The tregenza family

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m Thelma-Beatrice Pateman m Dorothy-Jean Metson



NOTES ON ST ERTH FAMILY 8 part A (EDWARD born 1752 see St Erth Family 1)
EDWARD born 11SEP1814 Uny Lelant from IGI (LDS) via Lyn Nash, at 1841 census HO107/141/5 Camborne district 13 folio 6 page 5 Barripper (from ) (ages to nearest 5 years) in Barripper (SW of Camborne) in adjacent houses:

  1. Martha Rule born Cornwall age 75 independent means

Edward Tregensoe born Cornwall age 25 Copper miner (lodger)

  1. Thomas family

Elizabeth Collins born Cornwall age 25 mine girl

Maryann Collins [Barripper population 437, 203 male, 234 female]

married 19FEB1842 Redruth registry office (reported to be Buckfastleigh but no record there) of full age, miner living at Berrepper [Barripper] at time of marriage, miner of Barripper at birth of daughter ELIZABETH 1842, son EDWARD 1844 and daughter MARTHA 1847 (GEORGE- ERNEST reported him as an engineer in Buckfastleigh Devon no records found but son-in-law was an engineer from Tywardreath), at 1851 census married miner age 36 born Lelant living Doublepools Callington name TregenSOE, at death of daughter MARTHA 1857 a tin and copper miner, at 1861 census married copper miner born Lelant living Callington name TregenSOE, miner living in Callington at marriage of daughter ELIZABETH-ANN in 1865, at 1871 census married tin miner born Lelant living Callington, at 1881 census married tin miner age 66 born Lelant living Callington, died 15MAR1887 memorial inscription in Callington parish church EDWARD born 09AUG1814 died 15MAR1887 copied by Charles-Wilfrid Tregenza and also in West Briton newspaper 1887 EDWARD TregAnza died Callington 15MAR1887 age 72/3 from and

x ELIZABETH born 1819 Camborne approx., at marriage spinster of Barriper Camborne of full age and father Thomas an agricultural labourer of Barripper, living in Callington with husband at 1851, 1861, 1871 & 1881 censuses, at 1891 census widow (TregAnza) age 73 Back Lane Callington, died 1898 Bodmin

NOTES ON ST ERTH FAMILY 8 part A (continued)
ELIZABETH-ANN born 29DEC1842 Berepper (Camborne sub-district Redruth district) as TregenSON, at 1851 age 8 living with parents, at 1861 census dressmaker age 18 living with parents, married 13JUN1865 St Austell registry office spinster living at home in Callington age 22 to John-Bennett Carlyon engineer bachelor age 24 living Tywardreath (a policeman according to GEORGE-ERNEST), at 1871 census not living with parents

EDWARD born 13SEP1844 at Barripper, at 1851 census age 6 living with parents name TregenSOE, at 1861 census copper miner age 16 living with parents in Callington), 21JUN1865 left London as general emigrant (from Cornwall age 20 occupation miner) on ship Electric (sailing ship of 1106 tons Captain Robert Lewthwaite) reached Plymouth 01JUL1865 and Port Adelaide South Australia 23SEP1865, and then he travelled to New Zealand arriving 1868 or 1869, not living with parents at 1871 census, orchardist/farm labourer, went to Timaru (South Island) and married 20JAN1870 Lukey's Lane (residence of Mr Lukey) near Timaru (number 54/17601), juror at an inquest (Timaru Herald vol. XXII issue 1214 page 3 09JUN1875), in rifle competition (Timaru Herald vol. XL, issue 3038 page 8 19JUN1884), school board for a district where the school is yet to be built held in Sea View the house of Mr Tregenza (Timaru Herald vol. XXXVI issue 2278 page 09JAN1882), chairman of Fair View School Committee (Timaru Herald vol. XLII issue 3920 page 3 29APR1887, reported to have known wife as child in Cornwall (Callington is around 6 miles or 10 kms from Liskeard) see census record below, died AUG1924 age 79

x SARAH-JANE born 14AUG1850 Liskeard, at 1861 census age 10 born Liskeard living with parents Joseph and Sarah living at 11 Trevecca (northern edge of Liskeard), sailed from Plymouth on the Tiptree with parents three sisters and a brother arriving Port of Lyttleton Christchurch New Zealand 23DEC1864, witness at inquest JUN1885 (Timaru Herald 19JUN1885) died 1927 age 76

MARTHA born 16JUN1847 Callington (Liskeard district), at 1851 census age 3 living with parents, died 26MAY1857 of Typhoid Pneumonia (2 weeks of illness) at the back of Tavistock Row Callington (Liskeard district) informant Joanna Trefry.

NOTES ON ST ERTH FAMILY 8 part A (continued)
ELIZABETH-ANN married John Fowler 1894

MARTHA won prize a Sea View school (Timaru Herald vol. XLI issue 3203 page 2 01JAN1885), married James Tiffen (Tippin?) 1893

EDWARD born 1875 approx., won prize a Sea View school (Timaru Herald vol. XLI issue 3203 page 2 01JAN1885), died 1951 age 76

x MARY-JANE born 1881 approx., died 1952 age 71

JOSEPH born 1876 approx., won prize a Sea View school (Timaru Herald vol. XLI issue 3203 page 2 01JAN1885), applied for land in the Spey block section 4 block XIII of the Hundalee survey district (Marlborough Express vol. XXXIV issue 298 page 4 24DEC1900), successful applicant for section 5 block IV Tennyson in ballot for Crown Lands 11APR1911 (Marlborough Express vol. XLV issue 87 12APR1911), probably = JOSEPH a New Zealand soldier in 1914-1918 war in second reserves a settler of Flat Creek Marlborough classification F, Waimea County Council received correspondence from Mr. J. Tregenza of Onatea concerning the track to Ronga Saddle - the meeting referred the matter to Councillor Corder and the engineer with power to act (The Colonist vol. LVI issue 13565 page 2 04SEP1914), magistrate Mr J.S. Evans gave judgement for the plaintiff by default in the case of J. Wood & sons (Mr A.C. Maginnity) versus JOSEPH claim of £6 2s 10d cost £3 8s 6d (The Colonist vol. LVII issue 14189 page 4 13SEP1916), 26MAR1918 magistrate found for the plaintiff in Tasker and Levien (Mr. E.B. Moore) versus JOSPEH Tregenza claim £14 costs £1 10s 6d (Nelson Evening Mail vol. LII issue 71 page 4 26MAR1918 & The Colonist vol. LX issue 14671 page 4 27MAR1918), sale of farm by instruction of mortgagee at public auction 06JUN1918 at sale rooms of Hingston & Cann of Trafalgar Street Nelson - the farm of 203 acres is pastoral and dairying in Ronga Valley Marlborough section 5 block IV Tennyson Survey district occupied by JOSEPH Tregenza under renewable lease from crown at £8 8S pa. - it is partly cleared and linked with the dairy factors and stores at Flat Creek by a good road (Nelson Evening Mail vol. LII issue 121 page 8 27MAY1918 and Colonist vol. LX issue 14785 page 2 30MAY1918), transfer of farm from A.H. Scadden mortgagee of JOSEPH to Ada Pope (Marlborough Express vol. LII issue 161 page 3 11JUL1918), judgement by default was given by Mr P.J. Hollings in case of N.Z. Loan and Mercantile Agency Coy. Ltd. versus JOSEPH Tregenza "2 8s with 11s costs counter claim struck out due to non-appearance of defendant and 10s 6d costs allowed (Marlborough Express vol. LIII issue 108 page 4 08MAY1919), 24FEB1929 pleaded guilty and fined £5 at magistrate's court to theft of a collie dog valued at £30 from Francis L. McGregor (Nelson Evening Post vol. CVII issue 445 page 11 25FEB1929), died 1943 age 67

x ANNA-SOPHIE-DORIS probably Mrs. A. Tregenza of Hororata Canterbury first prize in crossword competition (Evening Post vol. CXIII issue 129 page 25 04JUN1927)

JOHN possibly born 1878 (20MAR1884?) won prize a Sea View school (Timaru Herald vol. XLI issue 3203 page 2 01JAN1885), moved to Western Australia around 1907, probably JOHN born 20MAR1884 Timaru New Zealand and enlisted for second world war at Quairading Western Australia service number W73407 next of kin ELIZABETH (?), note his nephews also enlisted at Quairading

x MAY of Western Australia

NOTES ON ST ERTH FAMILY 8 part A (continued)
JAMES-MONTAGUE (=JIM) born 1880 (1907?) New Zealand, prize for Mapping at Adair School DEC1893 (Timaru Herald 26DEC1893), gave 5s to the Transvaal Patriotic Fund (The Press vol. LVII issue 10545 page 04JAN1900), sale for J.M. Tregenza of 149 two-tooth ewes at 12s 6d and 204 halfbred wethers at 11s by Amuri Saleyards Company at Culverden 05MAR1903 (announcement of sale The Press vol. LX issue 11520 page 12 28FEB1903 - results of sale The Press vol. LX issue 11525 page 3 06MAR1903) , moved to Dangin Western Australia around 1907

x JANE given as mother to sons on War Graves Commission web site and

x MARY of Albany Western Australia

CHARLES-HENRY prize for Proficiency at Adair School DEC1893 (Timaru Herald 26DEC1893), probably C. Tregenza exporting with others 180 tons produce and sundries in the Kini from Timaru Port (Timaru Herald vol. LXIV issue 3427 page 2 22DEC1900), moved to Western Australia around 1907, dead by 1970s

LYDIA born 1883, died JUL1909 age 25

ERNEST-CECIL born 30APR1886, married 09SEP1911 Matheson’s House 43 Woodhore Street Woodhore (Ravensbourne) Dunedin, after marriage settled 18 Hobbs Street Timaru, a New Zealand soldier in 1914-1918 war second reserves classification E a contractor of Hobbs St Timaru, 1920 moved to 22 Hobbs Street Timaru (the homestead still stands 2011, built of Oamaru stone), died 02/15NOV1956 age 70, buried Timaru Cemetery, see full story in Other Information

x CHARLOTTE born 12MAY1888, lived Longbeach until 1903, 1903-1911 housemaid at Oamaru, Wellington and then Timaru, died 21/22AUG1965 Christchurch Canterbury age 77, buried Timaru Cemetery South Canterbury, see full story in Other Information
LILIAN (=LILY) married Hosking
JOSEPH born 1903, died 3 days later

ERNEST-JAMES born 1906, died 1907 age 3 months

DORIS married Noel-Frederick Strange 1925

EDNA-EDITH born 1908, married Joe-Josip Baran (Barron?) 1928




NOTES ON ST ERTH FAMILY 8 part A (continued)
ANNIE born 1901, scored 476 out of 800 in Junior Scholarship Education Board South Canterbury district (dominion vol.7 issue 1954 page 7 10JAN1914), probably Miss A. Tregenza at a dance in college hall Canterbury 'Varsity College (The Press vol. LVI issue 16908 page 2 09AUG1920), passed class D teachers' certificate of Canterbury and West Coast (The Press vol. LV issue 16465 page 4 07MAR1919), married Tom Lambert

MABEL born 1902, married Frederick-Charles Oetsen 1923

WILLIAM born 18JAN1905, married 1932, died 1982

x THELMA-BEATRICE born 23JUN1910, died 1981

EDWARD born 31DEC1906, died 1984

x DOROTHY-JEAN born 29JAN1908, died 1996


part B



1912 1914 1914 1917 1919 1923

m1 Ella Maude Steer ______|________ m Gloria Preen

m2 Devina-Dixon Wallace PETER-ERNEST |

m3 Janet 1941 ______|_





1941 1944 1951

m Leonie Wormald m Helen Chisholm

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____________|________ ______|________________________________


1974 1977 1981 1983 1987

m Emma Brown



2009 2011

GEORGE-ERNEST born 10JUN1912, passenger arriving 24JAN1938 on Awatea from Sydney with sister LILY (Evening Post vol. CXXV issue 20 page 11 25JAN1938), first marriage 1939, in 1950s took over father’s Timaru shingle and transporting businesses on his retirement, also owned a grocery store at Redcliffs Christchurch and real estate salesman Timaru, second marriage 1970, grocer and , third marriage date not known, had three grandchildren in 1970s, died 26SEP1992

x ELLA-MAUDE born 1909 approx., died 1965 age 56

x DEVINA-DIXON born 28JAN1910, died 1999


LILY born 19OCT1914 (first by one hour), twin to VIOLET, passenger arriving 24JAN1938 on Awatea from Sydney with brother GEORGE (Evening Post vol. CXXV issue 20 page 11 25JAN1938), married Vivian William Koens – no children, dressmaker making bridal and debutante dresses, died 05OCT2009

VIOLET born 19OCT1914, twin to LILY, married Hector Brien, dressmaker, grew tomatoes in greenhouse for sale at gate, children Derek-Anthony Jennifer-Margaret Wendy-Elizabeth & Geoffrey-Winston, died 30MAR2007

DAISY-ELIZABETH born 10MAR1917, married Francis (Frank) Gibson Wood (born 27DEC1908), children Peter-Ernest Graeme-Arnold Carol-Anthia & Jillian-Angela, hairdresser, died 20NOV1993, buried Ruru Lawn Cemetery Christchurch

JOHN (JACK) born 04MAR1919, had cerebral palsy and so lived with parents until ERNEST died then moved to an institution called Cherry Farm, died 1995 Waikari Hospital North Canterbury

COLIN born 29JUL1923, returned from the second world war with severe shell shock from which he never recovered, died 31JUL1988 he was a patient of Sunnyside hospital and was reported missing on 31JUL1988 and was found dead 02AUG1988 in a ditch alongside the Akaroa highway near Tai Tapu. The police thought that he fell into the ditch and was unable to get out - there were no suspicious circumstances – Dr Lauree Hunter gave cause of death as drowning.

PETER-ERNEST born 07OCT1941; possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced.

BARRY adopted

NOTES ON ST ERTH FAMILY 8 part B (continued)
BARBARA-ANNE born 04MAY1941, married 04SEP1965; possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced.

LLOYD-ERNEST born 27MAR1944, married 06MAR1970, possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced.


KEVIN-JOHN born 05MAR1951, married 1972; possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced.

LISA born 07FEB1974, married James Wallace 04MAR2006

STEPHEN born 23SEP1977, married Emma Brown 24JUN2006; possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced.

RICHARD born OCT1981

ELIZABETH born 20DEC1983

HILLARY born 22/23OCT1987
THOMAS-WALTER born March2009 London

OSCAR born 09MAR2011 London


part C




1907 | 1910 1911

| m Florence-Louise Dack

____________|_____ |




1936 1941

m1 Jean Bennett

m2 Lillian




1963 1965 1967 1969 1970

m Jean Tischler m Cathy Murphy m Sharyn-May Williams

| | |

| __________________|_____ ____________|_____________


| 1992 1993 1989 1991




1985 1987 1991

ELSA married George Gobby

ERNEST-JAMES born 1907 approx., died an infant age 3 months



FREDERICK-THEMES born 08APR1910 Daugui (probably Dangin) Western Australia, enlisted as FREDERICK-THOMAS for second world war Claremont Western Australia next of kin JAMES (father), private WX9280 Australian Infantry2/4 Machine Gun Battalion in Malaya - prisoner of war, died age 31 in war 02SEP1943 in army truck blown up in Singapore landing private WX9280 with Australian Imperial Force 2/4 M.G. Battalion parents JAMES-MONTAGUE and M.-JANE of Dangin Western Australia ( Commonwealth War Graves Commission website), Singapore Memorial column 136, 1939-1945 medals War and Star according to that record him as FREDERICK-THOMAS

ALBERT-ANDREW born 02MAY1911 Beverly Western Australia, married 27APR1935 South Caroling Hall Quairading, enlisted in second world war at Quairading service number W73409 next of kin FLORENCE (wife). lived Albany, died 1963


JOHN-ERNEST (=JACK) born 14OCT1914 Dangin Western Australia, enlisted at Claremont Western Australia next of kin JAMES (father), corporal then sergeant but Commonwealth War Graves Commission website gives private WX9325 in Australia Infantry same battalion as brother Australian Imperial Force 2/4 Machine Gun Battalion 1939-1945 War Medal and Star ( ), Japanese prisoner of war working on Thailand railway where he was killed 09FEB1942 age 28 , Kanchanaburi War Cemetery grave ref. 1.L.50

MAVIS (twin) married George Webb at the Church of England South Caroling Quairading Western Australia (Albany Advertiser 02FEB1939 page 4) Agnes was bridesmaid, two daughters and three sons

AGNES (twin), (married Len Lambert, two daughters and one son)

FANNY-DORIS married Harold Hennessey, a daughter and a son
GLORIA married Richard Cairnes, a son and a daughter

JEAN married Colin Brown, a son and two daughters

NOTES ON ST ERTH FAMILY 8 part C (continued)
SHIRLEY-FLORENCE born 16APR1936, married Bryant Stacey possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced.




MICHAEL-JAMES born 26FEB1963; possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced.




DAVID-FRANCIS born 10AUG1967, married 13AUG1988; possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced.

x SHARYN-MAY born 04JAN1968

CATHERINE-ROSE born 23JUN1969; possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced
DARRYL born 09APR1992

JAKE born 08NOV1993

AARON-LEE born 05JUN1989, possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced.

NICOLE born 08DEC1991


LUKE born 08AUG1987, possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced.

BRADLEY born 19SEP1991; possibly a living person so personal information has been reduced.

St Erth Family 8 was formed from Unconnected Family 35. The first two generations of the unconnected family exactly matched EDWARD born 1752 and EDWARD born 1814 of St Family 1 and the information on dates, places, marriages also matched so enabling this connection. The information on these two generations in the unconnected family was more extensive - that of EDWARD 1752 has been was merged with that in St Erth Family 1 while EDWARD 1814 was removed from St Erth Family1 and the information merged with that of the unconnected family here in St Erth Family 8. .
Unconnected Family 35 (EDWARD 1753 married 1 Eleanor Thomas 2 Martha Cooch and his son EDWARD 1814 married Elizabeth Collins and all their offspring) was constructed from:

  1. GEORGE-ERNEST 1912 of part B provided that part and the tree back to the beginning with some of the side branches in part A. He suggested EDWARD 1793 son of JOHN of family MYLOR 1 as the most likely link to the main tree. Copies of extracts from books about the Steadfast which brought CHARLOTTE (née Hall) to New Zealand. Most of early records likely to be in Timaru area, New Zealand (South Island)

  2. letters and emails from LLOYD-ERNEST and also details about ERNEST-CECIL from his copy of the book about the Hall Family (see below)

  3. ‘Tregenza in Australia 2007’ by John G. Pedler of 4 Monaro Crescent Newton South Australia 5074 provided details of JAMES-MONTAGUE and his offspring which form part C (see extract below)

  4. RootsWeb’s World Connect Project Lewis Family from Ray Lewis

  5. the marriage certificate of EDWARD to Elizabeth Collins

  6. a household record from

  7. Moss family (related to Hall’s and Tregenza’s) website

  8. list of Tregenza’s in New Zealand from

  9. Commonwealth War Graves Commission website via Sandra Tregenza

  10. New Zealand government records


  12. emails from Graeme Wood (mother is DAISY-ELIZABETH 1917) giving details of Tregenza and non-Tregenza offspring including emigration record of EDWARD 1844, 1851 census record of EDWARD born 04FEB1752 and second wife Martha Roach born 1764 approx. and ELIZABETH died 1898 Bodmin, and other records

  13. (see below)

  14. New Zealand soldiers 1914-1918 war from

  15. marriage certificate of ELIZABETH-ANN married John-Bennett Carlyon 1865

  16. birth certificates of ELIZABETH 1842 (registered 1843), EDWARD 1844 and MARTHA 1847

Constructed from information from:

  1. death certificate of MARTHA 1857


  3. Digitised newspapers in National Library of Australia

  4. Australian War Memorial - Prisoners of War

  5. National Archives of Australia especially armed services enlistment records

  6. New Zealand newspaper archive

  7. 1851, 1861, 1871 and 1881 censuses from Kindred Konnections, Lyn Nash and

Extracts from a book about the Hall family. “In the wake of the Steadfast”

“Anthony Hall (born 1842, died 13th May 1916) married in 1873 Ellen-Martha Harris (born 27th January 1854, died 13th August 1938) and they had ten children. The whole family emigrated by ship to New Zealand. The youngest child was Charlotte who married Ernest-Cecil Tregenza.”
“Charlotte started work age 15 and worked for eight years as a housemaid at Kakanui, then Wellington then Timaru. Ernest (Cecil-Ernest) Tregenza grew vegetables on the section next door to where Charlotte worked in Timaru. They were married at Matheson’s House, Ravensbourne, Dunedin 9th September 1911 and settled in Timaru. At age 19 in 1904 Ernest had one Clydesdale horse and a dray which he used to cart shingle from the sea near Lagoon and Smithfield Freezing Works. When the son, George, took over the business they had a drag-line to take shingle from the sea near the wharf in Caroline Bay. Ernest used to mow hay with a two horse team and a mower. He also mowed the grounds at Waimataitai School. He once kept 31 draught horses but in the early 1950s he gradually mechanised with Bedford trucks. He still had a seven horse dray. He kept the retired horses up until he died. When Charlotte retired she took up bowls and played at Ashley Bowling Club and soon represented Timaru in the New Zealand Championships. At age 70 Charlotte started to play the accordion. Later she went blind and lived in the home for the blind in Christchurch where she died 21st August 1965. She was buried in Timaru.”
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