The Origins of World War One: Unit Plan teaching and learning activities who Killed Franz Ferdinand? : The Origins Of World War One

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The Origins of World War One: Unit Plan


Who Killed Franz Ferdinand? : The Origins Of World War One

  1. What was Europe like in 1914?

What was Europe like at the dawn of a new century? What historical forces were operating at the time?

  1. The Creation of Germany

How was modern Germany created? Who were the key people involved?

  1. A Network of Alliances

How did Bismarck secure the future of the recently united German states? What were the key ideas behind his foreign policy?

  1. Germany Makes Its Mark

What changes did Kaiser Wilhelm II make? What were his ambitions for Germany?

  1. Britain Comes out of Isolation

Why did Britain come out of isolation? Who did they turn to for their new found alliances?

  1. Crisis in Morocco (1905)

Why did international tensions erupt in the North African territory of Morocco? How was the conflict resolved?

  1. The Balkans

Why were the Balkans referred to as the 'powder keg of Europe'? How did the Bosnian Crisis contribute to international tension?

  1. The Arms Race

How did militarism increase in the early twentieth century? What was the outcome of the fiercely fought Dreadnought race?

  1. Gunboat Diplomacy

What is 'gunboat diplomacy'? Why did Germany take an aggressive stance in this second Moroccan crisis?

  1. The Powder Keg Explodes

What were the causes of the 1912 and 1913 Balkan wars? How did tension in the region increase as a result of these wars?

  1. Who were the Personalities of WWI?

Who are the personalities of WWI? How did they individually contribute to wards their nation's path to war?

  1. Planning for War

How did the major European states prepare for the possibility of war? What was the von Schlieffen plan?

  1. Assassination

Why was Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated by the terrorist organisation the Black Hand? What is the timeline of subsequent events leading Europe into the first world war?

  1. The Drums of War

Look through the following interactive sites to discovery the path, actions, and harrowing realities of war. Try your hand at some of the revision games to see how much you have learned!

  1. Who is to Blame for WWI?

How did historical forces, such as imperialism, nationalism, and militarism, contribute to the outbreak of the Great War? Who was responsible for causing WWI?

  1. What Historical Forces Were Operating In WWI? (2.5)

What historical forces contributed towards the path towards the first world war? How did one of these forces result in the death of others?

  1. How did Group or National Identity Contribute to Change? (2.6)

How did the national or group identity of one of the countries or organisations we have studied contribute to change?

  1. Trivia Whiz

Attempt this social and co-operative trivia game to see how much you have learned in this unit.

  1. Bringing Him Back to Life (2.1 & 2.2)

This assessment requires students to plan and carry out an historical inquiry based on the evidence in our local community of men who served and died in World War I. Students are required to communicate an understanding of historical ideas through the presentation of an obituary for one of the men covered in the historical enquiry.


  • 2.1 (90465) - Bringing Him Back To Life

  • 2.2 (90466) - Bringing Him Back To Life

  • 2.3 (90467) - The Life and Death of Captain Cook

  • 2.5 (90469) - What Historical Forces Were Operating In WWI?



  • First World War
    A very comprehensive WWI site. Easy to use. Various special feature articles, personality profiles, good clear explanations of events, actions, and reactions. Excellent collection of primary documents.

  • Trenches on the Web
    Another comprehensive, easy to use site. Great visuals and linking to related articles. Good personality profiles, great photographs and artwork.

  • World War 1
    A comprehensive site designed for linking to the information you require. Covers everything from the causes of war, to weapons used, statistics, soldier's memoirs and diaries, art and propaganda, etc.

  • WW I
    A great site for a variety of pre and post-1914 documents. An excellent selection, easy to use.

  • World War One
    Excellent interactive site for WWI movies and visuals. Great map of the war on the Western Front, panorama of Life in the Trenches, and film bites on many aspects of WWI from recruitment to gas attacks.

  • The Great War
    Good site for various lectures on WWI. Good interactive timeline and map show.

  • History Revision Site with lots of excellent links and activities


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