The tregenza family

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1841 census Leah St Erth HO107/144/1 folio 42 page 13 (ages to the nearest five years)




ag. lab.





















base child (crossed out)


Lease 05DEC1808 (read in Devon Record Office Exeter and Cornwall Record Office Truro also

Wastrel containing land part of Treven

Rent 5 shillings

Lives Amos Tregenza age 29

Sarah his wife age 28

Amos their son age 8

Lease 01FEB1809 (read in Devon Record Office Exeter also

      1. 1.Francis Rodd of Trebartha Hall Cornwall Esquire

      2. Robert Tregenza of St Erth labourer

Plot of land containing one acre called Way Down part of the Barton and Manor of Trelissick

Rent 5 shillings Heriot 5 shillings

Lives Robert Tregenza the younger age 38

Elizabeth Tregenza age 9

Jenefer age 5


Penny Tregoning nurse of Benbrook Texas USA gives her tree:

m = married

James Hambley m PATIENCE TREGENZA b = born


Hugh (11OCT1806-17OCT1846) m Jane-James Ould


Emily Sarah-Ellen Patience (b16APR1846)

m John Rowe m Martin-John Veall m John Tregoning

_|____ ____|_____________ _____|_______________

Joseph Helen (b26APR1879)…m…William (b26FEB1874/5)

m S Helen |

Wrathall ? m ?

(m24SEP1903) ____________|________

Martin Penny
which gives Emily married John Rowe as grand-daughter not daughter of James and Patience.

Extra information supplied by Ryan Dudley including information that could comes from this family:

a. Overseers of the poor: apprenticeship indentures (these records fit in St Erth family 2 please see)

File – John Tregenza, 10, to Henry Rosewarne of Gurling – ref. PCERT/5/347 – date 26MAY1818

File – Jane Tregenza, 14, to Rich. Carbines of Pen Pons – ref. PCERT/5/349 – date 26MAY1818

b. Bodmin Quarter Sessions Order Books 19OCT1824 (ref. QS/1/10/587-608) Elizabeth Treneery of St Erth indicted for taking clothing, property of Ann Tregenza; transported for seven years.


    • There are women called both Martha Cooch and Martha Roach in St Erth parish in 19th century and late 18th century.

    • CHARLES-WILFRID did not have the baptism dates of Thomas and Jenefer

    • AMOS married SARAH Williams 07NOV1799, leasehold for 1 acre at Trevin Common leased from Francis Rodd 05DEC1808 document 49/1/1/77 Cornwall Record office, thought by a member of Unconnected Family 64 to be parents of AMOS born 22JUN1800 and that he gave rise to Unconnected Family 64 see St Erth Family 2 and UCF64.

    • JOHN born 26FEB1892 St Erth son to Martha Burgess putative father Robert Tregenza

    • JOHN buried 11SEP1793 St Erth.

    • a whitesmith works (often cleaning, filing, polishing etc.) with cold metal (only using a forge to create the basic shape from raw materials) and can work either with white metals such as tin or with black metals such as iron in which case the iron is made shiny (filing and polishing to remove black oxides)

    • JENNIFER 1803 marriage probably incorrect as the father of JANE (who married William Towan in 1838) was THOMAS a miner

    • SALLY born 06SEP1835 St Erth, mother JANE no father (record from Lorraine Thistleton [3b Cleave Road Gillingham Kent ME7 4AY])

    • IGI record from Lyn Nash of EDWARD TREGENSOE bapt. 06JAN1769, parents John Pelloe & HONOR TregenSOE may be illegitimate son of HONOR 1746




m1 Sarah Williams

m2 Grace Johns



1800 1802 1804 1806 1808 WILLIAMS 1813 1816 1817 1820 1825 1828 v

m1 Mary 1811 m Elizabeth m Mary Jennings v

| Boscoller/Roscorlla | Thistleton | v

m2 Elizabeth | | family

| Potter | ST ERTH FAMILY 6 continues

| | below






1829 -JOHN 1833 1835 1835 1837 1839 1842 1842 1845 -JOHN

1832 m Elizabeth m Susan m1 Sarah Russell 1847

| Edwards m2 Margaret Eddy m Maria-Ann

| | | Bradbury


___________________________________________________________|____________________________________________________ |


1855 1858 1861 1864 1866 1868 1869 |




1866 1867 1870 1874 1876

NOTES ON ST ERTH FAMILY 2 (AMOS baptised 1779 see St Erth Family 1)
AMOS TregenSOE baptised 22JUN1800 Phillack (record from Charles-Wilfrid Tregenza), age 8 in lease written 1808 (see St Erth family1), probably gave rise to Unconnected Family 64 (please see UCF64).

ROBERT TregenzOE born approx. 1801 St Erth (according to 1841, 1861 & 1871 censuses), baptised to AMOS and SARAH 01MAY1802 St Erth (parish register), married 19JUL/SEP1825 St Erth (parish register), labourer of Phillack, miner at baptisms of children 1828 and 1839, labourer at baptisms of children 1832 1835 1836 1838 1841 1843 and 1846, agricultural labourer at 1841 census Hayle Foundry, porter living Old Bellays St Erth at birth of ELEANOR 1841, agricultural labourer at 1841 census, boatman at marriage of daughter MARY 1847, second marriage widower labourer 24MAR1850 St Erth (witness AMOS ?), at 1851 census coal porter at St Erth age 49 of Chenhall village with family born before second marriage his daughters and sons with Potter children in law confirming this second marriage, at 1861 census coal porter of Church Town St Erth, at 1871 census at St Erth labourer age 70 widower (but wife still alive ! separated ?), at marriage of ELIZABETH 1874 porter, probably same Robert as brother to AMOS died 14MAR1878 St Erth age 76 (parish register)

x MARY born approx. 1804, according to 1841 census age 35 to nearest five years, buried 26FEB1848 St Erth age 44

x ELIZABETH born 1804 approx. Gulval, married John Potter of Gulval 05APR1828 Madron, maiden name Elizabeth Richards ? but her father Richard Ellis miner, at 1871 census widow age 66 (but husband still alive ! separated ?) mother-in-law formerly domestic servant born Gulval, buried 30MAR1881 age 76 (parish register)

JENNIFER baptised 27MAY1804 St Hilary, probably = JANE age 14 (born 1804 approx) indentured to Richard Carbines of Pen Pons 26MAY1818 in document PCERT/5/347 St Erth parish records of ‘Overseers of the poor: apprenticeship indentures’ in Cornwall Record Office (see

SALLY baptised 06MAR1806 St Hilary

JOHN baptised 21AUG1808 St Hilary, probably = JOHN age 10 (born 1808 approx) indentured to Henry Rosewarne of Gurling 26MAY1818 in document PCERT/5/347 St Erth parish records of ‘Overseers of the poor: apprenticeship indentures’ in Cornwall Record Office (see

DANIEL-WILLIAMS TregenzOE baptised 03MAR1811 St Erth, may = DAVID-WILLIAMS Tregenzoe baptised 01MAR1811 St Erth

WILLIAM baptised 31OCT1813 St Erth (TregenSON), artisan of Copperhouse and Hallankene, married 01OCT1836 Phillack, labourer living Hallankene at birth of WILLIAM-THISTLETON 1840, at 1841 census miner age 25 (to nearest five years) living with wife and baby son at home of parents-in- law Fradgan Newlyn Paul parish, smelter living Cliff (Chyandour Cliff Penzance) Madron (Parish) at birth of ELIZABETH-ANNE 1843 but certificate says a labourer living Chyandour Madron parish, births of EDWIN 1847 and EMMA-JANE 1848 at St Erth, birth of THOMAS 1849 at Charlestown, at 1851 census tin smelter living Charlestown St Austell age 34 born St Earth, at birth of SARAH-WILLIAMS 1851 a smelter at Charlestown St Austell, at death of SARAH-WILLIAMS 1859 living Newlyn, at 1861 census married labourer age 46 living home Newlyn, stonemason at marriage of GEORGE-HENRY 1862, at 1871 census widower age 55 engine driver lodger with Elizabeth Rutter in Grade district 12 schedule 007, at 1881 census widower age 65 labourer general head of household 39 Union St Camborne, may be WILLIAM died Camborne 18JAN1889 labourer of 14 Albert Street Camborne with will (principal) dated 22FEB1889, brewer on death certificate of GEORGE-HENRY 1917 (but note several errors on this)

x ELIZABETH of Scilly, born 1816 approx., at 1841 census age 24 living with husband in her parents’ house, at 1851 census age 35 born St Mary ??? (difficult to read but probably Scilly i.e.: St Mary’s Isles of Scilly), at 1861 census age 45 living Newlyn, died 11JAN1871 age 53 of Bodriggy Phillack (record from Lorraine Thistleton [3b Cleave Road Gillingham Kent ME7 4AY])

JAMES TregenzOE baptised 01MAY1816 St Erth (parish register no.14 p.19) (CWT gives 1824), married 24DEC1840 Phillack miner bachelor age 23 (father Amos a miner) (see certificate), copper miner at 1841 census age to nearest 5 years is 20 born Cornwall living Leah St Erth, miner of Joppa St Erth at birth of JAMES 1842 and JOHN 1844, possibly the James Tregenza who signed a petition Francis Rodd Esquire for a meeting about the proposed railway connecting Penzance Falmouth and Exeter (15AUG1845 Royal Cornwall Gazette ), labourer of Joppa St Erth at birth of MARY-ELIZABETH 1847, probably JAMES miner of St Erth about a mile from Hayle giving evidence in support of a doctor accused of malpractice (29MAR1850 Royal Cornwall Gazette ),.at 1851 census married copper miner age 33 living Killenown St Erth (note error by census enumerator giving him the name THOMAS see notes on Unconnected Family 100 in St Erth Family 6), miner of Nineveh St Erth at baptism of DANIEL 1852, copper miner at birth of JAMES-HENRY 1859, at 1861 census copper and tin miner age 46 living Fore Street Marazion, tin miner at birth of son JAMES-HENRY 1861, labourer at 1871 census St Hilary, lived Golsithney (information from St Erth family 2) and Marazion (Alice Greenwood) adjacent villages in St Hilary parish probably moved to St Hilary parish between 1861 and 1871, fishmonger at marriage of son DANIEL 1874, at 1881 census married tin miner age 65 born St Erth living Plainanguarry St Hilary, died 1885 Pedengwarry St Hilary, buried 13JUN1885 St Hilary age 70, deceased tin miner at first marriage of son JAMES-HENRY 1890, deceased miner at second marriage of son JAMES-HENRY 1892

x MARY born approx. 1821 Phillack, father John a miner, spinster age 19 at marriage, age at 1841 census is 15 to nearest 5 years, at 1851 census age 28, at 1861 census age 40, at 1881 census age 60, at 1891 census widow age 68 living with son JAMES-HENRY and wife PRISCILLA, at 1901 census head of household widow living on own means age 78 born (1823 approx.) Cornwall Phillack living Fore Street Perranuthnoe with grand-daughter MINNIE (=MARY-JANE), died 17JUN1904 at Golsithney death notice and funeral 22JUN1904 at St Hilary (23JUN1904 Cornishman, died age 84 June quarter 1904 Penzance district 5c149

ELIZABETH TregenzOE baptised 14DEC1817 St Erth (parish register no.220 p.28)

THOMAS baptised 25APR1820 St Erth (parish register no.339 p.43), see Unconnected Family 31 THOMAS born 1819 or before

HENRY TregenzOE baptised 01DEC1825 St Erth (parish register no.660 p.83), buried 07DEC1837 age 11 (parish register)

MINNY baptised 01DEC1828

CATHERINE born 1829 approx., age approx. 12 in 1841 census, spinster age 19 of St Erth Churchtown married James Johns bachelor age 30 soldier of Treven St Erth 16DEC1848 St Erth [note the connection of the Johns family] but note CATHERINE Tregansa age 26 father Amos (a miner) married 04NOV1855 to William Treveail (labourer age 31) at Stoke Damerel parish church both living Navy Row (see certificate)

CHRISTIAN-JOHN? TregenzOE [daughter] baptised 04NOV1832 St Erth (parish register no.1082 p.136), lived Trelean Common 1841 census, probably spinster under 21 year old 19 married Nicholas Blight bachelor labourer of full age St Erth 08OCT1848 (no father for either recorded)

PATIENCE (=PATHANCE TORrgenzO or TregenzO) baptised 14JUL1833 St Erth (parish register no.1132 p.142), age 8 in 1841 census Trelean Common

GRACE born St Erth, baptised 01MAR1835 St Erth (parish register no.1249 p.157), age 10 in 1841 census Trelean Common, agricultural labourer age 18 at 1851 census, later of Newlyn

ELIZABETH born St Erth, baptised 01MAR1835 St Erth to AMOS and GRACE, age 7 in 1841 census Trelean Common, buried 30OCT1848 age 14 (parish register)

JOHN born St Erth, baptised 09APR1837 St Erth (parish register no.1451 p.182), age 4 in 1841 census Trelean Common, tin dresser age 14 at 1851 census, 27APR1863 labourer age 22 sentenced to 14 days hard labour for stealing seven eggs with his brother HENRY (Royal Cornwall Gazette 03JUL1862 ), at birth of WILLIAM-JOHN 1869 Copper Miner of North Parade Camborne, at 1871 census tin miner Illogan, died before 1881

x ELIZABETH born 1831 approx. Camborne, at 1871 census wife, at 1881 census housekeeper at home labourer’s widow, at 1891 census widow age 58 born Camborne living Roskear Crofts, Red River Camborne

HENRY born 24JUN1839 St Erth, baptised 07JUL1839 St Erth (parish register no.53 p.7), age 2 in 1841 census Trelean Common, agricultural labourer age 11 at 1851 census, probably carter age 19 born St Erth servant to Rosewarne family (John Rosewarne a farmer) at Nanpusker Phillack, 27APR1863 labourer age 24 sentenced to one months hard labour for stealing with his brother JOHN seven eggs from Josephs Stephens of Gwinear to whom he was a servant (Royal Cornwall Gazette 03JUL1862 ), may be HENRY at 1871 census in Illogan district 13 schedule 059 tin miner age 38 born Gwinear 1833 approx. married to Susan age 35 born Illogan 1836 approx., may = HENRY farmer age 42 born England married to SUSAN age 41 born England both Church of England living Sydney Hastings West Ontario at 1881 census, probably died abroad

x SUSAN born 1840 approx. England

SARAH a twin baptised and born 09APR1842 St Erth (parish register no.307/8 p.39), scholar age 8 at 1851 census, buried 01FEB1886 St Erth age 40 (parish register)

AMOS a twin baptised and born 09APR1842 St Erth (parish register no.307/8 p.39), scholar age 8 at 1851 census, at 1861 census unmarried general servant age 18 born St Erth with Rodgers family Tremelling St Erth, at 1871 census occupation farm sv [servant] indr age 28 unmarried living at home of John (farmer 34 acres born 1806 approx. St Mewan) and Johanna Rogers (of St Stephen), first marriage St Erth 1876 Madron parish age 31 of Sterk (now called Start), labourer of St Erth at baptism of HELEN 1879, at 1881 census family (Sarah’s) living at Start Toll House, at 1881 census married agricultural labourer age 37 and head of household, second marriage Uny Lelant (parish register no. 371), packer on the railway at birth of son HENRY 1891 and also at 1891 census where he was age 40 born St Erth and living Hosking Lane Lelant, at 1911 census head of household plate layer railway married age 63 born St Erth living Carntiscoe Lelant Downs, died 1912 Uny Lelant age 63, buried 05JUL1912 Uny Lelant (parish register page 171 no. 1364), grave E11 87, described as railway packer at marriage of son HENRY 1916

x SARAH born 1846 St Erth, at 1881 census wife age 35

x MARGARET born 1844, lived Gulval, Longrock and Lelant Downs, at 1891 census age 45 born Gulval, died 1917 Uny Lelant age 73, at 1911 census wife married age 66 born Ludgvan living Carntiscoe Lelant Downs, buried 13JUN1917 Uny Lelant (parish register page 182 no. 1452), grave E11 87

EDWARD (EDWIN?) born 14MAY1845 St Erth see certificate, baptised 02NOV1845 (as EDWARD) (parish register no. 567 p.71), died 08AUG1847 age 1 (before brother born)

EDWIN-JOHN born 08AUG1847 at 4 a.m. Trevin Common St Erth [see certificate], baptised 31OCT1847 as EDWARD St Erth (parish register no.736 p.92), age 3 at 1851 census, married 07OCT1866 St Mary Penzance bachelor labourer father Amos farmer (see certificate), jobbing labourer of Penzance at birth of Annie, Catherine, Elizabeth and his marriage and that of Sarah-Jane and 1871 census, never returned from the Cape.

x MARIA-ANN born 25MAR1846 Penzance father mariner [see certificate], family story that her parents did not approve of marriage and cut her off as EDWIN was in Cape she became caretaker of her church in Penzance (font cover inscription “Maria Ann Tregenza, first caretaker of this church who died in 1900”), at 1871 census age 23 living Paul’s Court Penzance, at 1881 census ‘mason’s wife (husband in Cape)’ and lived at 2 Paul’s Court Penzance, at 1881 became first caretaker of the church ( "first caretaker of this church" & "quiet faithful caretaker for 19 years" 21FEB1901 Cornishman, at 1891 census church cleaner widow age 44 born Penzance head of household 8 Penwith Street Penzance, died 04JUN1900 of 28 Gwavas Street Penzance widow of EDWIN-JOHN (Cornishman 07JUN1900, "died in Whitsun week after five months of patiently borne pain" (Cornishman 21JUN1900, buried 08JUN1900 Penzance ?, private plot in Penzance cemetery bought by EDWIN-JOHN (husband or son ?) Entry 9438 for MARIA-ANN Tregenza 51 no. 5K4

THOMAS-HENRY born 1855 approx. Crowan, at 1871 census surname Lawrance agricultural labourer step-son, at 1881 census surname Tregenza tin labourer son

CATHERINE-E born 1858 approx. Crowan, at 1871 census surname Lawrance tin-mine labourer step-daughter, at 1881 census surname Tregenza mine servant daughter

ELIZABETH-J born 1861 approx. Crowan, at 1871 census surname Lawrance tin-mine labourer step-daughter, at 1881 census surname Tregenza mine servant daughter, at 1891 census surname Lawrence working in mine daughter age 27 born Crowan living with mother

RICHARD-J-E born 1864 approx. Crowan, at 1871 census surname Lawrance scholar step-son, at 1881 census surname Tregenza tin labourer son

JOHN born 1866 approx. Camborne, at 1881 census tin labourer son, possibly JOHN who 25 years member of church choir died or was injured by slipping on brick in his garden St Erth (31DEC1901 Cornishman,

AMOS born 1868 approx. Illogan, at 1891 census surname Lawrence tin miner son age 19 born Illogan living with mother

WILLIAM-JOHN born 30MAY1869 North Parade Camborne
ANNIE born 13SEP1866 Gas Court Penzance, at 1871 census age 4 living at home Penzance, at 1881 census age 14 general servant, at 1891 census single daughter domestic servant age 24 born Penzance living with mother, married Walter-John Alsept one daughter Olive, died Gulval buried 1961 Penzance

SARAH-JANE born 30NOV/DEC1867 Penzance informant mother living a back of North Parade Penzance [see certificate], at 1871 census age 3 living at home Penzance, at 1881 census age 13 scholar, spinster age 25 domestic servant living at Penwith Street at marriage, married 14SEP1892 William Barter Lock St John’s witness ANNIE Penzance had four children (see certificate), died 15JUN1946

CATHERINE (= KATE) born 13MAY1870 Paul’s Court Penzance, at 1871 census age 11 months in family home Penzance, at 1881 census age 10 scholar, December quarter 1890 Chelsea district vol. 1a page 672 Catherine-Annie TregenYa married Arthur-James Caudwell, one child, lived London, family story that she was on her honeymoon on the Titanic when it went down - she survived but her husband died and that she was murdered; her mother saw her off at Southampton as was reported in the papers in the USA [however the only Kate passengers found are Kate Marshall or Martin][information from Brenda West]

ELIZABETH born 25APR1874 Paul’s Court Penzance, at 1881 census age 6 scholar, at 1891 census single housemaid age 16 living with Mitchell family Lescudjack House Penzance, 08JA1901 St John's church Penzance (vol.5c page 379) married Richard Charles Hocking (born ? died 1926 youngest son of the late Mr Edward W. Hocking of Chyandour) by Rev. T.F.Maddrell (17JAN1901 Cornishman, 2 sons (see email from daughter Brenda West née Hocking), died 1954 Southsea

EDWIN-JOHN born 08MAR1876 Paul’s Court Penzance [June quarter Penzance district 5c 294], at 1881 census age 5, at 1891 paper siller [sic] single age 14 born Penzance living with mother, railway worker Plymouth, no issue, died age 31 at 8 Well Street Plymouth 28APR1907 only son of the late Mrs Tregenza of Penzance (09MAY1907 Cornishman

Constructed from information from:

  1. Unconnected Families 3 (St Erth), 39 (Camborne/Ruan),71 (St Hilary), 78 (Penzance) and 101 (Red River) were added here (see below)

  2. Ryan Dudley

  3. Lyn Nash

  4. letters from Alice Morrell with trees, certificate copies etc. including copies of parish registers readings by Arthur Childs her cousin

  5. Sandra Tregenza Geelong Victoria Australia

  6. Les Smith

  7. Lorraine Thistleton [3b Cleave Road Gillingham Kent ME7 4AY] confirming the tree and suggesting links of former unconnected families in St Erth plus giving more dates and details

  8. emails from Brenda West great grand-daughter of ELIZABETH 1874

  9. email from Craig Knight

  10. reading of St Erth parish records

  11. baptism and burial records from Cornwall Online Parish Clerks

  12. reading of leases in the Exeter public record office (see below)

  13. the birth certificates of HENRY 1891, EDWIN 1845 and EDWIN 1847

  14. the marriage certificates SARAH-JANE to William B. Lock 1892, JOHN to Elizabeth Edwards 1865, CHRISTIAN to Nicholas Blight 1848 and CATHERINE to James John 1848

  15. photocopy of marriage record JAMES to Mary Jennings

  16. and (see below)

  17. 1881 census of Canada

  18. baptisms (including ‘strays’) from RootsWeb

  19. details of workers in stone etc. from RootsWeb (stonemen)

  20. IGI records from


  22. photocopy from a book on gemstones – details of the Kohinoor diamond


  24. 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881 and 1891 census information from Alice Morrell, Kindred Konnections, RootsWeb, and
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