The tregenza family

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part A JOHN


m1 Eleanor Franklyn

m2 Mary-Ann Patey



1816 FRANKLYN 1820 1822 -ANN 1826 1829 1831 PATEY

1819 1825 m1 Mary West 1834

m2 Esther Smith |

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1854 1856 1858 1859

m Ellen-Bush Biscoe m Rosina-Helen Kerbey

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1879 1880 1883 1883 1890

m Mabel Jones m Ada Groves m Olive Evans

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FLORENCE-MARY FRANK-ERNEST |________ |__________

1924 1934 ANNIE-R DAPHNE-A

m Sheila-Claire Evans 1914 1920



1963 1968

m Nicola Brook



2005 2006

JOHN born 1784, served in the Devon & Cornwall Militia (Royal Miners) 03AUG1803-1811, captain from 1808 approx., was servant to Abraham Lloyd Edridge at Pockeridge House Corsham Wiltshire until 1816, first marriage 21DEC1815 Corsham Wiltshire (JOHN of this parish), became chief turnkey Ilchester Gaol JAN1817, NOV1819 moved from Ilchester to Bedford as keeper of the new House of Correction, second marriage 13JUL1832 St Augustine the Less Bristol, salaries etc. in houses of correction that he ran as follows:













Northampton Mercury



£20-0s-0d **



Northampton Mercury



£20-0s-0d **



Northampton Mercury



£20-0s-0d **




Northampton Mercury



£20-0s-0d **



Northampton Mercury



£20-0s-0d **




Huntingdon, Bedford & Peterborough Gazette



£20-0s-0d **




Huntingdon, Bedford & Peterborough Gazette



£20-0s-0d **




Northampton Mercury







Huntingdon, Bedford & Peterborough Gazette






Huntingdon, Bedford & Peterborough Gazette


* one year’s salary and expenses ** Mrs Tregenza

1834 moved from house of correction to become Governor of Bedford gaol Northampton Mercury 18OCT1834 and 01NOV1834 ( ), stipend increased to £200 Northampton Mercury 11APR1835 ( ), appointed a commissioner for taking affidavits in the county of Bedford by the Insolvent Court 16MAY1835 Northampton Mercury ( ), involved in design of a new gaol Hertford Mercury and Reformer ( 21OCT1843 continued as governor until he died in service 16FEB1849 Bedford St Paul's, newspaper articles of this period show his activity in gaol justice and court matters and also as a prize-winning flower vegetable and fruit grower (, also article in Who do you think you are ? magazine on his regularly taking prisoners from Bedford Gaol to prison hulks such as the Justicia (information from Les Smith in 2012), buried 22FEB1849 (quarter 1, volume 6 page 30), grave in St Paul’s churchyard, probably = JOHN 1784 of Unconnected Family 4 (St Mewan) as Joseph Sibley Tregenza of Corsham married Ann Downing 22SEP1818 Chippenham. Unlikely to be JOHN 1783 St Erth Family 1

x ELEANOR (=ELLEN) born about 1793, of Corsham parish when married (second daughter of John Franklyn of College Green Bristol perfumer and hairdresser), died 16JUN1831 giving birth to ELIZABETH, buried 21JUN1831, grave Bedford St Paul's churchyard.

x MARY-ANN born 1797 (1806 in Pedigree Resource File, became matron House of Correction, 1841 census matron age 35, died June quarter 1846 Bedford district vol. 6 page 22, death notice in Northampton Mercury 02MAY1846 ( ) died Sunday 26APR1846 age 45 at Bedford.

CATHARINE born 21SEP1816 Corsham Wiltshire – no further trace – may be daughter who died in 1820

WILLIAM-JOHN-FRANKLYN born 29NOV1819 Bedford, JAN1834 clerk to William Rogers attorney of Bedford, at 1841 census Bullock Market St Ives Huntingdonshire – possibly a solicitor, died 17DEC1847 at Chatteris Isle of Ely Cambridgeshire from haemoptysis 5 years certified, 24DEC1847 Northampton Mercury had his death notice giving consumption at the cause of death ( ), attorney’s clerk at death, buried 22DEC1847 with mother Bedford St Paul's churchyard [14/86 North Witchford district]

?daughter referred to in a letter from JOHN, appeared to have died London 1820, maybe CATHARINE 1816

ELLEN baptised 02JAN1822 (21JAN1822 in Pedigree Resource File) St Paul’s Bedford (IGI), died 06JAN1843 Manchester Salford district, death notice in Hertford Mercury and Reformer ( )

MARY-ANN born 06MAY1825 Bedford, baptised 06APR1825 Bedford St Paul’s (IGI), at 1851 census unmarried teacher living with brother JOHN in Adelaide Square, married George Miller (a tailor of 4 High Street) September quarter 1852 Bedford (3b 540), died June quarter 1899 age 74 Bedford district volume 3b page 199

JOHN baptised 01NOV1826 St Paul’s Bedford (IGI), baptised 14FEB1829 Bedford St Paul mother Ellen (IGI), note undated apprenticeship indenture of John Tregenza to William Lowe draper document DDX171/62/34 Bedford and Luton Archives (see, at 1841 census Northampton apprentice draper to William Lowe in Gold Street born 1827 approx., first marriage 24DEC1850 St Pancras Register Office, at 1851 census married to MARY draper age 24 living Adelaide Square, 1855-1856 draper and insurance agent for Unity Fire and life insurance association Herts. Guardian 29SEP1855 Hertford Mercury 06OCT1855 and 27DEC1856, JAN1861 auctioneer selling a butcher’s shop and house St Mary’s Street Bedford (Northampton Mercury 12JAN1861 at 1861 census head of household auctioneer and accountant married age 34 born Bedford living 21 Adelaide Square St Paul’s Bedford, 38 Mill Street Bedford, Canning Street Bedford, 1863 poster for sale by auction at the Rose Inn Bedford by J. Tregenza and solicitors Messrs Whyley and Piper of lot 1 ‘genteel’ brick and slate dwelling house in Thurlo Street close to Gwyn Street occupied by Mrs Dockeray ‘a very desirable tenant’ lot 2 brick and slate document reference number Z 965/12/3 see, probably the Mr Tregenza involved in meeting about the Royal Wedding celebrations at Bedford (Stamford Mercury 06MAR1863 ), 28FEB1863 second marriage 12JAN1865 Bedford St Cuthbert, died 19FEB1866 of 31 St Cuthbert’s Street Bedford auctioneer, left less than £200 in will proved 22JUN1866 at Northampton by oath of Esther Tregenza widow the relict and sole executrix

x MARY born 1822 approx. St Luke’s Middlesex, at 1861 census wife of auctioneer and accountant age 37 born Middlesex, died December quarter 1864 Bedford volume 3b page 225

x ESTHER born 16JUL1823 St Helena south Atlantic Ocean, married Mr Smith as née Henley, died 15JAN1907 Coburg Victoria South Australia

JOSEPH baptised 14FEB1829 Paul’s Bedford (IGI), prevented from getting apprentice fees paid by Harpur Charity Trustees as father not a householder but this was rescinded and fees paid Hertford Mercury and Reformer 18JUN1842, 16JUL1842 and 13AUG1842 ( ), died JAN-FEB1850 (March quarter, volume 6 page 26), buried 08FEB1850 Bedford St Paul's

ELIZABETH born 16JUN1831 (mother died in giving birth to her), age 16 asked for father's pension in 1849, probably at 1851 census unmarried shopwoman age 19 born Bedford living 1 New Bond Street Buildings Saint Michael Bath Somerset, first marriage 05JAN1856 Bedford Register Office to Joseph Miller watchmaker, at 1861 census at 25 High Street Bedford, second marriage 09MAR1873 Hemel Hempstead to John Gillett a farm bailiff, lived Blockley Worcestershire and Chipping Campden Gloucestershire, 1901 census lived ‘Hilgil’ St Andrew’s Road Henley on Thames Oxfordshire, died 29SEP1921 Henley volume 3a page 878, will 27JAN1915 at 11 Fairmile Henley-on-Thames mentions nephews and nieces FRANK, JOHN and FLORRIE

BENJAMIN-PATEY and offspring see part B of the family

FRANK born 03OCT1854 Adelaide Square Bedford, baptised 31OCT1860 St Paul's Bedford, at 1861 census age 6 born Bedford living with parents, at 1871 census assistant warehouseman Friday Street Cheapside London, married 01SEP1877 Ampthill Bedfordshire warehouseman Finsbury Square London, DEC1878 living at Ross Villas Truro Road Wood Green Middlesex, SEP1880 living 13 Daleview Road Tottenham London, at 1881 census head of household married warehouseman age 26 born Bedford living 13 Daleview Road Tottenham Middlesex, 25FEB1888 newspaper advertisement for a girl general servant in a small family apply Mrs Tregenza 13 Daleview Road (Essex Newsman, at 1891 census married warehouseman age 36 born Bedford living 13 Daleview Road Tottenham Middlesex, 07JAN1893 attended annual dinner of the Birmingham branch of the UK Commercial Travellers’ Association at the Swan Hotel, 1894 living Acock’s Green (now Birmingham), SEP1897 at Clovelly Yardley Road Acock’s Green, APR1900 commercial traveller, 15SEP1900 prizes for roses at Dahlia and vegetable show Acock’s Green Birmingham Daily Post ), at 1911 census widower jobbing gardener age 57 born Bedford Bedfordshire living as boarder with his son in house of Mr and Mrs Jones at Blakeney Yardley Road South Yardley Solihull Warwickshire, DEC1915 living 188 Yardley Road Acock’s Green, APR1922 living 188 Yardley Road, died 22NOV1924 Birmingham South, buried 27NOV1924 Yardley Cemetery grave 4283 section 5 (opposite 188 Yardley Road)

x ELLEN-BUSH born 23NOV1855 Enfield Middlesex, family history known (father died 10JAN1894 by suicide by poison), at 1881 census married age 25 born Enfield Middlesex, at 1891 census married age 35 born Enfield, died 06MAR1899 Solihull district Birmingham, buried Yardley Cemetery

JOHN-RICHARD born 31OCT1856 Bedford district, baptised 31OCT1860 St Paul's Bedford(IGI), at 1861 census age 5 born Bedford living with parents, at 1881 census soldier in 95th regiment South Camp Aldershot Hants, married September quarter 1881 Stepney district, warehouseman of 39 Diggow Street Mile End Middlesex at birth of HILDA-ISABELLA 1883, woollen warehouseman in 1890, lived 16 Dunmow Road Wanstead Essex 1890, at 1891 census married woollen warehouseman age 36 born Bedford Bedfordshire living 80 Trumpington Road Wanstead London Essex, at 1901 census head of household export packer age 43 born Bedford living 2 Wragby Road Cann Hall (Romford) Essex, at 1911 census head of household married shipping clerk age 54 born Bedford Bedfordshire living 42 Davis Lane Low Leyton West Ham Essex, clerk at marriage of HILDA-ISABELLA 1912, died 26AUG1927 at 1 Old Church Road Romford but at death lived at ‘Oliver’ Salisbury Road Romford Essex, will (London) probate dated 22SEP1927 £515/5/8 to PERCY-EDGAR warehouseman and JOHN-EDWARD cashier

x ROSINA-HELEN born 19JUL1858 Stepney Middlesex, at 1891 census age 30 born Stepney London, at 1901 census ROSE wife age 40 born Stepney Middlesex, at 1911 census wife married age 52 born Stepney Green, died December quarter 1938 age 81 Romford District volume 4a page 382

FLORENCE (=FLORRIE) born 15JAN1858 Bedford, baptised 31OCT1860 Bedford St Paul’s (IGI), at 1861 census age 3 born Bedford living with parents, married 14NOV1882 St Matthew’s Church Stretford William Faulkner (eldest son of a farmer of Stretford Road Urmston Lancashire) service by Rev. Dudley Hart M.A. Rector assisted by Rev. E. Harwood Cooke M.A. vicar of Urmston)( Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser 18NOV1882 ), at 1901 census at Hall Farm Moorside Road Davyhulme Manchester, husband died 11MAY1901, in 1914 at Calderbank Hollins Grove Brooklands Cheshire (Slater’s directory), died 17FEB1933 Bucklow district Cheshire March quarter volume 81 page 365

HARRIET-MARIA born Bedford 04NOV1859 (3b305), baptised 31OCT1860 St Paul's Bedford (IGI), at 1861 census Hariett-A. age 1 born Bedford living with parents, at 1871 census age 11 born Bedfordshire as her mother and father were dead she was living with aunt (Harriet’s mother’s sister) and her family at Cemetery Road St Peter Bedford, at 1881 census annuitant age 21 living with uncle John Gillet in Blockley Worcestershire (Gloucestershire since 1931), probably Miss Tregenza who arranged flowers for a confirmation ceremony at Blockley parish church (24MAY1884 Worcester Journal ), probably Miss Tregenza elected for Blockley to the Worcester Association of Manager and Teachers of Church Schools (14MAR1885 Worcester Journal and Worcester Chronicle ), probably Miss Tregenza present at a public meeting in Blockley for the Conservative candidate (28NOV1885 Worcester Journal ), married 05MAY1888 at Blockley parish church Worcestershire to Henry-Louis Mayland a Great Western Railway employee (son of butler at Northwick House Blockley Worcestershire), at 1891 census at Albert Street Droitwich Worcestershire, died 26AUG1894 age 34 Teignmouth Devon September quarter 1894 Newton Abbot district volume 5b page 65

EDITH-HILL born March quarter 1879 Edmonton district, at 1881 census age 2 born Wood Green living with parents, at 1891 census single age 12 born Wood Green living with parents, married 17APR1900 St Paul’s parish church Birmingham to Augustine Cockram (son of George Woodbury Cockram three times mayor of Tiverton Devon), living at 43 Vyse Street Birmingham at marriage, at 1901 census living Richmond Park Road Olton Solihull Warwickshire, lived 58 Nassau Road Barnes in 1950s, died 25OCT1955 in St John’s Hospital Battersea London after partial amputation of her left leg after an extended illness

HARRY-ERNEST born 30SEP1880 Tottenham sub-district of Edmonton district at 13 Daleview Road Stamford Hill, at 1881 census age 0 born Stamford Hill living with parents, at 1891 census single age 10 born Stamford Hill living with parents, around 1894 attended Wellesbourne School Acock’s Green Worcestershire now Birmingham, from 01MAR1897 apprentice shopfitter to Messers Harris and Sheldon of Birmingham living with parents, at 1911 census single domestic gardener age 31 born Stamford Hill London living as boarder with father in house of Mr and Mrs Jones Blakeney Yardley Road South Yardley Solihull Warwickshire, an undated catalogue exists of his nursery and gardening business, DEC1915 cellarman and groundsman at Showells Brewery Co. at the Swan Inn Yardley Birmingham, attested (joined army) 03DEC1915, 01SEP1916 posted to France, 03MAY1917 near Arras Pas de Calais shrapnel wound in neck, 21MAY1917 entered Second Western General Hospital Manchester, 14JAN1918 discharged after 230 days in hospital, HENRY-E. on medal card (Victory and British medals) document WO 372/20 Royal Garrison Artillery 73444 gunner 1914-1920 see see also PERCY-EDGAR, 1923-1924 barman possibly at the Swan of Wheatsheaf Coventry Road Sheldon Birmingham, married 29MAY1923 at Register Office for King’s Norton District Birmingham occupation barman address 293 Yardley Road South Yardley Birmingham (father of independent means), APR1924 living 291 Yardley Road, 1927 approx. living 7 Augusta Road Acock’s Green, OCT1928 moved to newly built council house at 16 Dryden Grove Acock’s Green Birmingham 27, died 24JUN1937 Selly Oak Hospital Birmingham 29 occupation landscape gardener, buried 29JUN1937 Yardley Cemetery with his parents, administration dated 24JUL1937 to his widow MABEL

x MABEL born 04APR1897 Walford near Brampton Bryan Herefordshire (father a blacksmith), lived in Wolverhampton 1904 approx., 1920 approx. in service in Manchester area, died 29MAY1975 Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, cremated Yardley cemetery

PERCY-EDGAR born 1882 Gibraltar, at 1891 census age 8 born Gibraltar living with parents, at 1901 census single age 18 born Spain Gibraltar living with parents, at 1911 census son married drapery warehouseman age 28 born Gibraltar Spain living with parents, married 14JUN1913 St John’s Leytonstone Essex (W Ham district) address at marriage 42 Davies Lane, medal card document WO 372/20 Royal Garrison Artillery 111774 gunner 1914-1920 see, clerk and warehouseman, lived Forest Gate, said he traced his family back to market gardeners in Porthleven (no evidence to support this), died 08MAY1957 at 161 Trumpington Road London E7, administration (London) to ADA (widow)

x ADA born 1886 September quarter West Ham district volume 4a page 16, at marriage lived 31 Falmouth Road Stratford and age 26, father (Henry) gas fitter, died 11MAY1959 a widow Whipps Cross Hospital London E11 at death lived 161 Trumpington Road, will (London)

HILDA-ISABELLA born 06SEP1883 39 Diggow Street Mile End Old Town Middlesex, at 1891 census age 7 born Stepney London living with parents, at 1901 census single age 14 born Stepney Middlesex living with parents, at 1911 census daughter no occupation age 27 born Stepney Green living with parents, married 20JUL1912 West Ham Parish church to Victor Combs bachelor age 30 clerk of 29 St James Road, at marriage spinster age 28 of 42 Davies Lane Leytonstone, died June quarter 1939 Romford district volume 4a page 416 age 55

JOHN-EDWARD born 23AUG1890 West Ham, at 1891 census age 7 months born Stratford London living with parents, at 1901 census single age 10 born Essex Leytonstone living with parents, at 1911 census son advertising clerk age 20 born Essex living with parents, cashier, married June quarter 1915 West Ham, president of Ilford Branch of National Federation of Retail Newsagents and presided over annual dinner at Cauliflower Hotel Seven Kings 18NOV1925 (Chelmsford Chronicle, died 10DEC1929 Ilford age 39 at death lived 220 Perth Road Ilford Essex, administration (London) to OLIVE his widow and PERCY-EDGAR (brother)

x OLIVE married Victor Combs (her brother in law – widower of HILDA-ISABELLA) September quarter 1942 Ilford district volume 4a page 1312
FLORENCE-MARY born 03APR1924 in a nursing home 12 Flora Road Hat Mills (Acock’s Green sub-district of Kings Norton) Birmingham district, until 1928 lived 7 Augusta Road Acocks’s Green, 1928 to approx. 1956 lived 16 Dryden Grove Acock’s Green, 1940 approx. Typist at Co-operative Society High Street Birmingham, married Leslie-Norman Smith June quarter 1943 Birmingham district, 1945 approx. typist at a wire rope makers Hay mills, 1953 joined Bakelite Ltd. Tyselely Birmingham as secretary to the Personnel Manager, retired 1982, lived 17 Netherfield Gardens Acock’s Green, son Les, died Marie Curie Centre Solihull 21DEC2002 age 78

FRANK-ERNEST born 24JUN1934 Birmingham district, 1955 approx. National Service in Royal Navy, apprentice at Metropolitan-Cammell Carriage and Wagon Company Saltley Birmingham, later training office at Wimpey Castle Bromwich Birmingham, married 21OCT1961 Shirley Methodist Church Solihull district, 1961-1970 living 69 Milton Road Bentley Heath Solihull Warwickshire, 1970-1996 lived 53 Burman Road Shirley West Midlands, died of asbestos related lung cancer in Solihull Hospital 11OCT1996 age 62, cremated 21OCT1996 Robin hood Cemetery Birmingham

x SHEILA-CLAIRE born 27SEP1938 Solihull district
ANNIE-R born December quarter 1914 Fulham district, died 1924 or 1925, but also there is a record ANNIE-R married Reynolds December quarter 1939 Essex S W district
DAPHNE-A. born September quarter 1920 West Ham; possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced.

JULIE-ANN born 28JUN1963 Solihull district, lives Solihull, married Alan Vanes

ANDREW-MARK born MAY1968 Solihull distric; possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced.

x NICOLA possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced.
OLIVER-THOMAS born 16MAY2005 Bristol

HARVEY-FRANK born 13DEC2006 Bristol

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