Thirteen Colonies Study Guide 2 New England Colonies (pgs. 67-73)

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Thirteen Colonies Study Guide

3.2 New England Colonies (pgs.67-73)

Terms to know

  1. John Winthrop:

  1. Pilgrims:

  1. Mayflower Compact:

  1. Puritans:

  1. Great Migration:

  1. Roger Williams:

  1. Fundamental Orders of Connecticut:

  1. Quakers:

  1. Dissenter:

  1. Persecute:


  1. Difference between Pilgrims and Puritans. Where did each settle? Why did they settle?

  2. Role of the Church of England

  3. Significance of the Mayflower Compact-Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

  4. Puritan Values

  5. Salem Witch Trials- Theories/Teen Biz

3.3 Southern Colonies (pg.77-81)

Terms to know

  1. Lord Baltimore:

  1. Act of Toleration:

  1. Huguenots:

  1. James Oglethorpe:

  1. Proprietary Colony:

  1. Tidewater:

  1. Bacon’s Rebellion (4.2):

  1. Stono Rebellion (4.2):

  1. Overseers (4.2)


  1. Comparing Religious Groups (pg.78)

  2. What attracted settlers to the Carolinas?

  3. Why was Georgia founded?

  4. What features did the southern colonies have in common?

  5. New England Economy vs. Southern Economy

3.4 The Middle Colonies (pg.83-88)

Terms to know

  1. New Netherland:

  1. Peter Stuyvesant:

  1. William Penn:

  1. Patroon:


  1. What drew settlers to the Middle Colonies?

  2. How did religious toleration grow in the Middle Colonies?

  3. Why were each of the colonies founded? (Religious freedom/economic gain……)

  4. How did the experience of the early colonists shape America’s political and social ideals?

    1. The Backcountry (pgs.117-120)

Terms to know:

  1. Scots-Irish:


  1. What factors allowed each colonial region to grow and prosper? (chart pg.119)

  2. Geographical boundary of the Backcountry

  3. What made Backcountry life unique?

  4. Why did the Scots-Irish emigrate to the colonies?

  5. Why did conflict sometimes develop between English colonists and other peoples from North America?

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