The Filipino American Student Association has a deep history with the University of Michigan

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The Filipino American Student Association has a deep history with the University of Michigan. Being Filipino Americans, we are part of a unique culture that combines and celebrates the traditions of being both an American and a Filipino. The organization was originally created for Filipino Americans to come together and bond over a shared culture. As time passed, our group has evolved and taken on more purposes; not only do we provide the aforementioned environment but we also spread awareness about our culture and the larger Asian/Pacific Islander culture to the rest of campus and Ann Arbor. It is our goal to educate the campus community about the Filipino culture.

The Philippine Culture Night is our biggest event of the year in which we host family, friends, and the Ann Arbor community to a night of fun and learning. We educate our guests about the Filipino culture by performing historic dances, serving cultural foods, and playing traditional songs. It is a night filled with entertainment and cultural awareness; guests will be exposed to a sensory experience, giving them a better view into the Filipino culture. In previous years, we have had keynote speakers (Emily Lawsin to name one) address the importance of social justice, diversity, and the effects of the Filipino American population in the United States. This year we are proud to present Deidre De La Cruz, the Philippine history and culture professor here at the University of Michigan, as the keynote speaker.

Dinner - We will be catering traditional Filipino foods for PCN. It is absolutely integral to the event because it is an enormous part of the Philippines' culture - Spanish and Chinese influence (to name a few) are found in the diverse mix that is Filipino cuisine.

Keynote Speaker Deidre De La Cruz - The speech will address current cultural issues faced by Filipino Americans today as well provide a brief history of Filipino Americans in modern history.

Kopitonez - We are proud to present Kopitonez, a diverse a capella group on campus. They will be performing both modern and traditional Asian songs.

University of Toledo's Filipino American Association (UT FAA) Dance Group - After meeting UTFAA at the Filipino Americans Coming Together Convention, we have collaborated and supported one another in the past year's events. Despite crossing state lines, the hour long drive is short enough that we can continue to build Filipino American ties throughout the midwest.

Rico's Standup - a member of UT FAA that will be performing a standup routine. He performed for us at our 25th anniversary and professionally blends comedy with Filipino American culture.

Chinese Student Association's (CSA) Rxn Dance Group - This year we have invited CSA to perform at our event. Our two groups have supported and learned from one another for many years. We hope to continue this bond through PCN and future events to come.

Ballroom Dance - an event that showcases what talents our members have outside of FASA

FASA modern and traditional - FASA will showcase both our traditional dance set along with our modern dance set. The performance will embody exactly what it means to be a Filipino American: combining the culture of our ancestors with the culture of our generation.

Singing performances by various members - Several members of FASA will be singing traditional Filipino songs to give an auditory example of Filipino culture.

Our event embodies MESA's mission of displaying our culture to both the Michigan and Ann Arbor community. We not only invite the public to come learn about our culture but through hosting other student groups, we hope to learn from them too. In doing so, we build a stronger community of understanding and support for one another. We will address issues of race and ethnicity by displaying what it truly means to be a Filipino American: a culture that shares and celebrates certain qualities from our Filipino ancestors and American upbringing.

To educate the surrounding community about the Filipino culture

To entertain Filipino family and friends with a cultural show topped with traditional foods

To build a stronger bond with other cultural groups in Ann Arbor, the state of Michigan, and the Midwest.

We will be evaluating the program by having guests fill out a short survey at the end of the night. This will serve future PCN's by addressing what audience members like and disliked about the event.

Advertising: -$100
Publications (programs): -$150
Room Rental (Palmer Commons): -$303
Supplies (tablepieces, balloons, etc.): -$250
Catering: -$2119.60
LSA-SG grant: $553
SOAS Account: $862

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