The fall of Rome

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The fall of Rome

There are many theories out there as to why the Roman Empire fell. There is even a debate as to when Rome fell; did it even fall or just split into two different empires with separate names. You will explore this topic by reading several different articles written by current historians who are experts on the topic. As you read you will answer questions that help you to summarize the main points of each article. After reading each article you will turn it in and pick up the next article. Once you have read all four articles you will write several paragraphs that summarize each article highlighting the author’s main argument. You will also write one final, 5th, paragraph that summarizes your own ideas. Do you agree or disagree with a specific article? What do you think happened to Rome? Did it truly fall or simply turn into two separate empires?

Article #1: The Fall of Rome

1). Why do historians believe that Rome fell? What is the reason for assigning a specific date?

2). According to the author, what is the answer to the question “why did Rome fall”? Use at least 3 examples to support your answer.

3). What does the author believe really happened to Rome?

4). Quickly summarize the article.

Article #2: 6f. The Fall of the Roman Empire

1). According to this author, what was the most important cause for the collapse of Rome?

2). How did the new Christian beliefs go against the traditional beliefs of Romans? Give at least 2 examples.

3). Why did Constantine’s decision to split the Empire contribute to the “fall of Rome”?

4). What are some of the other reasons the author gives for the “fall of Rome”?

5). Quickly summarize the article.

Article #3: The Fall of Rome, By Dr. Peter Heather

1). According to the author the collapse of the Western Empire plunged Europe into the dark ages. This did not happen to the Eastern Empire. Why? Give at least 2 examples.

2). The author argues that immigration was important in the collapse of the Roman Empire, how? Give a t least 2 pieces of evidence.

3). The disappearance of widespread literacy is also a reason for the “fall of Rome”. Do you agree or disagree? Use at least two pieces of evidence to support your argument.

4). According to the author what role did the collapse of a centralized state play in the “fall of Rome”? (Use taxation to help explain your answer).

5). Quickly summarize the article

Article #4: Malaria and the Fall of Rome

1). According to the author what disease played a major role in the “fall of Rome”? What evidence is there to support this theory? (Provide at least 5 pieces of evidence).

2). What role did trade play in the spread of Malaria throughout the Empire? Provide at least 2 pieces of evidence.

3). Quickly summarize the article

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