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January-March 2009
004. 67 INT

The Internet Revolution. Detroit : Omnigraphics, c2005.

Presents a detailed overview of the history of the Internet,

including a narrative account of the origin and development

of the Internet Revolution, biographical background on the

key figures involved in the creation and promotion of it,

and a collection of primary source documents that illustrate

its early history.

155. 4 OLI

Olive, M. Foster. Child Abuse and Stress Disorders. New York :

Chelsea House, c2007. What is stress? -- Health effects of

chronic stress -- Acute stress disorder -- Post-traumatic

stress disorder -- Physical child abuse -- Mental child

abuse and neglect -- Sexual child abuse -- Summary --

Glossary -- Endnotes -- Bibliography. Explores the

correlations between child abuse and stress disorders, and

discusses the long-term effects of traumatic experiences on

both children and adults.

277. 3 CAM

Campbell, Susan, 1959-. Dating Jesus : a story of

fundamentalism, feminism, and the American girl. Boston :

Beacon Press, c2009. The devil's in an air bubble -- I

don't want to preach, but ... -- Knocking doors for Jesus --

A good Christian woman -- The theology of softball -- A

woman's role -- A scary God -- The reluctant female --

Still, small voice -- Water jugs -- Jesus haunts me, this I

291. 1 WOR

Rosenberg, Donna. World Mythology : an anthology of the great

myths and epics. 2nd ed. Lincolnwood, Ill. : NTC Pub.

Group, c1994. Contains fifty-nine myths from Greece and

Rome, the Middle East, Northern Europe, the British Isles,

the Far East, Africa, and the Americas.

292 WOR

World Mythology. Rev. & updated]. Bath, UK : Parragon Pub.,

2005 c1999. Covers the myths and traditions, as well as

social and cultural influences behind civilizations all

around the world.
324. 62 HIL

Hillstrom, Laurie Collier, 1965-. The Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Detroit, MI : Omnigraphics, 2009. The Jim Crow South --

Boycotts, sit-ins, and freedom rides -- The march on

Washington -- Freedom Summer -- Showdown in Selma -- The

Voting Rights Act becomes law -- Legacy of the Voting Rights

Act. "Explains the events that led to the Voting Rights Act

of 1965. Details both the racial discrimination and violence

that pervaded the South and the civil rights protests that

changed American voting rights. Features include a narrative

overview, biographies, primary source documents, chronology,

glossary, bibliography, and index"--Provided by publisher.

363. 4 PRO

Hill, Jeff, 1962-. Prohibition. Detroit : Omnigraphics, c2004.

Events leading up to prohibition -- Outlawing alcohol -- The

supply -- The thirst -- The enforcers -- The mob --

Opposition and reform -- Amending the amendment -- Legacy of

prohibition -- Bishop James Cannon, Jr. -- Al Capone --

Warren G. Harding -- Charles "Lucky" Luciano -- William

"Bill" McCoy -- Carrie Nation -- George Remus -- Alfred E.

Smith -- Rev. Billy Sunday -- Wayne B. Wheeler -- Mabel

Walker Willebrandt -- Rev. Purley A. Baker of the

Anti-Saloon League calls for national prohibition -- The

Eighteenth Amendment -- Charles Burns recalls running a

speakeasy -- Bill McCoy remembers Rum Row -- Izzy Einstein

on his adventures as a prohibition agent -- Walter Lippman

discusses nullifying the Eighteenth Amendment -- Chicago

daily tribune reports on the Valentine's Day Massacre -- The

Twenty-first Amendment. "Examines Prohibition and the

Eighteenth Amendment and their impact on American life and

society. Features include narrative overview, biographical

profiles, primary source documents, detailed chronology, and

annotated sources for further study."--Provided by


364. 1 DRU

Drugs : Should We Legalize, Decriminalize, or Deregulate?

Amherst, N.Y. : Prometheus Books, 1998.
612. 82 BRA

The Brain. New York : H.W. Wilson, 2009. I. Structure,

functions, and historic approaches to study -- The strange

anatomy of the brain / David Bainbridge -- Brainbox -- In

our messy, reptilian brains / Sharon Begley -- II. Mapping

the mind: advances in brain-imaging technology -- The new

brain / Richard Restak -- Unlocking the secrets of the

brain: part 1 ; Unlocking the secrets of the brain: part 2 /

Tabitha M. Powledge -- MRI: a window on the brain / Paul

Raeburn -- The economics of brains / Gregory T. Huang --

III. Works in progress: brain development from infancy to

adulthood -- Shaping the brains of tomorrow / Ross A.

Thompson -- How the arts develop the young brain / David

Sousa -- The teenage brain / Nora Underwood -- When does

your brain stop making new neurons? / Sharon Begley -- IV.

How the brain processes language -- Addressing literacy

through neuroscience / Steve Miller and Paula A. Tallal --

Mapping metaphor / Kenneth W. Krause -- The correlation

between brain development, language acquisition, and

cognition / Leslie Haley Wasserman -- Brains show two sides

of language function / Bruce Bower -- V. The brain and aging

-- The disappearing mind / Geoffrey Cowley -- The brain in

winter ; The upside of aging / Sharon Begley -- The outlook

for Alzheimer's disease / Tyler A. Kokjohn and Kimbal E.

Cooper -- Neuron killers / Tina Hesman Saey -- Keeping your

brain fit / Christine Larson -- VI. The "hard problem":

efforts to understand human consciousness -- What makes up

my mind? / Joel Achenbach -- The mystery of consciousness /

Steven Pinker -- Brains wide shut? / Patricia Churchland --

Is there room for the soul? / Jay Tolson -- Consciousness in

the raw / Bruce Bower.
612. 82 TAM

Tammet, Daniel, 1979-. Embracing the Wide Sky : a tour across

the horizons of the mind. 1st Free Press hardcover ed. New

York : Free Press, 2009. The author of Born on a Blue Day

combines meticulous scientific research with detailed

descriptions of how his mind works to demonstrate the

immense potential within us all. He explains how our natural

intuitions can help us to learn a foreign language, why his

memories are like symphonies, why there is more to

intelligence than IQ, how our brains turn light to sight,

why too much information can make you stupid, and more.
616 .85 THA

Thakkar, Vatsal, 1972-. Depression and Bipolar Disorder.

Philadelphia : Chelsea House Publishers, c2006. The

depressive disorders -- The bipolar spectrum disorders --

Other mood disorders -- Mood disorders and suicide --

Occurrence of mood disorders -- The development of mood

disorders -- Treatment of mood disorders. Presents an

overview of depression and bipolar disorder, providing

information on its diagnosis and treatment as well as

dispelling commonly held misconceptions.

616 .85 VEA

Veague, Heather Barnett. Personality Disorders. New York :

Chelsea House, c2007. Overview -- "Odd" Cluster --

"Impulsive" -- Personality disorders -- "Anxious"

personality -- Disorders -- Causes of personality disorders

-- Treatment of personality disorders -- Future of

personality disorders -- Endnotes -- Glossary --

Bibliography -- Further reading -- Index. Explores today's

most common psychological disorders by examining their

symptoms, causes, and effects; highlights the brain

chemistry behind the disorders; and demonstrates how various

treatments affect the brain to help ease or eliminate

616. 83 LIL

Lillrank, Sonja. M. Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias.

New York : Chelsea House, c2007.
616. 85 CON

Connolly, Sucheta. Anxiety Disorders. New York : Chelsea House,

c2006. Development of anxiety disorders -- Evaluation and

treatment of anxiety disorders -- Generalized anxiety

disorder -- Separation anxiety disorder -- Social phobia --

Specific phobia -- Panic attacks and panic disorder --

Obsessive-compulsive disorder -- Post-traumatic stress

disorder -- Outlook for the future. Presents an

introduction to anxiety disorders in children and teenagers,

discussing how they can be identified, the medications that

can be used to lessen their symptoms, and the types of

psychotherapies used to treat them.

616. 85 KEE

Keel, Pamela K., 1970-. Eating Disorders. Philadelphia :

Chelsea House Publishers, c2006. Introduction -- Anorexia

nervosa -- Bulimia nervosa -- Binge eating disorder and

eating disorder not otherwise specified -- Causes of eating

disorders -- Treatment -- Future directions -- Glossary --

Bibliography -- Web sites with additional information --

Further reading -- Index. Describes eating disorders such

as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa discussing the

causes and treatment and how it affects the brain and body,

and includes a number of case studies.
616. 85 PEI

Peirce, Jeremy L., 1972-. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity

Disorder. New York : Chelsea House, c2008. .
616. 85 SAL

Salomon, Ron. Suicide. New York : Chelsea, 2008. Discusses the

reasons why many people consider suicide, explores symptoms

with case studies and offers information highlighting brain

function and psychological processes as well as treatments

available through pharmacology and psychotherapy.

616. 85 VEA

Veague, Heather Barnett. Cutting and Self-harm. New York :

Chelsea House, c2008. What is self-harm? -- Who engages in

self-harm? -- Self-harm and mental illness -- What are the

causes of self-harming behavior? -- Identification and

treatment of self-harm -- Prevention: how do we prevent

self-harm?. Explores the nature of self-injury, with

information about its history, diagnosis, possible causes,

and treatment.
616. 86 THA

Thakkar, Vatsal G. Addiction. New York : Chelsea House, c2006.

A brief history of addiction -- Causes of addiction --

Nicotine -- Alcohol and other sedatives -- Marijuana --

Ecstasy -- Cocaine and stimulants -- Heroine and other

opiates -- Inhalants and hallucinogens -- Non-drug

addictions: food, sex, and gambling -- Treatment and

recovery. Examines addiction as a medical and behavioral

phenomenon, reviewing the history of addiction, discussing

its causes, exploring the addictive characteristics of

nicotine, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and other

substances, and looking at treatment and recovery.

616. 89 VEA

Veague, Heather Barnett. Schizophrenia. New York : Chelsea,

2007. An exploration of the causes, symptoms and treatment

of schizophrenia.

779. 99 SER

Serendipity : an Unexpected Journey in the Land of Serenity;

Photographs by Kim Powell. Premiere edition. Paris : Mona

Bismarck Foundation, 2008. From back cover: When American

photographer, Kim Powell, traveled to Sri Lanka in 2007 on a

professional phot shoot, she never imagined she would begin

her own artistic and philosophical journey. This

installation, which touches the five senses, offers the

visitor a similar chance to absorb the visual and cerebral

richness of Sri Lanka.

782. 42 CRO

Cross, Charles R. Cobain Unseen. 1st ed. New York : Little,

Brown, 2008. Burning hippies -- American gothic -- Gut bomb

-- Love buzz -- Power team -- Cherry pie -- Nevermind

triskaidekaphobia -- Rape me -- Engagingly lost -- Anti-star

-- The last scream. An authorized portrait of the rock

artist contains previously unreleased archival photographs

and memorabilia and offers insight into his unconventional

creative process, in a volume that is complemented by a CD

recording of Cobain's spoken-word material.

791. 6 CEC

Cecchetti, Diane. Cheerleading Skills : how to cheer like a

champ. Berkeley Heights, NJ : Enslow Elementary/Enslow

Publishers, c2009. This book describes cheerleading skills,

such as hand motions, arm positions, leg positions, jumps,

basic grips to stunts, tumbling, and vocal training.

791. 64 CAR

Carrier, Justin, 1977-. Complete Cheerleading. Champaign, IL :

Human Kinetics, c2006. Voice control -- Motion technique --

Jump technique -- Tumbling -- Stunt safety and spotting --

Basic stunt technique -- Intermediate stunts -- Advanced

stunts -- Single-based stunts -- Tosses -- Pyramids --

Choreography and formations -- Games and pep rallies --

Camps and competitions -- Practicing and conditioning.

793. 73 MOS

Moscovich, Ivan. Leonardo's Mirror & Other Puzzles. New York :

Sterling Pub., c2004. Contains a collection of mathematical

challenges and puzzles that cover a wide range of

mathematical ideas, from probability to geometry, that

provoke curiosity and creative thinking, and includes

Leonardo da Vinci's famous hidden message puzzles.
796. 357 JET

Jeter, Derek. Game Day : My life on and off the field. New York

: Three Rivers, 2001. Photos and commentary by Derek Jeter

show what life is like for the New York Yankees' shortstop.

796. 357 TOR

Torre, Joe, 1940-. The Yankee Years. 1st ed. New York :

Doubleday, c2009.
810. 9 HIL

Hillstrom, Kevin, 1963-. The Harlem Renaissance. Detroit, MI :

Omnigraphics, 2008. "Provides a detailed, factual account

of the emergence and development of the Harlem Renaissance

and its ongoing effect on American society. Features include

a narrative overview, biographical profiles, primary source

documents, detailed chronology, glossary, and annotated

sources for further study"--Provided by publisher.

811. 54 SOT

Soto, Gary. Partly Cloudy : poems of love and longing. 1st ed.

Boston : Harcourt, 2009. Poet Gary Soto captures the voices

of young people as they venture toward their first kiss,

brood over bruised hearts, and feel the thrill of first


812. 54 SHA

Shanley, John Patrick. Doubt : a parable. 1st ed. New York :

St. Paul, MN : Theatre Communications Group ; Distributed to

the book trade by Consortium Book Sales and Distribution,

2005. Presents a play set in the Bronx in 1964 about a nun,

Sister Aloysius, who suspects that Father Flynn has more

than a casual interest in the school's first

African-American student.

815. 5 REP

Representative American Speeches 2007-2008. New York : H.W.

Wilson Co., c2008. Electing a president: the 2008 campaign.

Nine nineties in nine / Newt Gingrich -- Faith in America /

Mitt Romney -- A four-year vision for America / John McCain

-- Remarks in Washington, D.C. / Hillary Clinton -- Speech

to the Democratic National Convention / Joe Biden -- Welcome

to the rally for the republic and the revolution / Ron Paul

-- Speech to the Republican National Convention / Sarah

Palin -- This is your victory / Barack Obama -- Race in

America. Statement to the House Subcommittee on the

Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties / Eric J.

Miller -- Testimony to the House Subcommittee on the

Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties / Roger

Clegg -- A more perfect union / Barack Obama -- Conventional

wisdom / Janet MurguĂ­a -- Speech at the National Press Club

/ Jeremiah Wright -- Mortgage meltdown. Speech at the

National Press Club's newsmakers lunch / John M. Robbins --

Testimony to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary / Nettie

McGee -- Speech to the Economic Club of New York / George W.

Bush -- The Massachusetts foreclosure crisis / John Kerry --

Remarks before the FDIC's forum on mortgage lending to low

and moderate income households / Henry M. Paulson, Jr. --

Testimony to the U.S. House Committee on Government

Oversight and Reform / Alan Greenspan -- Same-sex marriage

debate. Loving for all / Mildred Loving -- Marriage equality

/ Deval Patrick -- Address to the New York State Assembly /

Daniel J. O'Donnell -- Human case against same-sex marriage

/ Glenn T. Stanton -- In opposition to Senate Bill

689-Domestic Partnerships / Peter Sprigg -- Obesity

epidemic. Address to the Obesity Society / Bill Richardson

-- Address to the AAAS town hall meeting on childhood

obesity / Thomas M. Menino -- Prevention of childhood

overweight and obesity / Steven K. Galson -- Remarks to the

Food Update Foundation 2008 annual meeting / Heather

Hippsley -- Testimony to the House Committee on Education

and Labor / Richard Simmons.
956 TWE

21 Days to Baghdad : the inside story of how America won the war

against Iraq. New York : Time Books, 2003. This book

presents eyewitness accounts of Operation Iraqi Freedom,

giving an inside look at the people of Iraq and taking you

to the urban battlefields of Baghdad, Basra, and Kirkuk to

see the impact of war on ordinary citizens.
959. 704 PEN

Pendergast, Tom. The Vietnam War. Detroit, MI : Omnigraphics,

c2007. Examines the long-term global effects of the Vietnam

War; and includes narrative overviews, biographical

profiles, primary source documents, chronology, and

annotated sources for further study.

973. 91 GRE

Hillstrom, Kevin, 1963-. The Great Depression and the New Deal.

Detroit : Omnigraphics, Inc., 2008. "Explains the history

of the Stock Market Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression,

as well as President Franklin D. Roosevelt's ambitious

program of New Deal reforms. Features include a narrative

overview, biographical profiles, primary source documents,

chronology, glossary, bibliography, and index"--Provided by

973. 91 TER

Terkel, Studs, 1912-. Hard Times : an oral history of the great

depression. New York : New Press : Distributed by W.W.

Norton, 2000, c1986. March -- Song -- Sgt. Pepper's lonely

hearts club band -- Hard travelin' -- Big money -- Man and

boy -- God bless' the child -- Bonnie laboring boy -- Three

strikes -- Old families -- Member of the chorus -- High life

-- At the clinic -- Sixteen ton -- Farmer is the man --

Editor and publisher -- Concerning the new deal --

Unreconstructed populist -- Scarlet banners and novenas --

Doctor, Huey and Mr. Smith -- Circuit rider -- Gentleman

from Kansas -- View of the woods -- Campus life -- Merely

passing through -- Three o'clock in the morning -- Fine and

lively arts -- Public servant-the city -- Evictions, arrests

and other running sores -- Honor and humiliation -- Strive

and succeed -- Epilogue.

973. 917 ALT

Alter, Jonathan. The Defining Moment : FDR's hundred days and

the triumph of hope. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2006.

pt. 1: Lightweight steel. Security -- "My boy Franklin" --

"Miss Nancy" -- Eleanor and Sara -- Dilettante -- "The

medieval gnome" -- The operator -- The "ghastly affliction"

-- Warm springs dress rehearsal -- "I've got to be it

myself" -- pt. 2: The ascent: 1932. "Brother, can you spare

a dime?" -- "This doesn't go for above the neck" -- "Try

something" for "the forgotten man" -- The brain trust -- The

hair-splitter -- The "corkscrew candidate" -- Off the

reservation -- Flight to Chicago -- The bonus army -- The

trial of Jimmy Walker -- "Hang Hoover!" -- pt. 3: The

crisis: winter 1933. The perfect foil -- Under the mattress

-- "Wooden roof" and other cabinetry -- Nearly martyred in

Miami -- "Damn the secretary" -- "Gabriel over the White

House" -- The hairy hand -- Reluctant first lady -- "Like

hell I will!" -- pt. 4: The hundred days. "Fear itself" --

The consecration -- "An injection of adrenalin" -- "Action

now" -- That temperament -- Holiday spirit -- "Surpassing

charm" -- That voice -- "The chief croupier" -- Roosevelt's

"tree army" -- The blue eagle -- Social security -- "Dr. new

973. 92 WAT

Watergate. Detroit, MI : Omnigraphics, c2004. Events leading up

to the Watergate scandal -- The break-in -- The cover-up --

The investigation -- The Watergate tapes -- Nixon's

resignation and pardon -- The legacy of Watergate --

Biographies: Archibald Cox ; John Dean ; John Ehrlichman ;

Sam Ervin ; H.R. Haldeman ; Leon Jaworski ; John Mitchell ;

Richard M. Nixon ; John Sirica -- Primary sources. Primary

sources: John Dean recalls the early days of the Watergate

cover-up, 1972 -- The "smoking gun" conversation between

Nixon and Haldeman, June 23, 1972 -- President Nixon

addresses the nation about the Watergate investigation,

April 1973 -- Ervin and Baker react to President Nixon's

refusal to release Watergate tapes, July 1973 -- Time

magazine urges President Nixon to resign, November 1973 --

Judge Sirica listens to the first wave of Watergate tapes,

December 1973 -- Representative Jordan's speech on

constitutional law, July 25, 1974 -- House Judiciary

Committee resolution to impeach President Nixon, July 1974

-- President Nixon's resignation speech, August 1974 --

President Nixon's parting remarks, August 1974 -- President

Ford's statement pardoning Nixon, and Nixon's statement in

response, September 1974.
973. 922 WAL

Waldron, Lamar, 1954-. Legacy of Secrecy : the long shadow of

the JFK assassination. Berkeley : Counterpoint :

Distributed by Publishers Group West, c2008.

973. 93 COH

Cohen, David, 1955-. Obama : the historic front pages : from

announcement to inauguration, chronicled by leading U.S. and

international newspapers. New York : Sterling, c2009.

Chronicles Obama's improbably journey from Springfield,

Illinois to the White House, featuring newspaper front pages

from across America and around the world. Also includes

verbatim text of Obama's five historic campaign speeches.


Wiesel, Elie, 1928-. Night. Prince Frederick, Md. : Recorded

Books, p2006. Narrated by George Guidall. Night offers a

personal and unforgettable account of the appalling horrors

of Hitler's reign of terror. Through the eyes of 14-year-old

Eliezer, we behold the tragic fate of the Jews from the

little town of Sighet. Even as they are stuffed into cattle

cars bound for Auschwitz, the townspeople refuse to believe

rumors of anti-Semitic atrocities. Not until they are

marched toward the blazing crematory at the camp's

"reception center" does the terrible truth sink in.

Brown, Cupcake. AP of Cake : a memoir. 1st ed. New York :

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