The New World Order; The Zionist’s: L’alliance israelite universelle “a branch of Jewish Masonry”

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The New World Order; - The Zionist’s:


A Branch of Jewish Masonry”

Y” * ( Founded 1860 ) * “U”

* ZION = $ = SION * Fiction, “All you need to know “J.u.d.a.s”, plus! “Chapter “ Two(417 pages)

The Empire, ‘Babylonian papacy “Pope’s” (tenure of) office; papal system, empire or vicious (vice) city; Rome, London, is the Supreme & Wide (political) dominion; absolute control (over); government in which sovereign is called emperor; territory of an emperor, ‘Holy Roman. “Caesar’s Jesuit soldiers dominate. O’ what an evil-minded web they weave! The Roman province was once known as Britannia. It eventually became the British Empire and ‘devoured all the earth at one time; this empire embraced one fourth of the earth’s land surface and a fourth of its population. The whole system was the “crowned republic” of the United British Kingdoms. No single office and no single brain had ever comprehended the British Empire. In 1783, Britain recognized the independence of its 13 American colonies. The United States of America eventually became Britain’s ally, emerging from World War Two as the earth’s dominant nation. It still has strong ties with Britain, resulting in Anglo-American dual world power constitutes this world power is observant, astute! It ‘speaks grandiose things, ‘dictating policy for much of the world and acting as its mouthpiece. Joseph Herman Hertz “1872-1946”, was the Chief Rabbi of the British Empire. We must also remember the British (red coat) soldier during the American Revolution and the War of 1812. The Roman Empire, which ‘persecuted the early Christians. Its rulership cannot continue? Neither can those inferior kings that came out of the Roman Empire. Their rulerships and territories derived from previous powers have continued to have inhabitants to our day. Iraq, for example, occupies the territory of ancient Babylon. Persia (Iran), and Greece still exist. Remnants of these world powers are part of the United Nations. These kingdoms also will perish with the annihilation of the last world power. All human governments will be obliterated at the war of the great day of God the Almighty’ (Revelation 16: 14, 16) exclaimed Daniel. “With the clouds of the heavens someone like a son of man happened to be coming; and to the Ancient of Days he gained access, and they brought him up close even before the One. “Daniel 7: 13) When on earth, Jesus Christ called himself, “The Son of man” thus indicating his kinship to mankind. (Matthew 16: 13; 25: 31) To the Sanhedrin, or Jewish high court, ‘Jesus said. ‘You will see the Son of man sitting at the right hand of power and coming on the clouds of heaven. “Matthew 26: 64) So in Daniel’s vision; the one coming, invisible to human eyes, and gaining access to Jehovah God was the resurrected, glorified Jesus Christ. “The holy ones of the Supreme One will receive the kingdom, “said the angel. Jesus Christ is the chief holy one. “The other “holy ones” having a share in the rulership are the 144,000 faithful spirit-anointed Christians, who are Kingdom heirs with Christ. (Romans 1: 7; 8: 17; 2 ‘Thessalonians 1: 5; 1 Peter 2: 9) They are resurrected from death as immortal spirits to reign with Christ on heavenly Mount Zion. Hence, Christ Jesus and the resurrected anointed, ‘will rule over mankind according to the “Caraites Jews” or “Scripturalist” writing of the Old Testament: When gentiles go to confessional (secrets); their confes (sion), is too Zion: In the ‘Public interest, based on ‘Fair comment’ and ‘Free-speech’ under Privilege of anti-Semitic Jewish Policies ‘Without Prejudice or stand “Mute” of Malice for those persons living or deceased. The characters and situations in this book are entirely imaginary and bear no relation to any real person or actual happening! This nameless (indemnified) Outlaw renegade Author, is an anonymous (treatise), in which there is no prima facie case too answer for e.g., defamatory or otherwise, because the author has an Absolute privilege in Liberty, and this ‘fictitious story’ however bizarre “IT” maybe. Has yet to be formally ‘ratified’ by the ‘Judaeo Court’, e.g., (make valid), a good rapport of one’s allegations that are allegedly contained within this ‘tenor of Due Process & effect document! I will not be held responsible for any ‘Debt’s, Legal Judgement’s, Libel, Liability, or otherwise. This ‘misuse of “Man-dacious Law” e.g., Maori for ‘Sovereignty’, and thus based on the ‘Hexagram’. And this Author declares “IT” from this day forth, from the 28th March 2001, with or without his written authority, and therefore is (not), responsible; because ‘I recognize only the “Second Law of the Universe”. We must all ‘Pray’ for ‘Post Judas’, this Jewish “Capitalistic system” of ‘Usury-network’, that the Jews call justice, or ‘Just-Us Yids. “Like’ Pauline Hanson would say; (please explain) e.g., make one’s meaning clear and intelligible on how our governments could justify a corrupt legal system, such as we have here in the ‘Western World? Because any ‘insurrection’ too their ‘Rule of Law’ is quickly putdown? Nothing has really changed since the Roman Foretimes! Insurrection e.g., Rising in open resistance to established authority. It’s a ‘breach’ of ‘Jewish’ authority! We ‘gentiles’ have a privileged right to become the ‘intervener in the ‘public interest’, to inform the authorities of their own ‘misprision of treason’. This law Act, which has been committed by the ‘aristocrat nobles, ‘birth or ‘rank, and their Jewish Empire, obtained by stealth e.g., secret (surreptitious) procedure. This pungent devilfish, this ‘Octopus’ spans the world over with its ten-great sucking arms! The Charter of King John, the Great Charter, and ‘Magna Carta’ of 1215 AD. Including trial by jury, the Habeas Corpus Act (of Charles 11), 1679. The ‘Law’ may ‘forfeit’ or ‘constrict their lawful statute powers under the Constitution Act, and by the Treason Act of 1814. It’s alleged, ‘Therefore this story is the unabbreviated written form of fiction, ‘Note, any living or deceased persons named or written herein, within this document, which may resemble a ‘Gentile mankind ‘Hum’ beast (goy) person; or a ‘Yid (Jewish) “Upper-class’ Man” person of similar named publicly or explicitly named herein or otherwise. Is purely coincidental, and all responsibility ‘Lay’ entirely with the reader. There is a crime syndicate within our mist; a crime organization too corrupt, for no one dare open their mouth “Woodrow Wilson” (1856-1924). Hopefully this document will go someway towards smashing “IT” once and for all? Please accept our most ‘humble’ apology for this sensitive information contained within e.g., (Mutatis mutandis mutation), without prejudice or Malice etc. We the public humbly pray that this ‘Petition to Parliament is protected by absolute privilege, and is of paramount importance for the welfare of their constituents and for all ‘mankind. As a ‘dog’ e.g., a ‘whistleblower’ I must divulge; for it’s our duty too inform the House and the Parliamentary Members of the Upper and lower House of parliament. Our puppet governments are disguised as having legitimate sovereignty powers to do as they like, but almost all the western leaders are moved by wires, and therefore they are guilty of parricide e.g., ‘Treason Felony Act of 1848, is an offence to stir up foreigners by any printing or writing to invade the kingdom or otherwise! This offence is punishable with imprisonment for life. Has it ever occurred to anyone out there in the real world, that the United States of America has been doing just that, over the past 50 years? Inciting violence to cause a retaliation attack (strike) on ‘Western Interest; bring “IT” on! George Walker Bush ‘said. This fanatic leader who suffers from paranoia, told the whole of the Arab World? This ‘buffoon’, this great American delusive leader has detained thousands of innocent Moslems in the so-called ‘free world’, because “IT” suspects they may all have links to terrorist cells! Is Bush talking about a prison cell with small rooms or what; this “Man” is as mad as a hatter, e.g., wildly eccentric? A terrorist is a beast (goyim), who doesn’t agree with the Jewish way? George W. Bush is guilty of the same thing, e.g., inciting violence under his new terrorism laws, what a hypocrite? He always ends his speechmaking with, ‘God ‘bless America! These armchair generals care very little about (beast), e.g., which the Jews call human chattel, the life of a gentile is nothing more than having a ‘nose-ring’ for the Jews too pull the rope on? The USA has no legal right to (trespass), occupy, on or upon Iraqi soil, too do so, is a ‘breach of International Law, and the Geneva Convention, under the UN; nor can America enforce western laws and western cultures upon other tribes! This latest trespass on Iraq has cost the lives of over 4,000-Allied soldier, (4,000 in 2008), from 150,000 U.S. troops 2006 A.D; and some 20,000 wounded, + US$200-billion, which has almost bankrupted America? Yet the “Great White Father, ‘Bush Jr, is having a banquet. Meanwhile Iraqi’s, the death toll that Bush calls collateral damage; goes much higher to 11,000 to 13,000, some say as high as 100,000; the result of George Walker Bush’s (mental illusion), and this ((spiv) and his government’s illegal engagement looking for “phantom terrorist cells? An enemy, which was created by a narrow-minded Yiddish person? Why didn’t the UN Security Council “stop” George W. Bush’s illegal invasion of Iraq, from using American troops without due care; and for the illegal use of “Napalm bombs” on innocent civilians? Napalm (-ahm), n. Product of naphthalene & coconut oil (-bomb, one containing jellied petrol. We all knew Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction, the War-Lord Bush also knew this; he wanted the “Booty of War”, Iraqi’s ‘Oil “George W. Bush Jr and Israel; are “dead ducks! Congress must ‘bloc this alleged madman, Dick Cheney from launching a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Iran; it’s ludicrous, it’s madness? Donald Rumsfeld the alleged hyena, e.g., a catlike carnivorous mammal, once sat on a company board that sold ‘nuclear reactors’ to North Korea! The World According to Bush; January 2001. Americans have elected a new dictator as their Supreme Leader. He was not elected; he was appointed; his brother Jeff stole 50,000 votes in Florida, and his father in the Supreme Court appointed him as President, ‘So much for American democracy. ‘This was a gross abuse of the Supreme Court powers? If God has spoken to Bush, and said you are going to be President, you don’t have to worry about a vote recount or ‘court decisions! He became President, but he didn’t know why? And on September 11th ‘He discovered why! And the day before 9/11, the “Dow Jones” fell too 634 points, ‘just a coincidence? I don’t think so! The Jewish stockmarket Pyramid was about too ‘tumbledown, and they collapsed under enormous pressure, the bankers (Twin Towers). He wants to make a mark for good and a mark for right? George W. Bush ‘said, he admires Jesus Christ the most, but the truth is, Jesus Christ does not talk to the ‘devil, fore ‘He knows (not) the ‘Man; therefore God did not invoke His spirit upon this Yid; nor does the Holy Pope! Bush is a spoilt child of a wealthy family! God spoke to him and said, prepare yourself, I have a mission for you. So he stopped drinking, and he stopped flouncing? In an interview with a Boston Newspaper, George W. Bush declared, I’m invested with a Devine mission, to promote a biblical worldview, in the policy carried out in the USA. The West Wing Bible study of the religious, Conservative rightwing political party, George Walker Bush said, ‘heaven is open only to those people who accept Jesus Christ! We have no king but Jesus! The U.S. President is part of the Christian right foreign policy! Bush declares! Let ‘Us ask for Gods wisdom and presence with what we are undertaking in this crusade, this war on terrorism, is going to take awhile! They support Israel, because it’s a nation, which knows how to fight, and also there is this strong anti-Muslim mentality within the White House! The state of Israel must exist at the end of history, that’s what they (Bush) ‘believes? Bush is a false prophet, and could even be the anti-Christ? The centre for public integrity is staffed by a handful of volunteers, who decided to raise the alarm about George W. Bush’s reshaping of America, in the name of the war on terrorism, and above all, about the loss of liberties that this involves? It was the centre that revealed that the Attorney General John Ashcroft was secretly preparing “Patriot Act Two”, endowing the administration with powers of surveillance, not only of the countries borders and foreign citizens, but also of Americans themselves. America is a democracy for god sake. Viet Dinh, US Patriot Act’s architect! When did America’s Administration start developing secret legislation that changes their rights and liberties? The government supervise a workforce of 168,000 persons, and some of those persons do make mistakes, he said! This repressive measures in this “Patriot Act”, allows unrestricted access to personal data, and secret searches on private property, as well as extending secret telephone taps across the whole country. George W. Bush signed this new law without proxy consent of Jew or Due Process, e.g., it’s illegal under the US Constitution Act? This new (Martial) law allows surveillance of all commutations used by terrorist, including Emails, the Internet, and Cell phones! All that’s needed is a Court Order. Joseph Trento, an Historian, said, they can spy on anybody, they can get your Phone records, they can get your Credit Card records, and they can even find out which library books you read. They will go after you, and they do “IT”. John Ashcroft, Attorney General, (operation tip”-off’), is asking all US citizens to come forward to the FBI with any valuable information they have to help ‘Us Jews too apprehend terrorist, or to stop terrorist attacks on us? The government wants people to report anything suspicious under the “Jew Process of their ‘Just-Us laws! The last country to do this to the goyim (goy) gentiles, which was under dictatorial law’s; was the Soviet Union, where goys would dobbin other goys to their Supreme Master Stalin? The public should give George W. Bush the ‘bullet, come Election Day? Civil Liberties “Stolen” in the name of ‘Patriotism! The U.S. Government today is abusing its Statute Powers! America today is now a Gestapo Police State under a ‘Fascist regime terrorist Bush cell, called “Martial Law! Bush & Cheney are two oil executives. Dick Cheney left his former oil company (Halliburton), with over US$45 million dollars in stock options, before becoming vice-President of the United States. Therefore his Stock Options are clearly a conflict of interest! This group of ‘Mafia, White House executive thugs, are taking advantage of the American public, too fill their own pockets? Prescott Bush; George W. Bush’s grandfather, a patriot, had an interesting role in the 1940s, he was the Investment Banker for Brown Brothers ‘harem, and while he was doing those things, he was the secret banker for Adolf Hitler, and the Fritz Thyssen family? While George Bush ‘senior was fighting the Nazis in the Pacific, his father was financing Hitler. All of Prescott Bush’s ‘companies were taken over by the ‘Government, due to there cooperation with the Third Reich and for trading with the enemy; one of his companies operated mines in Poland, using the inmates of nearby concentration camps as forced labour! The German elections of 1932, when London and New York bankers helped “Herr Adolf Hitler come to power with the help of George Walker Bush’s financier great-grandfather George Herbert ‘Bert’ Walker of Brown Brothers Harriman, who poured funds into the Nazi Treasury: George Walker Bush, and his Egyptian cobra goddess was also a symbol of immortality, every pharaoh wore a representation of her on his forehead. It was thought that the goddess protected the pharaoh from harm. What a stir it must have caused when Aaron’s snake swallowed all the sacred snakes in Pharaoh’s palace! But there are many snakes in the Bush Administration, and it’s all too hard to swallow their “bullshit” anymore? We’ve witnessed thousands of Hasidic Jews who stationed themselves outside a New York hospital, waiting for their 92-year-old rabbi to give them a sign that he was the Messiah; but was he waring his (Yarmulke) skull-cap e.g., a skull-cap warn by male orthodox Jews at all times, and by other male Jews on religious occasions? A major difference from the days of Christ; these Lubavitcher Jews wore beepers, all the quicker to signal the word to one another. Now that the rabbi has passed on, his gravesite is covered with thousands of messages and faxes? The Pyramid and the ‘All Seeing Owl. ‘Looking down from above the roadways within the U.S. Congress grounds and the two main thoroughfares leading away create an owl sitting on a pyramid around the Congress Building. The owl is symbolic of Moloch, in the Old Testament, a god of the Jews, to whom their children were sacrificed for thousands of years. In the United States today, some 50,000 children go missing, ‘and according to one FBI source, they are been sacrificed too the god ‘Moloch: Jesus Christ the Son of God, ‘Allah or ‘Yahweh, is due to returns in 2015 or by 2033 A.D; on about the 21st of July that year; probably in the ‘month’ of (Ab), of our ‘Lord, who was born in the 1st century B.C.E; and had died in the 15th year of 1st century A.D. Christ died in the 15th year of Tiberius Caesar’s reign, this is a fact! When Christ walked this earth, Augustus was the Roman Emperor from (31 B.C. to 14 A.D. and when Herod the Great (37 B.C. to 4 A.D), died in 4 A.D. Jesus would have been aged about 18 or 19 years. So when Jesus was born, Herod was in his twenty-third year as ruler over (Judea), or Judaea, Samaria, and Idumaea? Jesus said, ‘No one takes my life from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. Two nobles Joseph and Nicodemus, bury Jesus in a rock tomb! Kerry is a believer in teleology, e.g., teleological argument for the existence of God holds that order in the world could not be accidental and that since there is design there must be a designer, because frequently, teleologists have identified purpose in the universe with God’s will, and not only that, ‘I myself, have seen God in the night sky in 1960. Christ is the one who reveals the Father to us, ‘He who sees me sees the Father! Calvary, it is again as king that Jesus is crucified, and the Jews again reject him. His “seamless” cream garment, which Jesus wears, is not torn, and John sees this as a symbol of the unity of the church. Jesus dies to gather into one the children of God who are scattered abroad? Our Lord Christ hovers over the earth in the firmament of the atmosphere, to watch over His flock till eternity, for Christ is with ‘us always! Christ will banish the Imperial Upper”- class Zionist’s, ‘fore He knows them not! These Nobles, these Aristocrat Jews! At the annual congress of the Christians Coalition of America in Colorado, where thousands of ‘Yid’ peoples gather in this amphitheatre, too proclaim the State of Israel. Arnaud de Borchgrave, Washington Times, said, ‘You have an alliance in the United States, which is a very important alliance, its not on paper, it’s a de-facto alliance, between Christian Right and the Israeli Lobby; there is a direct alliance there, and its an unusual alliance, and its the first time he has seen it in his lifetime! Ariel Sharon appearance before the Christian Zionist provokes a rapturous applause! Israel is the 51st American State. We stand with Israel. What’s good for Israel is good for the USA: The Iraq war with Iran cost the Iraqi economy US$65 million in 1989. The Illuminati had planned to set a trap for Saddam Hussein. He should give England and the U.S. an excuse to intervene by military apparently to safeguard the world oil supply. In June of 1989 a delegation with Alan Stoga “Kissinger Associates Ltd”, members of the board of the Bankers Trust, Mobil, Occidental Petroleum and others followed an invitation by Saddam Hussein to Baghdad. The project at the centre of discussions—the Badush Dam project, which within five years would have made Iraq independent of food imports—was turned down. The delegation insisted that first the national debt had to be paid up and thus the oil industry should be at least partly privatized. Saddam Hussein of course declined. By the end of 1989 the US$2.3-billion George Bush had promised the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro BNL would block Iraq. Thus at the beginning of 1990 Iraq was cut-off from all loans by Western banks. Now Sheik Al-Sabah, emir of Kuwait and friend of the English royal family entered the game. Up to now he had channelled money into Iraq, was forbidden by London and Washington, to keep the eight-year war going that brought the arms dealers money and Israel political advantages. At the beginning Kuwait was asked to dump cheap oil on the market despite signed OPEC treaties disallowing this. Several diplomatic advances by the other OPEC countries tried to keep Kuwait from continuing on this dangerous path, but without success. The U.S. five-year-war on Iraq is almost totally financed by the Opium trade from Afghanistan; drugs and oil is what’s keeping the American economy from total collapse. Kevin Rudd wants too stop the drug trade from Afghanistan the Sheik’ Osama bin Laden? The overthrow of Saddam is overwhelming in the national interest? Its true, ‘that the Zionist controls the American administration, and most of the world today! The Jews must be in panic mode, and are desperate to bring forward their planned New World Order? The neo-conservative ‘Yids, such as Richard Perle, Dick Cheney, the Jew ‘Paul Wolfowitz, Colin Powell, and ‘Desert Storm’ four-star General, Norman Schwarzkopf; better known to the world as ‘Stormin’Norman’. And George Walker Bush’s tail wagging (mutt), it’s alleged, Donald Rumsfeld is an ignorant blunderer, dunderhead, jackass; small dog of a mutton-head; he’s one big practical joker, he’s a ‘teehee e.g., ‘laugh? Plus, “Lieutenant General Charles Horner. These aristocrats, e.g., the Jewish nobles have undue power and influence over the direction of America’s foreign policy? They created a pretext (excuse), for war on the Moslems, on (Islam), by having their own Twin Towers destroyed; and than too blame “IT” all on Islamic countries? Senator’ Robert Byrd (D) West Virginia has condemned the war on Iraq as outrageous! The White House had used Hans Blix, ‘The UN chief weapons inspector, because Bush needed to make sure that Saddam Hussein had no dangerous weapons of mass destruction too use against his American invading armoured military force. He wanted to end Saddam’s 24-year reign as the Iraq’s President. Bush was desperate to steal Iraq’s oilfields too bolster the ailing American economy! Since the Iraqi prisoners were tortured, Bush ‘said, being President of the United States means never having to say you’re sorry! Iraq ‘July 2004, a new player, calling themselves the “Lions of Allah brigade”, are kidnapping foreigners to persuade George W. Bush the “angel of death” with his “magic wand”. He who is without wings, which is “Sophia or Sophistic wise”, short (myope); full of “Sophist vision”, should withdraw his troops from Iraq! All the nuclear weapons factories in South Africa are owned by Israel. The American “Flag” is the most hated symbol, ‘and even more hated in these times than the “Swastika”. The only reason Bush sent in the weapons inspectors, was to make absolutely certain that there were no biological or chemical weapons too use on the invading Allied forces! The culprit offender’s George Walker Bush, and company, Tony Blair; and the Australian Prime Minister, John Winston Howard (born July 26, 1939), these astute (shrewd, crafty) “dead duck” leaders are liken to the flesh-eating wolf in sheep’s clothing; all belong in some mental asylum, or put in some cage in Camp X-ray (Camp Delta) JTF Guantanamo Bay, Cuba;(imprisonment for life), ‘jail or ‘gaol at Camp Delta! Look, ‘their ‘AXIS of ‘EVIL is ‘within the White House, not out-their in some Middle East desert? These “Leaders” must all face the “International Crimes Court”, including the Israeli Leader ‘Ariel Sharon’ for genocide against his neighbours. The deliberate assassinations and targeting of Palestinian Hamas militant leaders, whom are really “freedom fighters” on the Gaza strip, it’s a kind of war for the liberation of Palestine, from the injustices of the Israeli’s illegal occupation and statehood on May 14th 1948, with a population at that time of some 650,000 Jews, which came from all over the world (Germany, America, etc), to live in their newly proclaimed state called Israel? David Ben-Gurion’s military headquarters quickly established the Israel Defence Force (ZAHAL or IDF); David Ben-Gurion, born in Poland 1886, Israeli labour leader; prime minister of Israel 1948:
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