The Last of the Mohicans James Fenimore Cooper

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The Last of the Mohicans
James Fenimore Cooper
Movie Review

Essential Questions
What American Romantic characteristics are discussed within Fenimore Cooper’s novel (as it is portrayed within the film (consider spiritual, moral, historical, social elements)?
How is the American Romantic Hero embodied within the protagonists of the novel/film?
How does the film version of Last of the Mohicans compare/contrast to the novel?

Cooper Movie Review

American Literature

Assignment: You are a film critic for a major newspaper. Your boss has just assigned you the film Last of the Mohicans. This film is several years old, so you don’t understand why she wants you to write a review for it now. She further explains that the paper will run a special column on novels which have been made into films. Your review should be based upon how well the director of the film has done at maintaining James Fenimore Cooper’s plot/themes, the portrayal of characters, setting, historical accuracy, and Romantic characteristics. Your editor has provided you with essential information and a summary of the novel so you won’t have to read it for yourself. Due to the limited space within the publication, your review must be no more than 500 words.

Necessary Information:


Date released:
Major Actors/Actresses:
Background Information about the movie’s subject (classic Romantic novel): See

Accompanied notes.

Purpose/theme of the movie:
What may this reveal about life and people?:
Brief description of the plot…discuss discrepancies between the movie and the novel:
Evaluation of the major actors’/actresses’ performances. Do they portray the characters

From the novel?:

Evaluation of whether historical accuracy, setting, and Romantic characteristics are

Maintained throughout the novel:

Overall evaluation of the film:

Writing the Draft: Keep your tone light and find a way to hook the audience in the first paragraph.

Your introduction should include the 5W’s (who, what, where, when, why). Be sure to

Include all pertinent information and remember that your purpose is to evaluate how well

The film captures the essence of Cooper’s novel. Introductions and conclusions should be


Revising: Have someone outside this class review your work. Have them sign and date the draft and

Make at least two content oriented comments and any mechanical corrections necessary.

These comments/corrections must be written on the draft and the reviewer must sign draft.
Grading: The movie review will be worth 50 exam points. It should be single-spaced in columns

Similar to a newspaper format. Include a by-line and graphics if you so desire. The

Included rubric will clarify assessment of this movie review
The draft will be worth 15 class points. Remember that the comments need to made directly

On the draft.

Due date_______________________________________________________________________

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