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Proposed Declaration of Public Road

NOTICE is hereby given pursuant to Section 210 of the Local Government Act 1999, that the Council of the City of Campbelltown intends to declare the whole of the roads known as Ballantyne Street and Uren Street in the area of Magill in the Hundred of Adelaide as shown on partially cancelled Certificate of Title Volume CLXXIX, Folio 21, to be public roads.

Any persons having an interest in this land are invited to make submissions evidencing their interest in the land in writing to P.O. Box 1 Campbelltown, S.A. 5074 and marked Attention: Manager Technical Services or via email to by Friday, 8 May 2015.

P. Di Iulio, Chief Executive Officer


Appointment of Authorised Officer

NOTICE is hereby given that the City of Port Lincoln has duly appointed Robert Fox as an Authorised Officer, pursuant to the Development Act 1993.

R. Donaldson, Chief Executive Officer


Revoke Authorised Officer

NOTICE is hereby given that all previous appointments for Paula Hartley are hereby revoked.

R. Donaldson, Chief Executive Officer


Revoke Authorised Officer

NOTICE is hereby given that all previous appointments for Tony Manuel are hereby revoked.

R. Donaldson, Chief Executive Officer


Development Act—Development Assessment Panel


NOTICE is hereby given that the District Council of Karoonda East Murray in accordance with Section 56A of the Development Act 1993, resolved on 18 December 2014 the following appointments to its Development Assessment Panel:

Kevin Burdett

Caroline Phillips

Yvonne Smith

Daryl Sparks

Morris Terrell

W. (John) Wooldridge

Darren Zadow

Notice is further given that the District Council of Karoonda East Murray, at its meeting held on 13 January 2015, resolved to appoint its Chief Executive Officer to the position of Public Officer to the Council Development Assessment Panel, pursuant to Section 56A (22) of the Development Act 1993.

Contact Details:

Peter Smithson,

Public Officer,

District Council of Karoonda East Murray,

P.O. Box 58,

Karoonda, S.A. 5307

Phone: (08) 8578 1004


P. Smithson, Chief Executive Officer


Development Act 1993

General and Coastal Development Plan Amendment—
Public Consultation

NOTICE is hereby given that the District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula, pursuant to Sections 24 and 25 of the Development Act 1993, has prepared a Development Plan Amendment Report (DPA) to amend its Development Plan.

The Amendment will replace Council’s existing Development Plan with a new reformatted Development Plan. Council has decided to amend its Development Plan to the Better Development Plans (BDP) format using the South Australian Planning Policy Library (SAPPL). In addition to the format change, there is a number of policy changes proposed by the DPA, which include:

• division of the existing Coastal Zone into the Coastal Conservation Zone, Coastal Settlement Zone and Coastal Open Space Zone;

• realignment of the coastal zone boundaries along the coastline to better recognise coastal sensitive features and hazard risk areas;

• conversion of the existing Coastal (Coffin Bay) Zone to the Coastal Settlement Zone with the introduction of the Coffin Bay Policy Area;

• introduction of Precincts within the Coastal Settlement Zone at East Mount Dutton Bay and Mary Ellis Wreck Beach;

• deletion of the existing Kellidie Bay and Mount Dutton Bay Policy Area and conversion of part of the area to a Precinct within the Coastal Conservation Zone;

• introduction of a number of precincts within the Coastal Conservation Zone to maintain right to develop a single detached dwelling in various locations;

• introduction of an Aquaculture Zone in various locations;

• adoption of SAPPL policies for Coastal Conservation Zone and inclusion of policy which lists farming as a non-complying form of development;

• updating the existing Mixed Use (Point Boston) Zone policies;

• conversion of the existing Special Uses Zone at Coffin Bay to part Industry Zone Infrastructure Policy Area and part Community Zone Recreation Policy Area;

• introduction of a Precinct within the Residential Zone at Coffin Bay to accommodate tourist accommodation, hotel and supported accommodation;

• retain dwellings as on merit forms of development within the Primary Production Zone;

• adoption of the SAPPL policies for the Deferred Urban Zone which lists land division as a non-complying form of development;

• amend policies relating to horse keeping in the Rural Living Zone;

• incorporation of a number of caravan parks into the Caravan and Tourist Park Zone; and

• inclusion of an area at Shelley Beach at Kellidie Bay within the Coastal Settlement Zone.

The DPA report will be on public consultation from Thursday,

5 February 2015 until Friday, 10 April 2015.

Copies of the DPA report are available during normal office hours at the District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula offices,

32 Railway Terrace, Cummins or 38 Washington Street, Port Lincoln. Alternatively the DPA report can be viewed on the Internet at

Written submissions regarding the DPA should be submitted no later than 5 p.m. on Friday, 10 April 2015. All submissions should be addressed to Rodney Pearson, Chief Executive Officer, District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula, P.O. Box 41, Cummins,

S.A. 5631 and should clearly indicate whether you wish to be heard in support of your submission at the public hearing. If you wish to lodge your submission electronically, please email it to

Copies of all written submissions received will be available for inspection at the District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula offices and the Council website until the conclusion of the public hearings.

Public hearings will be held on Monday, 11 May 2015 at the Council Chamber, District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula,
32 Railway Terrace, Cummins at 7 p.m., and Tuesday, 12 May 2015 at the Media Room, Nautilus Theatre and Arts Centre,
62 Tasman Terrace, Port Lincoln at 7 p.m., at which time interested persons may be heard in relation to the DPA and their submissions. The public hearing will not be held if no submissions are received or if no submission makes a request to be heard.

If you would like further information about the DPA, contact Leith Blacker, Development Manager, District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula by phone (08) 8682 1622.

Dated 5 February 2015.

R. Pearson, Chief Executive Officer

IN the matter of the estates of the undermentioned deceased persons:

Annear, David Alfred, late of 110 Strathfield Terrace, Largs North, retired mail officer, who died on 12 November 2014.

Ansell, Peggy May, late of 42 Northbri Avenue, Salisbury East, widow, who died on 23 October 2014.

Baldwin, Mavis Lorraine, late of Randell Road, Hindmarsh Island, home duties, who died on 5 November 2014.

Caudrey, Eileen Mabel, late of 15-19 Woodville Road, Woodville South, home duties, who died on 21 October 2014.

Collias, Helen, late of 28 Eaton Street, Cumberland Park,
Home Duties, who died on 25 October 2014.

Coombe, Irene May, late of 29 Austral Terrace, Morphettville, of no occupation, who died on 6 September 2014.

Day, Norma Patricia, late of 18 West Terrace, Quorn, widow, who died on 26 October 2014.

Dietman, Dorothy Grace, late of 175 Main South Road, Yankalilla, widow, who died on 12 October 2014.

Donnelly, Janet Audrey, late of 7 Railway Terrace, Old Reynella, of no occupation, who died on 20 November 2014.

Gale, Mavis Doreen, late of 34 Brighton Parade, Blackwood, home duties who died on 14 September 2014.

Hewitson, Edna Joy, late of 61 Silkes Road, Paradise, retired salvation army officer, who died on 14 November 2014.

Lengyel, Alexander Joseph, late of 494 Fullarton Road, Myrtle Bank, retired postal worker, who died on 2 September 2014.

Lewis, James Henry, late of 1 Ibis Street, Mount Gambier, council worker, who died on 21 July 2014.

Mancer, Betty, late of 2 The Strand, Mawson Lakes, of no occupation, who died on 22 October 2014.

Nitschke, Ivy Clarice, late of 7 Braun Drive, Hahndorf, of no occupation, who died on 3 October 2014.

O’Connor, William, late of 1B Martha Street, Paradise, retired shearer, who died on 26 November 2014.

Payne, Minnie Doris, late of 15 Rosemary Street, Woodville West, of no occupation, who died on 20 November 2014.

Potts, David, late of 84 Reservoir Road, Modbury, of no occupation, who died on 17 October 2014.

Sommer, Elma Freida, late of 17 Greenwood Drive, St Agnes, home duties, who died on 11 October 2014.

Sowa, Jerzy, late of 172 Trimmer Parade, Seaton, of no occupation, who died on 18 September 2014.

Stone, Samai, late of 28 Liddell Drive, Huntfield Heights, of no occupation, who died on 2 December 2014.

Towers, Malcolm Allen, late of 85 Hindley Street, Adelaide,
of no occupation, who died on 12 November 2014.

Notice is hereby given pursuant to the Trustee Act 1936, as amended, the Inheritance (Family Provision) Act 1972 and the Family Relationships Act 1975, that all creditors, beneficiaries, and other persons having claims against the said estates are required to send, in writing, to the Office of Public Trustee, G.P.O. Box 1338, Adelaide, S.A. 5001, full particulars and proof of such claims, on or before 6 March 2015, otherwise they will be excluded from the distribution of the said estates; and notice is also hereby given that all persons indebted to the said estates are required to pay the amount of their debts to the Public Trustee or proceedings will be taken for the recovery thereof; and all persons having any property belonging to the said estates are forthwith to deliver same to the Public Trustee.

Dated 5 February 2015.

D. A. Contala, Public Trustee


Register of Unclaimed Moneys held by H&R Block for the year ended 2008

Name and Address of Owner

Amount $

Cheque No.


Byron Broikos, Unit 3, 12 Pudney Street, Seaton, SA 5023




Sharon Gatt, 1 Johnson Street, Pooraka, SA 5095




David Johnson, 3 Bubner Street, Elizabeth South, SA 5112




Anna Marotti, 34 Cawarra Crescent, Paralowie, SA 5108




Martin O’Hare, 29 Warriparri Drive, Flagstaff Hill, SA 5159




Maggie Oster, 11 Thornton Street, Kensington, SA 5068




Benjamin Pegler, Unit 1, 51 Derlanger Avenue, Collinswood, SA 5081




Patrick Rees, Flat 12, 32 Thomas Street, Unley, SA 5061




Angela Ricciardi, 34 Greville Avenue, Flinders Park, SA 5025




Vachara Savestwith, Construction Camp, Moomba, SA 5000

9 040.60



Sara Smart, Unit 1, 8 Dix Avenue, Marden, SA 5070





10 342.58

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