The main arenas for operation for individual Jihad By Abu Musab al-Suri From Inspire 8 Magazine

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The main arenas for operation for individual Jihad

By Abu Musab al-Suri

From Inspire 8 Magazine:

The Islamic ummah is vast and so are the arenas in which targets and interests of the invader enemy are present. It is furthermore impossible for all the youth who want to participate in the Resistance to travel to the arenas of [open] confrontation. It is even unlikely that such Fronts should emerge in the foreseeable future. Hence, our method should therefore be to guide the Muslim who wants to participate and resist, to operate where he is, or where he is able to be present in a natural way. We should advise him to pursue his everyday life in a natural way, and to pursue jihad and Resistance in secrecy and alone, or with a small cell of trustworthy people, who form an independent unit for Resistance and for the individual jihad.

Regarding the priority of arenas in which we must strike the enemy, the list of priority arenas is as follows:

A. Wherever you hurt the enemy the most and inflict upon him the heaviest losses.

B. Wherever you arouse Muslims the most and awaken the spirit of jihad and Resistance in them.

Thus, the list of arenas, arranged according to their importance, is as follows:

1. The countries on the Arabian Peninsula, the Levant, Egypt and Iraq: This area contains the holy places, the oil, Israel, the countries encircling her, and the American military and economic presence, and it is the fundamental and final site for the victorious group (alţâ’ifah al-manŞûrah) for all time to come.

2. The countries of North Africa from Libya to Mauritania: There are Western interests in this region, especially those of the main European countries allied with America in the NATO.

3. Turkey, Pakistan, and the countries of Central Asia: They contain the second largest oil reserves in the world, and America’s strategic interests, military bases, and main economic investments. They have arge and historical Islamic movements, which are regarded as being a strategic depth for the Arab jihadi and Resistance movements.

4. The rest of the Islamic world: The Americans and their allies have interests and a presence in this region. The Islamic world as a whole contains the main backbone of the Resistance, which is the Islamic Nation’s youth sympathizing with its causes and wishing to participate in the jihad and the Resistance. It is a backbone consisting of hundreds of millions of Muslims.

5. The American and allied interests in the third world countries: Especially in those countries participating in the Crusader campaign. This is due to their weak security capabilities, compared with the security regulations that the Western countries implement in their own countries. Jihad in these countries rests fundamentally on the shoulders of the mujahidun who basically reside in those countries, and live a normal life there. This helps them in moving, hiding, gaining knowledge of the targets and dealing with them in an easy manner.

6. In European countries allied with America and participating with her in the war: This is due to the presence of old and large Islamic communities in Europe. Their number exceeds 45 million, and there are communities of millions in Australia, Canada and South America as well. Especially in Europe, because of its closeness to the Arab and Islamic world, and the inter-twining of interests betweenhem, and because of all the movement and transportation between the two. The Muslims in those countries are like Muslims everywhere; the religious duty of jihad, of repelling the enemy and resisting him, rests on their shoulders in exactly the same way as for Muslims in their own countries [i.e., Muslims residing in the Arab and Islamic world]. Action in Europe and those countries must be subjected to the rules of political benefits versus political harms, judged against the positions of the European governments. At the same time, one has to adopt a strategy of winning the support of the people, and avoid harming them. I will present this in detail in the political theory of the Resistance, Allah willing.

7. In the heart of America herself, by targeting her with effective strategic operations, as will be explained in the following paragraphs, Allah willing: She [America] is the snake’s head, as Shaykh Usama rightfully named her. And she is the origin of scourge and the head of the alliance. When defeated, this alliance will break up, and we will move to a new historical era, Allah willing.

The most important enemy targets aimed at by the individual jihad

From Inspire 9 Magazine:

The goal of the operations of the Resistance and the Individual Terrorism Jihad is to inflict as many human and material losses as possible upon the interests of America and her allies, and to make them feel that the Resistance has transformed into a phenomenon of popular uprising against them, because of their hostility that stretches from Central and South Asia, the Philippine Islands and Indonesia in the East, to the shores of the Atlantic in the West, and from the Caucasus, the countries of the Crimea, the Balkans and North Africa in the North, to India and Central Africa in the South, all along the Islamic world, in addition to places populated with Muslims.

The fundament for the operational activity is that the mujahid, the member of the Resistance, practices individual jihad on his land, where he lives and resides, without the jihad costing him the hardship of traveling, migrating, and moving to where direct jihad is possible. The enemy today is one, and he is spread everywhere, alhamdullilah.

Targets in the basic arena inside the West:

A) Striking the Invaders in the country, in the heart of America and on the territory of the countries allied to her militarily.

When it comes to striking America or any of her allies on their own territory, and targeting a state or leaving another, or targeting it, and then ceasing to target it, or turning away from it and then targeting it a second time… This is not the place to research this, rather, [the place is] in the first and second sections, which were devoted to the legal and ideological dimension, and also to the political dimension, of the principles of the Global Islamic Resistance Call. Here, however, we study the matter from a military perspective, in a situation where it actually is in the political interest [of the Resistance] to target a state.

Whenever the targeting of any state is legitimate according to Islamic law, and in the political interest of the Resistance, then the most important targets are as follows.

The most important targets in America and in Western countries allied to her militarily:

1. Main political figures who lead the campaign against the Muslims such as the heads of states, ministers, military and security leaders.

2. Large strategic economic targets, such as: The Stock Exchange, power and oil installations, airports, harbors, railroad systems, bridges and highway intersections, tunnels on the highways, metro systems, tourist targets… and so on, [targeting] resources and sources for the economy.

3. Military bases and barracks where the armies are concentrated, especially the American military bases in Europe.

4. Media personalities and media centers that are leading the war against the Muslims and justifying the attacks on them, coming from the Zionist and Zionist friendly Crusader media institutions. Centralized information and computer centers that are in control of connecting the different institutions within the state, because this will completely paralyze the activity within that state.

6. Places where Jews are gathered, their leading personalities and institutions in Europe, avoiding places of worship and synagogues.

7. Official offices of the governmental institutions of those countries that are waging war, both on the state level and on the level of unions and political and military alliances, in the case where they participate in the aggression. Such as the offices of the NATO and the European Union… this requires decisions that have been studied carefully from a political perspective.

8. Buildings of the security services and the central intelligence in the capitals of America and allied Western states.

9. Striking civilians in general, to deter them or for retaliation (avoiding women and children when separated from men in places especially designed for them, like schools and the similar). This for example… is when responding to a brutal practice carried out by America and her allied forces. The type of attack, which repels states and topples governments, is mass slaughter of the population. This is done by targeting human crowds in order to inflict maximum human losses.

This is very easy since there are numerous such targets such as crowded sports arenas, annual social events, large international exhibitions, crowded marketplaces, sky-scrapers, crowded buildings… etc.

Here it is necessary to remind you of the comments we made about targeting civilians in the second section on the political theory, and also of the general legal rules presented in the third section, in the paragraph about the jihadi Islamic laws… In the case [where such an attack is legal and beneficial], there are a large number of easy targets. It is possible for ordinary Resistance fighters among the Muslims residing in America and the allied Western countries to target them, in order to participate in the jihad and the Resistance, and to stretch out a helping hand to the mujahidun. This can be done as part of popular resistance action… such as destroying economic targets and burning forests during hot periods in the summer… and also as part of civilian resistance action. Here, we must turn our attention to the difference in the confrontation with America and with Europe, as I mentioned above when dealing with the political theory. The confrontation with America is fundamental, while the confrontation with Europe is secondary, [aimed at] making her leave the alliance by putting pressure on her.

This is a wide area with many opportunities for participation, but one must pay attention to the rules of Islamic law, political benefits and security complexities. We will return to the details later, Allah willing. A final remark, related to the issue of targeting goals in the heart of the hostile countries, America and the Western allies, is that one should avoid targeting places of worship for any religion or faith, regardless whether they are Christian, Jewish, or other.

One should also avoid harming civilians who are citizens of countries that have no relation with the conflict, even if they are non-Muslim. This must be done in order to maintain the reputation of the Resistance in the different spheres of public opinion.

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