The Spirit of Service

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International Awards Program Overview

The Spirit of Service”

Table of Contents

·     The Spirit of Service: A Historical Perspective……………..

2 - 3

·     TelecomPioneers Awards Program Overview………………

4 - 5

·     Ideas, Tools, and Resources for Local Recognition…………

6 - 7

·     External Recognition Opportunities – United States………..

8 - 10

·     External Recognition Opportunities – Canada………………


The Spirit of Service”

A Historical Perspective

The Spirit of Service”

Nearly 100 years ago a tradition so evident in Pioneering was born when the outdoor plant of our infant telephone industry met and passed its first service test. "The Spirit of Service" commemorates that historical event. It was during the great blizzard in New York before dawn on March 12, 1888, when all other means of communication failed between Boston and New York, that the toll line remained in service, thanks to the foresight of the builders and the courage and dedication of the men who watched over it. The storm was the worst to hit this nation in a century. It paralyzed the Northeast, piling drifts as high as houses, blocking every highway, knocking out all telegraph and train service, and almost—but not quite - eliminating telephone service. These, of course, were the days of open wire construction, when the telephone system was subject to the worst the elements could offer. The telephone industry was in its infancy—Bell had invented the phone just 12 years earlier.
Angus Macdonald was a 23-year-old lineman in 1888. He was part of a crew that worked through that blinding storm—patrolling the lines and repairing breaks wherever they found them—to keep open the last remaining long distance line between New York and Boston.

Thanks to the dedication of Macdonald and his fellow workers, New York was never without at least some long distance telephone service. But, for several days, the telephone was New York’s only means of communication with the rest of the world.

Because of his part in this historic event, Macdonald was asked to pose for the painting that was commissioned in honor of the dedication of those brave workers. It would come to be known as "The Spirit of Service" and would serve as a tribute to generations of dedicated telephone people. Macdonald was an active Telephone Pioneer as well as a dedicated telephone man. In fact, he, along with Alexander Graham Bell and 243 other telephone people, attended the very first Pioneer meeting in Boston in 1911. Macdonald retired from the Long Lines department in the ‘30s after more than 48 years of service. He belonged to the Life Member Club of the Edward J. Hall Chapter in New York at the time of his death in 1958 at age 94.

The spirit of service didn’t die out when old-timers like Angus Macdonald retired. It’s still very much alive today, and, over the years, telephone employees have seen how essential that spirit is in providing our country with the world’s best telephone service—not just in responding to emergencies, as important as that is, but in meeting our day-to-day commitments as well.

TelecomPioneers Awards Program Overview
This Association Awards Manual contains information regarding awards/grants/recognition available from the TelecomPioneers for accomplishments during the Pioneer year.
There are eight categories of International Awards/Grants/Recognition:

  1. Chapter of Excellence Award

  2. Community Impact Award

  3. Project Excellence Award

  4. Individual Excellence Award

  5. Telecom Challenge Awards

  • Connecting Technology and Education

  • Connecting Technology and Disaster Preparedness/Relief Efforts

  • Connecting Technology and Health and Human Services

  • Connecting Technology and the Military

  • Connecting Technology and the Environment (for 2007 applications and beyond)

  1. Project:Connect Awards

  • Volunteer Implementation

  • Organizational Usage

  • On the Spot (Recognition)

  1. Foundation Fund Award

  2. Dodds Fund Matching Grant

The award application forms for each award are included. Applications are evaluated on the information supplied. Therefore, applications not including all requested information by the due date are ineligible for consideration. Applications are subject to the first round of judging and/or qualification verification at the group level. Each application form must be sent in electronic format to your group Awards Committee Member on or before October 15. Qualifying applications will then be sent on to TCP for the final judging process.

Short-term projects that occur during the three-month period prior to the close of the Pioneer year may be submitted for consideration the following year.
Any application that exceeds the guidelines will be penalized on a point basis.
If you have any questions, please contact your Group’s Awards Committee Member or Kari Biesendorfer, Program Manager, TelecomPioneers, at 303-571-9262, or via email at

International Awards Committee Members/Group Review Team Leaders

  • Kari Biesendorfer, TCP, Chair

  • Pat Godfrey, AT&T

  • Laura McAdam, BellSouth

  • Anna Ebsary, Canada

  • Debbie Fasciano, Frontier

  • Cheryl Malone, New Outlook

  • Karee Gray, Qwest

  • George Albright, Verizon

Presentation of Awards
Physical Awards

  • Chapter of Excellence

  • Community Impact

  • Project Excellence

  • Individual Excellence

  • Project:Connect

Monetary Awards

  • Telecom Challege

  • Foundation Fund

Matching Grant

  • Dodds Fund

Monthly Individual Recognition

  • P:C “On the Spot”

Ideas, Tools and Resources for Local Recognition
Volunteer recognition does not always have to come in the form of an expensive, fancy Awards ceremony or dinner. Sometimes a simple thank you can go a long way. Here are some tips, tools, and resources for recognizing your volunteers on a timely basis. Be sure to visit the links provided often, as many of them are frequently updated with new ideas!

Links to volunteer management websites full of recognition ideas:

  • Energize, Inc. for Leaders of Volunteers:

  • offers budget-conscious Ideas:

  • The Thanks Company specializes in greeting cards and gifts for volunteers and offers a recognition forum online:

  • offers unique and quality gifts for volunteers and resources for volunteer leaders:

  • The offers a wide selection of reasonably priced, specially designed gifts to recognize and appreciate the efforts of volunteers:

  • specializes in awards and recognition gifts for nonprofit organizations and volunteer program leaders:

  • Positive promotions provides a marketplace that focuses on products related to National Volunteer Week:

Local Recognition Tips
We collected information from Pioneer leaders throughout the association and other volunteer leaders on their favorite recognition methods. These are easy, low-cost methods to let your volunteers know they are appreciated on a day-to-day basis. Whatever method you choose, a general guideline is to keep it timely in relation to the event or time donated.

  • Always keep supplies for recognition on hand as stock items to be easily distributed to the leaders throughout your chapters.

    • General cards with the Pioneer/your company or group logo can be used for thank you, recognition of accomplishment, sympathy, thinking of you, etc.

    • Company/Pioneer branded items such as shirts, jackets, sweaters, mugs, pens, key chains, etc. make great recognition and welcome gifts for new members, new participants, at projects, etc.

*Visit the TelecomPioneers e-store for low cost, high quality Pioneer branded items at

  • Arrange for a company leader to come to your project or mention it in a speech or announcement to employees.

  • Arrange for company leadership to thank/recognize a person for their participation and contribution to Pioneers.

  • Send out motivational flyers/e-flyers (a quote with a picture on one sheet) to volunteer leaders and regular participants.

  • Give them something back. Instead of a regular luncheon or dinner event, turn it into an informational/motivational seminar. Get a community member to donate their time to speak to your volunteers.

  • Organize an event - go to a museum, see a movie, have a photographer come in and teach them techniques. Any kind of enrichment experience will be appreciated and will develop the social connections that keep volunteers coming back.

  • Make it personal - learn what the volunteer enjoys doing in their free time and give them something useful and relevant to their hobby.

  • Partner with local non-profits and other organizations to recognize all volunteers in the community in addition to your own. Get the local government involved and work to secure company sponsorship/donations.

  • Good old-fashioned handwritten letters go a long way to say a volunteer is appreciated

  • Recognize an active employee’s participation in a staff meeting with their peers.

  • Send a broadcast email to the volunteer’s club/council/chapter peers.

  • Post an article on the chapter website about the achievement.

  • Send the leader an inexpensive but meaningful gift and a handwritten note.

  • Call the volunteer on the phone to say thanks personally.

  • Conduct an end of the year recognition program for all people who led projects during the year.

External Recognition Opportunities - United States

The Points of Light Foundation & Volunteer Center National Network engages and mobilizes millions of volunteers who are helping to solve serious social problems in thousands of communities. Through a variety of programs and services, the Foundation encourages people from all walks of life – businesses, nonprofits, faith-based organizations, low-income communities, families, youth, and older adults – to volunteer. The Foundation partners with many national organizations to offer numerous awards under many different categories. For comprehensive information on all Points of Light awards and their criteria, visit and click on Awards. Below is a quick reference to those which may be relevant to Pioneers and their families.

Visit the POL website to view more detailed information about the following awards:

Daily Points of Light Award

The Daily Points of Light Awards are given to individuals who find innovative ways to meet community needs, efforts which often lead to long-term solutions and impact social problems in their local communities.

Awards for Excellence in Workplace Volunteer Programs

Recognize businesses that have made an organizational commitment to support company wide employee and retiree volunteer efforts. The award recognizes the company’s overall volunteer program, rather than individual volunteer projects.

National Family Volunteer Awards

The National Family Volunteer Awards are presented to recognize outstanding family volunteering activities performed at any time throughout the year. These volunteer efforts may include, but are not limited to, National Family Volunteer Day activities.

President’s Community Volunteer Awards

The President's Community Volunteer Award, formerly called the President's Service Award, is the most prestigious award for volunteer community service. It reflects the importance the President has placed on community service. The awards are presented annually by the President in recognition of outstanding volunteer service directed at solving critical social problems and to call public attention to the contributions made by the nation's 93 million volunteers. More than 3,500 nominations are submitted each year for the President’s Community Volunteer Awards. Nominations are reviewed in the areas of human needs, environment, education and public safety, with special consideration given to those activities that benefit or involve young people.

Wyeth GOAL! (Go On And Live!) Awards

To honor those exceptional volunteers who have overcome depression and gone on to achieve a personal potential previously unknown to them. Wyeth and the Points of Light Foundation are partners in supporting the GOAL! Awards program.

Join Hands Day Awards

These awards honor intergenerational volunteer projects that bring together young people, adults and community organizations on Join Hands Day and beyond. The Foundation manages this awards program for the Join Hands Day Corporation.

President’s Student Service Awards

Recognize students from kindergarten through college for outstanding community service.

International Youth Hall of Fame ® (IYHF)

Helps communities come together to recognize, celebrate, encourage, document and publicize the positive efforts of their youth who are making a difference at home, in school, and in the community.

USA Freedom Corps - During his 2002 State of the Union address, President George W. Bush called upon every American to get involved in strengthening America's communities and sharing America's compassion around the world. He called on each of us to dedicate at least two years over the course of our lives to the service of others. He included all Americans, especially youth, because everyone can do something, and he created the USA Freedom Corps to help all Americans to answer his call. To view information on the awards below and other awards, visit The awards listed on this site are particularly focused on youth volunteerism.

  • President’s Volunteer Service Award

A presidential recognition program for Americans of all ages who contribute a significant amount of time to volunteer service over a 12-month period. The award is given to individuals, families, and groups. To be recognized, service activities should meet national or community needs included in the areas of youth achievement, parks and open spaces, healthy communities, and public safety and emergency response. The awards are delivered through local, state and national organizations that are registered as “certifying organizations”. Individuals must submit their records to certifying organizations that will review and verify their records and order and distribute the award. TelecomPioneers has recently become a certifying organization.

  • Angels in Action

This award is given to individuals ages 8-15 who perform acts of kindness for their community, a charity, or cause. Ten winners will receive $10,000 savings bonds and a family trip to New York City for the presentation ceremony in Times Square.

Each year the Caring Institute recognizes 10 adults and 5 young adults – those who enrich the human race by transcending self in service to others.

  • Congressional Award

A public partnership created to promote and recognize achievement, initiative, and service in America’s youth ages 14-23.

External Recognition Opportunities - Canada

Volunteer Canada is the national voice for volunteerism and has provided leadership on issues and trends in the Canadian volunteer movement since 1977. Volunteer Canada actively engages in research, training and other national initiatives designed to increase community participation across the country. Visit, click on “I work with Volunteers”, topics, then Awards, to view information about National and Provincial recognition opportunities available for volunteers throughout Canada. Below are some highlights of National Awards.

  • The Governor General's Caring Canadian Award
    This award is intended for an individual whose unpaid, behind-the-scenes voluntary contribution provides extraordinary help or care to families or groups in the community over a long period of time. For further information and nomination forms, contact the Chancellery at Government House (1-800-465-6890) or

  • The Flare Magazine Volunteer Award
    Presented annually to Canadian women aged 18 and older whose volunteer service in the field of social services, health, arts, culture, education, environment or citizenship has made a significant contribution to the welfare of others by addressing needs in their community. For more information about the awards or to find out how you can nominate someone, contact Hazel Picco at Flare Magazine in Toronto at (416) 596-2569.

  • Imagine "New Spirit of Community" Partnership Awards
    The Awards recognize and showcase leading examples of business/community partnerships that creatively provide services to those in need and ensure the social and cultural vitality of Canadian communities. Any company or voluntary/nonprofit agency operating in Canada may apply. To request an application form for yourself or to nominate a partnership, contact the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy at (416) 597-2293.

  • The Peter F. Drucker Award for Canadian Nonprofit Innovation
    This Foundation endeavors to call attention to the worthwhile, innovative and essential contributions made to society by nonprofit organizations throughout Canada through the annual Peter F. Drucker Award for Canadian Nonprofit Innovation. Innovative ideas need to possess resolve, imagination, and groundbreaking new thought. The ideas also need to be measurable and transferable to the experiences of other nonprofits in the field. Innovation at a nonprofit level should be shared and benchmarked in order to create an overall well being of society. For more information, please contact the Drucker Foundation at (519) 660-2943.

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