The Mary P. Conley Preservation Award 2010 Sponsored by the Ipswich Historical Commission

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The Mary P. Conley Preservation Award 2010

Sponsored by the Ipswich Historical Commission
Recognizing that some of the most important work of historic preservation is accomplished by private individuals or groups working on their own, freely and often without a great deal of support, the Ipswich Historical Commission has decided to recognize the efforts of these unsung heroes with a special award.
The Mary. P. Conley Preservation Award will be given each year to the individual, organization or, property which has been outstanding in a voluntary work of historic preservation. Individual people who have made important contributions to preservation in Ipswich, or properties which have been recently restored or maintained over long periods of time to a high level of historical architectural integrity may be nominated.
The Commission will consider the impact of the individual or property in the following ways:
o on the conformance of a restored property to appropriate architectural period/style

o on the preservation of Ipswich's historic resources for future generations

o on the appearance of Ipswich's historic neighborhoods

o. on the body of knowledge about Ipswich's history

o on the maintenance of an historic property over a long period of time

o on the resources of time, effort and money required of the individual or restorer.

A bronze plaque will be awarded in May, which is Preservation Month, Candidates for the award may be nominated by the Commission, or by members of the public on application to the Commission, The winner will be chosen by a majority vote of the Commission in April. Announcement of. the award will be made during the week of ____________, in this paper.
Application Deadline:
Applications may be mailed to: The Ipswich Historical Commission

Town Hall, Ipswich, MA 01938

OR hand delivered to the Town Clerk's office at Town Hall.

Name of person or nominated:

Owner's Name (if a property)


Scope of Work; Please include all you know about what the work was and its significance to Ipswich. Attach an additional sheet if necessary. Include a photograph if you are nominating a property.

Nominated by ( Name, address, phone, email):

The Mary P. Conley Preservation Award 2010

Ipswich Historical Commission Worksheet
Nominee’s Name (individual or property’s historic name):

Owner’s Name: National Register Status ?

Address of Nominee or Property:

Nominated by:

Criteria for Award: Check all which apply.
Work conforms to appropriate architectural period/style
Work has had significant impact on Ipswich's historic neighborhoods. Consider architectural details of a property; it's paint color, fencing, landscaping, contribution to streetscape, etc.

Work has had significant impact on the body of knowledge about Ipswich's history.

Work has required a significant amount of time, effort, and money from the, individual or restorer.

Work has made a significant contribution to the preservation of Ipswich's resources for the future.
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Commission Comments/Action on Application:

Signature of Commission Chairman:

* Please return applications to: Town Clerk's Office OR

Mail to: Ipswich Historical Commission

Town Hall

Ipswich, MA 01938

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