The tregenza family

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m Elizabeth Thistleton




1840 1842 m Mary-Harvey Downing 1848 1851 1854 1857 m Caroline Cocking

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part B |



THISTLETON 1885 JAMES- 1889 1891 ELIZA 1897 -HILDA

1883 m Laura THISTLETON m1 Dorothy-Janie Williams | 1894 1900

m Jennie | Clymo 1887 m2 Dorothy-May Herring |

| Prisk | 1______|__________ |______________________________________


MAE | 1915

____________|___________________________ m Marjorie Andrews

ROSETTA- PHYLLIS- EDWIN-GEORGE |__________________________________________


1908 1912 1916 1940 1947

m Enid-Mary Whear m Margaret Brown



1943 1945 1947

m Irena-Dorota Kucz



1969 1973

NOTES ON ST ERTH FAMILY 4 (WILLIAM born 1813 see St Erth Family 2) part A
WILLIAM-THISTLETON born 22JUL1840 Phillack (see certificate), baptised 06DEC1840 or 29NOV1840 ? Phillack, at 1841 census age 10 months living with parents and grandparents Newlyn, at 1851 census in Charlestown age 10 born Phillick [Phillack], at 1861 census unmarried labourer age 20 living at parents’ home Newlyn, at 1871 census unmarried blacksmith age 30 born Fellock [Phillack] lodger with father at Elizabeth Rutter’s house Grade district, at 1881 census unmarried engine driver age 42 born Hayle living with sister EMMA who was housekeeper at Corlean Ruan Minor, died 19AUG1887 Ruan Minor Lizard blacksmith bachelor, administration principal dated 10SEP1887 to father WILLIAM labourer

GEORGE-HENRY born approx. 1842 Penzance (no record of this birth has been found), at 1851 census age 9, at 1861 census unmarried labourer age 19 living at parents’ home Newlyn, married 22NOV1862 Paul stone mason of Newlyn age 21 (marriage certificate), or 16NOV1861 Newlyn (on birth certificates of children born in Scotland which made the first-born legitimate), journeyman mason of Fradgan (Newlyn) Paul parish at birth of WILLIAM(-DOWNING) 1863, marble mason journeyman Fradgan (Newlyn) at birth of SARAH-WILLIAMS 1867, marble mason of Liddell Street North Shields Northumberland at birth of son GEORGE-HENRY 1871 and daughter MARY-ELIZABETH 1873, at 1871 census head of household age 29 born Cornwall living Bell Street Turpin’s Bank North Shields Tynemouth Northumberland, at birth of MARY 1875 travelling showman, at birth of MARGARET-DOWNING 1878 a hardware hawker, at birth of ELIZABETH 1886 a shipyard labourer, a chain-maker at marriage of WILLIAM-DOWNING 1887 and a stone-cutter at marriage of daughter SARAH-WILLIAMS 1892, died 08MAY1895 age 53 at 18 Albert Street Govan of heart disease informant WILLIAM son of 41 Albert Street Govan death certificate gave mother as Elizabeth Daaris and father’s occupation as a brewer (presumably errors due to lack of knowledge of offspring)

x MARY-HARVEY born September quarter 1841 Penzance district vol. 9 page 218, at 1851 census scholar age 9 born Paul living with father William shipwright age 35 in Fradgan Newlyn, at 1861 census cap maker age 19 born Paul living with father William shipwright age 45 in Fradgan Newlyn, spinster age 21 of Newlyn at marriage father William Downing ship’s carpenter, at 1871 census wife age 29 born Cornwall, died 1917 age 76 in Govan

ELIZABETH-ANN born 16JUL1843 Chy-an-dour (Penzance) Madron Parish see certificate, baptised 03DEC1843 Gulval family living Cliff Madron, at 1851 census age 7 born St Earth, at 1861 census unmarried age 17 living at parents’ home Newlyn, may be ELIZABETH-ANN born 1844 approx unmarried domestic servant age 27 in home of Barnes family Madron at 1871 census, married Willis

EDWIN born 1847 approx. St Earth (no record found), at 1851 census age 4 born St Earth, at 1861 census unmarried labourer age 15 born St Just living at parents’ home Newlyn, probably EDWIN “of same place was find 2s 6d and costs for a similar offence” [as William Thomas of Ruan Minor for being drunk and riotous on the 25th June] (County Petty Sessions page 5 West Briton 28JUL1870, may = EDWARD of Unconnected Family 51 who in 1881 census born 1851 approx. Hayle engine driver Middlesbrough, died March quarter 1894 age 47 of Middlesbrough, if this connection is correct it was his younger brother THOMAS-THISTLETON 1857 who visited him.

NOTES ON ST ERTH FAMILY 4 (continued) part A
EMMA-JANE born 22JAN1848 St Erth, baptised 30DEC1869 parish not known, at 1851 census age 3 born St Earth, at 1861 census ‘unreadable’ scholar age 13 living at parents’ home Newlyn, at 1871 census of Phillack unmarried housekeeper age 21 at 1 Commercial Road Phillack, at 1881 census of Hayle unmarried housekeeper age 30 in house of brother WILLIAM-THISTLETON at Corlean Ruan Minor, married Gould, died 31MAY1919 at death lived 42 Wellington Road Maidenhead Buckinghamshire, will (Oxford)

THOMAS born 02SEP1849 Charlestown St Austell mother ELIZABETH née Thistleton and father WILLIAM labourer (see certificate), baptised 1857 Phillack

SARAH-WILLIAMS born 23JUL1851 Charlestown St Austell (see certificate), died 23MAR1859 of smallpox not vaccinated age 7 father William of Newlyn Paul (see death certificate), death notice in Royal Cornwall Gazette 01APR1859 ( ), note probably fits in here as named after grandmother and born and died between censuses

HONOR-THISTLETON born 15NOV1854 (approx. 1857 see 1871 census) St Austell district (5c149), baptised 12APR1869 or 15NOV1869 ? Phillack, at 1861 census scholar age 6 living at parents’ home Newlyn, gardener’s labourer at 1871 census age 14 visiting home of James and Mary Guy and James’ mother Honor in Paul district 5 schedule 033, or at 1871 census age 16 approx. born Paul visiting Batten family in Paul district 5 schedule 34, married December quarter 1878 Penzance district William Warren of St John's Street Hayle

NOTES ON ST ERTH FAMILY 4 (continued) part A
THOMAS-THISTLETON of Camborne, born 31JUL1857 St Just, baptised 30DEC1869 parish not known, at 1861 census age 3 living at parents’ home Newlyn, at 1871 census of Phillack scholar age 13 at 1 Commercial Road Phillack, married 1880, at 1881 census a serpentine turner (at the Lizard ?) age 25 son-in-law living with Caroline’s parents at Magor Illogan, serpentine turner of Roscroggan at baptism of THOMAS 1883 and of 14 Albert Street Camborne at baptisms of WILLIAM-CHARLES 1885 EDWIN-JAMES 1887 and HERBERT 1889, agent for Allan Line Royal Mail Steamers to USA and Canada and living at 14 Albert Street (adverts in Cornishman at various dates around 09FEB1888 ), lived Church Lane Tuckingmill in 1891, miner (tin dresser) of Waterstile (Tuckingmill) at baptisms of GEORGE 1891 HELENA-ELIZA 1894 LEONARD 1897 and FLORENCE-HILDA 1900, maybe owner of children’s swings used at Illogan’s Board School outing to Tehidy (Cornishman 01JUL1897 ), he ran chip van (a photograph is available), "T. Tregenza the chip-potato man" advertisement for a man helper (04OCT & 01NOV1900 Cornishman , "T. Tregenza chip-potato man" (04APR 11APR & 06JUN1901 Cornishman, advertisement for helper "Apply T.Tregenza Chip Potato Purveyor Camborne (16&23JUL&08OCT1903 Cornishman, coal dealer at marriage of WILLIAM-CHARLES 1908, at 1911 census head of household married fish and chip potato vendor (fried fish shop) age 53 born St Just Cornwall living 83 Trelowarren Street Camborne, visited related Tregenzas in Middlesbrough (Yorkshire), also said (no records found to support family story) to have run a longboat to the Isles of Scilly (where his mother was from - possibly his father did and met his wife to be - again no records found), died 12APR1935 age 77 of 6 Church Street Camborne, will dated 25MAY1935 (Bodmin) to LEONARD musician

x CAROLINE born 1858 approx. Illogan, at 1881 census age 24, at 1911 census wife age 54 born Roscroggan Illogan Cornwall living 83 Trelowarren Street Camborne, died 05MAY1935 Camborne of 6 Church Street Camborne, administration dated 09OCT1935 (Bodmin) to LEONARD musician

NOTES ON ST ERTH FAMILY 4 (continued) part A
THOMAS-THISTLETON born December quarter 1882 Redruth district, baptised 18JAN1883 Tuckingmill, may be "Mr. T. Tregenza who left on Friday for South Africa with good wishes from a great number of friends. A very heart reception service was held at Tuckingmill ...." (01OCT1903 Cornishman ), "of Trelowarren Street Camborne, left Friday " 27May1904 "for Calumet North America. His workmates, his leaving them, presented him with a shaving outfit" (02JUN1904 Cornishman ) [either Calumet Chicago Illinois or Calumet near Oklahoma City], arrived Ellis Island USA 05JUN1904 age 21 single English on Saint Paul from Southampton last residence Cornwall , also "Tregenza (Trelowarren Street) for America. ... on the new liner Lusitania" (10OCT1907 Cornishman, mentioned in "news from foreign mining camps" (06FEB1908 Cornishman, married 28MAR1908 Laurium Houghton Michigan USA, "[Thomas] Tregenza jun. formerly of Trelowarren Street Camborne met with [a] painful accident whilst following his duty [as] a miner in the 3[rd] shaft of the branch of ..." Camborne man injured in America (13OCT1910


WILLIAM-CHARLES born 10MAR1885 Camborne, baptised 10JUN1885 Tuckingmill, married 26MAR1908 parish church Camborne fitter bachelor age 23 of Trelowarren Street, at 1911 census head of household married fitter in a safety fuse works age 26 born ‘County of Cornwall Town’ [?] living Dolcoath Terrace Camborne, died 08SEP1948 buried Camborne Parish church but went to Centenary Methodist Church, lived at 104 Trelowarren Street Camborne at death, will dated 09SEP1949 (Bodmin) left £1005 to widow LAURA

x LAURA born 1886 approx., spinster age 22 at marriage, at 1911 census wife age 25 born Camborne living Dolcoath Terrace Camborne, relatives in Tombstone Arizona USA

EDWIN-JAMES-THISTLETON born 15FEB1887 Camborne, baptised 21APR1887 Tuckingmill, arrived Ellis Island 1907 age 20 residence Camborne, arrived Ellis Island USA 12OCT1907 age 20 single English on the Philadelphia from Southampton last residence Camborne England , possibly JAMES Tregenza in News from Foreign Mining Camps (01OCT1908 Cornishman, possible "JAMES Tregenza will wrestle tomorrow afternoon at catch weight Cornish Style for 50 dollars a side ... [at] ... White House saloon" New from Foreign Mining Camps (21OCT1909 Cornishman, departed 26FEB1913 miner age 25 on ship Oceanic from Southampton to New York arrived Ellis Island USA 26FEB1913 age 26 single English on the Oceanic from Southampton last residence Camborne England , lived in USA (possibly Ironwood Idaho), probably EDWIN- JAMES born 15FEB1886 of Shoshone Idaho at time of World War I draft registration had brother (GEORGE?) stationed Presidio California, no children, lived Los Angeles (70) social security number 544-14-8188, died 05SEP1965 California age 78 (79?) as born 15FEB1886 !

NOTES ON ST ERTH FAMILY 4 (continued) part A
HERBERT-LESLIE born 27JAN1889 Camborne, baptised 14MAR1889 Tuckingmill, at 1911 census son single moulder in iron foundry age 22 born Albert Street Camborne Cornwall living with parents, married September quarter 1913 Redruth district, 1939 Kelly’s directory Herbert Tregenza and Sons fried fish sellers and confectioners 6 Church Street Camborne, probably is HERBERT second marriage 17JUN1940 St Michael’s Church Chiswick widower fish merchant age 51 living 50 St Mary’s Grove Chiswick father THOMAS deceased fish merchant, died 08AUG1943 Camborne of 4 Church Street Camborne, will dated 08FEB1944 (Llandudno) to widow DOROTHY-MAY

x DOROTHEY-JANE born 1890 Camborne, died 21DEC1938 Camborne of 4 Church Road Camborne wife of HERBERT fishmonger, administration dated 24JAN1939 (Bodmin)

x DOROTHY-MAY born 1900 approx., at marriage spinster age 40 drapery buyer of St Mary’s Grove Chiswick, may be DOROTHY-MAY died widow 13JUN1956 at death lived Melrose Highfields Close Rough Common Canterbury and administration (London) dated 05SEP1956

GEORGE born 01JUN1891 Waterstile, baptised 30JUL1891 Tuckingmill, probably G. Tregenza who won prize for attendance at Beacon School Camborne for four years following (27DEC1900 Royal Cornwall Gazette ), "son of Mr T. Tregenza Trelowarren Street Camborne, is scholar at Roskear Board school (31DEC1903 Cornishman, at 1911 census son single assistant in family business age 19 born Waterstile Camborne Cornwall living with parents, arrived Ellis Island USA 20MAR1912 age 20 single English on Olympic from Southampton last residence Camborne England , may have married, died 29FEB1952 Sonoma California USA age 60

HELENA-ELIZA born 12JAN1894 Waterstile, baptised 08MAR1894 Tuckingmill, at 1911 census single daughter assistant in family business age 17 born Waterstile Camborne Cornwall living with parents, married Harold Trythall December quarter 1915 Redruth district

LEONARD born 12AUG1897 Waterstile, baptised 20OCT1897 Tuckingmill, at 1911 census single son at school age 13 born Waterstile Camborne Cornwall living with parents, musician Camborne, no children, possibly married Stevens March quarter 1928 Redruth district, 20JUL1934 LEONARD and his Rainbow Orchestra played at Coverack Cricket Club dance and Foundry Dance Hall(23JUL1934 26NOV1930 Western Morning News, pianist at Tuckingmill Nativity play (13JAN1935 Western Morning News, died 24NOV1965 of 11 Cross Street Camborne, administration dated 21DEC1965 (Bodmin) to Helena-Eliza Trythall married woman (his sister)

FLORENCE-HILDA born 31MAR1900 Waterstile, baptised 02JUL1900 Tuckingmill, at 1911 census daughter at school age 11 born Waterstile Camborne Cornwall living with parents, married John Sandow December quarter 1926 Redruth district

NOTES ON ST ERTH FAMILY 4 (continued) part A
HERBERT-LESLIE born June quarter 1914 Camborne (5c336 Redruth district), married March quarter 1938 Penzance district, died 15DEC1957 Camborne of 2 Sea View Higher Pengegon Camborne, administration dated 05MAR1958 (Bodmin) to MAJORIE widow

MARJORIE born 1913 Penzance, died 1979 Redruth


MAE now in USA

NOTES ON ST ERTH FAMILY 4 (continued) part A
HERBERT-LESLIE-COLIN born March quarter 1940 Redruth district (Camborne), married March quarter 1970 Redruth district

x MARGARET mother née Tregenza Unconnected Family 21

LINDA-JANE born September quarter 1947 Redruth district (Camborne), married Michael-James Mills (born 1946 White Cross) June quarter 1967 Redruth district; possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced.
ROSETTA-MAUD born December quarter 1908 Redruth district, at 1911 census daughter age 2 born Camborne living with parents, married Dale December quarter 1934 Islington district

PHYLLIS-CAROLINE, born March quarter 1912 Redruth district, married Rundle December quarter 1939 Redruth district

EDWIN-GEORGE-THISTLETON born NOV1916 Redruth district (record in December quarter), married December quarter 1939 Redruth district: possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced.


MICHAEL-EDWIN born 19JUN1943 (September quarter) Camborne (Redruth district), married 07AUG1968 Zamosc Poland, divorced; possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced

x IRENA-DOROTA born 07JUL1945 Zamosc Poland, divorced UK, remarried UK; possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced

PATRICIA-ANN born 07MAR1945 Redruth district, married Barry-Percy Knowles September quarter 1966 Penzance district; possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced.
YVONNE-HELEN born 17MAR1947 Redruth district, married Jose December quarter 1967 Penzance district; possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced
NIKOLAS-PAUL born 14OCT1969 Penzance

ALEXIS-MICHAEL-LUDOMIR born 27JAN1973 Ashford Middlesex (Surrey N district)


Part B



DOWNING 1867 1871 1873 1875 -DOWNING 1886

1863 1878

m Susan McKim




HENRY -JOHN ALEXANDER 1894 1896 1898 1900 1902 1903 MILLAR

1887 - 1890 1892 m Margaret-Haworth Ruddock 1906

m Marion m1Annie Nugent

Gordon m2 Lizzie-Sheret Bushnell

Crawford |





m Margaret Brannan Boyd

WILLIAM-DOWNING born 18MAR1863 Fradgan (Newlyn) Paul, baptised 01JUN1863 Paul or 25DEC1864 Paul, at 1871 census age 6 born Cornwall living with parents, married 31DEC1886 St Michael’s Episcopal church Govan Glasgow Lanark journeyman riveter bachelor age 22 of 23 Albert Street Govan, journeyman riveter at births of all children, at 1891 census riveter 41 Albert Street Govan head of household born England age 26, riveter at marriages of WILLIAM-JOHN 1914 and 1920 GEORGE-HENRY 1916 and DANIEL 1927, died 07AUG1939 age 74 retired riveter of chronic myocarditis congestion and senility at 1301 Govan Road Glasgow but usual residence 38 Fairfield Street Glasgow Govan informant son G.- H. Tregenza of 17 Fairfield Street Glasgow

x SUSAN born 1863 approx. Govan, at marriage ?sick? warehouseman spinster age 22 of 7 Albert Street Govan, at 1891 census age 26, died 1949 age 86 Provan Glasgow

SARAH-WILLIAMS born 13APR1867 Fradgan Newlyn Paul Parish (see certificate), at 1871 census scholar age 3 in Paul in house of William Downing her grandfather, at 1881 census scholar age 13 living 13 Fradgan Newlyn in household of grandfather William Downing, at 1891 census housekeeper single age 23 born Newlyn living with her grandfather William Bonning (should be Downing) and uncle also William Bonning, marriage 27MAR1892 St Paul parish church spinster age 24 of Newlyn married Edward-James Pentreath (born 1864, died MAR1924) bachelor age 26 fisherman of Mousehole witness William Downing (her grandfather, uncle or maternal cousin) (see also Pedigree Resource File and SRRJ-J3Z), children Richard (22DEC1893-1988) and Edward-James (15OCT1895-JUN1971), 02APR1911 living in Paul, died DEC1936 Isle of Wight (Pedigree Resource File

GEORGE-HENRY born 24JAN1871 at Liddell Street North Shields Northumberland, at 18871 census age 0 born Northumberland living with parents

MARY-ELIZABETH born 17MAR1873 Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland, died 1874 age 2 Clyde Glasgow

MARY born 27AUG1875 at 68 Bridgegate Blackfriars Glasgow, probably married Francis McDonald see 1901 census for her sister ELIZABETH 1886

MARGARET-DOWNING born 13MAR1878 at 214 Main Street Glasgow, died 1950 age 71 Tradeston probably married O’Hara Grant (associated surname)

ELIZABETH born 04APR1886 at Albert Street Govan, at 1901 census dressmaker age 14 visitor to household of Francis and Mary McDonald 5 Green Road Joker Refrew, died 1966 age 80 Johnstone Refrewshire probably married Grant (associated surname)

NOTES ON ST ERTH FAMILY 4 (continued) part B
GEORGE-HENRY born 24NOV1887 at 54 Windsor Street Govan, at 1891 census age 3, married 31MAR1916 Govan Parish church Glasgow journeyman shipwright bachelor age 28 of 38 Fairfield Street Govan, died 1957 age 69 Govan

x MARION-GORDON born 1888 approx. at marriage widow (Mrs Montgomery née Crawford) age 27 of 17 Fairfield Street Govan, died 1956 age 67 Provan Glasgow

WILLIAM-JOHN born 08DEC1890 at 41 Albert Street Govan, at 1891 census age 3 months, married 13/30OCT1914 at 3 ?Nether Avenue Pollockshields Glasgow according to United Free Church ship plater (apprentice) bachelor of 38 Fairfield Street, ship plater (apprentice) at birth of WILLIAM- DOWNING, married 02APR1920 St Kenneth’s Parish church Govan journeyman ship plater widower age 29 of 38 Fairfield Street Govan

x ANNIE born 1891 approx. at marriage wire weaver spinster place living cannot be read in the record, died 1916 age 25 Glasgow Hillhead with associated surname Ford

x LIZZIE-SHERET born 1885 approx., tinware worker age 35 living 12 Holmfauldhead? Drive Govan formerly married to Edward Murch from whom she obtained a decree of divorce 12DEC1918 (mother’s maiden name Sheret), died age 71 Provan Glasgow

THOMAS-ALEXANDER born 02AUG1892 at 15 Older Mark Street Govan, died 1894 age 2 Govan

BEATRICE born 10NOV1894 at 850 Govan Road Govan, died 1952 age 57 Govan probably married McDonald (associated surname)

MARY born 27SEP1896 at 41 Albert Street Govan, died 1900 age 4

ARTHUR 21JUN1898 at 41 Albert Street Govan, died 1899 age 2 Govan

DANIEL born 11MAR1900 at 41 Albert Street Govan, married 14JUL1927 according to Baptist church at wife’s home rock builder’s labourer bachelor age 27 of 38 Fairfield Street Govan, died 1930 age 30 Cathcart Glasgow

x MARGARET-HOWARTH born 1901 approx., at marriage canvas stenciller spinster age 26 of 74 Queen Street Glasgow, died 1983 age 81 Glasgow City (related surname McDonald)

FRANCIS born 24JAN1902 80 King Street Govan, died 1902 age 0

ELIZABETH born 19JUL1903 80 King Street Govan, died 1968 age 65 Glasgow probably married to Gibson (associated surname)

JANET-MILLAR born 17SEP1906 41 Albert Street Govan, died 1907 age 1 Govan

NOTES ON ST ERTH FAMILY 4 (continued) part B
WILLIAM-DOWNING born 19NOV1915 at 4 Broomloan Road Govan, married 1940 Tradeston district Glasgow lived 719 Govan Road Glasgow, document BT/395/1 reference 7693 from gives medals (from second world war issued to merchant seamen) as “1939” “IT” “AT” “PA” and “WM”, grey eyes, auburn hair, fresh complexion, height 5 feet 9 inches, carpenter on Andalucia Star - all according to seaman’s identity card (1960) from, died 27FEB1989 at 60 Forfar Avenue Glasgow of carcinoma of the tongue retired assistant harbour master widower age 73

x MARGARET died 1987 age 72 Glasgow City

Constructed from information from:

  1. Unconnected Families 39 (Camborne/Ruan), 47 (Redruth) and 75 (Camborne) were added to this family (see below)

  2. Unconnected Family 102 (Newlyn) was added to this family as part B (see part B below)

  3. recollections of MICHAEL-EDWIN 1943 and family with some of the dust covers he designed

  4. Lyn Nash including 1881 census information on THOMAS-THISTLETON

  5. a letter from Joan Trythall of Camborne

  6. a letter from EDWIN-GEORGE-THISTLETON of Hayle

  7. an email from Bettina Hughes grand-daughter of FLORENCE-HILDA

  8. RootsWeb’s WorldConnect Project: Knowles, Edwards and related names and email from Steven Knowles about PATRICIA-ANN married Barry-Percy Knowles

  9. message from Jack Sandow son of FLORENCE-HILDA on Tregenza message board

  10. email from Jonathan MacNamara-Dale great grandson of ROSETTA-MAUD

  11. Phillack parish records copied by Arthur Childs via his cousin Alice Morrell

  12. Phillack parish records copied from Lorraine Thistleton

  13. USA social security death records from and

  14. Cornwall Online Parish Clerks’ baptisms

  15. IGI and family group records from including batch M019513 giving the marriage of THOMAS-T to Jennie Prisk

  16. the marriage certificates of WILLIAM-CHARLES to Laura Clymo 1908 and HERBERT to Dorothy-May Herring 1940

  17. birth certificates SARAH-WILLIAMS 1851, THOMAS 1849 and WILLIAM-THISTLETON 1840

  18. records of wills and administrations

  19. USA civilian draft registration database on

  20. Cornwall strays project 1881 in Yorkshire on

  21. passenger records from



  24. Pedigree Resource File and /SRRJ-J3Z also /33MC-GCD

  25. 1851, 1861, 1871 1881, 1891 census records from direct reading of fiche, Kindred Konnections,, and plus 1911 census from (see below)
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