The hellenistic world study guide vocabulary Worksheet

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***Vocabulary Worksheet (know all terms)
1. List the supposedly 7 architectural wonders of the ancient world.

2. How did Archimedes of Syracuse find out that the Hero’s Crown was not made of pure gold?

3. Describe the Stoics philosophy?

4. Describe Epicurus’ philosophy on pleasure & pain.

5. How did Selecuse run his new found empire?

6. What did Seleucids, made use of during war?

7. Of all the many varieties of products traded in the Hellenistic world, the greatest trade was what item?

8. Why would Alexander the Great have not been successful in creating a mixed culture between the Greeks & Persians?

9. What made Alexander such an outstanding general? Give examples from his military campaigns.

10. Why is Alexander the Great considered to be the first true super-hero of Western Civilization? Is that reputation justified? Why and or why not?

11. What was one of the chief characteristics of the Hellenistic world?

12. Why was the Greek male very popular in the Hellenistic World?

13. Eratosthenes of Cyrene was the first to do what important tasks in Western Civilization?

14. What is the Theory of Democratus?

15. After Alexander died what 2 generals divided the empire & who took what lands?

16. What is Stoicism?

17. What book is considered one of the most influential works in the history of mathematics & who wrote it?

18. What were the accomplishments of the Hellenistic scientists?

19. Describe Hellenistic sculptures.

20. What city was considered the theatrical center of the Hellenistic world and home of New Comedy?

21. How was the economic life of the Hellenistic world characterized?

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