The tregenza family

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part A



m1 Mary Boscoller/Roscorlla

m2 Elizabeth Potter



1826 1828 1830 1832 1835 1836 /SARAH 1838 1841 1843 1846

m Sarah Birch m Martha Nicholas 1836



HENRY 1853 1856 1858 1860 1863 1865 1868 1871 1877

1852 m Mary m1 Jane-Sampson m Catherine-Rosewall Husband

m Keziah- | Nicholas Bramble ________|________________________________________________________


| Newton | | 1887 1890 ROSEWALL 1895

| | part C 1891

part B | m Lucy Bailey



1874 LUCINDA 1877 1879 1881 1887 1889 1895

m Eleanor-Rowe- 1875 m Maud-I. Nixon m Lily Brown m Caroline Lancaster

| Arthur Hendra ____________|____________________________ ____________|_________________


| 1917 1919 m Louisa Wilson 1933 1948

part D ________________________|_______________________ m Gladys Williamson


1947 1949 1959 JANICE


NOTES ON ST ERTH FAMILY 5 (ROBERT born 1802 see St Erth Family 2) part A
MARY TregenzOE baptised 14NOV1826 St Erth (parish register no.735 p.92), age approx. 15 at 1841 census, married William Birch (miner) 10JUL1847 St Erth (parish register no.164 p.82), may = MARY burial 27AUG1927 St Erth residence Churchtown St Erth

ROBERT baptised 18OCT1828 St Erth (parish register no.838 p.105), buried 30NOV1829 age 1 year (parish register)

ROBERT born St Erth, baptised 27OCT1830 St Erth (parish register no.966 p.121), age approx. 11 in 1841 census, miner, on 30 March 1851 (census) he was miner age 20 staying at house of sister Mrs Mary Birch at Little Mill St Erth, married (see certificate) 28JUL1855 St Erth parish miner over 21 (father ROBERT labourer) church witness JAMES TregenSa (parish register no. 283 p.142), at 1861 census married miner age 29 born St Erth living Little Mill, at 1871 census miner age 40 TregenSa, at 1881 tin miner age 50 of 38 Trebartha Place St Erth, at 1891 census head of household married factory labourer age 62 born St Erth living 17 Trebartha Place St Erth, buried 11OCT1902 age 72 (parish register)

x SARAH born approx. 1830 St Erth, spinster of age (21 or more) at marriage, father William (miner), at 1861 census wife age 29 born St Erth, at 1871 census dressmaker age 41, at 1881 census dressmaker age 50, at 1891 census age 62 living with husband, buried 27JUL1894 St Erth age 64

JAMES born St Erth, baptised 04NOV1832 St Erth (parish register no.1081 p.136), age approx. 9 at 1841 census, married 22SEP1851 [surname TregenzOE] St Erth bachelor under 21 blacksmith father Robert TregAnza labourer witness William Birch (parish register no.217 p.109), blacksmith living Chenhales St Erth at baptism of JAMES 1852, blacksmith living Chenalls St Erth at baptisms of JAMES 1852 JOHN 1853 MARY 1856 WILLIAM 1861 ELIZABETH 1863 HENRY 1865 ANNIE-JANE 1868 FRANCIS 1871 and MARTHA 1877, at 1871 census Little Mill St Erth district 12 schedule 054 married chainmaker age 38, at 1881 census [FHL film 1341562 PRO ref. RG11 piece 2340 folio 42 page 13] Little Mill St Erth blacksmith age 42, smith at marriage of son WILLIAM in 1882 and daughter ANNIE-JANE in 1888, at 1891 census head of household married blacksmith age 57 born St Erth, buried 12MAR1894 age 61 (parish register), described as ‘Mould?’ maybe ‘moulder’ at marriage of MARTHA 1902, described at deceased blacksmith at second marriage of son WILLIAM 1908, Mr Blewett gives HARRY instead of JAMES (JAMES-HENRY?)

x MARTHA born St Erth 1835 approx., spinster under 21 at marriage father John Nicholas miner, at 1871 census married age 36 (at 1881 age 46), at 1891 census wife age 55 born St Erth, at 1901 census widow age 67 head of household at 31 New Row St Erth, at 1911 census head of household widow age 76 born St Erth Cornwall living Church Town St Erth with grandson WILLIAM-STANLEY, buried 06AUG1916 age 82 of Trebartha Place

JOHN baptised 12APR1835 St Erth (parish register no.1259 p.158), buried 16JUN1835 St Erth

JOHN baptised 01MAY1836 St Erth

NOTES ON ST ERTH FAMILY 5 part A (continued)
SALLY baptised 01MAY1836 St Erth (parish register no.1836 p.170), probably SARAH at 1841 census age approx. 5, may be SALLY buried 27JUL1894 age 64 St Erth (parish register)

JANE birth 12AUG1838 St Erth, baptised 26AUG1838 St Erth (parish register no.1555 p.195), age approx. 3 at 1841 census, may be same as JANE spinster age 19 (father JOHN a labourer) married Edward Trevartha or Trewarton (father John miner) 24JUN1858 miner of full age St Erth (parish register no.320 p.160)

ELEANOR born 05FEB1841 St Erth (Penzance district March quarter 1841 vol. 9 page 247 surname TregenSA), baptised 11APR1841 St Erth (parish register no.217 p.28), age approx. 4 months at 1841 census, at 1861 census age 20 plain sewer living Church Town St Erth, at 1871 census ELINOR unmarried age 30 housekeeper for widower father in St Erth, married 16MAR1879 St Erth spinster of full age to William-James Russell miner bachelor of full age St Erth (parish register no.76 p.38)

ELIZABETH born 07MAY1843 St Erth, baptised 20MAY1843 St Erth (parish register no.391 p.49), at 1861 census house servant age 17 living Church Town St Erth, at 1871 census general servant age 28 at father’s home, married 21APR1874 to William Young St Erth (parish register no.37 p.19)

ANN born 17APR1846 St Erth, baptised 10MAY1846 St Erth (parish register no.622 p.78), copper ore dresser age 15 at 1861 census living Church Town St Erth, probably = ANN Tregenzoe spinster of full age married George-Henry Pellow sailor bachelor of full age 1870 St Erth witness ROBERT Tregenza
JAMES-HENRY born JAMES 30JAN1852 Chenalles St Erth, baptised 18APR1852 St Erth (parish register no.987 p.124), at 1861 census age 9, at 1871 census age 19 living at home unmarried shovelsmith, married 1876 Orange NSW New South Wales, not at home on 1881 census as in Australia, visited UK family 1898/1899 with wife KEZIAH and youngest son JAMES and persuaded brother FRANCIS to come to Australia, not at home on 1901 census as in Australia, died 1944 Nundah Australia

x KEZIAH-ELIZABETH in NSW microfiche called Kazzael, Kesis, Kezzael etc.

NOTES ON ST ERTH FAMILY 5 part A (continued)
JOHN born 01DEC1853 (see certificate) St Erth, baptised 14MAR1854 St Erth (parish register no.1103 p.138), at 1861 census age 7, at 1871 census stone mason unmarried and lived at home age 17, lived Trebartha Place, married 01NOV1873 St Erth mason or blacksmith of St Erth age 19 (parish register no.33 p.17), at 1881 census [FHL film 1341562 PRO ref RG11 piece 2340 folio 20 page 11] married stonemason age 27 of 23 Trebartha Place St Erth, mason (journeyman) at baptisms of children from WILLIAM-JOHN 1874 to RICHARD-FRANCES 1895, at 1891 census age 37 of St Erth, at 1901 census head of household mason age 47 born Cornwall St Erth living New Row St Erth, at 1911 census head of household married mason (repairing and jobbing) age 57 born St Erth Cornwall living Church Town St Erth, died 29APR1927 age 73 Trebartha Place (parish register), buried 30APR1927

x MARY born 1850 approx., at marriage spinster age 24 of St Erth dressmaker father John Nicholas mason, at 1891 census age 41, at 1901 census wife age 50 born Cornwall St Erth, at 1911 census wife age 60 born St Erth Cornwall, died 23APR1927 age 77, memorial inscription “Mary Tregenza 23 April 1927 age 77 also JOHN her husband 29 April 1927 age 73 also children MARTHA LUCINDA 4 June 1902 age 26 and WILSON died in Africa age 23”, buried 27APR1927

MARY born 11FEB1856 St Erth, baptised 12/13APR1856 (also a copy 18APR1856) St Erth resident at Chenhales (parish register no.1276 p.159), at 1861 census age 5 but named MARTHA, at 1871 census at home age 15 scholar, at 1881 census [FHL film 1341562 PRO ref. RG11 piece 2340 folio 42 page 13] age 24 married to Joseph-Williams Whinnen at parents’ house (Little Mill St Erth) with her son Joseph Whinnen age 1, lived St Erth, a dress-maker (Pedigree Resource File

ROBERT born approx. 1858 St Erth, at 1861 census age 3, at 1871 census at scholar age 13, at 1881 census not found in UK, may be ROBERT age 20 (born 1859 approx.) assisted immigrant arrived Sydney Australia on Samuel Plimsoll 1879 reel 2141, 2490

NOTES ON ST ERTH FAMILY 5 part A (continued)
WILLIAM born St Erth (born 30NOV1860 ?), baptised 10FEB1861 St Erth (parish register no.1524 p.191), at 1861 census aged 4 months, at 1871 census at scholar age 10, at 1881 census blacksmith age 23, married 24DEC1882 St Erth smith age 22 of St Erth, smith at baptism of STANLEY 1883, railway porter at birth of ELEANOR 1885, porter at baptism of ELEANOR 1885, railway porter for Great Western Railway at births of children 1888-1890 and 1895-1896 and signalman 1893-1894 of Carnhell Green and Gwinear, at 1891 census GWR signal man (employee) age 30 married to JANE-S., railway signalman at birth of daughter HILDA 1894, probably WILLIAM departed 11JUL1896 smith single age 35 on ship Ionic from Plymouth for Cape South Africa, "WILLIAM and family express heartfelt thanks to all those who assisted and attended his wife's funeral" (Perran 10MAY1900 Cornishman, second marriage 05NOV1908 to late wife’s sister at Penzance registry office widower age 47 blacksmith of Barnoon Terrace St Ives, 1915 went to South Africa and then Kenya (see departure in 1896)

x JANE-SAMPSON born 1863 approx. Penzance, at marriage spinster age 21 of St Erth father Martin-Sampson Bramble plumber, at 1891 census age 28 born St Erth, buried 11MAY1900 St Hilary age 40 lived Perranuthenoe but Katy Baker (great-granddaughter) states that within a year of her death her husband married her sister but dates do not match up and note he was single in 1896 if it was him.

x SELINA born 1865 approx. Penzance, at marriage spinster age 43 of Barnoon Terrace St Ives father Martin-Sampson Bramble deceased plumber witness ELEANOR Tregenza (probably daughter of groom), at 1911 census married age 46 born Penzance staying with step-daughter LUCINDA/LUCILLA at home of step-daughter ELEANOR (and her husband) at 12 Redinnick Place Penzance, embarked 29APR1911 with daughters ELSIE JANIE and LOWE [sic] on ship Athenic from Plymouth for Cape South Africa

ELIZABETH born 21APR1863 St Erth, baptised 04SEP1863 St Erth (parish register no.1697 p.213), at 1871 census scholar age 7, at 1881 census [FHL film 1341562 PRO ref. RG11 piece 2339 folio 15 page 5] unmarried domestic servant age 17 born St Erth working for Philip C Edwards (farmer age 40) and Amelia Edwards (age 40) at Canonstown Ludgvan, married Samuel-J. Blewett between 1881 and 1891, at 1891 census age 26 with husband Samuel Blewett quay porter age 26 born St Erth living with her parents

HENRY born 20JUL1865 St Erth, baptised 28OCT1865 St Erth (parish register no.1791 p.225), at 1871 census age 5, at 1881 census blacksmith living with parents age 15, at 1891 census railway platelayer (employee) head married age 25 Canon’s Town Ludgvan parish, at 1901 census head of household plate layer on railway married age 35 born St Erth Cornwall living Turnpike Road Canon’s Town, at marriage of GEORGE 1917 railway inspector, at marriage of CHRISTINA-KATIE 1933 retired Great Western Railway permanent way inspector, lived Camborne, at wife’s funeral of Enys Road Camborne, died 16APR1952 Levalsa Mere Bodmin Road Truro, will (London) dated 25JUN1952 to George-Rosewall engineer’s inspector

x CATHERINE-ROSEWALL born 1864 approx. St Ives, at 1891 census wife age 27 born St Ives, at 1901 census age 37 born St Ives, died 1935 age 72, obituary 15AUG1935 page 4 Western Morning News ( ) funeral Camborne Parish Church

NOTES ON ST ERTH FAMILY 5 part A (continued)
ANNIE-JANE born 07APR1868 St Erth, baptised 04OCT1868 St Erth residence Kirton Wood (parish register), at 1871 census age 2, at 1881 census age 12, married 28JAN1888 St Erth spinster age 20 to John-Charles Rogers butcher bachelor age 25 (parish register no.165 p.83)

FRANCIS-J (FRANK) born 19SEP1871 St Erth, baptised 27SEP1871 St Erth (parish register no.241 p.31), at 1881 census age 9, at 1891 census single gardener are 19 born St Erth living with parents, at 1901 census age 19, died 19FEB1903 age 31 Queensland Australia (probably Charters Towers) parents JAMES Tregenza and Martha Nicoles, "FRANK Tregenza, late of St Erth and who left for Australia a couple of years ago has been received here. Deceased was highly respect and great sympathy is felt ..." (26MAR1903 Cornishman and "FRANK Tregenza formerly of St Erth and one of its most highly respected young men. Deceased was a brother of Mr J. Tregenza of ...." (16APR1903 Cornishman

MARTHA born 25MAR1877 St Erth, baptised 13JUL1877 St Erth (parish register no.550 p.68), at 1881 census age 4, at 1891 census age 14, at 1901 census single age 22 living with mother, married 22SEP1902 St Erth church spinster age 25 to Henry Butcher clerk bachelor age 27 residence All Saints Belvedere second son of Edward Butcher of Brockley (parish register no.242 p.121 and Cornishman 02OCT1902 Story of May Butcher her daughter travelling from Siberia to Petrograd by train with her two children then by sledge to the Aland where they were arrested by German troops and sent to a German prison camp to be released in 1918 (see below 'Notes')
MARY/ANNIE born 1887 approx. Canon’s Town Ludgvan, at 1891 census MARY age 4, maybe MINNIE in group 4 of Specially Commended children at the School Board’s inspection of Religious Knowledge at Ludgvan school (Cornishman 15JUL1897 ), at 1901 census ANNIE age 14 born Ludgvan, married R Lawry of Plymouth (probably an error see her sister ELIZA 1895 below)

CHRISTINA-KATIE born 1889 Canon’s Town Ludgvan, at 1891 census KATE age 2, at 1901 census KATIE age 12 born Ludgvan, married September quarter 1933 Helston district spinster age 42 of 48 Enys Road Camborne married John Oscar Franklin motor engineer of Godolphin at Godolphin parish church

GEORGE-ROSEWALL born 1890 June quarter Canon’s Town Ludgvan Penzance district, at 1891 census age 1, in group 1 of Commended children at the School Board’s inspection of Religious Knowledge at Ludgvan school (Cornishman 15JUL1897 ), at 1901 census aged 11 born Ludgvan, private army ordnance corps no. 015377, possibly is GEORGE private in Army Service Corps who received Victory and British medals medal card document WO 372/20 dated 1914-1920 (see, married 26AUG1917 Wesley Chapel Chapel Street Camborne bachelor age 27, blacksmith of 2 South Terrace Camborne, lived 104 Trelowarren Street Camborne, 15AUG1935 attended mother’s funeral, died 23MAR1974 Camborne of 104 Trelowarren Street Camborne, will dated 19SEP1974 (Bristol)

x LUCY at marriage spinster age 26 milliner of 74 Trelowarren Street Camborne, died 17APR1974 Camborne of 104 Trelowarren Street Camborne, will dated 04SEP1974 (Bristol)

NOTES ON ST ERTH FAMILY 5 part A (continued)
ELIZA born 1895 approx. Ludgvan, at 1901 census age 6 born Ludgvan, probably school prize at St Erth (13MAR1902 Cornishman and 27AUG1903 (Cornishman, probably ELSIE married 07JUL1919 Buckland Monachorum parish church Tavistock district Devon spinster age 25 of Camborne (father HENRY engineer inspector) to Reginald Lawry bachelor age 30 merchant of Buckland Monachorum
WILLIAM-JOHN born 13FEB1874 St Erth, baptised Sunday 03MAY1874 St Erth the day the church reopened (parish register no.375 p.47), at 1891 census age 17, married 21JUL1894 Gwinear parish church bachelor of St Gwinear age 21 porter Great Western Railway witness MARTHA (probably his sister), lived Carnhell (not Cambell) Green at birth of HARRIET, railway porter of Rosewarne Lane Gwinear at birth of HARRIET- IRENE 1896, porter of Shaftdowns Wall Gwinear at birth of JOHN-HEDLEY, railway booking clerk living 38 Union Street Camborne at birth of DAISY-GWENDOLINE 1906, may have died before 1911 as ELEANOR is head of household then

x ELEANOR-ROWE-ARTHUR born 1871 approx. Gwinear, at marriage spinster of St Gwinear age 23, at 1911 census head of household married age 40 born Gwinear living Union Street Camborne, departed 26JUL1911 single [widow?] housewife age 40 with her five children on ship Royal Edward from Bristol to Quebec Canada

MARTHA-LUCINDA born 26AUG1875 St Erth, baptised 15OCT1875 St Erth (parish register no.424 p.53), at 1891 census age 15, died 04JUN1902 St Erth age 26 (parish register)

MARY born 30AUG1877 St Erth, baptised 07OCT1877 St Erth

JAMES born 11OCT1879 St Erth (Penzance district December quarter volume 5c page 232), baptised 30NOV1879 St Erth (parish register no.637 p.78), died 17FEB1883 age 3 (parish register)(Penzance district March quarter volume 5c page 199)

HEDLEY born 20MAR1881 St Erth, baptised 30DEC1881 St Erth (parish register no.704 p.88), at 1881 census 23 Trebartha Place St Erth age 2 weeks, baptised 30DEC1881 St Erth, at 1891 census age 10, at 1901 census mason age 19 born Cornwall St Erth living with parents, "able accompanist" [piano?] (08AUG1907 Cornishman, involved in court case (30JAN1908 Cornishman, married June quarter 1916 W Derby District, dead by 1994


NOTES ON ST ERTH FAMILY 5 part A (continued)
HENRY-WILSON (=HARRY) born 11MAY1887 St Erth, baptised 26AUG1887 St Erth (parish register no.1035 p.118), at 1891 census age 3, probably HENRY at St Erth National School (Cornishman 04NOV1900 ), at 1901 census occupation undecipherable age 14 born Cornwall St Erth living with parents, 11MAY1905 attestation in R H Artillery age 18 soldier number 37212 born St Erth British Army Service Records, died 1907 soldier stationed Roberts Heights South Africa age 19 page 379 Armed Forces Registration event (death), death from enteric fever in military hospital Pretoria (25APR1907 Cornishman and 29APR1907 West Briton, reported to be superintendent on Great Western Railway but probably a relative

JAMES-ELDRED born 26JUL1889 St Erth, baptised 15NOV1889 St Erth (parish register no.1096 p.126), at 1891 census age 1, at 1901 census age 11 born Cornwall St Erth living with parents, possibly got school prize for freehand drawing (13MAR1902 Cornishman, married September quarter 1915 W Derby district, lived Liverpool, died 09JAN1961 of 3 Alexandra Road Great Crosby Liverpool age 67, will (Liverpool) to Lily

x LILY probably died 20MAR1974 of 6 College Road Waterloo Liverpool, will (Liverpool)

RICHARD-FRANCIS born 24DEC1894 Church Town St Erth (see certificate), baptised 03MAY1895 St Erth (parish register no.1242 p.143), at 1901 census age 6 born Cornwall St Erth living with parents, at 1911 census son single blackman [?] apprentice (shoring and general smith) age 16 born St Erth Cornwall living with parents St Erth, went to Liverpool, married 28JUN1930 Christ Church Bootle parish church bachelor blacksmith age 42 of 450 Stanley Road Bootle father JOHN deceased mason, witness ELDRED Tregenza, at marriage of JAMES-STUART 1956 blacksmith

CAROLINE born 1910 approx., at marriage spinster age 20 of 355 Hawthorne Road Bootle
ELSIE-MAUD born June quarter 1917 W Derby district, married Robert-James-Kenneth Groves September quarter 1939 Winchester district, had children David-Anthony and Pamela-John (?), emigrated to Australia; possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced.

JAMES-HEDLEY-NIXON born December quarter 1919 W Derby district, married 23MAR1946 Parish Church Beamish County of Durham; possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced.

x LOUISA born 1919 approx.; possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced.

NOTES ON ST ERTH FAMILY 5 part A (continued)
JAMES-STUART born 20JUL1933 Liverpool (adotped 1936 entry no. 10/6/36), married 28MAR1956 St Andrew’s Parish Church Litherland Lancashire electrician bachelor age 23 of 14 Sefton Street Litherland (see certificate), Application for Seaman’s Identity card gives electrician eyes blue hair brown complexion fair height 6 feet 0 inches scar on forehead home address 10 Ebenezer Howard Road Ford Litherland Liverpool 21 next of kin and wife Gladys from, discharge document 29JAN1962 reason ‘own request’ from, died September quarter 1978 Liverpool district (volume 36 page 0976)

x GLADYS born 1933 approx.; possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced

CAROLE-M. born June quarter 1948 Liverpool South, married Mr Gilliland September quarter 1969 Bootle
VALERIE-L born June quarter 1947 Crosby district

BRENDA-M born March quarter 1949 Durham N W district

STEPHEN-H born December quarter 1959 Durham N W district
JANICE born March quarter 1957 Liverpool district; possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced.

part B




m Kezia-Elizabeth Newton




1878 1880 1882 1883 1883 1885 1888

m Doris

| Shaw




1917 1917

m Ellen-May Way






2 sons and 2 daughters

MARTHA born 1878 Bathurst NSW, married William Kent, son and daughter, died 1905 in Charters Towers Queensland

ELIZABETH (=BESSIE) born 1880 Bathurst NSW, lived Northgate, died 1963 approx. Nundah Queensland

MATILDA-ANN (=ANNIE) born 1882 Bathurst NSW, married 21OCT1903 at No. 1 Methodist Church Charters Towers to Frank-Charles Garner an accountant, three sons and two daughters (The North Queensland Register [Townsville] 02NOV1903 page 58), lived Kennedy Queensland

MABEL-NEWTON born 1881/3 Ballarat, married 28DEC1904 Charters Towers Queensland to William-Francis Thomas a miner, lived Kennedy Queensland, died 1956 in Nudah (Brisbane) Queensland

MARY-ANN born 1883 Emu Plain Tasmania , married 10JAN1910 George Alfred Action an undertaker Richmond and central Queensland, lived Kennedy Queensland, four daughters and two sons, died 1964 Queensland

KEZIAH-MAUDE born 06MAY1885 Talbot Victoria, married cousin WILLIAM-STANLEY Tregenza, had one son John-Tregenza, died 1974 Nundah

JAMES (=young JIM) born 28MAY1893 Charters Towers, probably JAMES associated with MARY born 1883, probably JAMES born Charters Towers Queensland enlisted in first world war at Charters Towers age 22 & 8 months assayer with next of kin JAMES father of York Street Charters Towers (more details on-line at National Australian Archives, married 24APR1916, lived Kuridala Queensland, died 12JUL1972 Toowoomba Queensland


JAMES-GRENFELL born 05MAY1917 Cloncurry Queensland, married 03FEB1943, enlisted Brisbane for second world war service number 23646 corporal in RAAF fitter served in Australia (more details on-line at National Australian Archives, lived Kennedy Queensland, died 30MAR2005 Gold Coast Queensland


ELIZABETH-JOAN (BETTY) born 12APR1917/9 Cloncurry Queensland, married 1943 Douglas-Haydn Bell, lived Kennedy Queensland, died 10OCT2004 Canberra ACT

SUSAN married with three daughters


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