The Killer Angels Northern Characters

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The Killer Angels

Northern Characters

Buster Kilrain Colonel Vincent General Hancock George Meade

General Reynolds John Buford Joshua Chamberlain Tom Chamberlain
Southern Characters

General Armistead General Ewell General Garnett General Hood

General Longstreet General Pickett J.E.B Stuart Robert E. Lee

Stonewall Jackson

Foreign Characters

Arthur Freemantle Ross

The First Day

  1. Why did Longstreet NOT want to fight at Gettysburg?

  • Longstreet wanted to fight a defensive battle, not an offensive one.

  1. What religion was Robert E. Lee a member of?

  • Anglican, The Church of England.

  1. On the first day of the battle, what does General Ewell refuse to do?

  • He refuses to take the high ground past the town of Gettysburg.

  1. What strategy did Longstreet want to use?

  • He wanted to threaten Washington so that the Union would attack them on ground of their own choosing.

  1. Who was the commander of the Army of the Potomac?

  • General George Meade

  1. What game did the Confederate soldiers try to teach Arthur Freemantle?

  • Poker.

  1. Why does General Pickett smell odd when he arrives at the camp?

  • He was wearing French perfume.

  1. Who was the commander of the Northern Cavalry on the first day?

  • General John Buford.

  1. What is the Killer Angel?

  • Mankind

  1. What regiment does Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain lead?

  • 20th Maine Volunteers

  1. Where was Lee’s Headquarters during the battle?

  • Seminary Ridge

  1. Which Union general is killed minutes after arriving to the battlefield?

  1. According to Freemantle who was the most famous southern General in England?

  • Stonewall Jackson.

  1. Which Confederate General has become suicidally brave because he was court-martialed by Stonewall Jackson?

  • General Garnett

  1. What may have happened to Robert E. Lee shortly before the battle of Gettysburg?

  • He had a heart attack.

  1. Why is Lee upset that his cavalry are missing?

  • Since Cavalry are used for scouting, he had no idea where the enemy was.

  1. What event occurs which causes Chamberlain and Kilrain to discuss the nature of man and why they are fighting the war?

  • They find an escaped slave.

  1. At the Confederate camp, the generals are debating the new scientific theory of what?

  • Evolution.

  1. What does the Austrian observer, Ross, do that the others find odd?

  • He wears a helmet in humid weather in the blistering heat.

The Second Day

  1. Arthur Freemantle was a soldier in what army?

  • The British Army.

  1. Why doesn’t the Confederate Army entrench?

  • They are not expecting the Union to attack them.

  1. Why is Buster’s last name Kilrain?

  • KILleR AINgels.

  1. Why does Longstreet feel that England will not side with the Confederacy?

  • England would not side with a country with slavery.

  1. What hill does Colonel Chamberlain defend on the second day of the battle?

  • Little Round Top.

  1. What does Colonel Chamberlain order his men to do when they run out of ammunition?

  • To make a charge with their bayonets.

  1. Which Confederate general was shot in the arm during the attack on Devil’s Den?

  • General Hood

  1. Which Confederate general was criticized by Robert E. Lee at the end of the 2nd day?

  • General J.E.B. Stuart, the cavalry commander.

  1. Why is General Longstreet depressed during the battle?

  • Earlier in the year, his children became sick and died.

  1. At the battle of Little Round Top, what does Joshua Chamberlain do that makes him feel guilty?

  • He uses his brother Tom to fill a gap in the Union line.

  1. Who is General Armistead’s best friend?

  • General Hancock.

  1. For what reason did Chamberlain join the Union army?

  • To stop slavery. (He’s an abolitionist.)

  1. How are Colonel Chamberlain and his superior, Colonel Vincent, similar?

  • They are both college professors. (Bowdoin & Harvard.)

  1. Why did Lee not want to leave the battlefield?

  • He’s afraid that if he retreats, it will be bad for morale.

  1. General Butterfield was famous for inventing what?

  • Bugle calls.

  1. Who is the only character in the story who is fictional?

  • Buster Kilrain.

  1. What does Chamberlain do when he realizes that his regiment is about to be surrounded?

  • He ‘refuses’ the flank. (Explanation, he forms up his men in a V-shape.)

  1. After the battle on the second day, Longstreet lies to General Hood (who is wounded) and tells him a lie. What was it?

  • That they took the hills.

The Third Day

  1. How was Chamberlain wounded on the previous day’s battle?

  • A fragment from a (shrapnel) cannonball entered his leg.

  1. Where was Buster Kilrain wounded?

  • He was shot twice in the armpit.

  1. What happens to Buster Kilrain?

  • He dies in the hospital after his arm is amputated.

  1. Where is Chamberlain’s regiment moved to on the third day?

  • He is moved to Cemetery Ridge, where Pickett’s charge will take place.

  1. Why does Longstreet disagree with Lee’s decision to attack Cemetery Ridge?

  • The Union soldiers were behind a rock wall, the way his men were at Fredericksburg.

  1. Out of the 12 thousand Confederate soldiers who attack Cemetery Ridge, how many are lost (killed, wounded & captured)?

  • Half. (6 thousand)

  1. Arthur Freemantle thinks that both England and the South are similar in that they have what?

  • An upper class based on heritage.

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