The U. S. & Ancient Rome By: Olivia Cummins

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The U.S. & Ancient Rome

By: Olivia Cummins

America struggles with health, money, and jobs. There are many other issues but these are the worst. Like Ancient Rome, the U.S. has issues that could very-well be unfixable. The United States will end with the same fate as Ancient Rome.


First, is that the U.S. has a rising unemployment rate which much like Ancient Rome. For this information the graph which is titled “Unemployment Rate” was used. Studies show that in 1993 our unemployment rate was 7%. Our rate in 2003 was 6%. And our rate in 2013 was 8%. The example given to us for Ancient Rome unemployment was from “Theories for the fall of Rome”. It states “Farmers could not afford the farm so they either lost, or sold it.” The U.S.A. and Ancient Rome struggled and still struggle with unemployment.

Urban Decay:

Second, the U.S. struggles with urban decay. Both the U.S. and Ancient Rome have problems with it. The article this information is from is called “Urban Decline (and Success) in the United States.” It states that “Urban Decay is the physical and social degeneration of cities and large towns.” The same article also states “this is triggered by various inter-related factors.” The example for Urban Decay is “people who weren’t wealthy lived in apartments and the quality was based on your income.” (Theories for the fall of Rome)

Public and Environmental Health:

Third, public and environmental health is major issue in the United States. The information I gathered said “obesity has gone up majorly from 1994 to 2008.” Obviously, this isn’t good. Another thing is an outbreak of the flu caused 7 people to go into the hospital. (Flu Outbreak) That may not seem like a lot, but for the flu it is. It could have spread even more.

Counter Claim:

The United States will not have the same fate as Ancient Rome. A man named Bruce Walker wrote an article called “Should military Spending Be Cut?” gives us information about the perks and disadvantages. He says, “We have a well-armed army and war is a much greater cost than peace-time military.” He’s saying peace the military is more costly during war. Although we spend a lot on our military, we spend a lot on other things.


Lastly, the United States will have the same fate as Ancient Rome. First, because of urban decay, then environmental and public health, and last, unemployment. People use their resources irresponsibly which is one of the main reasons that cause these problems. Choose wisely my friends.


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