The Independence Edition

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The Independence Edition

of the

Writings of Thomas Paine

is limited to five hundred numbered copies,

of which this is
No. 244
John Paul Johns
Photogravure from the Original Painting by Charles Wilson Peale

Life and Writings

Thomas Paine

Containing a biography by Thomas Clio Rickman

and appreciations by Leslie Stephen,

Lord Erskine, Paul Desjardins,

Robert G. Ingersoll,

Elbert Hubbard

and Marilla M. Ricker

Edited and annotated by

Daniel Edwin Wheeler

Vincent Parke and Company

New York
Copyright, 1908, by
Vincent Parke and Company.

Vol 3
The Crisis
“These are the times that try men’s souls”


Crisis Number I

Crisis Number II – To Lord Howe

Crisis Number III

Crisis Number IV

Crisis Number V – To General William Howe

Crisis Number VI – To the Earl of Carlisle, General Clinton, and William Eden, Esq.

Crisis Number VII – To the people of England.

Crisis Number VIII – Address to the People of England

Crisis Number IX

Crisis Number X

Crisis Number XI – On the Subject of Taxation

Crisis Number XII – On the King of England’s Speech.

Crisis Number XIII – On the Present State of News

Crisis Number XIV – To Sir Guy Carleton

Crisis Number XV

Crisis Number XVI – To The People of America


John Paul Jones Frontispiece
Photogravure from the Original Painting by Charles Peale.
Battle of Trenton
Photogravure from the Original Painting by John Trumbull
Battle of Princeton
Photogravure from the original painting by John Trumbull.
Siege of Charleston
Photogravure from the Original Painting by Alonzo Chappel.

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