The Place of Education Freshman Inquiry: Portland Annie Knepler Fall 2014 Readings posted on D2L

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The Place of Education

Freshman Inquiry: Portland

Annie Knepler---Fall 2014
Readings posted on D2L (Please make sure to print out the readings and bring them to class):

  • Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Chapter 2.

  • William Cronon, “‘Only Connect’: The Goals of Liberal Education”

Style: Typed, Double-Spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, 1inch margins. Be sure to reference your sources using MLA style (see

Length: 800-1,000 words (3-4 pages)

First draft due: October 9 in mentor session. Bring two copies of your draft since you will be peer reviewing your paper in pairs.

Final draft due: October 16 at the beginning of main session (you must turn in your rough draft and your peer review sheet with your final draft).
Prompt: Both Cronon and Freire raise several questions about the purpose for and meaning of a college education. Your first essay of the fall term will address the following question: What is the purpose of a college education?
As you answer this question, you should consider how your college education could support your future and current contributions as a community member (residing in Portland or elsewhere), a colleague, a family member, and/or a friend. In other words, how can a college education help you participate in and impact the various communities in which you will participate? You should also consider how you might benefit from a college education. One obvious reason to obtain a college education might be to find gainful employment. However, your essay should move this obvious goal to consider the philosophical reasons that one might need or want to become educated.
Your essay should draw from your own experience, the ideas expresses in the Freire and Cronon readings discussed in class, as well as other relevant sources. You should refer to specific ideas raised by Freire or Cronon, as well as your own experience as a student and member of a community (be that a city, a town, or a country). Be sure to explain Cronon and/or Freire’s concepts to your audience in order to demonstrate your own understanding of them and to explain how you are applying their terms. For example, if you choose to discuss Freire, you should discuss some of his concepts of education such “the banking system” and a “problem-posing education.” What are these? What does Freire say about them? Why?
Your essay should have a clear thesis, a compelling introduction that draws the reader in, and a thoughtful conclusion that leaves the reader with something to think about. Use detailed and appropriate evidence from the readings, your own experience, and other sources to support your ideas. In order to have a strong impact on your audience, you essay should be well organized and carefully edited. Always be sure to proofread your work.
Some questions you should consider as you develop your essay: What are the reasons our society as a whole values a college education? How did your own education—the place and environment in which you were educated—help shape your views towards education? How does your own educational experience relate to or differ from the ideas presented in Paulo Freire’s chapter and/or William Cronon’s essay “Only Connect”? How might learning more about the place you’re now living (Portland) contribute to your education?

Grading Criteria for “Place of Education”--100 Points total
25 points: Overall focus and development of ideas, including the development of your thesis and claims

  • You develop compelling ideas that demonstrate that you have thought about the issue and considered various points of view.

  • Your paper is focused includes a clear and compelling thesis which is developed throughout the paper.

25 points: Integration of sources and compelling examples

  • The essay uses clear, vivid, and appropriate examples from both the reading(s) and your own experience to back up your claims.

  • The essay demonstrate that you have read closely and critically.

  • The essay presents an ability to analyze and synthesize ideas, and to connect the ideas in the sources to your own observations.

25 points: Overall organization and fluency and paragraph development

  • There is a clear logic to the structure of the essay and the flow of ideas.

  • The essay uses clear transitions between paragraphs and ideas.

  • The essay has a strong introduction and conclusion.

  • Your paragraphs are focused.

  • You elaborate on your ideas using specific examples to back up your claims.

25 points: Writing style, tone, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and punctuation

  • Tone of the paper is consistent and appropriate for audience.

  • You work to avoid errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation, particularly errors that impede the readers’ ability to understand your ideas.

  • Your vocabulary is appropriate and varied.

  • You demonstrate proper use of MLA format for works cited and in-text citations.

10 points: Draft (I will subtract 10 points if you do not have a draft on October 9) ___

You must turn in the draft, along with the peer review you receive from your fellow student, along with your final draft on October 16.

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