Themes of Early American History

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Themes of Early American History

Lawrence Cremin, American Education

Louis Wright, First Gentlemen of Virginia

Jack Greene, Pursuits of Happiness 

Louis Wright, The cultural life of the American Colonies

Zuckerman, Michael Peaceable kingdoms : New England towns in the eighteenth century

Bernard Bailyn, Education in the forming of American society

David Stannard, The Puritan way of death

David Stannard, Death in America

H. Leventhal, In the shadow of the enlightenment: occultism and renaissance science in 18thC America

David C Humphrey, From King's Collge to Columbia, 1746-1800

William Lehman, Scottish and Scotch-Irish contrubitions to early American life and culture

Frederick Tolles, James Logan and the culture of provincial America

H. Trevor Colbourn, The lamp of experience

C. Dallet-Hemphill, Bowing to necessities: a history manners in America, 1620-1860

David Flaherty, Privacy in colonial New England

Edwin Weir, The book culture of an American city

Samuel Morison, The intellectual life of colonial New England

Davis, Richard Beale

Intellectual life in the Colonial South, 1585-1763

Davis, Richard Beale

Intellectual life in the Colonial South, 1585-1763 (vol. 2)

Davis, Richard Beale

Intellectual life in the Colonial South, 1585-1763 (vol.3)

James Axtell, The school upon a hill: education and society in colonial New England

Peter Copeland, Working dress in colonial and revolutionary America

Richard B Davis, A colonial Southern bookshelf, reading in the 18thC

J.E. Crowley, This Sheba, the conceptualisation of economic life in 18thC America

S.Salinger, Taverns and drinking in Early America

Lawrence Friedman, A History of American Law

Stephen Botein, Early American Law and society

Douglas Greenberg, Crime and Law enforcement in the colony of New York

Robert Hughes, American Visions: The Epic Tradition of Art in America 

Joseph Smith & Thomas Barnes, The English legal system: carryover to the colonies

Brown, Richard D. Knowledge is power : the diffusion of information in early America, 1700-1865

David Sheilds, Civil Tongues, Polite Letters in British America

Michal Rozbicki, The Complete Colonial Gentleman: Cultural Legitimacy in Plantation America

Nancy Struna, People of Power: Sport, Leisure and Labor in Early Anglo-America

Ned C Landsman From colonials to provincials : American thought and culture, 1680-1760

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