The Korean War & Suez Crisis Recap The Korean War When: June 1950 Where: Communist North Korea

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The Korean War & Suez Crisis Recap

The Korean War

When: June 1950

Where: Communist North Korea

  • Post WWII: the Soviet’s occupied North Korea, the US occupied South Korea

  • Therefore, the North & South were under very different influences

What: North Korea decides they want to attack South Korea

Despite the UN’s best efforts at peace keeping between the 2 regions, North Korea still attacked South Korea

What did Canada do?

  • We ranked 3rd (out of 16 countries) in providing aid/support in the war effort

  • We sent over 25,000 troops (1400 casualties)

  • Our troops stayed in Korea for 2 years following truce between the North & South

    • Purpose: to maintain peace and ensure no further action took place

    • Remember: Canadian’s are the “peace keepers”! suezcanal

The Suez Crisis

When: 1956

Where: Egypt (Suez Canal)

Who: Egyptian officials vs. British & French troops

  • Threat of Soviet involvement (they were backing up Egyptians)

Why: Britain had ruled Egypt for most of the 20th century; British presence was not welcomed by Egyptians

  • Egyptians felt mistreated and disrespected by British

What: Egyptians wanted to take back control of their canal

  • British knew this would mean a loss in power & wealth – they wanted to prepare to keep the Canal

  • Soviet army threatened to support Egypt should they get attacked

  • This became international concern as people feared another world war

What did Canada do? b. pearson 1957.jpg

  • Lester Pearson called for emergency UN meeting to devise a plan

  • Would demand immediate cease-fire (end all shooting)

  • Created a UN peace keeping force (UNEF)

  • Canada contributed 800 soldiers/troops to the cause (largest by any nation!)

The plan was accepted!

Suez Crisis: Timeline

June 23: General Nassar becomes President of Egypt

July 26: Nassar announces plan to nationalize Suez Canal (currently occupied by British)

July 30: British PM advises Nassar that he cannot have Canal

August 1: Britain, France, US talk about escalating Suez Crisis

August 2: British mobilize army forces

August 23: Soviet announce support for Egypt if they are attacked

Sept 14: Egypt gains control of Suez Canal

Sept 15: USSR send ships to help Egypt control the Canal

Nov 2: UN approves cease fire plan

Nov 7: UN votes that invading powers (British & French) should quit Egyptian territory

Nov 25: Egypt begins to expel British & French

Dec 24: British & French troops depart Egypt

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