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The Italian Renaissance - Chapter 5, Section 1
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What were the characteristics of the Italian Renaissance?

I. The Italian States

A. Italy failed to establish a ____________________ __________________ during the Middle Ages.

B. City-states played an important role in Italian politics:

____________________ ___________________ _________________________

Directions: Use pages 158-160 in your text to complete the chart.




1. What geographic feature did the city-states have in common? _____________________________________________________________________________________

2. Which city-state was in the best location to trade by land and sea with the Byzantine Empire to the East? ________________________________________________________________________________
3. Which city-state was the cultural center of Renaissance Italy? _________________________________
Directions: See the map on pg. 167 of your text. List the artists of the Renaissance next to the city-state in which they worked.

Artists of the Renaissance




Map Directions: Use pg. 159 to locate the

Italian city-states.

1. Label all three major city-states (you will

need to draw boundary lines)

2. Put a star (*) on the cultural center.

3. Put an (X) on the city-state where the most

artists worked.

4. Put a (T) on the city-state that was in the best location for trade with the East by land and sea.
II. The Italian Wars

A. The growth of _______________-_________________ attracted Charles VIII of France. In _______________ he had 30,000 men invaded Italy. Northern Italian states looked to _________________ for help. For the next ________ years, Spain and France made Italy their battleground.

B. The turning point: In __________, Spanish troops and _______________________ from other countries arrived in Rome. They demanded their pay. This bloodshed is called the ____________ of _____________. The war ended and __________________ became dominant in Italy.

III. Machiavelli

A. The _______________ written in _______ is one of the most influential works on political power. Machiavelli rejected _______________________ principles and instead focused on and understanding of ________________ nature.

Your Opinion: Should political leaders adhere (stick) to basic moral principles when pursuing the state’s affairs or just look out for the state’s interests? Why or why not?


IV. Family and Marriage

To maintain the family, parents would carefully ___________________________ _____________________

A dowry is ______________________________________________________________________________________

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