The Life of Butch Cassidy

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The Life of Butch Cassidy

Do you really know the life of Robert Leroy Parker known as Butch Cassidy? He was a scary looking guy but people were not afraid of what he looked like they were afraid of his smarts. A smart bandit is a dangerous bandit. Robert started at young age with his role model “Mike Cassidy” that started his career, which lead his to creation of a gang that ruled the town.

Robert Leroy Parker born in Beaver, Utah on the 13 of April of 1866 by the parents Max and Annie Parker which were Mormon. At the age of 13 he left home to work labor. One day he was working hard and later meets Mike Cassidy a cattle hustler. Robert thought Cassidy’s hobby was more interesting than his boring job. Later Robert joined Cassidy’s gang that forced him to leave home once again and later Cassidy taught him to shoot a gun and ride a horse.

He later was detained for horse theft. After being released from a 18 month sentence he began a life of crime and that formed a gang The Wild Bunch that included Kid Curry, Tall Texan, and Black Jack but the most important was the Sundance Kid which was Harry Longbouagh. Later the duo committed many successful robberies, but with success came detectives and bounties. The duos later moved to New York and sailed to Bolivia in 1901.

In the South America the duo robbed many trains and banks. And for a while Robert stayed low and worked at a butcher shop which leads to get the name Butch Cassidy. But in 1908 the Bolivian government The Sundance Kid and Butch Cassidy try to rob a bank but the government were one step ahead the government. Government corner the duo and shot after shot all missed until the hit The Sundance Kid and minutes after Butch Cassidy takes his life with a single BANG!

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