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Region: Clare Valley, South Australia.

The Jesuit Brothers are indeed blessed! This Bordeaux like red would turn a head or two even in Bordeaux. Made from a blend of 39% Cabernet Sauvignon, 29% Merlot, 16% Malbec and 16% Cabernet Franc. Like the 1998 Sevenhill Shiraz, the colour is spectacular with a remarkable vibrancy of deep crimson and mauve hues. Superb nose, showing both sophistication and complexity. Aromas of violets and confectionery with a seamless mix of berries and spice, the individual components have become indistinguishable. On the palate ripe fruit flavours reflect a generous vintage, mouthfilling sophisticated layers of flavour, spice, confectionery, blackcurrant and cedar. Perfect balance, fine dry tannins followed by very long confectionery, blackcurrant and spice aftertaste. Cellar 8-10 years.$19.99 each or $237.00 per dozen


Region: Coonawarra and Barossa Valley, South Australia.

A very sophisticated wine, made entirely from Cabernet Sauvignon and matured in French Oak for 2 years. Opaque crimson colour. Superb nose, almost perfumed. Aroma of violets, cedar, toasted oak and blackcurrant. The palate is a joy - rich, mouthfilling and very reflective of the nose. Classic Cabernet! Intense flavours of blackcurrant, spice and liquorice allsorts. Perfect balance. Very fine grained tannins reinforcing the fruit and giving the wine additional length and very long aftertaste of blackcurrant, cedar, violets and plum. A superb bottle of wine! Stocks are very limited. $44.99 each or $516.00 per dozen

Region: McLaren Vale & Coonawarra, South Australia.

This is Hamilton's top of the range Merlot and was made from a blend of 55% McLaren Vale fruit and 45% Coonawarra fruit. The fruit sourced was the very best available from 1997 vintage. Made from hand harvested, low yielding 25 year old mature vines, cropping was kept deliberately low in order to maximise flavour concentration. No expense was spared in the production of this wine with only the best French oak barrels individually selected.Deep crimson mauve colour. The nose is filled with classic Merlot aroma. Truffles, spice, mulberries, cinnamon and mint makes for delightful sniffing. The palate flavours are outstanding - full bodied with excellent length and persistence. Mouthfilling flavours of mulberries, spice, leather and truffle. Perfect balance, fine grained dry tannins followed by spice and leather aftertaste. A rare parcel of wine and definitely worth seeking out. $39.99 each or $479.88 per dozen

Region: Eden Valley & Barossa Valley, South Australia.

This wine is named after Joseph Keynes who was an early English pioneer and settled at Keyneton in 1842. Made from a blend of 65% Shiraz, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Merlot, the wine was matured in a combination of new and seasoned American and French oak hogsheads for 15 months. After two drought years, the 1996 vintage saw a near perfect growing season which resulted in yields 20% above average. The cooler conditions experienced during this vintage also allowed for a long, slow ripening period which resulted in very good flavour development in the grapes. A beautifully made wine with real finesse. Opaque crimson colour with mauve edges. Earthy, spice, plum, blackcurrant and liquorice nose, which is very aromatic and immediately appealing. In spite of the palate being a little lighter in weight than many of its Australian counterparts, the flavours are concentrated and mouthfilling with mulberry, chocolate, liquorice and spice being dominant, followed by an earthy end note. Fine grained tannins, well balanced with very long earthy, plum and liquorice aftertaste. Cellar 5-8 years. $29.99 each or $348.00 per dozen

Region: Coonawarra, South Australia.

We avoid using the descriptor *sensational* because it is abused by too many wine marketeers. We can recall one wine newsletter where every product featured was sensational - but what the fellow neglected to say was that sensational can be both good and bad, and most of the wine being sold happened to be sensationally bad. The Leconfield Merlot is *sensationally good* and a result of a very great vintage at Coonawarra. Deep crimson mauve colour. Superb lifted nose, wonderful aroma juxtaposition, leather, truffles and earth counterpointed by ripe mulberry, liquorice, chocolate and spice. The palate is equally impressive and is an indication of the very low yield (less than 2 tonnes per acre), the great growing season and masterful winemaking of Ralph Fowler. Mulberry, chocolate and spice flavours fill the mouth, remarkable length and persistence. Velvet smooth tannins, indicative of a long maceration, with exceptionally long aftertaste. Outstanding and a must! Cellar 4-5

years. $27.99 each or $324.00 per dozen


Region: McLaren Vale, South Australia.

This wine has a generous 14% alcohol and displays much more depth of colour than one might have expected. Medium body, bright crimson colour. Subtle nose, restrained, with aromas of spice, raspberry and cherry. The palate comes as an unexpected surprise with an explosion of flavour. Strong blackpepper flavours are supported by a distinct raspberry liquorice background and a warm alcohol aftertaste. Fine grained firmish tannins, followed by a raspberry, cherry spice aftertaste. Cellar 3-4 years.$24.99 each or $294.00 per dozen

Region: Coonawarra & Limestone Coast, South Australia.

Ralph Fowler is one of Australia*s best winemakers and has recently left the Richard Hamilton Group to go it alone. Ralph has planted a small vineyard at Mount Benson, (one of the countrys most dynamic new viticultural areas) and is also purchasing top quality fruit from Coonawarra. This outstanding wine is made entirely from Cabernet Sauvignon, 60% from old vines in Coonawarra and 40% from Mt Benson.Opaque crimson colour with deep mauve edges. Superb spicy nose filled with the aromas of violets, blackcurrant and cedar, very refined and Bordeaux like. On the palate the classic Cabernet structure is defined and avoids the excessive tannins that are often present in 100% Cabernet wines. Superb flavour of blackcurrant, spice and cedar, followed by a careful dose of toasted oak. Super fine grained tannins, perfect balance and persistence. An outstanding wine and a great start to Ralph*s new independent career. Cellar 5-8 years.$24.99 each or $297.00 per dozen


Region: McLaren Vale, South Australia.

An excellent follow up to the 1997 Maglieri Shiraz and further testament to the quality of the 1998 McLaren Vale vintage. Opaque crimson mauve colour. Magnificent spice, blackberry and vanilla nose, followed by liquorice and blackpepper end notes. Totally mouthfilling! Rich ripe blackberry, blackpepper and vanilla palate flavours. Great concentration. Excellent oak balance followed by fine grained tannins and very long blackpepper spice aftertaste. Our recommendation, stock up! $16.99 each or $198.00 per dozen

Region: Rutherglen, Victoria.

A wine that displays the kind of voluptuous palate flavour that is most evident in Barossa Shiraz. Medium weight crimson colour. A very interesting nose and certainly much more sophisticated than expected from Rutherglen. Lifted aromas of spice, vanilla, confectionery, ripe cherry and plum, and wait for it, a sherbet end note, which works very well. On the palate the flavours are generous, being filled with chocolate, plum, spice and liquorice all sorts. Full bodied, classic big Rutherglen Red, yet without any trace of jamminess. Fine grained tannins followed by long vanilla, liquorice confectionery and spice aftertaste. Cellar 5-8 years.

$16.99 each or $203.88 per dozen


Region: McLaren Vale, South Australia.

A very welcome return to form. Opaque crimson purple colour. Delightful aroma of ripe plums, spice, vanilla and oak with a chocolate end note. The palate is filled with the ripe flavours of plum and spice, followed by vanilla and chocolate. Excellent balance, fine grained tannins, followed by very long chocolate, spice, vanilla, plum and liquorice aftertste. Cellar 3 - 5 years. $16.99 each or $198.00 per dozen

Region: McLaren Vale, South Australia.

An excellent example of McLaren Vale Shiraz which re affirms the suitability of the area for producing top quality Shiraz on a very consistent basis. Opaque crimson purple mauve colour. Aromas of spice, blackberry, vanilla and blackpepper followed by a spicy plum end note. The palate weight is reminiscent of voluptuous Barossa Shiraz, generous and full bodied, dominated by the flavour of blackberry and blackpepper followed by liquorice. Fine grained tannins, a little firm but in very good balance, followed by long aftertaste of blackberry, blackpepper, chocolate and plum. Cellar 5-8 years.$16.99 each or $198.00 per dozen

Region: Griffith, New South Wales.

Once upon a time Rutherglen Durif was this big! Opaque crimson colour. The nose is filled with the aromas of ripe plums, tar, earth and liquorice allsorts. The palate is monumental. Flavours of inky tar and black treacle are dominant with super ripe plum fruit being swamped by the very firm, very dry tannins. The wine delivers a genuine smack in the mouth, leaving behind a long dry sensation which is supported by ripe plums, tar and treacle aftertaste. A classic traditional North East Victorian style Durif. Cellar 3 - 5 years.

$15.99 each or $186.00 per dozen



Region: McLaren Vale , South Australia.

This wine represents outstanding value for money and in a market of ever escalating wine prices it is a rare find. If you enjoyed the 1997 vintage of this wine, then you*ll be over the moon with the 1998. Opaque crimson purple colour. Delightful spicy blackberry, blackpepper, vanilla, plum and liquorice nose. Generous mouthfilling palate, voluptuous and a potential rival to Peter Lehmann*s reds for sheer fruit density and flavour. Ripe plum and blackpepper fruit flavours are enhanced by careful use of vanillin oak. Perfect balance, fine grained tannins, followed by very long blackpepper and blackberry aftertaste. Stock up for the winters ahead. Cellar 5-8 years.

$12.99 each or $155.88 per dozen


Region: Griffith, New South Wales.

A generous fruit filled red. Opaque crimson mauve colour. Aromas of blackcurrant, mulberry, vanilla and spice with liquorice allsorts as an end note. On the palate the ripe blackcurrant fruit flavours are swamped by the fine firm tannins, however, after the initial takeover, the fruit manages to make a re appearance with liquorice and plum emerging. Full bodied mouthfill, followed by a long liquorice, plum and mulberry aftertaste. Cellar 3-4 years. $10.99 each or $126.00 per dozen

Region: Oxford Landing, South Australia.

Value for money, the wine lover gets every cent worth from this wine. Its quality is partly reflective of the year, as well as the enormous gains Australia has made in viticulture and winemaking. Medium bodied crimson mauve colour. Lifted youthful aromas of stewed fruit, spice and vanilla. Light weight palate, yet filled with the flavour of plums, stewed fruits, blackcurrants, cinnamon and spice. Excellent balance, soft, fine grained tannins, finishing with long plum, stewed fruit, spice and liquorice aftertaste. Great every day drinking.

$5.99 each or $71.88 per dozen

“Unlokked” (Bennetts Lane, 14/11) is a new name, but a couple of the members are well known from other groups. Colin Hopkins (piano) I’ve heard most recently supporting singers Lisa Young and Nina Ferro, while Lachlan Davidson (alto, tenor) was seen not so long ago with the Lucas Michaledis Quintet. They were joined by Anthony Baker (drums) and Jon Chitgey (electric bass) – two players I have not before seen. Anthony is a rather flamboyant player, and I was initially concerned that he presented more show than substance, especially during the first set. However, he later demonstrated balance and poise, subtlety when appropriate, and near the evening’s conclusion produced a sparkling solo on the Latin-inspired Davidson tune “Bayou”. Jon is the first electric bass player I’ve ever felt was under-amplified. There seemed to be little projection from the speaker, and I also wondered why an electric bass was chosen in an otherwise acoustic band. Further, Jon appeared to favour the upper registers of the instrument, a strategy that further diminished its capacity to contribute to a strong rhythm section. As the session unfolded however, I began to wonder if he was attempting to provide a more complex melodic style of bass playing, rather than the strong driving lines that convention dictates. When Jon produced a very tasty bass solo employing guitar –like melody, this seemed a reasonable interpretation and I listened to his playing with a different ear, and a new appreciation. Overall, I’d still like to hear a little more volume from his bass. There were times when it was entirely submerged under the combined weight of the other instruments.
The tunes presented were all original, and I think all by Davidson. They ranged from bebop style “Bebop” to blues influences (“Displacement Blues”), some contemplative pieces (I especially enjoyed “New Beginnings”), a waltz (“Melbourne Weather”), the Celtic-inspired (“Heritage”) in which Colin evoked a Celtic-blues connection, the funky (“Witchdoctor”). Other numbers were: “Le Jacqueline”, “Le Grande Betoise”, and “Silent Feel”. Lachlan’s writing impressed me, as did the group’s ability to interpret them in an interesting manner. There was a good range of styles that helped maintain that interest, and while I thought the first set was competent rather than exciting, the second bracket fairly bristled with energy – on a different level altogether.
I felt that Lachlan’s sax playing did not quite match his composing ability, being steady and professional rather than envelope-stretching. Colin on the other hand shows real flair both visually and technically. He is interesting to watch, as he attempts to extract the maximum from his piano. At times his head almost touches the keys, while at others he feels the need to stand if he is to obtain the sound he wants. The antithesis of classical piano posture, sometimes his left elbow is twisted upward in the manner of a polio victim. All of this produces some visual drama but these are clearly not stage tricks, rather expressions of the passion with which he interprets tunes. When beginning a solo, he gives the impression of nibbling at the tunes as if to seek an entry point. Having found one, he then takes large chunks and often heads off in an unexpected direction. I found his playing a treat, and very different from his sensitive accompaniment to the singers I mentioned earlier. In some ways his freer style in this setting reminded me of Barney McAll. I look forward to catching Unlokked again.
The Hoodangers (Mayfields 1/12) have possibly found the venue to recreate the feel that existed during their long residency at the late lamented McCoppins. It is a larger venue, but with ample stage room and pretty good acoustics, and in their home territory (the inner northern suburbs), the band seemed very much at home. They have garnered a strong supporting group of fans who tend to come to every gig, making the event appear as simply a regular meeting of friends. The atmosphere is always upbeat and friendly.
December '99 Playlists

Bennetts Lane

Hours: Sunday - Thursday 9PM - 1AM Friday & Saturday 9PM - 3AM

Wednesday 1st Mistaken Identity $8 / $5 Yes

Thursday 2nd Fiona Burnett Quartet $8 / $5 In Courtyard

Friday 3rd Martin Breeze Quartet & Jex Saarelaht Trio $12 / $9 After 12

Saturday 4th Matt Kirsch Trio & DONUT $12 / $9 After 12

Sunday 5th Mark Issacs Quintet $8 / $6 Yes

Monday 6th Browne, Stevens & Haywood Trio $/8 / $5 In Courtyard


Tuesday 7th Morgana with Nina Ferro $8 / $5 In Courtyard

Wednesday 8th Fiona Burnett Quartet $8 / $5 In Courtyard

Thursday 9th moody*s brood $8 / $5

Friday 10th Madam & Galleon's Lap $12 / $9

Saturday 11th Michelle Nicole Quartet & Rutherford-Game Quartet $12 / $9

Sunday 12th Jan Rutherford Trio $8 / $6

Monday 13th Margie Lou Dyer Quartet with guest Judy Jaques $8 / $5

Tuesday 14th Hustus, Keller, & Joe Wroe Trio $8 / $5


Wednesday 15th Mistaken Identity $8 / $5

Thursday 16th Fiona Burnett Quartet $8 / $5

Friday 17th moody*s brood & Jex Saarelaht Trio $12 / $9 After 12

Saturday 18th Matt Kirsch Trio & Nichaud Fitzgibbon Quartet $12 / $9

Sunday 19th Onaje $8 / $6

Monday 20th Browne, Stevens & Haywood Trio $/8 / $5

Tuesday 21st Keith Hounslow Quartet $8 / $5

Wednesday 22nd Mistaken Identity $8 / $5

Thursday 23rd Fiona Burnett Quartet $8 / $5

Friday 24th moody*s brood $12 / $10

Saturday 25th Closed (Merry Christmas & Happy Chanuka)

Sunday 26th Jex Saarelaht Trio $8 / $6


Thursday 25 November: Kerrie Simpson Confessin' The Blues Melbourne's own queen of the blues. Her latest release, Confessin' the Blues, received an ARIA nomination this year in the blues & roots music category. Kerrie is joined by Dean Addison on bass, Mark Grunden on drums and Andy Baylor on guitar to present a showcase of blues, gospel and jazz.

Friday 26 November: Julie O'Hara Quartet Ever popular local jazz and funk singer, this real scat-sister promises a fantastic evening with her sunny brand of funky grooves.
Saturday 27 November Bridgette Allen with the Bob Sedergreen Trio Bridgette is so in touch with a song; no-one hypnotises with lyrics the way she can. This will be a mesmerising evening featuring songs made famous by the great Carmen McRae.
Thursday 2 December: Frock This innovative Melbourne-based quintet creates a sound that is at once past, present and future, where European folk forms meet modern jazz, using an unusual combination of vibraphone, piano-accordian and guitar.
Friday 3 December: Ted Vining Trio Jazz legends Bob Sedergreen, Barry Buckley and Ted Vining have been playing together for over 25 years and still have audiences yelling for more of their powerful, wonderfully unique Australian brand of jazz.
Saturday 4 December: Ruby Carter and Doug de Vries This "grandmother of Australian jazz" interprets the standards like no other and, joined by virtuoso guitarist Doug de Vries, promises a special evening of songs from her new CD.
Thursday 9 December: Kerrie Simpson Australia's Queen of the Blues, this ARIA-nominated artist continues to wow any audience and her loyal fans with her energy, passion and unique style.
Friday 10 December: Gil Askey and Toby Mak Trumpet Special The obligatory all-star trumpet night in honour of Dizzy's namesake - Dizzy Gillespie. Motown legend now Melbourne resident Gil Askey is joined by young rising trumpet superstar, Toby Mak. Expect a few surprises!
Saturday 11 December: Paul Grabowsky trio and Shelley Scowne Pianist, composer and bandleader Paul Grabowsky, one of the major figures in Australian jazz, is joined by Shelley Scowne with her extraordinarily high and pure voice. This is a rare performance and not to be missed.
Thursday 16 December: Nina Ferro Quartet Nina's sure sense of swing and rich, bright voice together with the quartet's fresh, energetic expression of mainstream jazz always combine to deliver a sensational night at Dizzy's.
Friday 17 December: Mistaken Identity Led by one of Melbourne's most acclaimed pianists, Steve Sedergreen, Mistaken Identity continue to offer some of the best of the local jazz scene: original, contemporary and exciting, this is music of fire and spirit.
Saturday 18 December: Keith Hounslow and Bob Sedergreen trio Fiercely exciting trumpeter Keith Hounslow joins "boss of the piano" Bob Sedergreen. Enjoy this special evening with two great legends of Australian jazz.
Thursday 23 December: Gil Askey and Paul Williamson Trumpeter Gil Askey joins local hero, tenor saxophonist Paul Williamson, for a special blues night.
Other Events

10/12 - 11/12 Charlie Hunter and Adam Cruz Brooklyn jazz guitar innovator Charlie Hunter has played with Chick Corea, McCoy Tyner and Eddie Palmieri. A duo tour with percussionist Adam Cruz offers new challenges. The Continental Cafe

03/12 - 17/12 Corduroy Lounge Ruby Red
25/11 - 02/12 Decoy And New World Souls Evelyn Hotel
22/01 Don Burrows Quartet With Special Guest Julie Anthony Eyton On Yarra
04/12 - 31/12 Jumping Jitterbugs Ruby Red
09/12 Louiseville Sluggers Tote Hotel
10/12 Maggic Dalgleish Junction Hotel
02/12 Merri May Gill Commercial Hotel Yarraville
28/11 - 12/12 Performing Artists Workshop Jam Hampton R S L
04/12 Peter Jones Quartet Ozcat
08/12 - 16/12 Smog American Bill Callahan is the man behind Smog, the underrated pioneer of the lo-fi revolution. He's in Melbourne this month. (Multiple Locations)
30/11 - 07/12 The Reverend Funk Evelyn Hotel
12/02 Vika And Linda, with Crying In Public Places. Eyton On Yarra



Region: Geelong, Victoria.

Winemaker, Gary Farr is a great exponent of Burgundy having spent considerable time at Domaine Dujac and other Estates learning the techniques that go to make Great Burgundy. Deep straw colour, showing some signs of bottle development. The nose displays refinement and a sophisticated style of winemaking. A remarkable balance of component parts and winemaking techniques are used to create a harmonious nose, filled with secondary and tertiary aroma. On the palate there is outstanding depth and persistence of flavour. Biscuit, cashew, butterscotch and yeast lees are integrated to create a very refined taste experience. Perfect balance with very long aftertaste of butterscotch and almond. Cellar 3-5 years.$39.99 each or $474.00 per dozen

Region: Marlborough, New Zealand.

A superb new Riesling experience. Bright pale watery colour, indicative of its youth, and flagging what might first appear to be a light white. The opposite is the case. The nose is filled with the aromas of freshly squeezed lemons - unmistakable - one almost imagines a few drops squeezed into the bottle prior to bottling. Behind the

fresh lemon is fresh lime. A very rare wine experience. On the palate the flavours are very precise and contained within the bounds of fresh lemon and lime flavours with very crisp acid backbone. A must and the perfect partner for King George Whiting. Cellar 3-5 years.$21.99 each or $252.00 per dozen


Region: Margaret River, Western Australia.

An outstanding wine made from a blend of 50% Semillon and 50% Sauvignon Blanc. Bright pale straw colour. Intense grassy nose with pronounced herbaceous background, followed by aromas of unripe gooseberry, tropical fruit and a touch of spicy oak. 30% of this wine was fermented in new French and American oak barrels and left on lees for 3 months, giving the wine added complexity. The palate is mouthfilling with concentrated grassy herbaceous and unripe gooseberry flavours. Outstanding length and perfect balance, followed by a very long grassy, unripe gooseberry and citrus aftertaste. Cellar 1-2 years.$19.99 each or $234.00 per dozen

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