of Lemuel Moses BLYTHE)

2nd Mar.:Loda Mae Lively DOM:2/14/1919____For descendants, see page 132._

Par.:William & Katie (Winters) Lively

2. Ulyssis Holland * DOB:11/17/1880, AR_______For descendants, see page 133._

DOM:12/8/1901 per Scott Co. Marriage Bk. C

Died: 4/25/1949 Bur.: Westville, OK

Mar.: Martha Brewer (of Echo, AR) DOB:3/26/1881 Died:6/25/1960______

Par.:David Thomas and Margaret Catherine (Willis) Brewer

3. Victoria Holland* DOB:10/ /1882 per 1900 AR Soundex ,10/29/1888 fam.records

Died:8/22/1944 Bur.: Wedington, AR Mar.: Harrison Oneal

Ch.:1. Marie Oneal

2. Bessie Oneal (No children)

3. Ilo Oneal

4. James Edward "Ed" Holland DOB:1/16/1885, AR or MO (TN per funeral record

DOM:7/29/1916, Skiatook, OK per Sharon Hamilton;

7/26/1915 per Beth Daniels Reddell

Occup.:Owned store at Drumright, OK & Town Marshall for Skiatook, OK

per funeral record.

Died:9/4/1944 of acute cardiac, Skiatook, OK

Bur.:9/6/1944, Sperry Rest Haven Cemetery, Sperry, OK

Mar.:Lavena Mae Barton DOB:2/3/1884, Clarence, MO per Beth Daniels Barton

Par.:Charles Leonard (1859-1936) & Amanda (Stohr) (1862-1927) Barton

Died:9/11/1949, Skiatook, OK per Beth Daniels Reddell

Bur.:Sperry Rest Haven Cemetery, Sperry, OK


Ch.:1. Katherine Mae Holland DOB:12/9/1919, Drumwright, OK

Educ.:Bachelor's Degree plus additional hours Occup.:Teacher

DOM:11/29/1943 Divorced:7/14/1950 Rel.:Presbyterian

Mar.:John LeRoy Rosier/Carruthers DOB:9/23/1914, Gibson, NY

Adopted by his aunt, ______ Carruthers

Par.:John LeRoy (1877-) & Etta Running Water (-1914) Rosier

Note:Etta Running Water, aka Etta Robinson and Etta

Pitts; had a son named Bob Pitts.

Occup.:Pipe line and dam construction, cowboy, etc.

Died:3/5/1989, Okeechobee, FL

Ch.:1. Sharon Kay Carruthers DOB:9/15/1946, Tulsa, OK

Educ.:Bachelor's and Master's Degrees, Ed Specialist Deg.

Occup.:Teacher Retired from Clark Co. Schools (NV)

Rel.:Presbyterian Ch.

DOM:12/31/1974, Little Chapel of the West, Las Vegas, NV 2001:945 North Woodview Drive, Skiatook, OK 74070


Occup.:Teacher for 31 years in Clark Co. (NV) Sch. Dist.
Mar.:Don Edward Hamilton DOB:2/20/1942, Pine Bluff, AR

Par.:Thompson Keene & Loraine (McGlone) Hamilton

Occup.:Bus driver, Home care worker

Educ.: Bachelor's Degree from UNLV, Las Vegas, NV

Religion: Episcopalian

2. Della Faye Holland DOB:10/27/1920, Drumwright, OK

Educ.:B.A. and M.S. Occup.:Teacher Rel.:Presbyterian

Died:7/17/1997 of complications following heart surgery, Sunrise Hospital, Las Vegas, NV Never married.

Bur.:Osage Garden Cemetery, Skiatook, OK

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