This is a list of all the cards that would be affected by the proposed changes to rarity. These changes come about since WotC used a different system for determining rarity for a few sets

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This is a list of all the cards that would be affected by the proposed changes to rarity. These changes come about since WotC used a different system for determining rarity for a few sets. The abbreviations list the print sheet and the number of times that card appeared on that print sheet. Thus, C1 means that the card was printed once on the commons sheet. Because of this, a card listed as a common could be more rare (and was intended to be more rare) than cards listed as uncommon.
My final list may be found at the bottom of this document or in the “Simple List” file posted on the newsgroup. The rest of the data is included for those who are curious as to how I got my results.
Arabian Nights:
Order of Commonality (Least Common to Most Common)
20,500 Arabian U2

31,000 Arabian U3 -or- Arabian C1

41,000 Arabian U4

124,000 Arabian C4

155,000 Arabian C5

341,000 Arabian Deserts

Proposed Rarity Alteration
U2 = R

U3 = U

U4 = U

C1 = U

C4 = C

C5 = C

Dessert = C
Affected Cards (would become Rare unless noted otherwise):
Diamond Valley, Elephant Graveyard, Island of WaK-Wak, Aladdin’s Lamp, Aladdin’s Ring, Bottle of Suleiman, City in a Bottle, Dancing Scimitar, Ebony Horse, Jandor’s Ring, Jandor’s Saddlebags, Pyramids, Ring of Ma’ruf, Junun Efreet, Juzam Djinn, Guardian Beast, El-Hajjaj, Old Man of the Sea, Serendib Efreet, Island Fish Jasconius, Drop of Honey, Erhnam Djinn, Ifh-Biff Efreet, Singing Tree, Aladdin, Ali from Cairo, Mijae Djinn, Ydwen Efreet, Jihad, King Suleiman, Repentant Blacksmith, Shahrazad
Notable Unaffected Cards:
Library of Alexandria (U3=U), Sorceress Queen (U3=U), Eye for an Eye (U3=U), Rukh Egg (C3 = C)
Order of Commonality:
31,000 Antiquities U1

62,000 Antiquities U2

93,000 Antiquities U3 -or- Antiquities C1

186,000 Antiquities C2

372,000 Antiquities C4
Proposed Rarity Alteration:
U1 = R

U2 = U

U3 = U

C1 = U

C2 = U

C4 = C
Affected Cards:

Bronze Tablet, Candelabra of Tawnos, Clockwork Avian, Colossus of Sardia, Coral Helm, Cursed Rack, Feldon’s Cane, Golgothian Sylex, Mishra’s War Machine, Obelisk of Undoing, Shapeshifter, Tawno’s Coffin, Tetravus, Triskelion, Urza’s Avenger, Urza’s Miter, Yawgmoth Demon, Hurkyl’s Recall, Gaea’s Avenger, Mishra’s Factory (C1/U1 = U), Strip Mine (C1/U1 = U), Shatterstorm, Argivian Archeologist
Notable Unaffected Cards:
Ivory Tower (U3=U), Millstone (U3 = U), The Rack (U3=U),
The Dark:
Order of Commonality:
128,000 The Dark U1

256,000 The Dark U2

384,500 The Dark C1

1,153,000 The Dark C3

Proposed Rarity Alteration*:
U1 = R (R)

U2 = U (R)

C1 = C (U)

C3 = C (C)

*(rarity breakdown as per Crystal Keep)
Affected Cards:

Frankenstein’s Monster, Grave Robbers, Nameless Race, Rag Man, Season of the Witch, Worms of the Earth, Dance of Many, Apprentice Wizard, Mana Vortex, Leviathan, Mind Bomb, Psychic Allergy, Hidden Path, Lurker, Niall Silvain, Scarwood Bandits, Tracker, Wormwood Treefolk, Ball Lightning, Blood Moon, Eternal Flame, Goblin Wizard, Inferno, Mana Clash, Cleansing, Exorcist, Knights of Thorn, Martyr’s Cry, Preacher, Witch Hunter, Barl’s Cage, Stone Calendar, City of Shadows, Safe Haven, Sorrows Path

Notable Unaffected Cards:
Uncle Istvan (U2=U), Reflecting Mirror (U2=U), Book of Rass (U2=U), Maze of Ith (C1=C)
Fallen Empires:
Order of Commonality:
744,000 Fallen Empires U1

1,487,500 Fallen Empires U2

2,231,500 Fallen Empires U3 -or- Fallen Empires C1

6,694,000 Fallen Empires C3

8,925,500 Fallen Empires C4
Proposed Rarity Alteration*:
U1 = R (R)

U2 = U (R)

U3 = U (U)

C1 = C (U)

C3 = C (C)

C4 = C (C)

*(Rarity breakdown as per Crystal Keep)
Affected Cards:
Derelor, Ebon Praetor, Homarid Shaman, River Merfolk, Vodalian Knights, Vodalian War Machine, Elvish Farmer, Fungal Bloom, Thelon’s Curse, Thelonite Monk, Dwarven Armorer, Goblin Flotilla, Goblin Warrens, Orgg, Hand of Justice, Icatioan Lieutenant, Icatian Town, Icatian Skirmishers, Aeolipile, Balm of Restoration, Conch Horn, Delfi’s Cube, Draconian Cylix, Elven Lyre, Implements of Sacrifice, Ring of Renewal, Spirit Shield, Zelyon Sword, Bottomless Vault, Dwarven Holds, Hollow Trees, Ication Stores, Rainbow Vale, Sand Silos
Notable Unaffected Cards:

Breeding Pit (U3=U), Order of the Ebon Hand (C1=C), Dwarven Catapult (U3=U), Order of Leitber (C1=C)

Order of Commonality:
516,500 Chronicles U1 **

1,549,500 Chronicles U3 -or- Chronicles C1 **

3,099,000 Chronicles C2 **

4,649,000 Chronicles C3 **

6,198,500 Chronicles C4 **
Proposed Rarity Alteration:
U1 = R

U2 = U

U3 = U

C1 = U

C2 = C

C3 = C

C4 = C
Affected Cards:
Hell’s Caretaker, The Wretched, Yawgmoth Demon, Dance of Many, Juxtapose, Teleport, Concordant Crossroads, Cyclone, Revelation, Aladdin, Blood Moon, Land’s Edge, Arkon Legionnaire, Angelic Voices, Petra Sphinx, Arena of the Ancients, Barl’s Cage, Book of Rass, Bronze Horse, Gauntlets of Chaos, Horn of Deafening, Jalum Tome, Jeweled Bird, Obelisk of Undoing, Rakalite, Serpent Generator, Triassic Egg, Vodoo Doll, City of Brass, Safe Haven, Urza’s Mine (C1=U), Urza’s Power Plant (C1=U), Urza’s Tower (C1=U), Arcades Sabboth, Axelrod Gunnerson, Ayesha Tanaka, Chromium, Dakkon Blackblade, Gabriel Angelfire, Johan, Kai Takahashi (C1=U), Marhault Elsdragon (C1=U), Nebuchadnezzar, Nicol Bolas, Palladia-Mors, Rubina Soulsinger, Sivitri Scarzam, Sol’kanar the Swamp King, Stangg, Tobias Andrion (C1=U), Tor Wauki (C1=U), Vaevictis Asmadi, Xira Arien
Notable Unaffected Cards:
Feldon’s Cane (C2=C), Erhnam Djinn (U3=U), Witch Hunter (U3=U), Fountain of Youth (C2=C),
Order of Commonality:
413,000 Homelands U1

1,239,500 Homelands U3 -or- Homelands C1

4,958,500 Homelands C4
Proposed Rarity Alteration*:
U1 = R(R)

U3 = U(U)

C1 = C(U)

C2 = C(C)

*(Rarity breakdown as per Crystal Keep)

Affected Cards:

Baron Sengir, Black Carriage, Broken Visage, Grandmother Sengir, Greater Werewolf, Koskan Falls, Sengir Autocrat, Timmerian Fiends, Veldrane of Sengir, Baki’s Curse, Chain Stasis, Forget, Marjhan, Mystic Decree, Narwhale, Reeveka Wizard Savant, Wall of Kelp, An-Havva Constable, Autumn Willow, Daughter of Autumn, Faerie Noble, Mammoth Harness, Primal Order, Rysorian Badger, Willow Priestess, An-Zerrin Ruins, Annaba Ancestor, Anaba Spirit Crafter, Chandler, Dwarven Pony, Dwarven Sea Clan, Heart Wolf, Ironclaw Curse, Joven, Winter Sky, Aysen Crusader, Aysen Highway, Beast Walkers, Hazduhr the Abbot, Leeches, Prophecy, Serra Aviary, Serra Bestiary, Soraya the Falconer, Truce, Apocalypse Chime, Didgeridoo, Feroz’s Ban
Notable Unaffected Cards:
Were there any good cards in this set other than Serrated Arrows?
*My Rarity lists differ for one of two reasons:
A) There would only be a single card affected (Maze of Ith in

The Dark) and as more of those cards were produced than all the other

Uncommons combined I think it should be a common.
B) Such a large number of cards were affected by making C1 an

Uncommon that the set lost coherence (Fallen Empires/Homelands). In

Fallen Empires this was because the cards with 4 different designs

were all considered C1 (this was most of the cards). In Homelands,

the numeric difference between U1 and U3+C1 was so great that any one

U1 (Rares) was abnormally common and moving C1 to the common slot

helps this curve a little. In addition, there was so little good to

be seen in Homelands that it might be nice to see a card from that

set played.
Here is a complete list of affected cards in alphabetical order (this is the same as the “simple list” file):


Aladdin’s Lamp

Aladdin’s Ring

Ali from Cairo

Anaba Spirit Crafter

Angelic Voices

An-Havva Constable

Annaba Ancestor

An-Zerrin Ruins

Apocalypse Chime

Apprentice Wizard

Arcades Sabboth

Arena of the Ancients

Argivian Archeologist

Arkon Legionnaire

Autumn Willow

Axelrod Gunnerson

Ayesha Tanaka

Aysen Crusader

Aysen Highway

Baki’s Curse

Ball Lightning

Balm of Restoration

Barl’s Cage

Baron Sengir

Beast Walkers

Black Carriage

Blood Moon

Bottle of Suleiman

Bottomless Vault

Broken Visage

Bronze Horse

Bronze Tablet

Candelabra of Tawnos

Chain Stasis



City in a Bottle

City of Shadows


Clockwork Avian

Colossus of Sardia

Conch Horn

Concordant Crossroads

Coral Helm

Cursed Rack


Dakkon Blackblade

Dance of Many

Dancing Scimitar

Daughter of Autumn

Delfi’s Cube


Diamond Valley


Draconian Cylix

Drop of Honey

Dwarven Armorer

Dwarven Holds

Dwarven Pony

Dwarven Sea Clan

Ebon Praetor

Ebony Horse

Elephant Graveyard


Elven Lyre

Elvish Farmer

Eternal Flame


Faerie Noble

Feroz’s Ban


Frankenstein’s Monster

Fungal Bloom

Gabriel Angelfire

Gaea’s Avenger

Gauntlets of Chaos

Goblin Flotilla

Goblin Warrens

Goblin Wizard

Golgothian Sylex

Grandmother Sengir

Grave Robbers

Greater Werewolf

Guardian Beast

Hand of Justice

Hazduhr the Abbot

Heart Wolf

Hell’s Caretaker

Hidden Path

Hollow Trees

Homarid Shaman

Horn of Deafening

Hurkyl’s Recall

Icatian Skirmishers

Icatian Town

Icatioan Lieutenant

Ication Stores

Ifh-Biff Efreet

Implements of Sacrifice


Ironclaw Curse

Island Fish Jasconius

Island of WaK-Wak

Jalum Tome

Jandor’s Ring

Jandor’s Saddlebags

Jeweled Bird




Junun Efreet


Juzam Djinn

Kai Takahashi (C1=U)

King Suleiman

Knights of Thorn

Koskan Falls

Land’s Edge




Mammoth Harness

Mana Clash

Mana Vortex

Marhault Elsdragon (C1=U)


Martyr’s Cry

Mijae Djinn

Mind Bomb

Mishra’s Factory (C1/U1 = U)

Mishra’s War Machine

Mystic Decree

Nameless Race



Niall Silvain

Nicol Bolas

Obelisk of Undoing

Old Man of the Sea



Petra Sphinx


Primal Order


Psychic Allergy


Rag Man

Rainbow Vale


Reeveka Wizard Savant

Repentant Blacksmith


Ring of Ma’ruf

Ring of Renewal

River Merfolk

Rubina Soulsinger

Rysorian Badger

Safe Haven

Sand Silos

Scarwood Bandits

Season of the Witch

Sengir Autocrat

Serendib Efreet

Serpent Generator

Serra Aviary

Serra Bestiary




Singing Tree

Sivitri Scarzam

Sol’kanar the Swamp King

Soraya the Falconer

Sorrows Path

Spirit Shield


Stone Calendar

Strip Mine (C1/U1 = U)

Tawno’s Coffin



The Wretched

Thelon’s Curse

Thelonite Monk

Timmerian Fiends

Tobias Andrion (C1=U)

Tor Wauki (C1=U)


Triassic Egg



Urza’s Avenger

Urza’s Miter

Vaevictis Asmadi

Veldrane of Sengir

Vodalian Knights

Vodalian War Machine

Vodoo Doll

Wall of Kelp

Willow Priestess

Winter Sky

Witch Hunter

Worms of the Earth

Wormwood Treefolk

Xira Arien

Yawgmoth Demon

Ydwen Efreet

Zelyon Sword

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