The troth 2nd quarter 2009 steward reports arizona, new mexico – dennis ford

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AZ this Quarter I have been pretty busy. May was Desert Magic festival. It took place in Oracle AZ.

Presenters included myself setting a Frithstead and doing a Nerthus Rite(with full yoked cart). Patty did 2 presentations The Magic of Oathing and did a Sheide Rite. Steve Abel told stories and did a workshop on Story telling. And Dana Runkle did a presentation on Sami Drumming.

Raudhajordh kindred hosted a pubmoot the Sunday after the event at Nimbus brewery in Tucson I have also been working with new Troth members through the troth myspace answering questions and if they are is a state with a Steward giving them contact information or if possible taking care of issues myself.

This year I was nominated and elected to the High Rede of The Troth.
While I was at Trothmoot Raudhajordh Kindred did the Idunna Blot.
Sunday June 28th Raudhajordh Kindred and Tucson Area Wiccan Pagan Network hosted the Sunna\Thor Blot about 10 in attendance temps were 100+ degrees. I have been working with 1 kindred and offered to help another kindered on applying to the Kindred Affiliation Program.
This September Patty Lafayllve will be the primary speaker and I will be doing a Heathenry 101 and Raudhajordh Kindred we will be the main Ritual for the TAWN Fallfest.

No report

In March/April, Blade founded the Wellington Heathen Study Moot, to help those interested in learning more about heathen traditions, and to provide a forum for committed heathens to be able to discuss heathen theology and practice. Thare are about four regular attendees to the study group (range 3-7). We both attend meetings.

Meeting topics - April: "Cosmos of the North"

May: "Gods and Goddesses"

June: "Wights"

In June, we hosted an open blot to Idunna (six attendees, both heathens and interested others from the broader pagan community) in Wellington, to coincide with the weekend of Trothmoot. Blade researched venues for future events (it's difficult to find somewhere appropriate, inexpensive, central, weatherproof, where alcohol isn't prohibited).
We celebrated Mother's Night, Yule and the twelve nights (still in progress)
Blade continued to liaise with the broader pagan community in Wellington and throught New Zealand through personal contacts and online networks, and we've both continued to communicate with the Australian heathens through personal contacts and online networks.
We're looking forward to being with our Kindred when we go back for a visit in July, and will also take the opportunity to touch base with other heathens as we can.

Blade Canty (Steward)

Jaimie Frazer (Assistant Steward)


No steward currently


  1. Second Quarter Southern California Steward Report

This quarter was a busy one and not just because I was moving back into my house in May after a fire in December.

We continue to hold monthly Pagan, Heathen Moots at a local store. We keep finding more Heathens. Our Kindred’s monthly Lore nights are growing as well with larger attendance and interest in studying the Eddas.

I am continuing to put on a monthly Rune study group, we are doing two runes a month and following our meeting with a rune ceremony from Diana Paxson’s book Taking up the Runes. This month (June’s) was the best attended yet.

In May as the Antelope Valley Interfaith Council President, we put on a National Day of Prayer event which I reported on to the email list earlier. I offered a Heathen prayer and represented The Troth at that event.
This month we held a public Idunna Blot to link in with that done at TrothMoot. The photos are on my Facebook account (Look for Lisa Morgenstern in Los Angeles CA) if you want to see them. My kindred held this in my absence as I was able to attend Trothmoot for the first time.

It was really great to put names to faces and to get to talk to people and get to know them better. I know that it was also a learning experience for me about how The Troth functions as a business entity as well as being able to party with some awesome Heathens. I had a great time and am now convincing my kindred to drive out from CA to Minn to attend TM 2010, since we are applying to the KAP.

Last week I attended an Interfaith Roundtable on Hate Crimes put on by the LA County Human Relations Commission in Santa Clarita. They were wanting input from clergy in Service Area 5 (which is our part of LA County). Also, they told us that they are now tracking crimes against the homeless, who are not a protected class but it appears that there is a lot of cases lately of people who are homeless being beaten just because they are homeless. I also learned that GLBT is not a federally protected class. That is, if someone is beaten because they are gay or transgender, it is not a Federal Hate Crime. In CA and some other states it is, but not at the federal level. (I did not know that.).

Last but not least, is what I attended today (which is why my report is so late). I attended the Los Angeles County Sherrif’s Multi Faith Executive Clergy Council meeting. Sherrif Lee Baca began this council in 2000 to interface with the Faith communities to help stop crime in LA County. Apparently they have been successful enough that their model has been copied by other cities. I am attending these meetings all the way in LA (an hour drive or more) because I want there to be a Heathen presence there. My experience was that a goodly majority of the people at this meeting were Christians, Southern Baptists at that. So I was there along with others of minority faiths to make sure that this group keeps on track with diverse religions. They are planning a number of events, one of which is a Multi Faith Prayer Breakfast which I am planning to participate in.

I am also involved in the Los Angeles Chapter of the Parliament of the World’s Religions, and attending their events. I missed the one in April because with our home remodel I simply could not take the time off to attend. But now that we are back in our house I will have time to attend more meetings and events.

A lot of Interfaith and Human Relations is simply showing up and being present and offering to help. I am doing what I can to be there and represent The Troth as a Steward well as the First Pantheisitc Center of the AV as a Chaplain of Pagans and Heathens.


.  i have been in touch with a few of the members since the database has come up, and reached out to those i know who have lapsed in the their membership.  i represent the troth in local pagan events where i can talk about being asatru in a larger pagan community. 

Not much to report this quarter, fielded no calls. As always I am in touch with the Volkhof group in Oakville and the Grasto Hearth people in Hamilton. Troth member George Bragg is setting up a monthly meet at the WCC centre here in Toronto, I attended the last one, spent a couple of hours talking to George and his wife (I forget her name). The Volkhof group will be doing a high summer campout at Rattlesnake Point again this year. If I’m not playing somewhere I will go with my 8 year old. Former Troth member Ole Hansen who is in the Volkhof group is setting up a pub meet on May 8 but I’m doing a show up in Barrie that night.
On a personal note, I have a new recording coming out in a couple of weeks, my 3rd with the big band backing singer Colin Hunter. This is absolutely the best writing and playing I have ever done. We will get worldwide airplay with this, should lead to some concerts.

1st quarter - posted late:

Actually, in my case not much has been happening in Colorado lately. Kaedrich Olsen (not sure if he's current on his membership) has a new gig doing rune readings and psychic counseling at a local metaphysical shop, but the local mailing list has been pretty moribund, and nobody seems to be doing much public Heathenry (though I think the Folkish bunch  up in Ft. Collins just announced a blot).

2nd quarter in Colorado was still fairly quiet, but there have been some murmurs...

Recent transplant Ben Kowalski has been doing periodic meet-ups in Boulder, and has been getting a pretty good turnout. Kaedrich Olson has been doing rune readings and workshops at a local metaphysical shop on the north end of things. The Folkish bunch up north has been pretty quiet, but there is one member of their group who does make an effort to reach out, even to the "universalists", and he's posted an invitation to a semi-public blot. I've been mostly active within my own circle of child-free Heathens (we got together for a couple of blots and a sumbel), and I did answer one more oddball question from the local Department of Corrections liason about "breaking runestones", which I interpreted as possibly relating to destroying bindrunes when their purpose was complete - Runestones themselves often had inscriptions calling down curses on those who broke or repurposed them, so I don't imagine that they were asking about actual runestones...

And we've got a local volunteer who's interested in organizing a regional Moot next year, which nobody has done in about 5 years in these parts - so it sounds like Southwest Moot may be a go for 2010. w00t! And it's not me organizing it this time! :D

Fred Loucks-Schultz

aka Thorolf

Troth Steward, Colorado


April – Ostara gathering

May – Connecticut meetup group with new attendees

June – TM and new heathens in area moved from Connecticut; Hauk and Dana!

FLORIDA – no steward currently

Monthly Asatru Stammtisch Frankurt as usual, with an average of 8-13
visitors. After 5 years, missed my first pubmoot because of acute
gastroenteritis :-).


Michael led the Ostara ritual in our usual park areal, with 7 participants.


Several new Asatru made use of our Asatru Hotline cell phone, and we´ve
given regular support and counseling in questions of faith, or life.


Various heathen mail contacts to Denmark, Switzerland, Argentina, US.
My boss can´t give me the week off in May, so we won´t attend Forn Sidr
Alting in Denmark this year.


Good progress on 'Asatru Ring Frankfurt' (articles & resources) and
slow progress on 'Odin´s Gift' and 'Skaldenmet' (poetry)

5.E-lists & Webrings

Managing the Pubmoot list, ARF list, Asatru Music lists in both
languages, and a large bunch of newly acquired pagan- and
heathen-related webrings at .

6. Forums

No postings to speak of.

7. Crafting

Fiddling to create heathen symbols from cheap and available material,
especially as children´s activities.

8. Writing & Music

Working on my second album "Skaldenmet - Lieder aus Asgard" with two
musicians. Music recording almost done, voice recording sometime in summer.

9. Other

I ended my membership in the Eldaring in March. I still am available for
contacts between individuals, however.


4- Marked my 5th year as a Troth member.

5- Marked our 4th year as a Troth Family membership.

25-Coastal Empire Asatru Meetup was a field trip to the Vidalia Sweet Onion Festival hosted by our Vidalia members, who are also members of The Troth. 5 in attendance. We met up at their home beforehand for a discussion that focused on Oaths in several contexts sparked by the new Kindred Affiliation Program.


9- Coastal Empire Asatru Meetup May Pole Dance and Sumble was at my home in Ellabell. We had 16 people in attendance.

29 - Big THANKS to whoever is responsible for our [now] timely access to the Troth Georgia Members Database. Found 2 members of the local Asatru meetup group were now members of The Troth who I didn't know had joined.

11-14 Coastal Empire Asatru Meetup was a filed trip to Trothmoot in Virginia. 3 in attendance.

13 - Took my Troth Steward Oath at Trothmoot!

27- Coastal Empire Asatru Meetup Midsummer Sumble and discussion. 6 in attendance.


Weekly Online Heathen Discussions were held every Tuesday of this quarter from 8-9pm on Yahoo Instant Messenger.

4/1/09 Heathen Archeology vs Lore – 5 attendees

4/7/09 Voluspa – 8

4/21/09 How to create/recognize holy sites in America - ?

4/28/09 Walpurgisnacht/Beltaine -9

5/5/09 The Runes – 9

5/12/09 Runes pt 2 - ? (I was taking a final exam, so I didn’t get a count. Thanks Heather!)

5/19/09 Mead – 13

5/26/09 Frigg: Underestimated Goddess? – 8

6/2/09 Festivals – 4

6/9/09 Festivals pt 2/Freeform discussion – 6

6/16/09 Solar observances: Equinoxes & Solstices – 8

6/23/09 Music in Historical & Modern Heathen Culture – 9

6/29/09 Heathen Networking - 12
11: Linden Oak Kindred meeting. Discussion of  recent furor on Troth mailing list and how it is influencing kindred members’ reluctance to be affiliated with the Troth KAP. Discussion of future blots, events and unlikelihood of most of the kindred attending Trothmoot.
18: Met with MW, a local Pagan who was looking for someone to officiate at her handfasting/legal  wedding ceremony. I personally am a bit uncomfortable with doing weddings, so I took all her information, talked a bit about what she had in mind and suggested she firm up her choice of date (October 09), location, and basic ritual, while I found someone who would be willing to officiate and put her in touch with them.
19: Monthly Saga & Edda Intensive Discussion(SEID) group at Witchy Wearables in Midlothian, IL. It was just Rodney and I, but we enjoyed discussing the Second Lay of Helgi the Hunding Slayer.
17: SEID book club meeting (at Witchy’s). No one showed up, but Rodney and I, so we decided to go home and get some sleep. (I’d just graduated and it was an exhausting weekend.)
Kindred meeting got moved to June due to members’ family emergencies.

6: Linden Oak Kindred Meeting (and moving party). We discussed plans for the upcoming Midsommar event in 2 wks, and I was tasked with getting details on the KAP program requirements at TM. We decided that IlliniMoot 3 (in 2010) will be held in April. Doug Freyburger offered to officiate at MW’s handfasting this coming fall, so I gave him the info I’d collected. We followed this with a simple sumble blessing my new apartment and then had some pizza!
11-14: TROTHMOOT!  Lots of fun, did some networking, got a spiffy Troth banner for future events and ironed out some questions about the KAP program.
20- 21: Linden Oak Kindred participated in the wedding ceremony of Eric and Bebe Roberts, which was presided over by a local Romuva elder, Char Kazlauskas.  [Romuva is the reconstructed indiginous pre-Christian Lithuanian religion. That faith has many elements that are similar to Heathenry.] It was both a religious ceremony and a legal marriage, in accordance with the laws of Illinois. I assisted in the ceremony itself and found the parallels to Heathenry rather fascinating. [For example, the Sun goddess is known as Sowulo, and the thunder god Perun/Perkunos has been equated with Thor.] The ritual ended with a maypole dance, where the bridal couple functioned as the actual maypole itself.) and the bride ignited the solstice fire.

            Afterwards, Char asked me to walk the perimeter of their property and bless the new couple by scattering grain and doing whatever else I saw fit. I sung my usual invocation (as performed at the grand sumble this Trothmoot) and poured my home brewed cider on selected trees on the property, asking the wights, gods and ancestors to bless their union. 

            Once the ceremony was complete, we feasted on burgers and brats, hard cider, red cabbage, ackermel, beer, absinthe and [Doug Freyburger's] serviceberry-sorghum homebrew! Then we stoked the Midsommar bonfire, ate cake, and engaged in much vibrant discussion. Around 11pm we began sumble and ended with more discussion as we fed the bonfire till sunrise. This event occurred in the far western Chicago suburb of Aurora, so I was delighted when we saw a red fox trotting through the neighbor’s yard right around dawn! After that, we headed to a kindred member's house to take a nap before attending our usual Saga and Eddic bookclub Discussion group.
21 Monthly Saga & Edda Intensive Discussion(SEID) group at Witchy Wearables in Midlothian, IL We discussed the "Death of Sinfjotli" and "Gripir's Prophecy". This was followed by a discussion of the second chapter of Diana Paxson's Taking Up the Runes [Thurisaz & Ansuz].

Heathen Chat is going spectacularly! The report on the chat is at the bottom of this email and I doubt it's complete as I missed a few.

Still haven't had any contact with the Heathens in my area. I have sent out letters and emails to the Troth members and no response whatsoever. Not even from Dean and Winnifred, which is unusual.
Heilag Skjold Hearth made it to Apple Branch Protogrove, ADF's midsummer gathering at Allerton Park this past weekend and it was fantastic!
Held May Day celebrations on May 2nd, also fantastic.
Continued with the Monthly Meeting of the Catskin Sisters. Things are progressing nicely, we have one member who doesn't show regularly, and one new member who shows every time, so that evens things out quite well.
4/21/09 - 7 people

Creating Heathen Sacred Space

5/5/09 - 9 people

The Runes

5/12/09 - 10 people

the Runes, part 2

5/19/09 -12 people


6/16/09 - 7 people

Solstice Obeservations and Customs

6/23/09 - 8 people

Heathen Music

6/30/09 - 8 People Heathen Networking


All quiet here at present - but I am restarting Heathen meet-n-greets In the Indianapolis area. I hope to have them up and running before the end of fall.

      This quarter has mainly been spent preparing for Trothmoot, helping prepare Trothmoot 2010 info and KAP program doings, engagement/wedding stuff and work.  Steward duties have not been getting as much attention as I would like to give them.   My busy season is general late summer through yule though.. so I'm still not doing too bad.
Twice- refilled pamphlets at the local book stores.  Also re-established ties with people at local book stores...  my regular contacts have been working less (closer to retirement) or have been out for health reasons this year... and the people currently working our local stores did not know about the Troth, knew little, or thought we had disbanned way back in the 90's... so I got them up to speed and asked about my regular people and how they were doing.
Met with three heathens at Merlin's Rest Pub   and ran into a fourth who was overhearing our conversation and joined in.  Got contact info for a local craft and trade group that one of them was a part of.. will check it out after Trothmoot.   Also found out about a kindred in Virginia that we might possibly meet up with before heading to the campsite, not sure yet.. but it looks promissing.
Met on a couple of occasions (kids' playdate and birthday dinner) with a friend one of our kindred members and her boyfriend who are interested in Asatru.
Went to mayday parade by Powderhorn Park with the Heathen Families group,  been to 1 out of 3 Heathen Families gatherings other than the may day parade.
Did NOT make it out to Diamonds Cafe this quarter for the Minnesota Heathens meetups.
Ran in Troth election for KAP coordinator.  Will not know results for another week.
Sent Rede Candidates with a borage of questions.   Voted. 
Victoria, I will send you a seperate email regarding KAP and my Steward position soon.
Trying to deal with yahoo email after being Troth contact.. it's still messed up and I made a new email account today  because there really isn't anything I have tried
That is about it for this quarter.

I have some plans already for next quarter...  Blot at Herman the German festivities in New Ulm, MN, as well as the re-inactment.

Make at least two more trips to the book stores in the next quarter, to build relationships with the new contact people and restock pamphlets again.  
Promotion of Shawn Owen's documentary "The Folk".. will be underway.
Prepare for Midwest Thing III-september, minnesota.
Would like to make it to Lightning Across the Plains moot in Kansas city-september, but I do not know it I can scrounge up the funds.
Would like to go to Superior Heathens Gathering- august, michigan...  same issue.
And Northwoods gathering in October, minnesota.. same issue. 

Will try to get some people to give presentations at Pagan Pride in september, already have a vendor hoping to sign up for pp, midwest thing, and possibly trothmoot 2010. 

Heathenism is alive and well here in the Bluegrass State. There was an Oracular Seidhr/Spae session late last month at my house. Early in May I also met with a Heathen new to the area who is experienced and helped lead a kindred several years back. Demand is high, people's schedules/personal circumstances are less difficult, and there will probably be a study group in the near future, especially with yet another experienced Heathen contemplating relocation to the area. A Heathen living between Lexington and Louisville is interested in having gatherings/Moots on his land, plus a day Moot at my place may be forthcoming. Future Seidhr/Spae sessions will be held. The Trothkentucky list for Kentucky and Kentucky-area Heathens is well over 100 members and growing.


In May, I helped put together the first Vanir Fest, in Virginia.  It was awesome. And there will be another one.

June was of course Trothmoot.  Me and the rest of the committee worked hard to make it awesome, and I hope everyone who went enjoyed themselves.
I'm currently working on a fellow kindred member who seems to think that he's not "learned" enough to join the Troth.  I'm not sure where he got the idea that you had to be well read in all the lore to be a member, but there ya go.  He's thisclose, I tell you.
I attend the VA pubmoot every month.  I'm still deciding on a place for the MD pubmoot.  Its all about the parking.
There are monthly Lore Classes and Rune classes at the Gladsheim Hof, which I attend and sometimes facilitate.

MASSACHUSETTS, MAINE – no steward currently

No report


No report

I may as well do my quarterly report now. The only things coming up
before the end of the month are Trothmoot, and then 2 weeks later,
Idhavelli Hof's Thing.

For the annual report, I'd like to put forward the networking I've

done in the past year, travelling to see folks at Irminsol Heathen
Fellowship, down in Charlotte, NC. They became visibly active about
the time I took up being Steward, so they deserve a good bit of
networking credit - especially as they've been warmly hosting folks
from other parts of the state.

I'd also like to highlight a workshop I offered on honor, luck, and

fate at Carolina Spirit Quest's Spring event:
I organized the workshop as a roundtable discussion, prompted by
leading questions, got everyone to discuss their own perspectives on
the topics, then brought in the Germanic point of view. It felt to me
like one of the best workshops I've led (due to the format), and I got
a good bit of positive feedback. (I see now, though, that I failed to
mention in my bio that I am the NC Troth Steward; I think I was still
on probation when I sent in the workshop description...)

Beyond that, for 2Q, the Hof's Beginner Runes class wrapped up the

futhark, and we have now moved on to being a Lore or Study group, with
different individuals presenting on different topics (eg: one evening
on Idunna, another on Germanic textile crafts, etc).


No report


Not much has happened in the area; however I am now on the books in Oklahoma and can perform legal marriages in the state, as well as other ministerial functions.  I was ordained in 2003 though not through the Troth, this was done to be able to perform the legal side of things and ceremonies can be performed in any way.



David Ballard:  Steward, Oklahoma


Well, not much to report. No one contacted me. I have been in contact with the AFA stewards for OR and may go down to a get together they are holding near Eugene next month. I have sent out letters informing inmates and chaplains that I will be closing NWAM as a prison ministry at the end of this year. Did a wedding yesterday.

1st quarter report – posted late

No 2nd quarter report

  January 2009 – I hate to say this but I feel it’s best to be honest; I did nothing. The holidays of Heathens kicked my ass and truthfully I was “xmas’ed” out. One of my kinsmen did put together a Hockey Moot though…

  Osprey Kindred was a proud sponsor of a Providence Bruins Game, and though the home boys lost… We got t see our name in lights. Very cool and a lot of fun. And of
course Victoria hosted yet another blast of a blot.

 I stood at the ready in my Steward role but basically not a peep was heard.

 February 2009 – Yet another themed
moot. More bowling. A good time was had by all. Nothin’ like Vikings rolling
hard balls at other hard things!!!

Victoria and Osprey Kindred did some plow charming for a blot. As always it was superlative. The month of February passed into March with out any Steward


  March 2009 – Holy Happy Heathen

Batman!!! Victoria Clare was generous enough to allow me to run my first
official blot… I did a Frey blot on a beach. It was attended by about 15 people
and a dog. Though it was a bit cold everyone seemed happy and it was a truly
wonderful experience. Everyone “mooted” at a sports bar in Warwick RI
afterwards. All in all it was a good month… for me at least.

April 2009 – A pub moot was held at the Oak Hill Tavern in Kingston RI. It was sparsely attended to say the least. (I’m beginning t wonder why more heathens or those interested do not show at these things. Right now I’m blaming the economy.) For the 3rd and 4th quarter I’m going to rethink “Moot Strategy”.  Hosted an Ostara Blot for Osprey Kindred at the Tyrson Farmstead.   Began preparations for RI Pagan Pride Day and analyzed how Heathens would best be served on that day.


                May 2009 – Had organized a Roller Derby Moot for the very end of the month but due to constant rain it was cancelled. (Yes… It was an outdoor event.) Hopefully we’ll be able to re-schedule this one.  Hosted a Heimdal Blot and a Man Making Rite as part of an Osprey Kindred event at the Tyrson Farmstead. Pagan Pride Plans continued.


June 2009 – Due to time constraints and weather issues I did not run a Moot for June.  I did however host Osprey Kindred’s annual Mid-Summer Event the Heathen HoeDown. We bloted to Balder, barbequed and had an amazing time. The event was well attended by heathens and non-heathens alike. Of particular note: A woman named Liza Menard who I’ve been working with studying Heathenism for a year oathed into Osprey Kindred.  Preparations were finalized for the RIPPD fundraiser in July.

Things have been relatively quiet. I'm still in charge of Nashville Pagan Coffee House every month. A group of us got together for Walpurgisnacht and Midsummer cookouts, which were nice.I found out a couple of days ago that I'll be doing a workshop for Nashville Pagan Pride Day in September.

Events conspired in a good way (Hail Eir!) to allow me to travel in May to Arizona to attend Desert Magic Festival, along with such luminaries as our Steer (heya Patty) and local AZNM Steward Dennis. Going to Arizona and seeing a steward at work really helped me understand the kind of positive effect a steward can have on their local community. Thanks to some good counsel from Dennis, I've refocused my efforts and learned to ignore some of the barriers :)
I took the oath as Steward (directly from the Steer-way to add another nail in the coffin ;):
with plenty of witnesses:
On my return, our High Steward was able to get me access to the state database.
As of right now, including myself, we currently have nine active members...which is four more than we had at the end of May. Here's to hoping that trend continues, and we can organize or attend some sort of get together soon.

In frith,


TX Troth Steward


The second quarter for Utah, Idaho, and wyoming was fairly quiet. I did get a few emails from folks looking for information on asatru and heathenism, I emailed back of course. As for my kindred we did our seasonal husels and feasts.

In April I flew to Denver to visit with Osric of the GFS and be ordained as a Weofodthane and became legal heathen clergy. I also attended the GFS Eostre, met some great heathens and had a lot of fun.
On May 3rd my kindred did our Waldaborg susel and feast. We had 9 of us present for the event.
June was a busy month with me attending my first Troth Moot! I had a great time and met some awesome folks. As many of you know, I also won one of the rede seats that were up for grabs. For those who voted for me, I thank you. I will do as best I can as a rede member and steward in service of the Troth and our Gods.
Our kindred Midsummer camp out was June 18-23RD in the high unita mountains of Utah. We had a local druid group attend the event this year with us. We had 22 adults and 2 children total for the event. We had a husel, symbel, and formal feast. The weather was very cold at night hitting 28' and a heavy frost settling in. Rain during the day for 3 out of 4 days. The folk drew strong on good company and kinship. And, no one left early!
In Firth & Troth, Dale Overman - Steward UT, ID, WY


April - attended Trillium, a local ADF festival; well, actually I somehow got roped in to be the chair of the organization committee.  So I should say I ran Trillium.  It went well and I got to network with some local Heathens, as well as some of my favorite ADFers! 


May - Vanir Fest!  Happily, I did very little to organize this event, but I did attend and it was a really great time.  Again, good networking with area Heathens.


June -  helped on the committee for Trothmoot.  I met a couple new guys in my region there, and had a new member sign up there.  (It's good to have TM in your own state!); My Kindred also had our Midsummer celebration this past weekend.  It went really well.  Lots of people attended, and everyone had a good time. 


Currently, I'm working on trying to get on top of contacting all my current members, now that we have access to Yggdrasil again, and I'm planning a family campout in late July. 


Ongoing -

The Fairfax Pubmoots are still occuring, though it sounds like they may be dwindling a bit. Eastern Beach Kindred, a Kindred that I guided through it's formation down in Virginia Beach, is still going very strong. 


The Northwest has been more quiet of late.  We are in the midst of reworking a community rune study and ritual program and trying to get seidhr sessions to happen again quarterly.  We hope to have more details on that in the fall.

I was in Europe for a few weeks and stayed with some troth members in northern Wales who offer a local ritual group in an area where viking bretheren once roamed.
In frith,

Marshall Freeman

MISSING II Qtr. Reports as of 6/15/09:
Alex van Ness

Catheryn Burke

Jenny Blain
Conn Hanson

Ben Waggoner

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