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The Killer Angels study guide Name:

Michael Shaara Date: Period:


1. Read the quotes from various people and publications that precede the title page. Each quote came from a review of the novel during the year of its first publication (1975). Which quote do you hope will be true?


Author/ source of quote:

Why do you hope that quote will prove to be true?
2. Read To the Reader on p. xiii. Synthesize the material by writing down the 3 most important things Shaara tells you on that page.

Look carefully at each map as you go.
Read the Foreword and write down the most important information about the armies and the men as introduced on pages xv – xxi. The notes are arranged to place the men below their armies so you will need to rearrange the information a little. Put the information in your own words to process it. You may use phrases the book gives, always accompanied by quotation marks and page numbers.

When describing the commanders, include the following information (when given).

The Killer Angels Intro., p. 2 Name:
The armies are characterized in the first few paragraphs before Shaara gets to the commanders..

Army of Northern Virginia:

  • James Longstreet:

  • George Pickett:

  • Richard Ewell:

  • Ambrose Powell Hill:

  • Lewis Armistead:

  • Richard Brooke Garnett:

The Killer Angels Intro., p. 3 Name:

  • J. E. B. Stuart:

  • Jubal Early:

Army of the Potomac:

  • Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain:

  • John Buford:

  • John Reynolds:

  • George Gordon Meade:

  • Winfield Scott Hancock:

The Killer Angels Intro., p. 4 Name:

Read the quotes by Woodrow Wilson, E. M. Forster, Robert E. Lee, and John Brown on the page after the Foreword ends. Write your reaction to each. What do you think about it? What specifically doesn’t make sense to you, if anything? Do you agree or disagree? How strongly and why do you agree or disagree?

Woodrow Wilson:

E. M. Forster:

Robert E. Lee:
John Brown (interview):

List any questions you have about the material so far:

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