Theme: Colour

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Theme: Colour

Personal Social & Emotional Development

Broad Learning Intentions

To be interested, excited & motivated to learn.

To be confident to try new activities, initiate ideas & perform in front of others.

To show sensitivity to other peoples’ needs, cultures & beliefs.

To listen carefully to questions before making a response.

To consider the needs of members of their families.

Key Activities and Starting Points

Choosing gifts for their family at the Christmas Bazaar.

Performing in the Christmas production.

Circle time activities.

Activities centred around ‘Inclusion Week.’

Talk about feelings using the text My Many Coloured Days.

Expressive Arts and Design

Broad Learning Intentions

To explore the concept of warm and cool colours.

To sort, collect and discuss materials for a picture.

To learn a repertoire of songs with the theme of colour.

To explore shades of one colour.

Key Activities & Starting Points

Make a colour collage.

Making 3D fireworks from a variety of media.

Making cards.

Painting pictures using shades of one colour.

Create own Rainbow Fish and Elmer with a suitable background.


Broad Learning Intentions

To copy, continue and create patterns.

To use money in real-life situations.

To explore the concepts of heavy and light.

To explore the concepts of more than/less than.

To count in a variety of contexts.

To sequence events throughout our day.

To calculate with numbers with which the children are confident.

Key Activities & Starting Points

Buying presents at the bazaar and in role-play situations.

Ordering sets of different weights.

Making patterns using 2/3 colours using pegs, chainlinks, etc.

Make and explore an analogue clock.

Make and discuss a graph on favourite colours.

Communication and Language

Broad Learning Intentions

To name a range of colours.

To associate objects with colours

To sustain attentive listening.

To develop confidence and skills in expressing themselves.

Key Activities and Starting Points

Listen to stories with a colour theme – Elmer, Brown Bear…, Rainbow Machine, Rainbow Fish, Archie hates pink, Delicious, Chidi only likes Blue.

Listen to and discuss poems with a colour theme.

Talk about colours imaginatively using descriptive language.

Class pet to go home on a weekly basis with one member of the class.

Physical Development

Broad Learning Intentions

To handle tools, objects, construction materials safely & with increasing control.

To begin to respond to musical stimuli with better co-ordination.

To demonstrate dexterity dressing and undressing.

To move with increasing control, confidence and co-ordination.

Key Activities and Starting Points

Wrap gifts.

Make an analogue clock using stickpins.

Practise with different types of fastenings on coats, jackets and shoes.

Music and movement e.g. fireworks dance

Explore the large apparatus in the P.E. Hall.

Wheeled toys & space hoppers.

Become familiar and confident on the trim-trail and climbing frame.

What you can do to help: Encourage your child to be observant of colours and patterns in the natural world. Sort objects for colour. Note colours in the environment e.g. warning colours for danger, traffic lights. Visit an art gallery.

Understanding of the World

Broad Learning Intentions

To discuss & identify objects, materials and living things in terms of


To investigate primary colours.

To know that colours change when mixed together.

To use the computer program ‘2Simple’.

To learn about the spectrum of colours of the rainbow.

To explore colours in nature.

Key Activities and Starting Points

Mixing colours using Mouse Paint as a stimulus.

Create rainbows.

Make a collection of objects of different colours.

Look for different colours in the conservation area.

Literacy (Reading and Writing)

Broad Learning Intentions

To begin to learn cursive script.

To begin to develop a range of reading strategies.

To continue to develop phonic knowledge.

To write labels and experiment with emergent writing.

Key Activities and Starting Points

Write about favourite colours.

Write cards and labels.

Practise writing patterns e.g. swing patterns.

Emergent writing in busy books.

Begin to practise daily reading.

Begin to practice shared reading with an adult.

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