The Run Up To The Battle of Hastings

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The Run Up To The Battle of Hastings

When Edward the Confessor died he had no children, and the throne of England passed to Harold. However, William of Normandy said he should have been made King.

William prepared an army to go to England and fight Harold Godwinson.

Harold’s soldiers were watching for William’s army when they got news that Harald Hadraada had invaded the country. He had landed near York in Northern England. Harold Godwinson left the south coast and marched up 230 miles to fight Hadraada. Harold Godwinson’s men were better fighters and beat Hadraada and his men at a Battle called Stamford Bridge.

Just two days later, Harold received news of William's invasion in the south. He marched his tired men from York to Sussex in the south of England, arriving there on October 13 1066 to face the William of Normandy and his army the Normans.


  1. You have to cut out the map above and stick onto the middle of a clean page of your book.

  2. Using the story above can you explain what all the arrows are for and what it means.

  3. Can you write down the word invasion and put beside it what it means.

  4. Can you write the word Norman and explain what that means.

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