The Fall of the Roman Empire

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Use the History Short “The Fall of the Roman Empire”, to answer the following questions about the Roman Empire:

The Empire

  1. Who became Rome’s first emperor in 27 B.C.?

Pax Romana”

  1. Pax Romana” refers to the period of peace and prosperity the Roman Empire enjoyed for a time. How long did this period of peace last?

Eastern and Western Empires

  1. Emperor Constantine moved the Roman capital to a Greek city called Byzantium. What was the city renamed in his honor?

  1. What factors made the eastern-half of the Roman Empire grow stronger?

  1. What factors made the western-half of the Roman Empire grow weaker?

  1. Which half of the Roman Empire would eventually fall?

The Fall of the Western Roman Empire

  1. Which group was responsible for the invasions of the Western Roman Empire?

  1. Identify the events that led directly to the fall of the Western Roman Empire:

    1. In 410 A.D., Rome was __________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

    2. In 476 A.D., Odoacer ____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

  1. What happened to the Western Empire after the Roman emperors were overthrown by the German tribes?

The Eastern Roman Empire

  1. What did the Eastern Roman Empire become known as?

  1. How long did this Empire last?

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