The Judgement of Paris Eris Goddess of Discord

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The Judgement of Paris

Eris – Goddess of Discord

  • Golden Apple – “For the Fairest”

Aphrodite – Most beautiful Woman

Hera – Lord of Europe and Asia

Athena – Lead Trojans to victory against the Greeks

Zeus says go to Paris he will pick

Paris is said (prophesized) to be the fall of Troy

Helen – daughter of Zeus and Leda is said to be the most beautiful woman but she marries Menelaus (Paris breaks Xenia and steals her)


Start of the 10 year war to get her back

Chieftans: Odysseus – King of Ithaca – he pretended to be crazy to get out of going to war

Achilles – Son of Zeus and Thetis – dressed as a woman to get out of going to war but Odysseus found him

The Greeks are waiting for fair wind to sail out to Troy – to do this Agamemnon has to “sacrifice” his daughter Iphigenia to Artemis (Greeks had killed her favorite Hare and babies). He does.

They gain winds and head to Troy – when they arrive in Troy the first solider who steps off the boat will die. Protesilaus sacrifices himself – he is brought back so his wife can see him – she is upset he is gone forever, so she kills herself to be with him.

There is a 9 year war – big turn – Agamemnon takes Apollo’s priest’s daughter as a prize of honor. This upsets Apollo and he puts a plague on the Greeks. Achilles tells Agamemnon he needs to give back the girl so the plague will be lifted. Agamemnon does so pretty unwillingly and decides to take Achilles’ girl of honor instead. This upsets Achilles and he decides to stop fighting in the war.

Gods are fighting amongst themselves – using the Greeks and Trojans as pawns in their fight.

Paris and Menelaus finally come head to head – Paris is a coward and so Aphrodite scoops him up in a cloud and whisks him away to safety. Menelaus is furious – he thinks the Trojans are hiding Paris. Trojans are like…we want him dead too for starting this war – but we don’t know where he is…

War continues – Gods make sure of this! Diomedes is a main warrior – he tries to kill the God War – Ares but you can’t kill a God and he goes to Zeus to complain that his sister Athena tried to kill him(through Diomedes). Zeus says to stop whining that he hates him and to go away, and so Ares does.

Hector’s mom, Hecuba, goes to Athena to present her with a beautiful robe asking for her to help them. She refuses.

Andromache, Hector’s wife, and son are watching the fight from the wall. Hector says he going to fight, she says not to, but he does anyway, says goodbye to both. His last prayer is for the future society to say that when his son comes back from battle he is better than his father was.

Hector goes into battle – Achilles is still not fighting – his BELOVED cousin, Patroclus takes his armor and goes to fight leading Achilles’ men. Achilles says he is only going to fight if his boats are on fire. Patroclus is killed by Hector (thinking it was Achilles). Takes Achilles’ armor when he wins.

Achilles finds out about the death of his cousin, flips out, and swears revenge on Hector. Gods put their weights on the judgement scale – Hector is doomed to die first. Thetis, Achilles’ mom, is pretty upset with his choice, since he was fated to die in Troy.

Achilles and Hector face off. Athena tricks Hector into thinking he has help – he doesn’t. Achilles’ knowing his own armor’s weaknesses, throws a spear into Hector’s throat, killing him. Hector had told Achilles he would honor his body, if he died, by giving it back to his friends and family. Achilles told Hector there was no way he was doing the same.

So – Achilles takes Hector’s body and fastens it to his chariot and disrespectfully rides around Troy three times dragging the body.

Gods, not too happy. They (Gods) tell Hector’s father, Priam, to go get the body back from Achilles with no fear.

Priam, as a suppliant, does so. Achilles, feels bad and full of guilt. Tells Priam to mourn for as long as he wants (9 days). They have a royal funeral (pyre) and collect bones and put them in a golden urn wrapped in purple and buried. Achilles held the Greeks back for the amount of time so the family could mourn.

With Hector, the tamer of horses’, funeral, it is the end of The Iliad.


Old Nestor’s Son – dies

Achilles dies – Paris shot an arrow threw his only vulnerable part – his heel (Achilles tendon) – Thetis (his mom) dipped him in the water to put a coat of protection on him, and failed to cover her finger prints.

Ajax carries his body out of battle.

It is now between Ajax and Odysseus (who will get Achilles’ armor?). The chieftans agree to give it to Odysseus – Ajax dishonored goes crazy (thanks to Athena) and kills a bunch of sheep thinking they are the Chieftans. He feels guilty when the madness leaves him – kills himself. No funeral pyre and urn burial – he is just buried.

Odysseus captures the prophet, Helenus – Helenus tells the Greeks that Troy will not fall until someone fights against the Trojans with Hercules’ bow and arrows.

Odysseus needs to go and get them from Philocetes (who was left on an island with a serpent bite). Odysseus and Diomedes go to get bow and arrow, feel bad for Phil take him back to Greek camp – Greek doc heals him and they have the bow and arrows.

Neoptolemus (Achilles’ son) takes the bow and arrows and mortally wounds Paris. Paris begs to go back to Oenone (nymph he lived with until the Goddesses came along). She knows how to help any ailment. She tells him he was gone for so long she won’t help him. She watches him die and then kills herself.

Troy did not fall because Paris died – he was really nothing in the grand scheme of things. Odysseus says they can’t take Troy down from the outside, has to be an inside job. He comes up with the big hollow Trojan Horse. Has another idea to leave a Greek behind to tell of a sacrifice and how the horse was for Athena. Long story short, the Trojans believe the fake story, bring the horse in, the Greeks jump out and pretty much decimate the Trojans in their sleep.

They kill King Priam, Hector’s son (thrown off the wall of Troy), all of Priam’s children (Cassandra doesn’t count – no one believed her prophecies anyway – she did say not to bring the horse in). All of the royalty is killed or (women) put into slavery so they can’t rebuild.

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