The narrator returned to Devon School, after fifteen years

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A Separate Peace
Chapter 1

  1. The narrator returned to Devon School, after fifteen years

  2. Gene returns to Devon in the late fall, bleak mood, his description of the season suggests he’s questioning his past, feels sorry for himself

  3. The stairs, the tress (First Academy building)

  4. Summer of 1942, war always in their mind

  5. Phineas wanted to jump out of the tree, he wanted others to follow him, be like the seniors

  6. Phineas and Gene

  7. The narrator and Finny are friends, playful, but also competitive, true friends

  8. The boys feel anxious about the war but want to be prepared, Finny refuses to wear pajamas, unmilitary like to wear pajamas

Chapter 2

  1. Mr. Prud’homme excuses Finny from being late to dinner, he uses finesse to talk himself out of trouble

  2. It’s summer time, most of the faculty are substitutes Reminded them of times of peace

  3. The pink collared t-shirt

  4. Finny wears a tie for a belt, typically a student would be in trouble but his glowing personality forced the headmaster to laugh rather than be angry

  5. Gene was disappointed that Finny didn’t get in trouble, he was jealous of him, he wore the tie in honor of the battles fought in the war

  6. Gene almost fell when he turned on the branch, Finny saved him from falling, they formed the Secret Suicide Society

  7. Secret Suicide Society

  8. Gene realizes that Finny is a good friend , Finny had saved his life, Gene realizes how serious the fall from the branch could have been

  9. Finny has a playful banter with his teachers, he’s charming, he lightens the wartime situation

  10. Gene says he can’t help but envy Finny

Chapter 3

  1. Secret society meet every night, meetings began with jumping from the tree

  2. Blitzball- uses a medicine ball, people run, get knocked down, Finny makes up the rules, training for the war

  3. Everyone is an enemy, demonstrated Finny’s athletic abilityFinny broke the school swimming record, Finny didn’t want anyone to know, he just wanted to break the record

  4. They ride bikes to the beach , it takes hours (morning to afternoon to get there) Gene is worried about getting his work completed- he gets smashed by a wave so gets out of the ocean, just watches Finny surf, Finny is carefree – he surfs for hours

  5. At the beach- swam, went for a beer, slept for the night

  6. Finny tells Gene that he’s his best friend, he’s glad Gene agreed to come with him

  7. Awards

Winslow Galbrath Memorial Football Award- sportsmanship

Margaret Duke Bonaventura Ribbon- hockey

Devon School Contact Sport Award- Excels Sportsmanlike Performance

Finny is proud of his accomplishment and doesn’t need others praise to feel good about himself

Chapter 4

  1. He thinks Finny is trying to keep him from being the valedictorian of the class He thinks Finny doesn’t want to compete with him, he thinks Finny tries to keep him away from his studies , Gene feels they are even in rivalry

  2. Gene fails his math test

  3. He wants to be at the top of the class

  4. Finny doesn’t understand Gene’s need to study, he feels it is a waste of time

  5. Gene feels Finny is jeopardizing his studying so he won’t be #`1 and compete with him

  6. Gene dedicates himself to be #1 in academics so he can compete with Finny

  7. Finny is the most athletic and Gene makes better grades

  8. Lepier will jump from the tree

  9. Gene wants to skip the meeting so he can study , Finny doesn’t realize that Gene must study, his good grades require studying

  10. Gene- bright, rule-folower Finny- athletic, leader Both-competitive, talented, driven

  11. Finny wants to do a double jump with Gene

  12. Finny falls from the tree. Finny saved Gene from a fall, Gene jostling the tree caused

  13. Finny’s fall Gene didn’t mean to cause such extensive injuries

Chapter 5

  1. He leg shattered when he fell from the tree

  2. Gene dressed in Finny’s clothes, he became Finny- clothes made him feel powerful

  3. The doctor feels Gene that Finny’s days of playing sports are over. Gene cried for himself and Finny. He feels responsible.

  4. He feels guilty and wants to tell Finny the truth.

  5. He remembers the movement of the branch. He remembers falling, thinking Gene might grad him.

  6. Finny doesn’t believe him and becomes angry. He asks Gene to leave. Gene tells Finny the truth because he believes that’s what Finny would have done in the same situation.

  7. He goes to visit Finny on his way back to Devon.

  8. He told Finny he was responsible for the accident. Finny gets extremely angry. He realizes he hurt him again by telling him he caused the accident.

Chapter 6

  1. Brinker is Gene’s competition for valedictorian.

  2. Quackenbush is the head of the rowing team. Gene gets mad at Quackenbush because her thinks he’s making fun of Finny’s injuries, they fight and Gene ends up falling in the water

  3. Gene runs into Mr. Ludbury who talks to him about the boys behavior in the summer, he also told him he had a long distance phone call (Finny)

  4. Gene didn’t want to have anything to do with sports since Finny couldn’t participate

  5. Finny is angry at Gene and tells him he wants him to participate since he can’t

Chapter 7

  1. Brinker accuses Gene of bouncing Finny off the limb on purpose , Gene comes back with sarcastic comments (pg. 88)

  2. Brinker brings up the accident. He accuses Gene of purposely hurting Finny.

  3. Gene leaves the Butt Room when Brinker accuses him of hurting Finny on purpose. He makes sarcastic remarks and leaves.

  4. Clean the railroad tracks and pick apples

  5. Leper, Leper is on skis looking for a beaver dam

  6. Brinker announces he will join the army, Gene decides he will join with him, Finny comes back so Gene’s plans change

Chapter 8

  1. Brinker wants to know if Gene will enlist with him, Finny was angry

  2. Finny wants to skip school

  3. They go to the gym

  4. Finny tells Gene there really isn’t a war, it’s all fabricated, it was illustrated by older men who didn’t want to lose their jobs

  5. Finny makes Gene train , he wants him to go to the Olympics, 1944 Olympics

  6. Gene trains early every morning, running

Chapter 9

  1. Leper, ski patrol division

  2. Unbelievable that Leper was part of the war

  3. Mock Olympics, Finny’s idea

  4. Sports: a ski jump, slalom races, track

  5. Leper, he has escaped from the Army- went AWAL, He wants Gene to meet him

Chapter 10

  1. Leper is angry at Gene and disturbed

  2. He escaped the army because it wasn’t what he thought it would be like

  3. He says that Gene intentionally hurt Finny, Finny knocked him out of his chair

  4. He thought the army turned everything inside out, he became delusional

Chapter 11

  1. He felt the need to see Finny

2. He pities Finny so he doesn’t enlist

3. He does finally admit the existence of World War II. He says that he had to accept the reality of the war when Gene told him that it had caused Leper to go crazy

4. Leper, that Gene was being truthful about the change in Leper

5. He takes them to the First Building, to hold a hearing about Gene’s involvement in Finny’s accident

6. Finny tries to avoid the questions, he also tries to support Gene

7. Leper, he says he saw two boys on the limb and both of the boys moved

8. He gets angry and frustrated, he runs out of the room and falls down a flight of marble stairs
Chapter 12

  1. They went and got the wrestling coach for help and sent someone to get Dr. Stanpole

  2. To the infirmary , Gene follows, looks in the window and tries to climb in

Another 2. Finny accuses him of coming to try to injure him again, He falls halfway out of the bed

  1. Gene spent the night under the stadium

  2. He returns to the infirmary to bring clothes to Finny as requested by Dr. Stanpole

  3. He forgave Gene and tells him about sending all of the letters to every armed force to try to enlist even China

  4. He said he knew there was a war but denied it because he couldn’t participate, He said Finny would make a terrible soldier, he would work for both sides trying to keep peace

  5. The boys rekindle their friendship and Finny forgives Gene for his act and he understood why he did it

  6. The doctor told Gene Finny died during the surgery, he had a blood clot , Gene is angry but never cried

  7. Gene didn’t want Finny to feel embarrassed about not being able to get himself back in bed without a struggle, Finny doesn’t want others to see his weaknesses

  8. Both Finny and Gene lose the feeling of excitement about the war, they realize that war causes many problems

  9. This answer is your opinion

Chapter 13

  1. The military

  2. Gene joins the Navy, Brinker joins the Coast Guard

  3. Gene says his war was fought at Devon and that it was there that he killed his enemy.

  4. Finny sensed the existence of an enemy to fight; thus it was that Finny was never afraid and never hated anyone. Finny alone, he muses, understood that the perceived enemy might not be an enemy at all.

  5. Most of the boys realize the tragedy instead of the excitement of war, Gene realizes the peace is within himself, he understands his jealousy and relationship with Finny

  6. Brinker’s father is more interested in way others perceive him and Brinker, he is tough and very harsh, Brinker is a lot like his father- he took it upon himself to organize the trial to prove Gene’s guilt, he joined the Coast Guard instead fighting on the front line

  7. When Gene sees the army moving on campus he realizes his life will never be the same, he really doesn’t believe in the war cause but knows he must fight

  8. Finny understands the importance of being true to himself, he doesn’t care what others think about him and is only in competition with himself

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