The Fall of the Incan Empire

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The Fall of the Incan Empire

It is very difficult to understand, how a powerful empire like The Incan was conquered by a few Spanish headed by the useless Pizarro. Because of this uncertainty, many hipothesis, some of them very stupid, were made.

Some people said the guns were fundamental to kill the Incan soldiers. The Incan Empire had an Army of a half million men. Could 50 shooters defeat them?

I really don´t think so. Others said that the indians were afraid of the horses. This hipothesis is as wrong as another one that says that the Empire was defeated because God wanted it so the Spanish could bring the Catholic religion to our land.

Now we know what really happened. Pizarro couldn´t have arrived at a better moment. The empire was in the middle of a civil war between Atahualpa and Huascar.

The Incan Civil war was caused by the rivalty between Cuzco and Tumipampa, the new capital City. Huaynacapac, the former Inca, founded Tumipampa in Ecuador as a new capital of the empire, because Cuzco was far away from the northern territory. When he died, his son Huascar, who was born in Cuzco, wanted the crown, but also Atahualpa, who was born in Timipampa, wanted it.

A violent war between them occurred, and as a result of this the empire lost its power. Because of this, all the tribes that were conquered by the Incas, sublebated themselves against the empire. When Pizarro arrived, the Chaucas, one of these tribes, saw him as a way to unify all the tribes against the Incas. They joined him and so did many other native tribes that had been conquered by the Incas. This made Pizarro's army strong enough to defeat a weakened Incan empire.

In conclusion, the Spanish didn´t defeat the Incas, the Incas defeated themselves from the inside.

By Emilio Rueda, age 16
Santa Maria Marianistas School,
Lima, Peru

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