The Louisiana Purchase and Exploration Chap 10 Sec 2 Notes The West in 1800

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The Louisiana Purchase and Exploration

Chap 10 Sec 2

The West in 1800

• Many settlers move to region between Appalachians, Mississippi River

• Kentucky, Tennessee become states (1800), Ohio becomes state (1803)

• France, Spain want Louisiana Territory, Britain claims land in region

• Louisiana Territory between the Mississippi River, Rocky Mountains

Spain settles California, Russians settle Pacific coast

• Americans want free use of Mississippi River and New Orleans’ port
Napoleon and New Orleans

• Louisiana Territory is claimed by France, then Spain

• Spain returns territory to France (1800), French plan to colonize it

• Before returning territory, Spain closes New Orleans to Americans

• Angers many Americans who call for war with Spain, France

• Jefferson offers to buy New Orleans from France

• French ask if U.S. wants to buy all of Louisiana Territory
The Louisiana Purchase

• France, Napoleon offer Louisiana Territory to U.S. because:

- U.S. determination to keep New Orleans

- France’s problems with colonization

- Napoleon’s costly war with Britain

• Jefferson approves Louisiana Purchase on April 30, 1803

• Buys territory for $15 million, doubles size of U.S.
Lewis and Clark Explore

Jefferson chooses Meriwether Lewis to lead Louisiana exploration

Lewis chooses William Clark to pick, oversee volunteer force

• Expedition is known as Lewis and Clark expedition

Clark is accompanied by York, African American slave, skilled hunter

• Expedition sets out in summer of 1803, reaches St. Louis by winter

Up the Missouri River

• Expedition leaves St. Louis (May 1804), heads up Missouri River

• Explores river, hopes to find water route across continent

• Relates well with Native Americans, describes landscape, animals

• Reaches Mandan Indian villages in October, builds fort, spends winter

• Leave with French trapper, Shoshone wife Sacagawea in spring 1805

On to the Pacific Ocean

• Expedition reaches Great Falls of the Missouri

• Reaches Rocky Mountains, Shoshone lands; Sacagawea is chief’s sister

• Shoshone help explorers cross Rockies, reach Columbia River

• Sail down river to Pacific coast, spend winter, return following year

• Expedition brings back wealth of scientific, geographic information

Pike’s Expedition

Zebulon Pike leads expedition (1806) into southern Louisiana Territory

Seeks source of Arkansas, Red rivers, follows Arkansas River to Rockies

• Finds Rocky Mountain peak that is later named Pike’s Peak

• Heads into Spanish territory, arrested by Spanish, released (1807)

• Brings back descriptions of Great Plains, Rio Grande River Valley

The Effects of Exploration

• First American explorers of the West bring back tales of adventure

• Bring back valuable scientific, geographical information

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