The Musicians Who was the most popular anti-war artist at that time?

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The Musicians

Who was the most popular anti-war artist at that time?

What style of music was the most popular?

How deeply did the Vietnam War influence music?

Was all the music during the time of the Vietnam War about the war?

What famous songs were introduced due to the war?

What artists were famously outspoken about the war?

What’s the most famous war protest song?

What’s the most famous pro-war song?

Which group or artist was the most influential?

What kind of tone does the music have?

Did the music and the hating of homecoming soldiers correlate?

Did any of the music have lyrics that approved of the war?

How did the songs impact culture?

What instruments were popular?

What was the style of music like, besides the war protest?

What were other songs during the 60’s that weren’t protesting the war?

What genre of music was most popular during that time?

What was the most popular song on the Billboard charts?

How did the public react to these songs?

What songs were used at major protests and rallies?

How many famous musicians opposed the war? How many supported it?

How did the war affect album art?

What were some new genres from the time period?

Were musicians expected not to talk about the war in lyrics?

Did musicians give any concerts or rallies to protest the war?

What do the lyrics in specific songs insinuate about the war?

How is it evident that music affected the American people?

How did music from that era affect today’s music?

How did the death of MLK Jr. influence music?

How did the public receive artists of pro-war stances?

What genres were associated with each opinion?

Is any of the music from the 50s and 60s still found in pop music today?

What are some war jingles soldiers would sing?

Who were some one-hit wonders?

What other pop culture (besides the war) influenced the music?

What song was kind of the symbol of that era?

Do you think that some of these musicians should have been really taken seriously considering many of them were drug-addicted and uneducated?

How many Beatles songs were anti-war?

Were war chants included in any music lyrics?

What other issues (besides the war) did musicians focus on in this era?

Was there more of a religious uprise?

Did musicians have any effect on political campaigns or government?

What was the most controversial song?

Did the music help or hurt soldiers/ morale?
Tim O’Brien

Did O’Brien have post-traumatic stress after Vietnam?

Did O’Brien serve in Vietnam?

Do all of his pieces have a Vietnam War element?

What in his life most influenced his writing?

How did the war affect him?

What was his role in the war?

How old was he when he joined the army?

Was he recognized for being a veteran and a Harvard graduate?

Did he suffer from childhood memories?

What inspired the book?

Why does he write in a disturbing, evil style?

Are his other works also written in atypical styles?

How old is he?

Is he a magician?

Did he have an experience like a Thuan Yen/killing people?

Is In the Lake of the Woods ANY bit true?

Describe O’Brien’s upringing.

Did O’Brien face trauma from the war or did he just ask vets?

How did he specifically relate to In the Lake of the Woods?

Was he ever interested in magic?

Why was PTSD and politics together?

Did he have any family in the war?

Where did he serve during the war?

Was he an author before the war?

Did he have any political experience prior to writing the book?

Were minor characters inspired by real people?

How much experience did he put into the book?

Why does he have no definite ending to the book?

When did he get into writing and did his Vietnam experience influence his choice to write?

What are his feelings toward the war?

Is John Wade based on Tim?

Does he have an answer to what happened to Kathy?

Why does he mix magic & Vietnam in his writings?

What was his childhood like?

Was he happily married?

Did he perform magic as a child?

Why did he decide to become a writer?

Did he have an abusive family?

Did he have a death in his family (father)?

Why does O’Brien write about the Vietnam War and what can we learn from his work?

Was O’Brien presented with any awards for his literary work?

What events inspired In the Lake of the Woods?

Is the book a reflection of his own Vietnam experiences or someone else’s?

What were his parents like?

What was his married life like?

Is he the biggest of all the authors about Vietnam?

Does he suffer from PTSD?

How did he cope with the war?

What did he do in the war?

What was his inspiration for John?
Why does he jump so much between future, past, and now?

What was he trying to achieve with the unknown ending?

Was he for or against the war?

Did his wife ever cheat on him?

How many times has he been married?

How horrible was his war experience?

How long did he serve in the war?

What made him want to serve?

Is he married to a woman similar to Kathy?

Is he considered a war criminal?

Did he have the same personality as Sorcerer while he was at war?
The Magicians/Pop Culture

What was the most dangerous magic trick of that time?

Who was the most famous magician of that time?

What is the guillotine trick?

What magicians were most popular during that era?

How has magic changed?

What was the most famous magic trick in that era?

What kind of magic was popular?

What are the highlights of pop culture?

How popular was magic compared to now?

What was the importance of the POW bracelet?

What is the real meaning behind the peace symbol?

What are some of the popular things people wore to protest the war?

Were there any new magic tricks invented during this time period?

How did magic affect how the soldiers thought of the war?

Who is the most famous person who has a POW bracelet who is still alive today?

Were there any female magicians?

How influential was magic during this era?

How did pop culture of Vietnam affect the veterans?

Did soldiers perform tricks in the trenches?

What is the most interesting trick you research?

How was magic different back then?

What were popular TV shows?

Did actors and actresses portray PTSD?

Who was the “big” magician during the time?

Were magic shows more popular then than they are now?

What is a zippo lighter and what did it signify?

Do the popular tricks of the time (and in the book) serve as symbols?

How was the culture shaped by the Vietnam War?

Who performed at Woodstock?

Why did magic gain popularity/publicity at this time?

Was anti-war media the leading (and popular) or niche?

Where did the peace symbol originate?

How are people “cut” in half but are still alive?

Did pop culture primarily influence the younger or older generation?
Who created the zippo lighter and why?

Why did magic increase in popularity during this period?

What was the main style of the time?

How did family life change because of husbands, fathers, sons, and brothers going off to war?

What were some major anti-war movies of that time?

Were entertainers black-listed for being pro-/anti-war?

What anti-war movies were made?

Is it possible for all magicians to have some kind of mental instability because of the secrecy of their job?

How many people have died doing magic tricks?

Who are history’s favorite magicians?

Who were the “celebrities” of the time period?

Where did people go to watch magicians?

Were popular actors/actresses speaking against the war?

Was the peace sign considered anti-Christ?

Is there certain equipment necessary for most magic tricks?

How was pop culture then similar to now?

What is magician’s wax?

When was the peace symbol first used?

Why rabbits?
The Historians

How many people were massacred at My Lai?

How many U.S. soldiers were involved in My Lai?

How did the My Lai incident change the outlook on the war?

Who gave the order for the My Lai massacre?

How did the war affect everyday American life?

How have historians tweaked what we learn in school?

How did the media portray the My Lai incident?

How does the Peers Report correlate with the Mai Lai incident?

Was the Mai Lai incident the main factor that caused citizens to hate homecoming soldiers?

What was the government like in the 60’s?

Who was the president during the time? How did his views affect lifestyles?’

What happened to the people involved in the My Lai incident after the war?

What were some social problems going on at home during Vietnam?

Why is the My Lai incident so important to the Vietnam War?

What was the world’s response to the My Lai incident?

What were the opinions of the war?

Why did the war start?

What were the big battles during the war?

What did the Peers Report find?

Were any of the soldiers in the My Lai incident convicted?

Who is McNamara?

Did the Vietnam civilians get involved in the war activities (grenades, etc.)?

Were the war events described in the book accurate?

How did the Vietnamese view the war?
How many instances of that type of slaughter occurred?

What happened to most of the soldiers and their minds when they got home?

How did people in America learn the truth?

Were the images and records kept or destroyed?

How many casualties were there during the war?

How long did the war last?

What was happening politically during Vietnam?

What customs and practices are associated with the era?

Why did the U.S. get involved?

Is Lt. Calley still alive?

What happened to those who participated in my Lai but didn’t want to?

How do the My Lai incident and The Fog of War relate?

Peers Report—If people saw it, why didn’t they stop it?

How long did it take for the small villages to gain attention after their massacres?

Why did the media show the war in such a negative light?

Did most historians negatively or positively portray the American soldiers?

Who was more affected by the war: US or Vietnamese? How?

Are the events in the book factual or biased?

How many people fought in Vietnam?

What started the incident?

What is the message being conveyed in The Fog of War?

What effect did the president have on the war?

What other events were going on in the same period as Vietnam?

Were there other places like My Lai?

What was the spiritual standing of the soldiers?

What battles resulted in the most deaths in Vietnam?

What was the average amount of time soldiers who were captured were kept in Vietnam?

What were the women and children doing while the men were at war?

What was the risk of America staying out of the war?

Were the pictures of the massacre released to the public during the war?

Did the My Lai incident create more war protests/uproar?

How did the US get involved?

What problems faced veterans returning from the war?

How many Americans were lost in the war?

How many Vietnamese died?

Do Vietnamese now have a negativity toward Americans?

How long did it take for the My Lai details to surface?

What age group of people protested the most?

Why did people protest?

How many war criminals were convicted?

Why are the happenings of Vietnam less discussed than any other American war?

How did the PTSD of the vets affect their daily life?

What happened to Vietnam after America withdrew?

Didn’t women and children actually aid in the war effort? (Not innocent bystanders)

Are there still ongoing investigations about incidents in the war?
The Literary

Who were popular poets of the time?

What is the highest selling book about Vietnam?

How did literature affect the outlook of Vietnam?

Who were the well-known writers of the war?

How did the war influence literature?

Are most of the Vietnam war pieces written by veterans?

Are the books from that era written about peace?

What novels were popular in the 60’s?

Did any books of the time cause controversy?

Did other books offer perspective on the My Lai incident?

How do other war stories compare to O’Brien’s?

What is the overall plot of We Should Never Meet?

What is the highest selling book about Vietnam?

Were books censored?

Were soldiers portrayed as heroes or villains?

Were any books about families waiting for soldiers to return?

Did other war literature influence O’Brien?

Is it common for veterans to vent through writing?

What authors emerged during this period?

What were other authors’ opinions of O’Brien’s works?

Were there any other Vietnam writers (who wrote about war)?

Were pieces about the war considered controversial?

Were there any major literary movements?

Were there any pro-war pieces?

What other themes (besides war) were popular in this time?

Were other authors influenced by the war?

Any Vietnamese literature on the war? How was it broadcast?

When was the first Vietnam book published?

What were popular movies of the period?

What movies about Vietnam have been released?

Are any diaries from Vietnam published?

Did other works include the My Lai incident?

What magazines were published during this period?

Were there any works protesting the war?

What types of magazines protested against the war?

What autobiographies were written after the war?
The Memorial
When was the memorial built?

Why was the memorial controversial among people?

How many unknown soldiers are there?

How many letters are written on average per week?

What types of memorials are present today?

How many names are on the wall?

How often is the memorial cleaned?

Did the wall divide the country more or act as a way of peace?

What is the most famous Vietnam memorial?

When was the memorial built and where is it?

How many people died?

When was the wall presented?

Why was the wall created? Are there other memorials?

Who designed the wall? Why did he/she decide to create it?

How were the arguments settled?

Where was the memorial built? Why?

What does the memorial look like?

Why did people oppose it?

Are all the soldiers’ names listed?

How large is the Vietnam memorial?

Has there been any vandalism there?

Why was the wall picked over the other entries?

How are the names organized?

How do they maintain the memorial? Who does it?

What is a common aspect among Vietnam memorials?

What happens to items left at the memorial?

Is it considered a good memorial?

Does the wall serve as justification for the soldiers?

Where are most memorials placed (US and Vietnam)?

Whose names can be put on the memorial?

Are there any memorials dedicated to the victims of My Lai?

In what other ways are the soldiers honored?

How does it affect its visitors?

Did the president speak at the opening of the memorial?

Did people harass the families that were grieving?

Did the VWM influence people’s view on the Vietnam War?

Does the memorial make up for the resentful way the soldiers were treated as they returned?

How long did it take for memorials to be put up?

Who initially funded the memorials?

How many and where are memorials in the US?

What happened that made people want to put up the memorial?

Were the names of the soldiers that were involved in massacres included in the memorial?

What does the structure have to do with the war?

Why is it there and not anywhere else?

Were they treated the same as WWI and WWII vets? Why or why not?

How do the Vietnam War memorials compare to other war memorials?

What was the Three Servicemen statue built for?

What did people think about the monument at first?

Were any soldiers missed from being put on the wall?

Where did the design idea come from?

Were the main people who spearheaded the construction of the memorial Republican or Democrat?

Are the memorials a way to honor those who fought or a way to remind us of this unsuccessful venture?

Are there any memorials for the women who helped in the war?

Who created the POW-MIA statue?

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