The Metropolitan Museum Field Trip Assignment Worksheet Field Trip

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The Metropolitan Museum Field Trip Assignment Worksheet
1. Field Trip

On March 16, Students from the Center of Global Studies will visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the ancient Egyptian exhibit. The goals for this field trip are both cultural and linguistic.

Cultural Goal:

The mission of the Center for Global Studies is to bridge international and cultural distances and to make the students understand and accept the differences they will encounter in our increasingly global society. And as a part of connecting Middle Eastern culture and history to students’ learning, we will conduct a fieldtrip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to have an eye opener for our students on Middle East history.

Students will use their Arabic classroom experience in interpreting the collection and will benefit by gaining tremendous insight into this great culture.
Students will also have a cultural insight on Middle Eastern food during our visit to the Middle Eastern restaurant.
Students Assignment
Prior to the visit: Each student will choose a certain piece of art shown in the museum. They will conduct research to get information on this particular piece. Under the teacher’s guidance, each student will write between five and ten sentences in Arabic to describe the wisdom and the history beyond this piece.

You will present your findings in front of your classmates.

Go to the following website and choose one piece of art to conduct your research:
Use the information from this site as well as all information you can gather during the visit to the museum.
On the bus to the museum: 5 Chosen students will present their findings on 5 different pieces to all other students.
Due date is: March 26, 2010
On the Trip:

  1. Throughout the trip, students will be taking pictures of pieces of art in the museum as well as street signs in Arabic. Keep in mind that you will be writing a story for children, so make sure you have a plot and the characters in mind while taking your pictures.

  2. At the restaurant, each five students will be seated to a table; they will be given an IPod to record their conversation regarding food items in Arabic.

Upon Returning:

  1. Students, working in pairs will use the pictures they took on the trip to create mini stories suitable for children in Arabic. The story assignment is very open and does not have to be related to history. Make it as fun for children as possible.

  2. The pictures of the Arabic signs taken on the trip will be used to teach new vocabulary and the different ways of writing Arabic.

  3. The mini stories created by students will be a part of the fair which will be held in April for sixth grade students who are studying ancient Egypt.

The information gathered by the students will help them explain about certain displays in the fair to our visitors

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