The Hellenistic Age 336-30 bc from the crowning of Alexander to the death of Cleopatra

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The Hellenistic Age 336-30 BC

From the crowning of Alexander to the death of Cleopatra

Hellenistic- a mixture of culture with a heavy Greek influence, spread by the conquests of Alexander
Hellenistic Age Timeline

336 BC- Alexander is crowned King of Macedonia

334-323 BC Alexander conquers the Persian Empire, spreading Greek Culture

322-275 BC- The Wars of the Diadochi (successors) - Alexander’s generals fight for control of his empire

Major cities of the Hellenistic Age

- Antioch in Syria

- Alexandria in Egypt

- Pergamum in Asia Minor

Art- takes on realism instead of idealization

Travel- Seven Ancient Wonders of the World become tourist attractions. Travel and trade increase

Major Personalities of the Hellenistic Age

- Archimedes, inventor of Syracuse

- Euclid, mathematician, lived in Alexandria, Egypt

- Hero, inventor, lived in Alexandria, Egypt

- Ptolemy I, Alexander's general, begins the last dynasty of pharaohs in Egypt

- Pyrrhus, King of Epirus (homeland of Olympias, the mother of Alexander)

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