The Ghost of Julius Caesar

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 Did you ever eat a Caesar salad and wonder how it got its name? Well, I do.  What I don't know is how such a great empire that started with me, Julius Caesar, fell after almost 500 years in power. What ever happened to veni, vidi, vinci?

                                                                                                      Lettuce (let us) know,
          The Ghost of Julius Caesar

Part 1 Roman Empire Overview
Use the Internet information linked below to answer the basic questions of who? what? where? when? why? and how? This information is just for your background foundation. Only spend about 10 minutes looking at the Odyssey Online resource.

  • Odyssey Online: Rome - Ancient Rome

Part 2 Roman Roads

1.    Read the article “The Roads of the Roman Empire"

2.  (Task A) Answer the questions on the second sheet.
      HINT you will need to use both the text and the map to answer the questions.

3. (Task B) Complete the Roman Highway Map with questions.

4. (Task C) Write a diary entry from the point of view of a Roman soldier. Your soldier was
stationed in Germania. Locate Germania on your map and highlight it. Make sure to give your soldier a

Part 3 The Roman Army

 In my day, I was one of the greatest Roman generals. It's not easy commanding an army of young men. I had to pay them in gold and salt. A good soldier was considered the "salt of the earth," and without question they worked themselves to the bone.
                                                                                                             The Ghost of Julius Cesar

1.     It is important to understand the life of a Roman soldier. Use the following link to find the information you

Roman Army Weblink

2. (Task D) Complete The Roman Army Organization Chart.

3.     Read article, "Rome on the Move"  
4.    (Task E) Complete the Rome on the Move Organization Chart

Part 4 The Roman Leaders

I consider myself the first and best leader of the empire, but I have to admit the empire would not have lasted as long as it did without my followers. I understand that there were five good emperors who followed me. Tell me what you think.
                                                                                                  The Ghost of Julius Cesar

1.    Use the web link below to learn about several Roman Emperors.

Emperors Web Link  
2.     Use the links to READ about each of the five emperors listed below before you begin to record your
information on the template.

3. (Task F) Write a brief summary of the 5 rulers

Nerva  (c. A.D. 30-A.D. 98) Hadrian (A.D. 76-138) Marcus Aurelius (A.D. 121-180) Trajan  (c. A.D. 53-A.D, 117) Antoninius Pius (A.D. 86-A.D. 161

4. (Task G) Choose one of the five "good emperors" you just finished researching to create a postage stamp
and design a coin to commemorate that leader. Use the facts about your emperor in a creative way in your
design. Use the web link below to view actual coins depicting Roman Rulers.

Coin Web Link

Part 5 Daily Life

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum. I found this old invitation inviting relatives to a house party in Gaul. I wonder what their house looked like and what was on the menu.
                                                                                                   The Ghost of Julius Cesar

1.     It is important to understand what family life was like in Ancient Rome. For example:

- What was life like in a Roman Family?

- Did the Romans go to school?
- What sort of food did they eat?
- What types of clothes did they wear?

2.     Go to the web link below link and read through the information about families and children in Ancient

Rome on the web site.  Roman Families and children Weblink

3.     (Task H) Take the quiz on the bottom of the web page.

4. (Task I) Use the link below to complete the Roman Families Organization chart.
Family Link

5.     (Task I) Use the link below link to find the information to complete the style template. Clothes and Hair

Styles in Ancient Rome

Style Web Link

Part 6 Roman Architecture

All this traveling around Rome has left me tired and dirty. I really need to take a bath and relax by the pool at the club.
                                                                                                  The Ghost of Julius Cesar
1.     (Task J) The Romans were very advanced in the use of technology.  Use the following link to complete
the Technology Org Chart. Technology Web Link

2.    (Task K) The Ancient Romans were also known as "Great Builders." They actually invented cement

which was one of the reasons they were able to build so many amazing structures.

Use the following link to complete the architecture Org chart.

Architecture Link and Great Builders Link

Part 7 Entertainment

Oh sure, other Caesar's who followed me had to think of entertaining ways to keep the Plebeians happy by providing "bread and circus." So let's do as the Romans do and head for the coliseum.
                                                                                                       The Ghost of Julius Cesar

1.     (Task L) For this task you will use the web book “You Wouldn't Want To Be a Roman Gladiator!” by

John Malam. Read your template before you start to read the web book. Go to this Gladiator Web Link.

  • Remember to click the next button in the right side bar of the screen in order to turn the pages of the book. Read each page from the beginning starting with the chapter "Your fate awaits."

  •  Go to You Wouldn't Want To Be a Roman Gladiator

  •  Enjoy the reading!

Part 8 The fall of Rome

I can't believe Nero let Rome burn while playing his fiddle. All my work went up in smoke. What a waste of an empire. Here's what happened.
                                                                                             The Ghost of Julius Cesar

1.     (Task M- Final Task) Many things lead to the decline of the Roman Empire. Use the link below to

complete the fall of Rome Org Chart.
Fall of Rome Link and History on the Net Link

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