The live museum will be held feb 25th

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Live Museum

Dear Parents,

It is time for our annual historical Live Museum. Students choose a historical character that made an impact during some part of American history. They will present an oral biography of their person during our “Live Museum.” The students memorize the information, dress up in some way/use props, and are frozen (like a wax figurine) with a sticker on their hand. The sticker serves as their “on” button. Visitors will press the button to activate the students acting and dialogue.
The live museum will be held _____FEB 25th________


  • Use research materials such as the Internet, nonfiction books, social studies textbooks, encyclopedias, biographies, etc. to discover information on your character.

Find clothing to dress up like your character as much as possible (example: shawl, hat, dress, Indian feathers)

  • Provide a prop(s) to show an important part of your character life (example: feather pen, stack of old papers, bow, compass, flag)

  • Write a biography report (see attachments for example and organization)

  • Your report presentation should take 1-2 minutes in length – memorization is encouraged!

  • The written report is DUE __FEB 19th______

Students will be graded on a number of criteria including information, use of time, and quality of performance. Expression, gestures, and motions will be expected for high performance grades. Costumes are encouraged, though not required for the presentation. However, all students will need a prop(s) for their presentation (these can be hand made by the student at home or here at school).

Please see the list of people that your child chose from for their character and selected their top three choices. Please sign at the bottom so that we know that you are aware of the project and understand the details.
Thank you for your cooperation and support!


The following is a list of American characters If they are interested in reporting on a character not mentioned below, they must have teacher approval.

Hernando Cortez Jane Goodman

Abigail Adams Samuel Adams

General Benedict Arnold Andrew Carnegie

Christopher Columbus William Bradford

Pocahontas Henry Ford

Henry Hudson Captain John Smith

Ronald Reagan John Adams

Patrick Henry Benjamin Franklin

Thomas Jefferson King George III

Benjamin Banneker Molly “Pitcher” Hayes

John Hancock Sacagawea

John F. Kennedy Malcolm X

Rosa Parks Thurgood Marshall

Robert E. Lee Juan Ponce De Leon

Elizabeth Freeman King Ferdinand

Queen Isabella Marco Polo

Thomas Paine Massasoit

Joseph Cinque Betsy Ross

Paul Revere George Washington

Martha Washington Roger Williams

Marquis de Lafayette Prince Estabrook

Harriet Tubman Bill Clinton

Abraham Lincoln Martin Luther King

General Cornwallis


Please sign, indicating that you have read and understand the

requirements of this project:
_____________________________Parent Signature ___________________________ Student Signature

List your top three character choices, in order of preference:




First Section: Include a good hook, character’s name

Second Section: Share information about their childhood, education, marriage, children, any obstacles they had to overcome in their childhood (disease, death, etc.)?

Third Section: What was their occupation? How did they/didn’t they use this toward what made them famous?

Fourth Section: What did they do that was important/interesting? Describe the event(s) from their point of view, How did their actions change things and/or affect others?

Fifth Section: Information about their death. What do people think of them? How do they feel about themselves? Share their importance/impact in American history, create a good closing statement (call to action, quote, question, etc.)

* Please keep in mind this does not have to be the exact format you follow when writing your

Biography! This is just one way to do it if you need help, of if you are having trouble

getting started.
* Your report must be from FIRST PERSON point of view as if you were the person

(example: I, My, Me)

* Please feel free to add printed pictures, drawings, timelines, artifacts, etc. to add to your

biography report poster but they are not required.

An Example Report:

Please don’t call me “Brute” though my deeds may have seemed terrible! My name is Bruce Ismay and I am quite ashamed by what I am remembered for.

I was born in the small town of Crosby, England in 1862. My father became the owner of a large shipping company named The White Star Line. My family was very wealthy and I went to private schools when I was young. I married an American woman named Julia and we had five children together.

Why is my story so tragic? I guess it all began in when my father passed away and left The White Star Line Company to me. We began making bigger and better ocean liner ships. I decided to create three sister ships that would be the biggest ships the world had ever seen! They would be called, the Olympic, the Gigantic, and the Titanic!

If only I had known what was going to happen to one of my great ships in 1912! On April 10, I boarded the Titanic for her first trip from England to New York City. About five days later, while I was sleeping in my cabin, she hit an iceberg and the ship began to sink! I helped people as best I could, but they said the boat was “unsinkable” and sadly we hadn’t put enough lifeboats on for everyone! I slipped onto a boat while it was being lowered down into the frigid water. Some people call me “Brute” and criticize me because I didn’t help more people. But, I DIDN’T WANT TO DIE either! Plus, I wasn’t the captain who drove into an iceberg! The Titanic ruined my life!

Afterwards, I was forced to quit as the leader of The White Star Line. I lived out the rest of my life with my wife in Ireland and died quietly in 1937 at the age of 74. Movies make me out to be a bad guy – but I don’t think I was. Do you?

If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Crone


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